Soul Destiny
The Divine Agenda
(God's Big Plan)

We are placed in situations for which we have not chosen and suffer things that are not of our own creating.
In other words....

"Why does 'God' allow 'bad' things to happen to 'good' people?"

-The following is one explanation-

Before incarnating into a body, our soul resided is a "transitional" dimension - a sort of pre-incarnation staging area called "Bardo". In this space we are presented with any number of options, plans or scripts to follow in our next life, what is otherwise called our "soul agenda".
It is here in spirit where we have the power to choose what happens in an incarnation, what karmic issues we work out, what lessons we learn, who would be our parents, where we would be born... in essence, all of our God, karmic and soul contracts. However, once incarnated, the veils of ignorance fall over our mind and we forget we made any such decisions. And so, while moving throughout our day to day lives without such knowledge we may feel powerless, compelled to follow through with a life -seemingly- not of our choosing. But aware of our soul choices or not, once we take the plunge into life we are on a one way cruise - we bought our ticket, gotten on the boat and cannot get off till the end of the ride.

Changing the Script
Our destiny is interwoven and shared with the destinies of many other beings, all dependent on others acting out their karmic roles and contracts to a “T”. Making any positive adjustments in our personal life script or soul agenda is in some cases possible, but is also no small or easy task. Any such change in us causes a chain reaction in the destiny of all those we are connected too. And if any of those beings are not willing to go along with our change, even if it is a change for the better, then the deal is off. For example, if you want to remove entities from out of your space and they don't want to leave, then it is no wonder they are fiercely resistant and will do all they can to stop change from happening (even going so far as trying to sabotage your healing). And because many of these other beings individually or collectively may have access to more power than the person trying to change, the work becomes even more difficult.

These entities and other forces and factors influencing our lives (including all our contracts) make it difficult to change our individual destiny, but it can be done. Such a thing requires us to connect to those beings of the spiritual hierarchy who oversee the welfare of our soul and the fulfillment of its agendas. These beings not only have the authority and power to make the necessary changes, they also have the wisdom to know what is right and appropriate for all involved. The Spiritual Hierarchy will not allow us to renege on the "essence" of our contractual obligations, but if the new change is an improvement on the old, they will support a change in the "structure" of our contracts (how they are to be played out in life) and they will assist in the fulfillment and or termination of these contracts. If we choose to positively up-grade or uplift our destiny, Spirit will go out of its way to move heaven and earth and make this come about, for when we uplift our destiny, we are helping uplift the destinies of all those whom we are connected to. Going above and beyond our soul agenda in this way, we encourage other souls to do the same, which accelerates the Divine Agenda for this planet.

What is God's Big Plan?
Working out our Salvation
The Spiritual Hierarchy has a Divine Agenda or Divine Plan for all souls on this planet. Depending on the individual soul, these plans could be vague or detailed. Your soul irrevocably agreed and bound itself - spiritually and energetically - to your part of this Divine Agenda-Plan before incarnating (these agreements being a part of your Karmic, Spirit or God Contracts). However, it is quite common for the soul - once it incarnates into a limited physical body and begins to experience first hand how difficult things are in it - to (try to) renege on its spiritual agreements. In that case, your Higher Self would look into other (less pleasant) avenues to encourage, cajole or even force you to fulfill the life script you have contractually agreed to (what the universe will hold you to - no ifs ands or buts). It doesn't have to be this way, but if pressed, Spirit can (and will) use its influence in life, apply its “screws” and do to you what needs to be done... all to help you fulfill the agreements your own soul chose. These agreements can be unpleasant and a most hard taskmaster... life savings are stolen, the family home burns down, an “accidental” injury, a mysterious illness, getting fired from a job, or even... to being abused, tortured, raped and so on. Of course, to the human self, all these incidences are unpleasant (to say the least), but to the soul, these traumas have been intentionally chosen, not as punishment, but as a way to develop certain qualities (such as compassion, understanding, faith, trust, unconditional love, and so on). In any case, if the soul resists and rebels against fulfilling their soul agreements and contracts, Spirit steps in and enacts whatever extra means necessary. To Spirit, it doesn’t matter how our soul agreements and contracts are discharged, just that they are. In most cases it's best to complete your soul agreements as they are.. but for those souls who want to take a more proactive approach and accelerate the journey, doing this healing work would greatly ease the process. What I offer is not free, nor is it without its difficulties, but it is a much more easy and relatively painless option.

We all have a soul agenda on how we are to work out our “salvation”. Your agenda may involve working with a healer or it may not. But no matter how your life unfolds, with ease and grace or pain and suffering, there is a higher wisdom in control.

Spirit will not remove our contracts till we learned their lessons
There are very good reasons why we have contracts. If Spirit (the Higher Power) cleared or removed them from us before we learned their lessons (or fulfilled their purposes), this would interfere with our soul's agenda and cause greater harm than good (you would draw this stuff back into yourself with a vengeance). This is why some people who are so called "cured" of an illness (after receiving certain "symptomatic" therapies) relapse later (with often more serious symptoms than before). Their being is trying to restore a condition that was removed before its time - before the lesson was learned.

Spirit takes us through the darkest of nights so we may learn how to walk in blind faith.

Lesson Plans
Having an easy, comfortable, pleasurable, prosperous safe life may not necessarily be the way our souls are meant to learn important spiritual lessons or fulfill our karmic contracts. Quite the contrary - fulfilling our lower self's wishes and desires for all these "human" things is often the last thing on Spirits docket. Actually, some of our greatest lessons come to us when we don’t get “our way” and don’t get what we want or desire. We may have to experience abandonment, abuse, betrayal, incarceration, illness, poverty, or some other traumatic event to complete some karmic re-balancing. And by God, the Higher Powers will not interfere (at least in the way you would think or want). They may even do everything they can to make these disasters happen all the faster and furious. Perhaps to accelerate your suffering (and even let you die) would be the greatest kindness Spirit could do you rather than allowing you to stuff your karma back down into the subconscious, hold it off at arms length, or prolong it in some mild or distorted form. Seeing the bigger picture, Spirit wants to set your soul free once and for all - not keep you bound in illusion, lifetime after lifetime.

To our limited and uninitiated human mind there are many unanswered questions that remain a mystery. Perhaps when we return to Spirit all will be revealed and we will come to know the “whys” of life. Fortunately, life is short enough so that the wait is not too intolerably long. In the meantime, there is work to be done.

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