To live without resistance is to live without fear.
Accept and embrace life, even its aches and pains...
and you will be at one with the flow, healthy, happy, in love and enlightened.

However, everyone has resistances.
To be in a human body means we have resistances...
and to survive in this world we keep them around.
Resistance is what maintains the illusion of me and you, yours and mine.
Resistance is the wall of "No" that keep life out
(and everyone has said "No" so many times it is now the default).
Resistance is the feelings of aloneness that keep us apart.
Resistances have accumulated within us for a very long while..
and not just for a few lives but since the beginning of time.

After all the times we have given power to our resistances, they have now become so deeply programmed and hard wired into every aspect of our being, that to remove them becomes very very difficult. And even if we wanted to let some of them go, and we mentally affirm “Resistance be gone”, it is not that easy... by this time they have become our masters and tell us what to do.

We cannot be free to follow our hearts
if fear is running our lives.

if we want to live with gusto - no holes bared no holding back...
to have a pure direct experience of life “as it is” and not as we think...
to be 100% aware open and responsive in every moment...
we need to release our fears, our no's, our illusions, our resistance.

Ego-Mind and Resistance
Resistances are what our ego-minds have chosen to “take on” as truth
as mental "interpretation" and emotional energetic "charge”
everything we add above and beyond what is real.

Accumulating all these interpretations and charges (whether “positive” or “negative”) is the typical response of the ego-mind when face to face with reality “as it is”. And if we accumulate enough of these interpretations and charges, our reaction to life become complicated.

The more and more resistances we have inside us, the more our resistances begin to “react” for us, but not only react, they begin to take on a life of their own and choose for us. And just like a computer program (or virus more like) our resistances may automatically run whether we want them to or not.

Resistances are those irritating sore spots in our psyche.
Just like a button - if someone pushes you react:
"You hurt my feelings"
"I don't like that"
"That's bad"
"You are wrong"
Someone can say the most innocent thing and "off" we go.
Or blame it on that extra pot of coffee, our terrible childhood, or some unpleasant news... they all press those hidden buttons. If we are not approaching life experiences as opportunities for self awareness and growth, we will be in resistance and receive them as threats.

So now these “resistance programs” have taken over and (to one degree or another) are altering and clouding our perceptions of reality and consequently cause us to operate from a restricted “less than” mentality of "poverty consciousness”.

And each time our ego mind fills us with yet another limited conception of reality, another filter is added on to another filter... till eventually, we perceive from behind “a glass darkly”. The consequence of having all these filters or walls of "protection" around us is that they potentially keep love life and happiness from reaching in and touching us.

What is locking these resistances into our being?
fear, mistrust, pain, attachment, anger, hurt, insecurity, misunderstanding... the list goes on.

One of the reasons for this web site is to help address these resistances as directly as possible through this medium.

Firstly in the form of my words
(which I grant has its limitations)

To address misunderstanding
I share with you my teachings about spirituality and healing.

To address fear and mistrust
I share with you who I am and what I am about
that you may come to know a little about me as a real person.

To address your anger, attachments, hurts and insecurities
I share with you this healing work and the Spirit behind it
(which I hope you will come to know the boundlessness of).

This is the best I have to offer
but it is nothing without your participation.

Processing through your resistances is often uncomfortable, but as they say "the truth shall set you free".
(or is it "The truth shall set you free, but not before really pissing you off" ?)


Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Rarely does healing occur on its own within the vacuum of our own space. Most times we must seek and petition a "Greater Power" that can intervene between us and our negative thoughts, disharmonious energies, and resistant feelings. This has traditionally been the role of the Guru, Guide, Priest or Healer.. someone whose own lower self and ego are more closely surrendered and aligned to their Higher Self and Universal Mind.

No matter who you attract as your spirit ally, you must bring the spirit of:
Humbleness - a willingness to receive and openness to be guided.
Trust - in whom your Self and Spirit Guides have directed you to.
Faith - in the outcome of the work and in the process.
Surrender - a sincere willingness to let go of your old attachments.
And let me be clear, this "surrender" is not to the human ego or personality of whomever you work with, but to the Higher Self for whom they represent.

I Asked God
I asked God to make handicapped children whole.
"Their spirit is whole - the body is only temporary".
I asked God to grant me patience.
"Patience is a byproduct of tribulations - it isn't granted, it is earned".
I asked God to give me happiness.
"I give you blessings. Happiness is up to you".
I asked God to spare me pain.
"Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me".
I asked God to make my spirit grow.
"I will prune you to make you grow".
I asked for all things that I might enjoy life.
"I will give you life so that you may enjoy all things".
I asked God to help me LOVE others as much as he loves me.
"Ahhhh, finally you have the idea".

Choices - Free Will

Healing is a choice.
You either chose to heal or you chose not to heal.

That’s what “free will” (and life) is all about – making choices. It you don’t want to get with "The Program”, that’s your prerogative. I am not here to force someone to do something if they do not want it. Besides, if a healing was forced upon you against your will, nothing (or very little) would happen.

Ultimately, it’s not your Higher Self’s lack of willingness to receive the healings that’s the big problem – it’s your human self and all your various "aspects" that must be engaged and exercised by constantly choosing to receive the healing work (read more about "aspects" here). You must demonstrate your willingness to your own Higher Self by saying “yes”. Paying for the work is how to set that intention in motion. It’s just that simple.

Considering all that your "ego will" contributed to creating your resistances, your ego will needs to be re-engage by creating its opposite "yes" (at least as much of it that you can rouse). In other words, to -neutralize- the strong energy of "no", an equally strong opposite energy of "yes" must be created. Your negative aspects are still resistant, yet you are using your positive aspects to counteract that resistance.

Our aspects are of many diverse minds and thus has many conflicting goals. This internal conflict greatly diffuses the power of our soul and slows or even blocks our ability to heal or do anything really. If we can harness and unite all these aspects and be 100% committed to and focused on any one goal, we shall have the power to move Heaven and Earth ! To achieve this power, we start by making positive choices at each and every step along the way, and through our persistence, all our reticent and resistant aspects eventually become aligned into one powerful being with an unstopable will.

We are the sum total of all our choices.

It is important that we are given the opportunity to choose - "yes" or "no". The more we chose one over the other, the more power that choice has over the direction of our lives and in creating the inner landscape of our soul. Such an exercise of will is also an important "Rite of Passage" into us becoming responsible individuals, responsible for our good choices as well as bad. Without such a test of will, we would remain stuck on the fence of life, in a sort of in-between “no mans land” or “limbo”, and like a rudderless boat in an ocean, we would be subject to the whims and wills of those currents around.

Ii's easy enough to tell what side of the fence you favor most: if you were more willing to be healed – if that was what you found of greater value than to remain stuck in your resistance (and thus be your resistance), you would do the healings. The main way I challenge you to make this choice (one over the other) and "go all in" is by pushing your "money buttons". For of all the things we are most willful and resistant about, money is the biggest. Being confronted with the choice to pay for your healings exercises your ego-will to either open up to the healing process or not. Again, this life is about making choices – you chose to follow the limitations of your ego-mind or you follow Spirit. If you want to live your life from a place of power, you can’t be wish-y wash-y in your decisions – its got to be one or the other. One of the biggest reasons why our Spirit Self brought us here in the first place is to be confronted with these choices on the most material levels. For most people incarnate in this day and age, money is the magic ingredient that tests the mettle of our convictions (it just works, so I use it).

Though it is a critical component, there is more to healing than simply putting down your money and setting up sessions. The next big obstacle is that we must be willing to continually subject ourselves - over and over - to the “spiritual fires” of the healing process, the energies of which (ultimately) lay the self bare and vulnerable. This can be very scary. Having trust and faith that you will be ok through such “discomfort” is not easy, especially since most people have a deep seated lack of trust in themselves, in others, in life and in Spirit. Most of our deepest issues revolve around this subject of “trust”. No one likes stepping out of their comfort zones and change, but in order to shift from lack of trust to trust, these fears and limitations must be challenged, This is safely and effectively achieved through this healing work.

Experiencing the discomforts and irritations of the healing process is not always easy, but it does get better after a time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel - if you stay on course and keep doing the work you will get there. I offer my support and encouragement to help you along your journey, but no one can force you to do this work but you.

Rings of Power

Every healing session you do helps you step that much closer into what I call your "Rings of Power". Each ring or layer exists on multiple dimensions, energies and vibrations, and holds not only many great gifts and abilities, but many old unresolved issues, some that have been lying in wait for eons. Going deeper and deeper into these rings, we are faced with many ancient and unanswered challenges and tests. Overcoming and healing them not only leads you into deeper core layers of your being (and the mysteries therein), but it also expands your energy field, strengthens your “spiritual energetic immune system”, frees your consciousness from limiting egocentric fixations, and allows you to become an empowered player in the greater multi-dimensional universe.

 The True Cost of Not Being In Your Power
We have learned early on that we must follow the pack and do as our elders and peers and those in authority tell us. We have learned early on that it is not safe to stand out and affirm our own inner truth or be in our power (maintain the status quo and don't rock the boat they say). However, by accepting these rules and regulations, there is a price to pay, and that is beauty, freedom, happiness, love and power... the divine birthright of our souls.

Living less than our full potential in order to get along...
is that living, or just merely surviving?
(No wonder so many people are clinically depressed and overly medicated).
However, there is another way:
Every time you choose to follow the guidance of your Higher Self (be it through receiving healing work or something else), you are aligning yourself that much more to your inner truth and move that much closer to completing another rung on the circle of your "Ring of Power".
These "Rings of Power" surround your being in progressively expanding circles, each one touching upon different energies and dimensions. As these layers are filled in with more of your spiritual light, love and power, it becomes that much harder for the outer forces to get into your space and manipulate or control you by threat or fear.

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