The following poems were written by me within one furiously prolific year (circa. early 90's). I am a VERY different person now, but many of these poems still have a special place in my heart.

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BY David Raphael Isaacson

Roving heart - restless passions seeking out
Millions of souls cross my life - yet you stand out
As a cruel tempting dream - A midnight fantasy.
Eyes meet - hands caress
Gentle flowing movements of bodies
Crying for More... More... ever More !
Deeper than a bottomless pit.
One bite of you is never enough

Inside my chest a hollow space
Indentation of your sweet embrace
Left lifetimes ago
Only you can fill... Only you can fill

I king warrior father healer priest
All victory meaningless without love
Meaningless without you

I saw upon yon lofty heavens
Looking down upon this earth
My old friend lover mother queen wife
And I a fool in love
Came down from paradise
To be with you

Now lost I below in this sea of earthly life
Where are you I cry?

Looking for You
For many lives I have looked for you
In every face
In ever place
In every dream
In every choice

Carried upon the winds of time
I’ve cast this flesh
upon storms of death
Transported to distant shores
Calling your name with every breath
My first to last

I’ve thrown myself to the edge and point of swords
deliriously believing they were your arms
as your love pierced my heart

I’ve slaved in ground
where drops of my sweat and blood
were prayers sewn to seed and sprout
feelings scattered in the wind
hoping upon hope, they land in your field

Sometimes glimpses of your beauty
are reflected in a passing glance or fleeting smile
seen only once in a rare while

Even now your fragrance teases me
as I walk in a garden amongst rosie flowers.
Grasping you in my hands
I am bitten by one of your thorns
You my jealous lover

 Touch Me
I’m tingling on fire
Sparks a flying - looking at you
Your voice is blowing into my branches
shaking all the leaves of my tree
Your graceful walk upon the earth
is quaking me to the core
 No picture can capture your fathomless look
No sculptor can match the beauty of your form
I feel like the man on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel
but its you reaching out to touch my hand
Touch me and I will be yours for all time

And I See You
Standing over there
Smiling out the window
Laughing to yourself
or someone else
A private joke perhaps
I see you standing
Over there
I’m in love
with this private joke of yours
that makes you smile

And then you glance at me
Taking my breath away
I cannot think
My heart beats
Like a dream in my chest
I cannot speak
Fear fills me
To love or to flee
The clock stops
And I’m still waiting
For you to smile
At me

The Warriors Last Hurrah
A warrior calls from ancient times of long ago
And far away
Song of sadness
Song of woe
Song of love
Lost long ago
Do you hear my lonely cry?
Oh my beloved

At last my words reach you
From this battlefield of old
Only now after these centuries have flown bye
It can be told

It is deceivingly peaceful here in this vale
Brief moments between agonies breathe I
The hills are rolling green over there
Flowers where many a man shall last lie
Flowers marks the irony
Beauty amongst the decay

From these last few days
the stench of sweat and rot remains
as incense wafts in air
Burnt offerings
(to the Gods above, or demons here)

Hear we now the last drum call of the day
as men swarm across the hills
One last foray
Battle cries arise from men
Like babes cry
for mom’s milk filled breasts
And they all yell
Swords and arms cutting the air
As the dying cry for release
(and the dead have no more fear)

A few say
Hear our pleas
Let this war end here
With our blood spilt as an offering
To appease the angry Gods
But most cry
Like a hungry child can’t stop
Suckling from a mother’s empty breast

And the rains of death
Falls over my garments
Red drops of dew
Upon my arms and chest
Mark weaker men’s attempt
To delay their fates
Alas I shall join them soon
As my body grow faint and weary
From this soiled work

The harvester soon shall pluck me up
For the Lords Feast
My blood in silver goblets
My heart on plate of gold (I do pray)

Even now I see the specters rising
Of lost friends and foes alike
As mist shimmering in cold morn light
The silver moon yon beacon guides
Their loosed souls home

An end we all partake
To be at the Lords Feast
Some in ancient bodies old
But Warriors yearn it with vigor intact
With fire in our loins
Till that last stroke

And the lucky ones..

Oh Merciful Lord
Do not torture me to be old
to be enfeebled and lonely
A burden to the living a shame told
Behind worn bones and weary minds
Fearing a thousand deaths
with every cold lonely night
Unscathed the dead are
but the living carry their heart sores
to fester for the rest of their days

Let’s get it over with
Just one well placed blow
Let this dirty toil now end for me

One final plea Dread Death
One final request Dear Lord
Before this bitter sweet end
Is not this cause worth but one last hour
In the comfort of beloved wife
Loved children at our side
One last hour of memories
Even the mere chimera
Of a short bitter sweet life
For when and what are we dying for
If not freedom for them all
Is this not a glorious cause worth an hour’s mercy?
Even the condemned to gallows end
Have this last of joys
I pray tell me
Before I last fling myself into deaths arms
Is there no more I can do
To finally appease this Dark God Death?

Here comes I Oh Lord
Willingly be led
your humble servant to the end
One last request I beseech of thee
before you take me to that final land
Send my spirit please to let them know
I shall not be home for summer

She Said I Was Good
As if all the women in all my lives
came to me in a living dream and said
"We really do love you"
Even the women who left me
Or ignored me for a fool
They were all there
"We love you"
They said as one into my ear
And it felt good

Inner Fires
Fanned by
x-rated images
Being with you
Bodies entwined
Moistures rubbing
Perfumes of desire
Waft through my body
A smile crosses my lips
Explosions of anticipation
Filling my belly
Better than wine
A sigh

 The Poet Lover
I've wrecked my brain for a few good words
To fill your soul
So push aside the radio sounds
The pictures on TV
Make room for me
A few humble words to fill your soul
I’ve broken my heart for some true feelings
to fill your chest
So push aside your old lovers
And make room for me
Before I fall apart and float away

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