Spiritual Energetic Healing

With David Isaacson

I didn't "feel" much during my mini-healing with David, but I'd never felt anything at all with the several remote healings I'd had before with other healers. During David's healing I felt the energy rising through my feet and tingling in my fingers, with some fluttering in my body. But it was the next morning when I really felt the healing! I had been full of anger and grief over the suicide of my children's father and I hadn't been able to stop crying for days. When I awakened the morning after, my emotional body just felt eased, and much more at peace. I felt calm, and all the crying had completely stopped. Even if still grieving, I knew that "everything would be okay."

Second Healing
Here's my email to David after my second healing; I think it speaks for itself:
Thank you for your healing yesterday. My experience felt very good. It started with tingling in my hands and feet which started moving around my body. Then the generalized tingling turned into generalized pin pricks/spark-like shots of electricity (?) throughout my body. There was a big yank/pull on the left side of my neck, more pin pricks, then pressure in my crown chakra. After this, more tingling, then waves of energy throughout the trunk of my body.
I started to feel some pressure and movement in my 3rd eye, then waves followed by more tingling and sparks, then bigger/longer waves throughout my trunk area. Around this time I was feeling heat all over my body but my feet were really cold.
Finally, the waves just kept flowing and expanded from crotch to crown, over and over. Not sure if this was clearing or Kundalini -- guess I don't need to know! I was exhausted and happy, but spacey after the healing for the rest of the evening. Slept well but remembered intense dreams.
Today I feel calm, and have residual, occasional energy running in my legs and arms with some pinpricks and sparks. Emotionally, I feel about the same as I did yesterday with a slightly better feeling of allowing and hope that everything will be okay.

Third Healing
My third healing with David was subtle but went deep. I didn't feel much at all during the healing and had to resist the temptation to say "What's going on? This isn't working!" I didn't feel spacey after the healing, but felt very calm and centered the following morning.
But what a week I had! My anger and sadness came up constantly as several incidents "challenged" me to act from love and strength when I wanted to get ugly and let my ego run the show. Among other things, my favorite uncle died, my car broke down in the rain, and I had a bad break up with a dear friend. I was so sad and enraged! So, I contacted David and told him that I wanted to do my next healing but was basically "chicken", afraid of what would happen afterward! David gave me comfort and wise counsel,and encouraged me to continue. He told me what I already knew inside -- that the challenges placed in front of me were my Higher Self helping me clear my old energy and, if I could face them with love and strength, would bring me closer to my true self. That my Higher Self knew what was best for me and would do me no harm. So I made an appointment for my next healing.

Fourth Healing
I really looked forward to my fourth healing session with David because I've had so much growth in just three weeks. Not all of this growth has been easy, but I've achieved a level of confidence that the work I'm doing with David is better than anything I've ever done for myself.
As soon as we began my healing, I felt tingling energy running through my legs and up into my second chakra where it settled for awhile. Then the energy hit my solar plexus really quickly and jumped to my right eye. I could feel the energy alternate between my 6th chakra/Third Eye and my physical, right eye; that felt great, and then it moved from my right eye down to my right ear where I felt a quick, sharp pain -- almost like something sharp was being pulled from my ear -- and the pain quickly turned back into tingling and moved to my jaw.
From there, David and Spirit went to work on my Third Eye and Crown chakras. Lots of pressure and tingling in my Third Eye and I could even feel the chakra spinning. This alternated with lots of poking and prodding in my Crown chakra which felt like someone was opening my skull to fix what was inside. Lots of "movement" inside my head as if Spirit was knocking around in there! And finally, the movement became intense tingling as it climbed down the back of my neck to my rear Throat chakra (I continued to feel tingling here, on and off, for two days-- David says that it often takes a few days for the healing to be integrated.)
I must have fallen asleep because I awakened with the "knowing" that David and Spirit had been able to return a small piece of my soul. I was in a daze, a little disappointed that I had fallen asleep because the healings feel so good. I felt pressure on my chest and stomach, as if something were sitting on me. Then I felt a quick sharp pain in my third (Solar Plexus) chakra, then another one in my Second chakra. I had a "knowing" that cords or bad energies were being removed from these chakras and I felt immediately happier and relieved.
The next morning I wrote David an email to tell him about my experience. It was interesting that I had felt so much during the healing but didn't feel very different the next morning, as I had after my previous healings. But that was okay; David has taught me not to have expectations. So I was in total "be here now and allow" mode, and David responded to my email, telling me that my energy had definitely "lightened up".
Well, lightened up, indeed! I know that this "lightening" of my energy, plus the clearing my Right Ear chakra in my healing paved the way for me to "hear" Spirit for the first time!
Here's what happened. Later that day when I meditated, I turned my attention to the tiny, high-pitched ring in my ear that I've been hearing on and off for two years. I had come to believe that this was Spirit trying to communicate with me, and I'd tried all kinds of techniques to "hear" what Spirit was saying, to no avail. The most I could get (and this wasn't often) would be a slow word or two, and I was convinced that this was just my imagination.
When I turned my attention to the ringing in my right ear, I said to Spirit "Show me how to hear you!" and I heard "You have to go higher!" So I just set my intention to go higher. And I felt myself rising, inside my meditation, as if I were on an elevator going up up up, then suddenly it just stopped -- I even felt that rush that happens when a fast elevator suddenly stops at the right floor -- and then Spirit just started talking to me very quickly and surely about how she (it was my voice) had been trying to communicate with me for so long, and how everything I was doing with my healings was right on track. Every question I asked was answered immediately with flowing, confident words.
I was so amazed that I asked questions until I was exhausted. And Spirit answered every one. I know that David's healings have made this possible. How miraculous, how exciting! Thank you, David! I am so glad I found you. I'm looking forward to all of the healing we will do together in the future, and to becoming my true self. Monica Jackson
aloha David... thank you for the brief healing...i believe the sensations i felt during that time span, in which i was quietly lying down, were as follows: warmth/heat in my hands and feet, prickly-tingling sensations all over, especially in my face, forehead and root chakra point... also, a bit of anger, a few peaceful smiles and a few tears... peace light....Moonstar
When stuck energy is released, one may sense it flow in the body-mind as this tingling sensation, heat, and sometimes cold.. And when stuck emotions are released, one may sense it as anger, sadness, fear...Our body, heart, and soul are deep wells full of unfathomable mystery... chock full of these feelings hidden in secret dark corners and shadows. Butt he more one does this work, the more internal space will be created to allow the joy, love, peace and light of our innermost being to radiate out
As beings serving beings, you have provided me with what I needed to move forward in reclaiming these parts of my soul that I have given away. I acknowledge the greatness of the Universe working through you to bring me the information I need (ed)...Mori
Hi David, Blessings and love. I am so grateful for your healing work, for the time and love you give to this work. Tonight I decided to sit in a recliner so that I might be more alert to what was happening during the healing. I had a bit of a headache, so I drank some juice,and waited. At 8:03, I felt light energy come into the right side of my head. The feeling was different than last time when my entire head got warm. This time, it was like light was flung to my head. Energy worked around my head for a long time. My thoughts were running, and though I tried to still my mind, the thoughts would run to worries. I would feel the energy trying to move down. I felt it in my throat and felt a constriction in my throat. It didn't stay there long. It moved down to my heart, but then quickly moved back to my head again. It worked some more on my head and I finally felt the pain diminishing and my thoughts stilling. I next noticed the energy working on my neck and shoulder, where there was tension. I realized I couldn't relax my head and shoulder as I wanted. At 8:33, I walked upstairs from the chair to the bed. I knew the process was working, but I felt I should lie down completely. Lying down, I could feel the energy more as last time. It moved down to my knees and then to my feet. After that, I was totally relaxed. As with last time,I went out of body. At 9:57, my eyes popped open. It was as though the energy had been unplugged. I wasn't upset, I just knew my session was over but that I could stay in this state longer if I wanted. I slept 1 1/2 hours. I dreamed, and again family members who are gone were in the dream. Instead of the beautiful colors and the ocean of last time, I was walking across a great plain. Sometimes it was desert, sometimes it was fields of farmland. I interacted with a group of people walking a ways behind me (I was "ahead", but I was not part of the group except by association. One deceased uncle was in this group. We were expecting a car to come from the other direction and pick us up. The walking seemed endless. I questioned if the car could find us, and they said yes, this is the right road. One woman was wearing ugly rubber shoes over her feminine sandals. I asked her why. She said, because they will disapprove of my sandals. Some of the joking and playing around had a harsh tone to it, as though I might not be approved of by the people coming in the car. Eventually, the car pulled up. It looked like a very small bus from another country, painted in different colors, a pink door, a white panel, a black part, a red part. It looked too small for all of us, and very old-fashioned. The people behind me began to get onto the bus, and I finally got on and took a back seat (back of the bus symbology). An uncle of mine who used to tease and give me a bad time said, see I told you it would get here. I was uncomfortable riding in the bus, but knew I had to if I was going to get across the huge flatland I was crossing. I believe this dream relates to my plans to go back to Utah after my husband dies, where most of my family is seriously Mormon. I have taken a lot of judgment from the family and have dealt with it by avoiding them. If I move to Utah, I fear I will not be able to get away from their judgment and to be able to be myself because of the things my relatives will say. I fear their control, the control they had when I was a child and young person. The desert and flatland represent the distance I feel between the richness of my life here and the "desert" out there. This issue came up for me a few months ago when, because I have few options, I decided I'd move closer to my son and his wife in Utah, but I did not have a good feeling about it. My higher self is either guiding me to stand up for myself and not hide who I am, to not be affected by others' judgments -- or not to go there. It will be interesting to see what comes up to further en lighten this question. At least I have pulled out one strand of the confusion I feel about my life. MR

Feedback on Session 1:
The day after my healing, John had an unusual experience. He went unconscious and his body jerked in different limbs. His mouth curled up in a strange fashion, and his eyes rolled back into his head. This went on for about 40 minutes. I asked that he be put to bed and that we'd see how he was in the morning. He was back to normal. It was not a seizure, stroke, or heart attack. I wondered about the connection, so close in time, to session 1. As for me, I began to wake up with a better feeling in the mornings. Two mornings (2!) I actually felt happy. I am more at peace, and I feel less remorse if I don't go over to visit John. I believe the main work done that time was to reassure me about reunion and happiness after physical death. I had been asking myself, How is it? How is it going to be? Will I ever be with John again? The dream/healing was reassuring. M R
The energy started with tingling in my toes, and then in my fingers and hands. The hands felt especially tingly. Suddenly, I felt a burning pain go up my left side - it was a hot pain and stronger than the residual pain I spoke of. This happened once more strongly, and then a third time less strong. My mind was still flipping all over the place at that moment, fascinated by the pain, then jumping to an external thought, that sort of thing. The next I knew, it was 2 hours later and I was awake (right at 10 p.m.). I came out smoothly, not a sense of a plug being pulled. For the first time, I had the sense I had been interacting with people, what I would normally call dreaming. There seemed to be two instances where I helped someone straighten out a situation so they weren't anxious about it any more. I remember saying to myself, I really like helping people get over their anxiety. When I awoke, a song about living a simple life was running through my head. I had heard this song on the radio a few days ago, a favorite from about 20 years ago. I went back to sleep and dreamed all night long that I was young and happy, out in the world doing things, helping others be happy. I awoke about 2 a.m., relaxed and enjoying this happy feeling. It took awhile to go back to sleep,and the rest of the night wasn't notable. I dreamed but can't remember what. The song I awoke with was "Little by little, I'm falling out of love with you." I wonder if you think that means I am getting less corded to John. Then as I was stretching to get out of bed, my lower back cracked - a self-adjustment. I have been seeing a chiropractor, and it felt like something had loosened on its own. I have a displaced hip we are trying to get back into place. After I was up and walking around, the song in my head shifted to "I want to dance with you, whirl with you around the floor, that's what they invented dancing for." I have been in constant pain since 2001, so this desire to dance, to move, was coming from my higher self (as well as from my body). So, all in all, it was a good session. I feel happy today.... Thank you again. Blessings and peace in your work, Love, MR
Just wanted to say - THANK YOU!
I am the most happy being in the Universe.
I know that Friday was the best healing ever, because after that everything changed; at first, right after the healing I felt what I have never felt before, I felt no love for anything nor anyone I was just stone cold for a few moments and than my body or something in me started to cry just for a short time and I was just observing and then with my whole being I started to glimpse and feel LOVE so Strong, so Powerful, so Pure, so Happy; and I started to understand many things, which I could not grasp before; needless to say that when I woke up in the morning I felt or actually was 10 lbs lighter... ever since then I am changed totally in the way I think; I am sure the I AM just took over....Thanks. Nadja

...As for my feeling wonderful - that is because I choose to. It is just more profound after the healings, because I know I am clearing what is otherwise hidden in my cells. Funny thing is I even get to know who or what is being removed next. I finally put together all my nightmares I've been having while going through this healing and what happens, that it shows me a face or a situation which is going to be removed next. Some of these removals are not as bad as others. Sometimes I get a lot of energy and a break for few days even a week and sometimes I get a horrible week and most of the time I need to sleep for hours. Most important is that I am able to experience the state of love so profound - I actually do not have words to describe it, it is absolute stillness yet feeling ecstatic movement in all cells, feels like fire but it doesn't burn, feels like one with all, not missing anything, very light like I have no body yet I am very much aware that I do. I call it bliss. And it lasts as long as I want to and during the day I can go back to it anytime, just by concentrating on that feeling. Nadja

Merlin, how funny, I was just now thinking of you, and how great I feel. I am thinking of all these people running around with all the baggage cords, thinking to themselves they are living their own lives and actually they are not. Now that it’s only me - I feel so free, like my life is just now beginning. The best investment I have ever done. When I think how people spend money on clothes, vacations, dinners etc., and none of those things will ever free them, how odd that slavery still appeals to them. Talking to many, many different people lately and finding out that all they ever wanted actually and do want is real LOVE, and all they have to do is invest in some healing and maybe feel uncomfortable for a few months and for sure Love will come. Go figure.I do thank you, Love Nadja
Thank you so much for the complimentary mini-healing. I did not feel anything during my healing. I did, in my mind's eye, have a brief vision of a brunette angel dressed in a blue gown. I also had a vision of Jesus with his hands out and a vision of a man dressed like the father in the Fiddler on the Roof. None of them had anything to say. Sincerely and with love and light, Nancy R
Hi David, I lay down on my bed and fell asleep immediately, at 7.50 i was woken up by a phone call, at this point my body started to fit, by this i mean my arms started slapping my chest, my legs were started kicking out and i turned from side to side. I also let out a couple of screams and i heard a voice in my head saying no. This continued for half an hour, my body then picked itself up of the bed and i hears a voice say its finished. I feel quite calm relaxed, a little distant. Regards Nathan G
Thank You!! What I noticed during the session: St Germain (sp?) was present... The biggest release that I noticed  was in my 3rd chakra. My arm channels cleared a lot and my crown. I noticed a pink/purple color, which is what I associate with Jesus, around my whole living room... ;-) Thank You. Namaste. Nick
David ...about the healing. It was a wonderful experience for me. I felt the healing come over me tingled relaxing yet allowed me to feel with all of who I am .. When I knew it was over I got up and felt refreshed. Some anger came from me .. I knew then it was the healing that allowed me to release it.. Again I Thank you. Peace and Blessings Nora
Hello David (Merlin), I did feel warm tingly sensations inside, mostly in the lower chakras and even on my legs, and I felt more peaceful than previous days (so that's a plus). But for me the most interesting thing was when I was conversing with my roommate... he told me about the dream he had while the session was going on (mind you he did not know about you sending energy, I just told him that I'm going to start to meditate and that I wish not to be disturbed at that time). So he tells me that he barely remembers the dream but he has not had one like this in a very long time, he described it as a positive and empowering dream with full of Energy, he was also fighting something in the dream but it did not feel negative at all. So I was like WOW! and that's when I told him about you sending healing energy (again I don't know if I should have revealed that to him considering that he holds limiting thought concepts but he seemed receptive to what I was telling him) so I hope that won't be a problem. So with that my spiritual brother/healer I'm grateful to have this blessed opportunity to start healing from the wrong choices that I have made, and I'm looking forward for future sessions. Much thankfulness and Much God blessings to you David/Merlin.... Peace. Omar
Dear David/Merlin, Thank you very much for the healing. This is what I experienced: different sound frequencies, warmth, peace and a slight stomach ache near the end. I joyously wait to see how it manifests. I will let you know. Namaste Pam

I felt a lot of energy working through me and cleaning out more toxic emotions such as a fear of punishment and a sense that there is something dead and stinking inside of me.... I almost felt that I was going to experience memories of repressed stuff that I know is there....I have felt much stronger since then despite not freeing myself from "whatever". I also felt deep grief but again it was lifted by Tuesday. I am really fascinated by this work and do wish to experience more... maybe I will finally clear this baggage that has held me back from realizing my potential. Thanks again for your wonderful gift!!! Pam
Things seemed to go well this morning, I really feel good so much joy and love it feels so great to feel this way again....and every thing around seemed to beautifully. -Up date on what seems to be not there is the pain in my neck and up through the middle of my forehead. "Stress seems to be leaving also," and that can stay far away. I know there is more. Blessing Pamela
Hi David. The last session was interesting, as usual. The work seemed to be designed to cover all sides/polarities of my body; right, left, front, back etc. Fatigue after was extensive - but my energy was available the next day - at a diminished or foggier level. Each session seems to require a different type of integration process. I'm glad I've got into sort of a once a week pattern, as it seems to be good for me to have a few days in-between.

I experienced the last session with the most physical sensations so far. There were small sharp pains in my ankles, knees and strong, pleasurable surges in the centers of female energy (breast,womb, vagina, clitoris) - resulting in sort of an-out-of-body orgasmic sort of crescendo. When ever I was cold, weak, and very tired, I craved contact with water and heat, so took a hot bath. I have been tired since - and having been feeling alternately tranced out and then acutely aware of the beauty of sensory stimuli. It seems as though my life force has been ratcheted up a few notches. Patti

...The last session went well. In fact, as I write this I am connecting some of that with how I have been feeling. Much of the session energy seemed to flow between my heart and second chakra - some of the energy felt powerful, some felt erotic. I was tired at the end - and the last few days I have felt almost a burning fire in that same zone. I notice that I have been unconsciously drinking water and avoiding fire/hot foods and drink. I kept thinking of the stuff I read on Ayurveda - that I better look up how to balance too much fire??!! Anyway, life continues to be the best show around. Patti

David, The energy you sent was validating and pure. Thank you. The experience reminded me that I have missed spending time in meditation. I appreciate your time and intention....Take care and thanks again, Patti
As I was lying on my bed initially I felt a shift of energy. Then various subtle sensations - kind of hard to describe. At one point though I felt energy flowing from my body and an angelic presence. It was a lovely feeling. After that I felt the energy flow down. I know something real happened, but I also know my crazy ego mind/imagination were there too. You know it has a mind of it's own (lol). I have been feeling a real sense of urgency about healing. The life I've been living is not who I really am. My soul aches for it and I have no one that I can really share this with. I had been working with a Reiki Master. She suggested we do an Attunement. I didn't think it worked. I had been looking for someone else to work with here locally, but then decided to contact you. The info on you web site is just amazing. I hadn't even read everything before I contacted you and am still working on getting though it. Again, thank you. Paula H
Just before 9 I started to feel nauseous. The nausea was centered around the Solar Plexus chakra for the most part. At one point early on I saw a man sitting in a lotus position (was that you?). I definitely got the sense of a connection being made between us. The nausea continue for quite a while but in the mean time, my body kept readjusting itself - my head moved off to one side (later to the other and back), my hands came out from under the throw (later I could move them back in). I felt very heavy, as I have felt under hypnosis, the whole time. I moved into a fetal position at one point and again this was a time when I looked in the direction of the position and then opposite. Suddenly I felt like someone or something was pulling something out of me. My body (chest area mostly) started to rise up and I was actually shaking, my face constricted. Then it was like 'pop' and I fell back into the chair. I just lay there for a while longer but I felt such relief. I straightened out my legs like I was in control again. By 10:15 I knew the session was definitely over although I have a sense it was over earlier than that. I felt lighter and energized. Thank you for your guidance and help. Peg
Hi David, Thank you for the healing. According to my doctor I have polymyalgia rheumatica. I'm not so attached to this diagnosis but most days my body feels like I just ran a marathon on high heels. Yesterday was one of those days and that made it difficult to let go during the healing session. The head gets busy trying to get rid of the pain. What I did feel was an itchy feeling in my left knee(painful for weeks) and a feeling around the heart chakra in front and in the back,like blocks where being removed. Like the heart "jumping". I slept soundly and guess what...NO PAIN IN THE LOWER BACK...NO PAIN IN THE LEFT KNEE...NO PAIN IN THE RIGHT HIP...NO MARATHON. So again..thank you! I'm going to let this settle, I feel that things are in motion. Peggy
I felt a great tingling and surging of my energy and the blood in my veins. Became surrounded with a white cone of light giving up and out from my feet and down into the earth from my feet. This white had flecks of white in it. Then it changed to pink, with pink flecks (like dust) floating in it. Then it changed to yellow/gold with gold flecks in it. The upper cone surrounding my body began to swirl. The cone from my feet into the earth remained white...The gold cone remained swirling and a violet light came down into the top of my head. As it came down, the violet moved the gold down until the cone was now violet. I saw my arms come up from my sides extending the cone further out from me. The cone into the ground stayed white. I kept looking for green for some reason. I didn't see it until I looked for the flecks in the cone of light. This time they were green in the violet light....I saw a vehicle and it fell onto its side. I asked what that was about and was told it was the death of my lesser self and the higher self was on top of this vehicle....I feel very relaxed and grounded, ready for my next challenge. Penelope Randall

I felt my blood zipping through my body starting with my toes and out through my body. I felt my energy opened from my heart out beyond my body like a flower opening in time elapsed photography. I felt the veins of energy in the flower were being smoothed and charged. I felt like my energy was laid out like a grid and David's energy was going through each lay line of energy smoothing and burning through the little stuck obstructions that were encountered. I saw this fellow on top of a hill or mountain digging a path with a shovel. I asked what he was doing and he said 'digging a path to riches' I liked that. As we went through the process I felt lighter inside--a lightening both weight and 'light', until I felt possibly glowing and buoyant. Penelope Randall

My body was filled with light. At first, flashing lights like a light being turned on and off, then the light stayed on and on...it was like my body was hollow... it filled with light. At the end it became like a Roman candle with sparks shooting out of my head... they went into space and cascaded down around the earth, sort of wrapping around the earth in a healing cocoon. Penelope Randall
First I sensed a right rotating motion at the base of my spine, it continued for some time then it moved up through all the chakras. I also had some questions regarding my loneliness, and that was answered also. WOW!!
The healing continued for 1 hour, I have a clock that chimes and, the healing started at 11 and continued until 12.
Dear David~~ I have to say that I couldn't even tell if anything was happening during my session, but I am so much happier today - very strange! And I have had a 'little' problem with anger, and seem to feel none of it on this day after. Phoenix
I felt the energy flowing quickly and gently throughout my body and legs. I was aware of the energy surrounding my heart chakra filling my chest cavity and radiating down my left arm... I was aware when the energy travel to the sixth chakra and gently spread throughout my head.... I lightly felt my mouth and jaw vibrating when the energy travel to my mouth and throat chakra...Rachel
A profound deep energy came upon me - I went unconscious...felt I was getting worked on, things being lifted, removed (negativity, heaviness). Regina
I just wanted to let you know about the session today. I really can't remember much. I went into a deep sleep and felt very ice cold.That particular feeling (ice cold) is very very old energy that you have been holding inside for a very longtime, and are now processing or releasing outwardly into your conscious awareness and physical body. This is a good thing I felt some pains in the lower abdomen and lower back on the left side. Pains usually indicate the energy is working out kinks and blocks in your energy meridians I had lots of visions and thoughts...none of which I could make out. Thats' ok. When you have a release like this (one as deep and powerful) lots of old images come to the surface. Could be from past lives and associated traumas held in ones subconscious and energy fields. But that you saw them (even if you don't understand them) indicates a good release - these images often run our lives from the subconscious.. its always a better thing to have them up and processing out, than running unconscious in the background I felt very tired when the session was over, and had to remain seated for about 20 minutes. I still feel pretty tired. <Energy work can be just like a physical work out is to the body, except here, it is a work out of ones energy body, and one can be tired from both Thanks for your time David. I do appreciate it. Rita Ricioppo
I want to tell you my gratitude; I feel very full of Energy now.... Thank you! Robert (Canada)
David, Thanks for your newsletter. It's nice to see how different each persons healing experience is. Each one of mine has been completely different. The last one with the sensation that negative energies were being flushed through my body and out the bottom of my feet was really interesting. As for your price... I'm always happy to pay for services rendered. I look forward to the next healing. Love Robin
..I was wondering about the reading you had done on me. You said there was something with my right side. I just had to have my appendix taken out last night. My blood tests and CT came back OK, but the surgeon didn't believe it and took it out anyway. It was a good thing he did. Robin
Okay, I think that was very productive. I cried uncontrollably for about the first 10 minutes it seemed. I felt a lot of stuff lifting off of me shortly after I stopped crying. I saw my power animal several times, the Eagle and there seemed to be a lot of bargaining going on with my higher self and V's higher self. I did feel like love came tome from her and that I sent love out to her as well. I think there was a lot of work on letting her go so she can travel her path and if she comes back around, then we will see what happens next. One message I got was that deception has been at play and she provided an opportunity for me to take care of myself. I also spoke with my friend R's higher self and we discussed maintaining our friendship as we have been so close and that made me feel good. I felt compelled to go outside and lay on the ground to feel the energy of mother earth and ask for her abundance and to feel the air and grandfather sun...felt great. I was shown moments of joyful times to come perhaps. Towards the end, I felt I was taken to the void where answers live and I was shown some of the darker elements of myself that need to be brought into the light. Then I was told that God had already forgiven me and that I must now forgive myself and that made my chest hurt...and as I write this, the tears are welling up again. I think I have cried more the last 7 weeks than my entire life put together! It seems I am having great difficulty forgiving myself but I think this session has given me traction to do a better job of that. I saw that the financial picture will improve greatly, to be patient on all things, V, job, money...that things will get better soon. I felt as if my vibration level has been changed and I do feel much better, but my body is tired, and so is my mind. Thank you so very much for your attentiveness and compassion, I sincerely appreciate it! Peace! Ron Burrus

Hi David, Well, that was a very interesting shamanic journey...different from the first. I really got involved with the girlfriend stuff and it turns out I can't let it go and it also turns out, I'm not supposed to...or at least yet. I am in a place where every decision I make seems to be wrong and right at the same time now. It's like my need to project self respect and take care of myself, is countermanded by my need to help or protect this woman, who has no friends to talk to at all. Before, it was like every decision was the wrong one. Spirit said I made the correct choice on Saturday by dis-engaging but that we are not done and they tell me that it is Great Spirit's plan that we are to be together and showed me...but it will be my choice and that other options will be coming to me in addition to her coming back to me...so there seems to be so much ambiguity with it all and I reckon that is the way it is supposed to be. What's the old Zen saying, nothing lives in pure, clean water... you have to take the BS with the good and that's life. I have to learn to be comfortable with that and let my life unfold and flow without fear. I had a lot of stuff and energies lifted off of me towards the end and was given many burst of light and energy and it felt wonderful and I feel good now. I asked for help in my transformation... I am trying not to fight it but I know I give a lot of resistance. Also, I seemed to have gotten a complete separation from my friend / roommate on the higher self level and a civil reconciliation of understanding of each other, very cool. I feel lighter because of it. I asked for help with my incessant worrying about the future and trying to control what is not yet in form and I feel a lot of that energy was lifted for now... I have to work to keep from returning to that habit. I asked to have my vibration increased and I believe it was. Spirit also seemed to cut and pull off a leather case off my heart and sent it to the outer rim... that must sound strange but it was the visual that I had of it and I could breathe better and it felt warm and it was like a big burst of light shot from my chest out into the world and it looked like my heart was on fire, like smoldering like really hot charcoal or a furnace. Maybe that is acceptance of the transformation... accept the power of the fire as they say. On several occasions, I was shown fields of white buffalo, a great symbol of abundance and again, I saw my power animal, the eagle as well as my totems! I saw many animals and thanked them for their medicine... and I thank you again as well David... it was another great experience! this is feeling good and progress is being made. Peace! Ron Burrus
Hello again, Well,I don't know what is happening but I think my first report back was perhaps my superficial ego and not my higher self. it is very confusing right now. I am at a loss on how to operate and proceed right now, I have never experienced this much ambiguity about anything in my life. Is there any feedback you can offer? Your interpretations are always helpful. Thanks again. Ron Burrus
when you have let go of an old pattern, there is a period of readjustment - you are not the same person as you were before - you are a new man (so to speak) and see feel the world in a different way, with different motivations. it can give cause for confusion (who am i now ? what is this new feeling ?). just sit with it and accept
I mostly felt the energy in my hands, wrists and feet. Occasionally, it would travel, like a wave, across my back and knees. I believe this is because historically and currently I have injuries in these areas. Throughout the session my limbs felt very heavy, like I could not move my body. It was as if I had weights on my arms and legs. However, my head and neck felt light and unconstrained. Thanks. Rosa
A lot of different things took place. In the beginning a gentle wave of energy passed over me. It felt like my body was being scanned. Couldn't open my eyes nor move my body. very deep. A lot of work around my third eye and heart connection. Throughout the session felt as if certain organs were being massaged. Also a lot of energy on my left side, especially on my face. The third eye very heavy and a lot of heat transformation. In the beginning the body jolted a couple of times/ focused more on the right hand side. A couple of times I was told to be gentle with myself. After the 1/2 hour I felt a flow of cool energy running over my body. Feet felt very grounded and connected to Mother Earth/the core Then warmth fills my body and then chilled throughout. Heart chakra feels more open. In the beginning there was a very heavy amount of energy in the heart area. At the beginning, it felt as if a knife was being put through. Before the session about 20 to 25 minutes there was a large amount of tingling pressure at the back of my head and as well my third eye. And my place was filled with many people. After the session a very strong presence behind me- an angel with wings- blond hair- see the beauty within. Shine light to those in need.Soft words spoken as the angel dances. Very protected. Heart chakra energy moving in counterclockwise. releasing the old and merging with the new. The next day my body is still vibrating. That was what I felt at that time and I do know that more is to reveal itself in the weeks to come. And I am to be gentle with myself for the next couple of days. Just be. I do thank you and those that work with you.... The session for me was a powerful one and much is still unfolding. I am aware of it though what it is exactly does not concern me. There is no point at picking at something, analyze it ...it just makes you play head games. I am and unconditionally release what has to go. And yes I do know that I still have blocks to work on... we all do. And yes I do understand that universe all of us are connected on many levels and many parallels. Whether it is past present or future....which is changing ones focus to that time line. We meet many people from all walks of life...so that may be a catalyst or some other form of influence along the paths that we take. What is that path for us? I do know that I am here to hold the space...not fully understanding it... yet I trust that it will come clear. Cheers, Rose Buckley
Ok, I feel more in control at the moment. This is really good. I felt the fear the was in my gut leave, and also I am not sure if you were working on my solar plexus but felt some shift in there. I overall do feel a light feeling....I know it is a process, so I am ready to really just be able to move through all this fear and let it go. I definitely am choosing to continue to work with you....Talk to you soon and thanks already! Sincerely Roula
Hi David.... The sessions went good Tues... I felt the pulsing in my palms and feet. Thurs. felt sort of an inner warmth traveling through me. As for other changes in me, I feel more positive. I feel like I'm getting a good start on my spiritual path. I thank you, you've been a great help. Saliha

Hi David. The session went good. I felt pulsing in my forehead and hands..... I got that heavy body feeling at one point... I felt light vibrations. My arms and legs were tingling up and down. I felt my heart beat or a pulse in my solar plexus? I got the tiger balm sensation all around my head and ears. Towards the end I felt my whole body get lighter. thank you so much. Sincerely, Saliha
I keep finding more sections of your website, and each thing that I read has pertinence and direct answers to my search and questions. It is as if God has answered my prayers through this one website. So many questions are in my heart about how to move closer to God. The unspoken questions as well as the conscious ones have answers here and I feel I have a home base now to turn to. Thank you and God Bless you. Sandy

Dear Merlin, Thank you for the healing session. First of all, I've been somewhat depressed all week, but attributed it to the work being done. Tonight during the session, for a good 15 minutes I experienced extreme itchiness on my right foot, along the right outside edge and the toe next to small toe. Then that stopped and in its place, extreme yawning. And generally restlessness throughout the hour, I could not lie still.All of this I simply let happen as I figured it has to do with what you're doing. Then, at the very end, about the last 5 minutes, I felt a succinct feeling of well-being. It was a very definite feeling of elation. Thank you again. Sandy

Merlin, I definitely feel a change which is hard to put into words, but a little clearer, more focused, and a feeling that when I dowse (I use a little pendulum) I am getting a better connection to my inner guide/higher self. Thank you Merlin for being so caring. Sandy

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