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The following testimonials reviews results benefits experiences are excerpts from correspondence I have had with a few of the thousands of clients I have worked with over the past 20 years. I share them here with the hope that you may get a sense of the possibilities and be inspired to start and or continue your own spiritual healing journey. David Raphael Isaacson

(Permission was granted by my clients to include their testimonials. Otherwise, last names, specific locations and other personal details were removed to preserve anonymity)

You will notice that from client to client, there are similarities and differences to what is experienced in any given session - from the most subtle to the truly astonishing. This is so because we are all very unique beings, each traveling through different places and spaces of our spiritual journey. Some come into the healing work as beginners just stepping onto the path, perhaps burdened with eons of dark and dense negative karmic "stuff", while others come as enlightened travelers. No matter what level or stage of unfoldment, evolution or ascension you are at, there is something here for you. And no matter where you are in your process or whatever your life purpose/s, if you do this work, Your Spirit Will be Accelerated that much more towards its fulfillment. That said, let's take "An Insiders Look" at what your fellow travelers have to say.

I have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with David Raphael Isaacson. I started receiving healing treatments on October 1st, 1997, and will always remember that day. My experience was so profound and quite unique compared with the many great healers I have worked with since 1980. During David's' process, I felt numerous sensations in my body : heat, pressure, tingling, jerking motions while being energetically adjusted, visions and colors, relived past lives, profound peace, and much more. David was able to help me clear so many of my fears that kept me from being fully self-expressed. In the past I had a morbid fear of bees and drowning. After clearing a particular past life where I had been stung repeatedly and then drowned in a river, I now no longer fear bees, and swam in the ocean for the first time in my life. The benefits are life altering after two months of working with David on a consistent basis;
David is a deeply caring & loving man who is passionate about his work. He loves to help others transcend blocks and fears, in order to grow and evolve into a fully self-expressed human being....I feel David's gifts and talents are way ahead of the times. I pray for the day when he will work with the multitudes, and our planet and universe will be love unconditionally. I highly recommend David Raphael Isaacson to anyone who is courageous enough to face their own blocks, fears and darkness, and change their lives permanently. Anita Christina Stewart
Hi David. I'd like to tell you how my healing went. If you don't mind I'll get straight to the point as there is no easy way to explain my experience, so here goes. I had so much energy or whatever in my feet, it was very strong energy David, I can tell you it was so much energy I couldn't believe it. I felt energy around my head and even in my eye area. I had a very strong and pointed area in the left side of my head, I was just lying in bed noticing it, again, this area was targeted, I've never experienced that before, it was, and I know I keep saying it but it was very strong, I think my feet were moving at some stage.
I have been sooooooooo worried and stressed re a temporary job I'm doing at present and overwhelmed about the challenge, it is a difficult assignment with only myself to rely on. I do not have permanent full time employment, suffice to say I have been stressed about work and finance and for good reason.
Today I got to work and my attitude is so that I could battle my way through bit by bit and I have felt much better today - I wonder why! I am looking at things now and it's still as difficult but I'm not worrying about it to the point where I'm so overwhelmed it's effects my efficiency. I know it's a blessing to have good health but I also know work and finance problems can bring one down with big time stress. I didn't know this morning that I would be writing this to you David, but as I moved through my day I was achieving more and I now have a weight off my shoulders and I'm not overwhelmed as I now realize I was totally stressed and overwhelmed and keeping it to myself, for far to long. I know this has been successful for me, I didn't know until I moved through my day and the evening, it really is the first time I've felt like me, if you know what I mean for far too long. And that is the truth of it David - I've had help and I am thankful....Thank you David for your part in all this, I have never participated in anything before as one must be so careful - I'm glad I took a leap of faith - But, reading your website, it really rang true to me so I just pressed the magic send button. Best wishes to you David in your work, it makes a difference and how wonderful - So be it - I learned that from you. Kind regards Addie
Thanks again and session was lovely as usual. As always, each session has been different, this one i would describe - airy. My third eye was under pressure all the time, felt like i am inside of the bubble, filled with soft and blissful air, very easy to breath. Full session i saw visions, lot of them, changing quickly but they all were kind of open, bright, soft, airy, lovely. Beautiful divine feelings all around. Many blessings. Ainar

Today's session was softest and easiest. Lot of visions this time, mostly space / cosmos / stars / galaxies / wormholes )))). Stargate staff))). Felt pressure only on my third eye, nowhere else. Most of the time i was on daytime dreaming state or in sleep. Feeling very light and clean now. Like you mentioned, each session is very different. Prior to session, these 4 days i have felt these symptoms as you describe on your website. Depression, loneliness, sadness, heaviness on physical body, it was pretty hard emotionally. Many blessings. Ainar Leppik

Thank You David, It was great. It is so interesting to feel how it starts and then after two hours finished. Totally different body and mind perceptions. At the beginning i felt pressure in solar plexus and my third eye, third eye pressure continued full session. My stomach was "singing", this happens also when i do sessions. Heart was pumping more quicker and stronger. Then came very peaceful period, totally relaxed and quiet. Body felt very good, no pumping. Like floating in the sea of peaceful energy. At this time i passed out. Third period was similar with first one, pumping and this different feeling inside the body. Like you feel after being spun, not dizzy in the head but stomach. For the moment, many thanks and blessings. Ainar Leppik

Thank you and spirits very much again, it was great. Comparing with first session it was more softer and deeper, would say now that first one felt like wall breaking process. Most of the time i was day dreaming state, saw some visions. Stomach was singing and all body felt inner vibration. But no this heavy pressure this time, much easier receiving. After end of the first session, felt normal right away,now i feel spacey and inner vibration even after 4h. It is very hard to put in words this overall feeling, time between first and second session, peace, trust, feeling that i am opening/learning/things are happening around me and i am able to recognize them and act.... Thanks again and have a great day. Ainar Leppik (Belgium)
mom seems to be doing better, although we're not sure whether it's temporary or a real improvement... at least she's not saying incoherent things, and seems more "awake" during the day, and also in the spiritual sense. she says things she would never have said, like "i relaxed to the deepest part of myself", and she also says she dreamt with a little funny dwarf from childhood while she was doing the session... we are also reading a lot, about more spiritual things she was never interested in before, and she has become over-enthusiastic about painting....the change is not really clear, especially as her liver is not reducing in size, but at least she's in a better mood, so to speak.....thanks again! Andrea (Argentina)
had thought I would write this sooner but things have intensified my end... about the healing, I felt wonderful... I saw the outline of an eye of sorts, rimmed in purple, and even finer detail of turquoise and then a small orange center... I saw purple a lot... I instantly felt energy as in waves over me....I would breathe so deeply at times, as I seemed to want to release, and I would Thank Spirit at those moments, and I sent blessings to you as well....hope you don't mind.... I really felt wonderful and didn't want it to be over, and I when I looked at my phone for the time it was 8:34 and I had just thanked Spirit moments before. I knew when it was over within a minute or 2... and the volatile way the next day came about, made me believe a huge cleansing was in process. I'll continue to let you know how this meanders round... but I wanted to give you my deepest and sincerest thank you... I have shed only a few tears this week, and it's because I knew I wasn't alone. Thank you for everything. Anousha Budimir
Thank you so much for your Free Mini Healing Session last night from 9.00-9.30 pm. Initially I felt some warmth and throbbing, pulsating sensation in my hands. After some 10-15 minutes, I felt very very sleepy. Asha (India)
David, Thank you for the first session. I went into some rapid eye movement and felt energy rising up my back and into the top of my head. Extreme pressure in the top of my head and a little coming out of my third eye Chakra in strands. There is still a little left in the top of my forehead. I will be in touch thank you. Sincerely. Audrey
I felt very peaceful as if a burden was lifted. Barb
Hi! I received my Healing from you today.... This was the first real healing session that I have ever consciously gotten and it was truly amazing. I am at the very beginning of my spiritual journey and I am unfamiliar on how to exactly explain what happened to me.  I most definitely felt the energy. My body was twitching everywhere. It made me hungry for more. I also felt as though there was a magnet that was pulling a lot of the negative energies that I have stored inside me. I also felt like there was a presence there with me.... I want to thank you so very much for this! You are a truly amazing person!! If you are ever in my part of the country I would LOVE to meet you in person. I look forward to hearing from you and also hopefully working with you in the future. Thank you so very much! Beth

I am so glad that I have come in contact with you. You are a truly amazing person and I feel that you are going to give me some very big jumps up my spiritual ladder. Beth
You performed a free healing on me last night and I wanted to let you know how it went. I have to say first off that what happened was not what I expected. I have been experiencing some very disturbing energy sensations throughout my body for the last year and I thought the healing might temporarily intensify these feelings. To my surprise I felt a calm descend over my entire being - a feeling of wholeness, inner peace and contentment. My energy had become centered and focused, unlike the scattered feeling I usually experience. Earlier in the day I was having some very rough symptoms - becoming very dizzy and disoriented to the point where I couldn't leave my home. About an hour after my healing all those symptoms lessened significantly, though I feel there is still much more work to do. Thank you for all your help. Blaine Gorham
Dear David, first of all Thank you. It's a little hard to put in words with what I just experienced, it's nothing what I thought it would be like, lol. At first my heart was pounding, not sure if that was from my anticipation of it all. Through out it all it was very calming then what i didn't expect was this intense heat throughout my body and vibration like pins and needles. That feeling remained throughout my whole body and quite a bit through my head. Before it came to my head region I felt like a piercing quick like headache for a second. There was no fear or resistance, but my mind did say "oh no this is wrong I'm suppose to feel spacious, (lol) and this is not the feeling of spaciousness. It was like I kind of felt like I have always been giving out, and through out the session it was as if my energy was being returned and it was quite intense. My mind said oh no, what will I do with all this energy? this isn't right. There were no visions, words, music, messages, just pure energy. There was no aches and pains, just a constant heat like vibration, but it was never unbearable or too hot at anytime. I am feeling VERY AWAKE right now. But yet very calm and peaceful. Near the end I felt as if I was returned here now in this body, like I have really been scattered out there for so long and now it's all coming back here in this body. Almost to the point that there wasn't enough room for all that energy in this body. I did get the awareness that, "oh this energy which was out there and now feeling more in me is my power. That was neat. I didn't realize that that was power.
Thank you again so much, I surrendered through out it and reminded myself that there is no point in trying to figure it all out but to just be open and receive. So I Thank all who were involved! I look forward to our next one. with love and gratitude, Blanka S
How does one put into words an inexplicable gift. To this day I do not know if I found David or David's work found me (probably both)...I was coming up on the year anniversary of tragedy that not only involved a major health crisis, which brought to me to death's door but also major emotional trauma that was the catalyst for the health issues. I had entered the darkest of nights and I felt like I could be swallowed whole, this darkness actually propelled me forward. I found David's website and immediately felt a connection to his work. I began to email him and I remember typing fervently...as soon as I sent an email to him a shift began. He responded and I immediately felt hope. He spoke to the core of my being and all layers in between. He showed me I was not alone. I had found an earthly angel to guide me in my journey, a journey to remembering wholeness. I have worked with him for a little over 5 months now and although there is much more work to do, I have regained so much physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and strength and my intuition, dreams, and gifts have been magnified.
He has guided me with wisdom, compassion, light and joy.
A million thanks to you David!!

What joy you have shared in your dance on the sand
What wholeness you have restored
You usher in a herald cry and
Many have headed your word
With a sword of truth and a hand of light
You set the earth aglow
The love of living burns through your being
Your heart is one of gold
The ascended masters are full in you
You share it with the world
All who follow your beautiful path
Will discover treasures unfurled
You drum with the seasons, beyond space and time
The universes' delight
The resonance reaches ad infinitum
Joining the day with the night
So much love and gratitude to you David!
Love, Brittney

Hi Everyone, This morning I received a long distance healing session from David Raphael Isaacson. This is what I experienced:
The energy came up from the earth, and in through the bottom of my feet. It felt like it was full, warm, gentle, and very soothing. It moved slowly up through my body. Along with the feeling of the energy internally caressing me, I saw an image of me sitting in an empty bath tub that was slowly filling up with warm soothing water (energy). I felt the physical sensations of that image:) The energy would stop for long periods of time at some problem areas before continuing its journey upwards in my body. It felt like a "manual kundalini" session. Meaning, that my kundalini energy was being intentionally set to run by a "manual" means. It did not rise any higher than my solar plexus (front and back). I was longing for the energy to move up higher, but it would not. My third eye was receiving healing information at a higher level than I was consciously able to interpret. As I write, my first, second and third chakras areas of my body (front and back) feel itchy inside. I am craving a strong flush of energy to move through my body to rid me of the itchy feeling. I could sense that David was using caution when channeling through this session. It felt like this session was intended for both of us to "get acquainted with each other", and that the advanced session will help to flush the itch that I feel... Thank you so much for the healing! Love and Light. Carol Saunders
Hello David...where do I begin. I guess I'll start to say I am in a happy and peaceful state presently, months ago I would have never imagined all of this. I am really shocked and surprised how I lived through 6-7 months of rapid changes that have shaken and challenged everything that felt safe, secure and comfortable. I'm sure it is through the healing sessions that I have gathered the strength to be were I am today, I have spent months facing my worst fears, when I think about it all it is truly unbelievable that I am still standing. I thought my tears wouldn't let up, I would often think when is this roller coaster of a ride going to end. While nothing is ever secure, I am in a much better place with my self than I was months ago. Both my work life and my personal relationship to things that are very important to me have shifted. My work life and all of the changes are working out.. things are becoming more organized and transparent and flowing along the lines they should have been all along..My personal relationship as difficult as it was and after almost five years I decided to end which resulted in me moving on my own...this has been the biggest change for me, I feel like an entirely new person, re awakened, I did not foresee all of this months ago. I am feeling clear, free and strangely enough living without fear or worry, while I do think rationally about how I will be able to do or accomplish xyz, there really is no worry, there is this inner strength that I feel that is calm and relaxed and just says just be all is well and will be well. I have always been kinda of calm but the fear of all the things I would normally think or worry about are not even a thought. Everyday I feel ready to explore and take on what the day has for me. Over the past months, my whole world has shifted, my energy has changed I feel it, people I haven't seen or spoken to in a while have found me and are calling me, my friendships seem to be smoother, free and clear. I am excited about the next part of this journey I am on. For months I felt like I was living in hell, literally and here I am. David I truly thank you for you assistance in helping to get me to this point. Catalina Thomas
At promptly 8pm, I felt a strong energy surround me. Then it seemed to concentrate on my feet, the soles, for about 40 mins, as well the calves. During that time I had the overwhelming urge to cry, which I did, to release whatever was needing to be let go, about 4 times during the first hour. I could feel myself fighting the healing, and I kept repeating let go and let god, just let it go, release the control, and I started feeling more calm and relaxed as the energy moved over and through my entire body. At one point, my hands were raised, (not by my power mind you) elbows remained on the bed, and my hands were filled with the most wonderful energy. Being one who has the gift of psychometry, that was the most intense energy I have felt. And I might note here, I have blocked myself from letting that gift be what it is for many years after a very upsetting experience, but I felt after that "cleansing" I feel very good about using that again... No fear of what I may see with that gift again. During the next 30 mins I felt certain areas being attended to. I felt pressure, almost a jabbing sensation on my back - right shoulder blade, a constant pressure above my left eyebrow, and still concentrated energy on my upper legs and calves.... During the last hour, I had something occur that was very unexpected and something I did experience many many years ago when I was in my early 20's. As I was laying there suddenly my chest area went down, like being gently pushed and suddenly I expelled air from the deepest part of my lungs and it went on for about 15-20 seconds, yet when I inhaled after each one, I didn't feel out of breath, like I wasn't gasping for air. I took a normal breath and the process would repeat. This went on about 6-8 times.... After that the last 20 mins of the session was concentrated on the center of my forehead, between my eyebrows, my 3rd eye. It felt like it was being wiped clean, like cleaning a window, very gentle and very soothing. At the very end I felt the energy flowing in and around me, gently and loving. I then laid there in a peaceful state and fell asleep shortly afterwards. I am psychic, an empath, and have been having troubles "seeing" lately and that had caused me to lose many nights sleep in the past 2 weeks, until last night. This morning I felt myself smiling for no reason. I felt wonderful all day, at peace, calm, not in a rush as usual, just happy and calm. I feel as if things have started to move in my life, though I cannot see them, I definitely feel the shift, like my direction is finally pointed where I am supposed to be. I definitely would like to do another session again, for I know I still have miles of healing to go, but am off to the most wonderful start. My main trouble spot with my ego is CONTROL - but I know after last night It's grip has loosened and that is a HUGE step for me! David I want to thank you for the work that you did for me last night, as well as all the work you do for others. You are blessed as are we who have your sessions. I have told quite a few people about this already, and hopefully they will be on their way to you soon. Love Light to you, Catherine
After reading through your site on Tantra, on matchmaking tonight I thought it must be connected.... You had given me a healing on Sunday, Jan. 9th. I met a soul mate on the 13th that is so much like me! He and I are still together and becoming closer everyday. He's 12 years younger, and like a girlfriend, friend, lover, everything. He's also teaching me tantra. Cathy
David, Thank you so much. Here's what happened: I felt a strong amount of energy around my head as you were focusing on me. Then I heard a prayer that sounded like, "Help remove that which is impure and bring more love to me." I felt energy flowing upwards, a tingling in my 2nd chakra and energy in my heart. I also had a conversation with God. Tears came to me briefly. At the end, two surges of intense energy and a coolness when it was over. Then warmth came to me. I slept for about 45 minutes afterwards. Namaste Cathy
July 22, 2017. Hi David. As always i hope this finds you well. I am writing you this letter instead of a testimonial because I do not read them. I have found that I compare my spiritual growth and experiences with others and I try not to do that. We all move forward at different paces in different ways and comparing does not help. I prefer to not list the actual physical of spiritual things that happened during the sessions. With that being said, I would not be where I am without your services. Just like people that are on a spiritual path were called to it, I think we need to be called to you. I feel so blessed that I was the one being called. If we want to heal, grow spiritually, expand our thoughts, release trauma from long ago, nurture our soul and live through our higher selves more and more and be willing to really work hard then you David are the person to walk with us on our journey.
As you know there were times I found this journey difficult but I am so glad you encouraged me, without any pressure, to stick with it. I have been on my spiritual path for 15 years and I have never reached the peace and joy I have now. Not only have I grown so much but the people around me have changed. Working with you is like a flowing river, just gathering everything and everyone in it and moving us along to the places we are all struggling to get to. And one day we wake up and realize we're there.
I have far, far, far to go and I am looking forward to our next round of sessions. I feel like I just graduated from first to second grade. Have to say first grade was hard compared to kindergarten. I am so looking forward to second grade. I believe we will never stop growing spiritually so it's nice to have help and guidance along the way.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Enclosed is a gift - a picture of Jesus for you. I have shed so much fear and pain because of our work that I am now able to live in His joy without guilt. I will never forget His pain and suffering but our work made me realize He wants us to experience His Love and Joy also. David, set the picture in front of a light to see just how blessed I am. Blessings and Much Love to You, Charleen
Hi David.... My emotions have been very level, no anger issues for such a long  time. I was up all night unable to sleep. I found my self singing Happy Birthday at people's funerals, and then realized that the day of birth is the first birthday, so I sang to everyone I knew on their day of birth collectively. I would look at the fresh new baby in sunlight glowing in their triumphant day of ENTRY in this plane. It was an experience of great Light. I don't know if anyone tried this, it would achieve this result. Also at day of death, sing happy birthday, and it feels right! Our life time on earth is like one big birthday. People look different (our belief and feeling being modified) as we sing happy birthday to them. The oddity is that we  only do this on one day out of 365 days! That is what I was feeling last night, the feeling is the essence of the experience at heart and vision. I also had another cognition, FEELING that all the other lifetimes happen NOW in the eternal moment. So I tried some ho'oponopono forgiving and asking forgiveness across my spaces beyond time. It was an interesting "FEEL". So those are attributes of my healing with you. Charles

Now...since working with you....I do notice much less aggravation over life events and people. I can accept more what cards are dealt before me, yet, still know I still have the last word or best route of escape, when I want. I am more able to embrace infinity, read faster, grasp more quickly, attract the finer people I want (I like geniuses). Even in my divorce, I don't feel as much of a hurry or despondent. I attract people who have solutions to what I want, such as my new divorce attorney. My wife is still so afraid of divorce and I still regard her as kindly and still like her as a human or personality, even if flawed.
I am NOT sure what to expect out of our healing sessions David. I am able to deal with the uncertainty or mysterious nature of it and find out for myself through my spontaneous cognitions which come daily. It certainly is nice and would be nice to experience more awareness of our fuller consciousness including our automatic subconscious, to understand why things we want don't necessarily materialize, etc..I am not sure where I am heading and what MORE I could do in this lifetime. What I know is I am always HERE NOW FOREVER..... The best way to know is to look back and compare quality of lifestyle and coping. I'd say, I am significantly less stressed out and not as prone to being stressed even. The expansive self you mention is interesting a prospect to me. I often feel now I want to take flying lessons. I am happy flying or driving at speeds. Etc. etc. etc. One nice luxury to have is that sense of no guilt, I prefer openness. It becomes much easier over the days. What were the most unusual but high levels of cognition you or your clients have experienced? I still like my "Happy Birthday to Life" feeling. There are also so many ways of perceiving things, ie, through a poor human, through a young human, through another gender, through another culture, as an animal, as an object, etc...and it becomes easier for me to ASSUME their states and have a feel for it. I enjoy my savasanas and they feel like clouds overtaking your emotion and you are not as analytical or wooden. I continue my adventure... Love Charles
I did not feel anything at the time of the healing or for a couple of hours later, but I did notice later in the day a shift where I was not as stressed or anxious and felt very loving. The next day (Monday) I had a meeting at work with a difficult person who ridiculed me un-deservingly in front of top management and it didn't even bother me - usually he can press my buttons. So I do think there was some effect. Thanks! Colleen
I don't know if this sounds strange to you but during your healing session I had a vision of someone digging with a pointed shovel into the affected areas of my liver and then filling it with something and smoothing it over. It looked like someone was, can I say "gardening"? Pulling out the old and planting the new? I just went along with the image and let it take place.... I appreciate your time more than you know, even though it was free and you may not think it works as well. As a Reiki practitioner I think the reward comes in the giving, though we all have to make a living, right? But believe me I appreciate your time and healing. Gratefully yours, Concetta Giangregorio
During healing, the process is an intense storm! First I hear and see the forms of many animal totems -- animated -- circling around my head: these include the golden eagle, a shining metallic looking frog that morphs into a salamander, a white albino raven cawing, and many forest and desert creatures swirling around my head and body. Then I feel and sense a deafening static silence with a low murmuring drumbeat....Followed by this, I feel the claws and hands and feet of many totem animals pulling cords and negative energy out of my aura. Then, next, I feel a smooth high vibrational vacuum pressure going up and down my spinal nadis, erasing all of the negative energies there. Then I feel tugging at the bottom of my feet as more non-serving energies are being pulled out of me. Wowza, you need to book a session with this shaman!!!

David Raphael Isaacson can see into your soul, where you've been, where your wounds are and where you are going. He can guide you to create an inspiring and joy-filled life. This he does with wisdom, tenderness, and the ever-steady hand supported by the devas and ancestors. The multi-dimension healing he has done with my Sidhe soul -- so far -- has been trans-mutational, exponential, and beyond all expectations. I experienced great love, beautiful insight, and straight up MAGICAL healing. Thank you David for your grace, skills, integrity and wisdom. Crow - jtariah
Not sure exactly what happened last night, laid down on the living room floor at 10. Right away my hands got really hot, like when I am practicing reiki. I got a visual of a guy with longish brown hair, wavy, sometimes with wire rim glasses and sometimes without. I think the eyes were blue. And I got a visual of a tattoo either on the shoulder or upper arm, that was a pentacle or a star, not sure which. I was seeing flashes of yellow, like in lightning bolts. That was in the first 5 minutes I would say. After that I keep drifting in and out. I didn't really feel anything else except at one point I had a shooting pain down my left leg. I was finding it really hard to stay focused which is unusual for me. Today however I was really tired and had a headache most of the day (which could be attributed to the rain). Thank you so much for your time. Crystal
I must thank you for the energy/journey work on my behalf...I awoke the morning of the 23rd with lots of energy...and felt through the night very different. The afternoon of the 23rd my wife, who is sensitive to my energies, noticed a difference with me...I definitely feel something different about me...much calmer than I usually have been. Whatever it is you and the spirit guides have done I must humbly thank all of you for your kind services and will forward some monetary recompense for this....Thank you very much for your valuable time. Your friend David Bentley
Can't exactly say that anything has happened which I have noticed, but then I haven't really been looking for signs as such. However, I haven't felt this happy in.... I don't know how long, in fact I don't think I have ever felt this way, it's difficult to explain, but I'm sure you know what I'm trying to say, I feel so at ease with myself and others. When I wake in the morning I look forward to the day and at the end of the day I recall all the wonderful things that have made me smile, and the people I have made laugh, I then look forward to tomorrow in order to feel the love within myself again for life and people. So even though I say I can't exactly explain that anything has happened, so much within has happened. And people have commented on how I light up their day and life. Simply put, I feel good, Life feels good. I never thought I would feel so alive. I am even meeting new people. How did I ever waste my life sleeping it away. Thank you thank you thank you. Let me know David when you feel the time is right to do more work. Thank you David, such a lot of love surrounds you. ‎Debbie Doyle

Update: Again it's difficult to explain how different life is for myself and people around me. There has been a gradual wake-up to self spiritual awareness, the power of Divine love. I never realized how simple the journey could have been if I had just looked within. But then I would not have learn't the life's skills that were needed for me to grow spiritually as one of Gods children. I have joined a voluntary organization called 'Home Start', it's a befriending service for isolated mothers and mothers who are for what ever reason not coping with life. I have met so many beautiful people with their own burdens keeping them weighed down in life, and like myself all they need is a gentle guiding hand and loving heart. Receiving healing from you David, has opened my eyes and heart in receiving Divine love and guidance. I now know my life's purpose, I now know my life's path, I know why I had the lessons I had in life, to love and receive love, to love more with empathy and compassion. I will require more healing with you, as I know I'm no where near where my full Divine potential is in life. This has been an experience that will never leave me, it gave me the strength to open my heart and know it's protected with Divine Power. How can I express my thanks to you David in words, for what I have found within myself with your Divine healing? I can't find any other words than simply Thank you, with your help I realized I didn't need to be perfect to accept Divine love, It's with Divine love that we heal ourselves and others. Divine love surrounds you, my love always Debbie Doyle
It is such a great pleasure for me to tell you about how David Isaacson has influenced my life. I first met David when he was an acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon. At the time, I sought help from him for stomach and stress problems. He really did help me to relax and feel more in control of my life. I met up with David again in California and couldn't be more thrilled that we both live in the same state again. David explained that he was doing different higher consciousness work. I went to a healing, not knowing what I was walking into. I had no idea what to expect, but also did not think or worry about it because I trust David completely. He truly exudes such a feeling of peace and balance. I feel peaceful just being around him. I stayed for the healing, which consisted of, what seemed to me, to be a group meditation, although I know there was a lot more going on than just that. I'm still not even sure of what exactly does go on at the healing session, but I can certainly say how they have affected me....The first time I went to a healing, I was going through a strange time and felt confused and clouded about personal problems. I was amazed at the clarity I felt in the weeks after the healing. I think that it is so easy to go on through one's life with a cloudy mind, not feeling in control and not capable to do anything about it. Being able to clear my mind has made so many differences in my life. There are so many things I can mention, but to name one, I am happier. That's a big one! People also treat me better, more people smile at me, people are more helpful toward me, and I have a much more positive outlook on life. I am a second grade teacher and I told David that my students probably had not been paying attention to me. When I feel clear and happy, my students probably notice more than anyone! I really feel like a better teacher and know I know that my students are more attentive. I also enjoy my job more when I feel like this. I look forward to going to see David as often as possible. I feel I get to live this life just once and David is a guide to get me to reach the highest level of enlightenment. Deborah Pritchard
Very interesting healing, I thank you and the energies. It came in really gently and then I realized the space was "denser", "heavier". The color I saw working was turquoise from below the chest down. At one point the heat increased dramatically in the torso area. That dissipated all was quiet and then boom ! A bolt of white energy ran straight through my ankles jerking my feet wildly. (It was a very strong shift). Then the focus shifted gently into the upper regions and the color lavender was being worked. Another much more gentle shaft of energy ran into the top of my head and down my tail bone and then a pencil thin shaft of energy like a laser ran through my ears for a moment (my ears are a little sensitive and there is a light ringing). I feel like I just visited the spiritual alignment center... Many thanks ! Debra (RV)

I have to give you some "back story" preceding the mini healing... I had read a book on soul retrieval and decided to research it on-line. I found your website and was quite impressed with the abundance of information and that it aligned with my work. I read all the testimonials and decided to email you for the healing. I went to bed and for about two hours the energy was coursing through me. There were light jolts of energy and I could feel sensations through my scalp and body. I woke the next morning knowing the space had been “prepared”. I was excited to see what would transpire in the mini healing. Although the recounting of the experience was "dramatic" it actually was a lot more subtle, except the bolt of energy through the ankles.... Reading the testimonials before bed was key to opening up for the work ahead of time.... I look forward to working with you and the energies again. Debra (RV)
Greetings, I was a bit put off with the Merlin magic stuff. But I have read almost every word on your website and found not magic but truth and understanding of issues most westerners could not even begin to fathom....Dede
purging. felt like taking niacin, something crawling in your blood and making you feel flushed. the left side was warm and my arm hurt and it felt like someone was pinching my wrist. the other arm was cold and the left side of my back was tense and knotted. most of the time i was frigid in the chest and the arms. pushing from the inside at my chakras. i still have blockages though. my eyes filled up with tears then went away, then my eyes filled up with tears then went away. it was all subtle, just crap that wants to come out. the poison alone is apparently gonna take awhile. the cold vibration is still going on but shifts itself here and there, like into my back. i have this huge block in my forehead and i can feel it bulging. DeeDee

the session: I didn't fall asleep. but almost. someone said "quite good" and i saw red. some burning and itching in the hands, then i kinda drifted off into space, but i was interrupted. settled back down. a tapping or some pressure on my right ankle. the rest was just imagination... like pictures of houses and empty glass jars with cork tops and glass tops, all lined up on shelves. stirring in the chakras opening up type feeling... the way they feel when u just open up. i don't remember everything cuz i started to fall asleep again. DeeDee

Imagination is Spirits way of communicating to us through our subconscious mind. We may not understand what these messages means, but we are still impacted and controlled by them. Some think dreams, visions and imagination are unreal, but the world and all in it was created from a dream... first the dream of God, and then the dream of man. Dreams are the well spring of our creativity. "What dreams you follow, that shall you become"

In my personal journey and experience, relationships with family have healed and mended. Situations with work and money were transformed. Getting the job that I wanted at that time and leaving a job that I hated. Things that were unfit in work were slowly being removed and changed. Psychic abilities opening up-internal guidance...you just KNOW! I have dreams that "hint" at my next step, if not just literally tell me. Following through on my guidance, I had unbelievable romantic encounters, lasting friendships, and mentors. I've even met a long lost great uncle who lived quite a distance from me-just happened to be traveling. I'm currently learning Reiki, and will hopefully position myself to be able to better help others. I'm more able to remain calm in situations that used to annoy me and get under my skin. Having said all this, I still do the work, because I know that I still have quite a ways to go. Deedee
I felt your presence around my head and heart area very strongly. I felt a great peace over my being. I now feel more of a flow when I do my healings. I will be in touch with you. I'm still feeling the connection! Thank You. Dianne
Last session was interesting in that I had involuntary movement in my left arm which suddenly slapped my leg... it was quite funny actually - but it was clearly something I couldn't control.

The healing energy has an intelligence that sidesteps the conscious mind, will and ego - and it is our mind, will and ego that has messed things up in the first place ! So in this healing work, all that is put in the back burner while we let Spirit work. This is when our greatest healing can occur - within this sacred space we create for you, allowing you to move into and be closer and closer to your own center, your core, your Source. And while that is happening, all that is disharmonious and not of the Light, not of Love, not of God... is swept aside and shook off. This is often felt as actual physical movements - a sign the healing energy of Spirit is working in you.

There is a lot happening in the lives of those around me, family and extended family. I am witnessing changes in major ways in these persons' lives.

As you heal, those who you are connected to are affected and are also healed... as the waves and ripples of your change spreads out. How else is the planet going to heal if not for people like you making these sorts of changes in themselves ? We are the world, and when we change, the world changes with us

In regards to myself, I feel like in some way my life is feeling more integrated and more balanced....
Still hard to comprehend the work you facilitate (and I know that makes no difference to what takes place).

Mental comprehension is not needed nor required in order to heal. The important message is that what healing accomplished in your self benefits those around you, and in the context of the larger schema of things, helps to uplift this planet as a whole

However, I cannot deny that things have definitely changed for me through others since I have started the sessions with you.

This work has changed "The Landscape of Your Soul".. which in turn, affects the dynamics of your energy field, and in turn, affects how others see and respond to you (for the better I might add)

I find this all very exciting!
I am feeling like I am wanting more and more of this, but am presently questioning whether I am getting addicted.

Healing or "Divine Grace" is the best kind of addiction.. like our addiction to breathing or love... we cannot live without it

Is there ever a sense from yourself what may be the right amount of sessions? Or is that something that you leave up to me?

  Its your choice, but there is never an end to all this. After all these years even I am still getting work done. And though it is a long process, it engages me on deeper and deeper levels and keeps on getting more and more interesting. How much work you want to do depends on how far you want to go. Do you want to fully manifest the Christ Consciousness within the human form ? Do you want to make a significant difference in the lives of those around you ? Our personal healing is not just about us, but about healing the whole. If the possibility existed that by focusing on your own healing, you can be instrumental in shifting this whole planet to a place of Love (instead of the fear and greed that runs it now) is that something of worth to you ? What Is the legacy you wish to leave your children ? Is there any price too steep you would not pay to achieve this ?

I do feel a strong urge to keep this up.. and yeh, I suppose I may have answered the question I just put to you. Always enjoy your feedback.... Warmest wishes. E

I am feeling more positive and excited in my life, and although I can't pinpoint specifics for myself, I am witnessing good things happening in my children's life, which is wonderful! Warmest wishes.E

Like a web, we are connected to and influence not only our own children, but many others we do not know about

So much is moving within my family in positive ways since starting the intensives. It is truly amazing! I feel the need for more as I am starting study again, and realize the changes and stress that it brings with it. I need all the support and healing I can get to rid myself of self doubt and guilt and deal in the most effective way, my husband's lack of support and understanding. All the best. E

I wanted to let you know that from last weeks session I noticed that persons I hadn't heard for a while were contacting me, which was nice.

When things are cleared from our space, we become more available, present, and attractive

I also have been motivated to go the gym which has been great for me. I have heaps more energy and I am getting to talk to a lot of other people during the day, which is I know is important for me.....
This morning's session was a beautiful and peaceful experience. There were the waves of tingling and a few instances of the quick clapping of my hands against my body. What impressed on me in a deep way, was the words that I heard shortly after starting the session. They were "I am unraveling my heart", and I could my heart being turned around, as there was some string being unwound from it. There was a sense that beings were over me, it had me easily focus on my heart centre for the whole time.. the word that comes to me is 'grace', it felt like I was being prepared, cleansed, readied so that I could handle more grace. It was very humbling.. Take care and best wishes. PS I definitely keep you in mind to recommend you to fellow seekers. E
Yesterday I experienced your healing session and I feel blessed having found you. And now to my experience. I relaxed some time before 2 on my bed and some minutes before I had the thoughts of spirits surrounding my bed and telling me to get ready. Then I felt a strong energy coming up from my solar plexus working on me. As the energy went over my heart I felt a light pain and started crying from the right eye and later from the left and once in while I had to smile and exhale deeply and to cry. I felt the energy working on me strongly all the time all over my body, but especially in my head under my scalp and sometimes in my throat. I felt wonderful and felt exactly when the session ended. I looked at my watch 2:31. Afterwards I felt happy and all loving, it still continues. During the treatment I had thoughts like having a short conversation with you, but I never know if it is real or my imagination. after 8 in the evening I had to lie down and work on my chakras and had another conversation with you but as said, real or not? I am looking forward hearing from you. p.s. I am used to feel energies but I was perhaps even shocked after the session how you can connect having only the name and country... it makes me see how limited I am and how great the human potential and the invisible universe can be. thank you again. Edda

hi David. i want to tell you about my daughter. the day you treated her she felt very relaxed and then she said she didn't notice any difference, but i see her better and i think she drinks much less or even only once in while. she doesn't tell me, but i notice the difference.

Others can see the changes in us more often than we can in ourselves

looking backwards i have to say that my husband has changed a lot, less nervous, more relaxed - a better life. thank you very much. ciao Edda

hi David. i just want to tell you about the last session. i felt some energy, at some time in my solar plexus area and then on the left side of my face, in both areas i have lately some problems. then after a while i felt asleep and the days after i felt more relaxed and content and i start getting motivated -hopefully-to do the things i have to do. when i woke up after the session i was very tired. i don't feel your energy as much as in the first sessions, could it be that i get used to a certain pattern. i sell a lot of minerals in my shop and sometimes i have stones of even 10 to 20 kg and at the beginning i feel their energy sometimes so much that i have to move away, and after some time i get used. could it the same with your energy. thank you. Edda

When you first open up to a new level, the energy is more acutely felt... and over time, you integrate and internalize these new energies till they become a part of you... then you don't feel them anymore (just like you don't feel your foot 24-7, but its still there). This is a normal progression of the work - as you integrate on one level, you can move on to the next level of stuff.. and the healing work starts all over again, perhaps the process may be felt as more subtle, but certainly it is deeper. Its like scuba diving.. most of the activity is more easily felt and seen on the surface, but when you dive below the waves, its quiet.. but things are still happening even more so - as you feel the powerful currents of the tides... and you see all the fish. And if you go even deeper, there is less visible activity, less sun light to see by, and the forms of sea life changes. Here one must rely less on eye sight and feel, and more on intuition and faith. Its not a dimension you can feel with your normal senses - its a whole different kind of activity here, where up feels like down and down feels like up... the pressure is more intense, and the initial impulse is to flee to the safety and comfort of the surface. However, in these depths, there is less distraction - just you and the Great Mystery... peaceful, still. Nothing to do but relax into your Self. No place to go but simply be. And this is where the most powerful healing work occurs, in that stillness where nothing is, by all appearance, happening. When you can surrender into that, you have come a long way
The session last night was pretty intense! To recap, I lit a candle and lay comfortably on the couch, hands resting on chest and lower belly. Right away started feeling great energy/heat accumulate in my abdomen and move down my legs. Always a wonderful sensation, and this was stronger than usual, and very immediate! After a few minutes, started seeing colors like I do during acupuncture (green & purple). Several minutes later, stirred up unpleasant feelings, and some brief pains. Made efforts to observe and breathe through the urge to withdraw from it (I'm awfully good at that). Eventually hit that half-dozing zone, became extremely relaxed all over (big accomplishment in itself!), and a lot of memories came over me. Then it felt like my mouth was starting to move, or trying to. That was the strangest feeling! Right after that I opened my eyes, sensing a finish (which it was). A very vivid memory suddenly came up, and the emotional wave caused me to burst into tears for a minute. I stayed there, continued to relax. When I got up, I felt the urge to do cleaning!  My lower legs and feet were tingling a while. My cat joined us halfway through, by the way. That was my experience :) Think it went pretty deep... Elaine
 I really did experience this flu-thing as a flushing out of toxins - lots of coughing up of what seemed like excessive amounts of green gunk (unusually large amounts even in the context of flu). In the early evening I sat down to do meditation, observing sensations in the body and felt a lot of energy shifting things. A deep sadness arose in my heart centre (the area of heaviness this morning) as I saw I had to let go of many many old stories of love relationships, sexual fantasies and other stuff secretly nurtured (out of fear of not being loved enough?). I observed this for a while and began to feel things lift quite naturally. I think this was the turning point as I also saw that I have to actually chuck out things (doh!). ie: not just recognize the rubbish and then only collect it in pretty piles within my energy space but also get rid of it! At this point, the physical symptoms began to clear and are now quite dried up - ie: a rapid improvement. look forward to seeing what else happens later! thank you to you and Spirit for this assistance, I am most grateful, Elisabeth (Germany)

Thank you for your comments - I really appreciate the compassionate objectivity of your response. I just wanted to send you my description of the session again with some other details that I remembered later. I was pretty blown apart by the whole thing and it's taken a few days to begin to process even just recollecting the session. I was very very tired yesterday; the whole thing with healing the heart centre seems really huge to me. i feel that this is the area that needs lots of work. but of course, other aspects of the session were really wonderful and amazing to me! thank you & thank Spirit again. description of session with some more details:
There was a preamble; big ‘discussion’ about ‘don’t be afraid’, ‘trust me’. I felt an ‘aurora borealis’ play of light engulf my whole body. It was mainly greenish light. There was a conversation about healing my heart centre. Within my heart centre was a battered lotus flower that really looked like it needed serious nurturing. I felt energy move across different areas – some spiky things were pulled out of my upper back and energy flowed particularly through my whole left side. Interestingly, I didn’t particularly feel energy in my heart chakra.
There was continuous dialogue about ‘trust me’, ‘trust me’, ‘when you let go of your doubt, you will be given information’. My skin came away from the rest of my body, shedding like a snake and was ‘vaporized’. I felt pressure on my abdomen and emerging from it was a transparent sparkling geometric doll-like figure. I asked what that was and was told ‘star-soul’. ‘we will dress you’. The dimensions of the figure enlarged until it covered my body. After a little while, energy dropped away. ‘here is an interlude’. I looked at my clock and 20 minutes had passed. Another conversation about trust etc. whether I’m just imagining this, making it up, ‘is it real’ etc. then I was instructed to pay you another $50 for your work, did I want to do this etc. ok, I committed to that. More conversation about trust, I was told ‘you are beloved’. Then the energy started again. I was sitting up and heard, ‘now we activate the light body’. It was activated. I lay down again and saw myself in extremely bright light.
I was told extraordinary things would happen in my life and in my life’s work. Again, the session finished very definitely after 20 minutes. Elisabeth (Germany)
just to say thanks very much for the mini healing session was feeling very emotional the whole day and could feel a massive energy working already with me

Before any formal session, Spirit "may" do some preliminary work with a person to prepare and soften the "Soul Soil" (so to speak)

the only way to describe it is massive! gave me an impression of an eagle or the like felt really supported during the session saw a lot of white light- felt like something was removed from my base chakra and a healing of a tear of something like that in my aura on the left- then my poodle Vincent started barking quite defensively and was as if there was some energy on my left as I was lying to the west and there was a need to open up the space really appreciate you time and also have had a read on your website today having more time- really interesting and well done for the information you have on there and have brought through- also, well done on your amazing journey- being connected to Merlin takes quite a journey to complete and what wonderful energies you are able to work with and bring through now! will allow the energy to settle down a bit and then would be great to book a full session. blessings of Love. Elizabeth (England)
I was resting at 7 pm sharp today after a long day of intense work. I can not report any special sensations in my body. My mind started producing images of faces, that came and went, something unusual. I believe I might be channeling something because a close friend started to see good changes in her business after months without much income. Thank you for your efforts. Elsa

When a client reports that they do not feel much in a session, I often hear them report soon after that their spouses miraculously get more spiritual, those sick around them start to feel better, relationships open up, etc. Because we are energetically and spiritually interconnected, our healing (even if we are not aware of it), directly and indirectly affects all those around us... this is the spiritual domino effect.

David, I've been in a little turmoil lately (last 10 days) so my mind is a bit confused. I forgot to mention to you that after a few days of the first mini session, some situations (knots) in my business have gotten more clear, I have seen the true colors of people that were deceiving (some masks have come off, if you know what I mean) and had to terminate an abusive working environment job. Also new business opportunities have come my way unexpectedly, which I intend to pursue for a better source of income. Someone gave me a great gift and I learned a lot about the law of attraction, so now I stay positive in mind and spoken words. I've been praying to Spirit to allow me to learn my lessons through love and not pain, had enough of the latter in my life already. So you see, I had more to report since the last 1st session... As things get better financially, we'll do more work. Thanks again, Elsa
Thank you for the healing session last night. What I did feel was the pulling sensation right away around 7:00.... and that was followed by something being done to my heart... which physically hurt for a brief time. The rest of the time I was conscious felt very pleasant. This morning... woke with a feeling of 'clearness' around me... like something had been cleared... but what don't know. As with all your healings I always feel peaceful and nice the next day. Thank you so much for your generous gift David. Erin
My experience last night was pretty cool. At some point I began to feel weightless and warm. Although I kept my eyes mostly closed, I did open them a few times. Each time I opened my eyes my vision was filtered by a color... either red, orange, or yellow. I woke up this morning feeling a bit lighter...things are brighter... I really look forward to the next session. Thank you so much!! Erin McGowan
began at the top of my head and my foot/right leg. lots of chakra work focused on my head and my heart. my right arm hurt, and went kinda numb, then back to the chakra work. i was hoping that if today's session was going to be similar to last time that you would focus there( head) thanks. DeeDee - Evelyn Steadman
This session was a bit unconscious for me as I was finishing up other tasks right before the time we agreed upon. Needless to say my thoughts were wandering off and focused on things that I had done just before I sat down to begin.

If ones mental body is needing clearing, when the healing energies hit it, many thoughts and images may arise from that place (within the subconscious mind). Its similar to when one shakes a soda bottle (the mind) and the bubbles (thoughts) float to the surface and are released. Do this "shaking" (healing) enough times, and the fizz (superfluous thoughts) will be totally removed

Once the randomness subsided over about 15mins worth, my thoughts finally quieted down and I went unconscious for about 30 minutes

Going unconscious like this is a good thing - a sign that you are letting go of the superfluous and going deeper into the self

I didn't get to many recognizable images/thoughts, although I do remember just feeling at ease.

Much healing is about removing the "negative" energies that prevent us from feeling at ease in every part of our life at every moment. We do have those moments when we feel at peace, but in another moment our stuff comes up (like "bubbles" of thoughts) to interfere with our serenity. There are a lot of these thoughts (linked into our energy field) so there is a lot of "shaking up" we need to have done till we get really clear

Noticed a few twitches in all of my limbs here and there

This is the movement and release of stuck old energies

Nothing really pronounced though. Again I did notice the energy building up in my hands like last time. That was pretty much it for this session. I have a feeling more will come later and also in my travels as well in which that's were a lot of stuff does occur for me. Speaking of travels, the last few days have been pretty interesting and I've been able to hold my consciousness again longer than usual without getting to overwhelmed and coming back to my body. During this session I must admit is one of the very few times I can remember being patient enough to not look at any clocks to see if the time was up yet seeing how it was 1.5 hours. Longest I usually meditate for is around 30mins-1hr so my physical body wanted to really get up and go. I'm glad I was able to achieve that patience.

The more the negative distractions (of energy and thoughts) are cleared out, the easier it is for the physical and mental body to just be, and also, the easier it is for the Higher Self/Spirit to come and dwell and express in the human form

In addition to the healing sessions, I've been picking up my own meditations as well and can "FEEL" an increased presence and wisdom of my Higher Self. Even in my travels which usually didn't occur that much. My perspective of connecting with my Higher Self through my feelings/knowing instead of my sight/hearing has changed quite a bit now and I already "see" (with my feelings) the difference. Thank you again for your assistance. I'm going to be patient now for the other intensive session to begin and let this one finish processing through. Kind Regards, Garlon
thanks for your assistance. it was nice to take 30 minutes out of the day to be still. that in itself was very relaxing.
there were some nice sensations, and one in particular sticks out. your description of "a taste" is appropriate as it probably only lasted a minute at most in the total 30. i was laying in bed just being still and about ten minutes into the session a presence came over me in a subtle but noticeable way. it was a male presence that ran through me like a cloud. that's the best way to describe it, as a cloud. it was a nice feeling, and i felt a lot of clarity about myself and emotionally through it. i appreciate the time you put into the session. thank you, George Wilkinson, Australia
David, I certainly did experience something last night - something pretty cool. I felt like I expanded and eventually contracted. Like a bubble...Seemed like a very good thing....Best wishes, Heather
I felt the Energy come in - Bingo - at 3 o'clock - good stuff - thank you.  I zoned out for some of it after a while and just looked around the room for the last half hour noticing the reflection that my healing room was giving me - it was nice. I love most of it, and anything I didn't I just accepted -"oh yes, that's me too - I don't like things too perfect!" By the end I was feeling that I have sat around enough - time to go to work - bring it on! My meditation is action oriented. I have been told this about this lifetime, or maybe all of them - not sure. I got to see and feel that pretty clearly, as well as the part of my mind that does need some stilling and needs something to shut it off. Chant does it for me. I must do more I think. All for now. I thank you for your gift of stillness.
PS I went for a walk in the woods afterwards and could feel my increased level of wellness - hallelujah! Heather
No plays of light or anything of the sort. A strong pain in the third eye region and in the back of the legs. So painful I had to bend my legs on my stomach several times. Towards the end the pain in my legs moved to the spine, the triangle right above the coccyx. I couldn't sleep afterwards. I was very awake, only slept for 3 hours this night. Today I had a session to give. I experienced the normal psychic awareness (no increase) and afterwards I had a splitting headache, which doesn't happen normally since the Reiki usually works healing on myself as well.... Maybe I experienced a healing crisis, I just have to wait to see the effect after a few days.... Well I finally contacted the tears... I knew the headache was holding back some tears. So it might have been a healing crisis after all. Hilda

The second session was much nicer than the first one. Softer... A nice feeling of light. Mostly around the head to start, later it went everywhere, a little stronger around the back of the head, the back of the heart and the back of the first chakra. My feet were freezing cold, also a little around the back of my head. My legs on the contrary were hot and I was a little unstable on my legs after the session. The funny thing was I felt already some energy around my head the evening before and during the day my 3d chakra worked a little stronger (in a positive way). After the session there was a lot of thinking going on in my head. Today my head seems clearer, I'm not yet feeling ole ole. I still feel a lot of anger, and believe me I've worked years to get it out of my system, but it seems already less.... Hilda

I had a good cry during the last hour. It's usually very difficult for me to cry. Hilda

I did feel very emotional during the session. First I felt annoyed, like wanting to run away, I tried to feel what was behind it and felt "trapped", especially at the level of my feet.... Afterwards my entire body felt cold. But all evening I was very cheerful and felt happy.... Today I felt more energetic. Hilda (Belgium)
Dear David, This was the first time that I was a receiver. I have to admit that I was a bit afraid, and it was not easy for me to surrender. But, once you have started, I managed to relax and to try to get the best of it. I've started to feel the energy from my feet and than up to the top of my head. I felt very warm, and I could feel your presence. I tried to meditate, and few times I could see some symbols, more like Indian Mandalas, but also I saw the faces of many of my fears. In some moments it was really hard to stay calm. I am not sure, but I still have a feeling that I was not completely opened, and that I haven't got a full benefit. Whatever, it was a valuable experience, and I have to say that you are a real expert. Thank you very much, and may the Lord bless you. Love and Light. Indira
Hi, David, I did want to let you know that I saw a perfectly round white light on my forehead during the time the <free mini> healing session was to have taken place.  It wasn't exactly white, but it was round.... It wasn't exactly white, but more like a real round disk with a rim in a silvery-white,-more silvery disk. Irene

I lay down about 10 minutes before the scheduled healing time, sometime after I saw in my mind's eye what I interpret as a wave of energy starting at my feet and traveling up my body. I didn't 'see' the wave till it was at my knees but knew that it had started at my feet and would continue right to the top of my head. I saw this twice. For a brief moment I felt as if a light had been shone in my face. I saw a rod or line extending from my right hip to the left side of my body at the waist. I felt a pulsing sensation in my mid back left hand side. My left hand, mainly the fingers and thumb began to tingle. A little later I had the same thing with my lips. At one stage I felt as if energy was drawn to my heart area. I let out a sob. I sighed a few times during the session. I felt like I was in a strong energy field and strong energy pulsed throughout my body. This is what it felt like for the first half of the session. The second half of the session the energy abated and became gentler. At one stage I felt as if my eyes were blank. I couldn't see my eyes in my mind's eye. This also happened with my arms, but not my hands... I am very grateful for the session David. Thank you. Irene

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