Poems: Profound and Mundane
By David Isaacson

I Remember
And I was there
As blood dropped around his thorny hair
Lashes of hatred
And a cross of wood strapped upon his back
Crawling through the streets
This heart broken man
And a group of children laughing
And I saw him up on high
Us a crowd of beggars at his feet
Tears streamed down our cheeks
To see our beloved friend and teacher
Chest a heaving
And with his last breathe....
And still... after all these years
I remember
As he cast his glance upon us
For that last earthly chance
To look into the eyes of love

Who am I if
You take away the things I've done
If you take away my clothes, skin and bones
Who am I ?
Who am I if...
You take away my memories thoughts and feelings
When I finally go up in a puff of smoke
What’s left of me in your mind
I am my Son
When I smile and laugh at a silly joke
Jumping for joy when given a simple toy
I am my son
Stopping to gaze at a butterfly
Multicolored wings in the autumn haze
I am my son
When I look in the mirror and see his eyes
Smiling back with surprise
I am my son

My Ancestors
Their sacrificial blood spilt upon pure white snow
Bodies then cast into bakers ovens
Souls yeast rising into the heavens
On pyres of flesh their spirits soared
As strangers sifted the ashes of their bones
Cast to the winds to fertilize the earth
Living eternally now as flowers grown
White petals colored with drops of red

The Hero’s Journey
Devoid of laughter
No sounds of children’s little feet - Quiet evenings
Alone to sooth self doubts lonely defeats
No steady pay living day to day
Women come and go never to stay
Doing Gods deeds unrecognized by light of day
Living the odd life of a stranger
Fitting no molds like any other
Peoples visions of common sense
Wife family church and friends
Sports on TV a regular job new car
Who can I speak with? Who would listen?
Blank lined pages understand my position

I am pouring myself a glass of cool clear clean water
I turn on the tap and it flows out easy
And a child somewhere in a third world country
Is dipping a rusty bucket in a stream
Of dirty bacterial infested fluid
(Maybe gets dysentery and dies)

I am opening the refrigerator pulling out
Some fresh lovely vegetables I purchased
From the grocery store around the corner
And a farmer somewhere in a third world country
Is scratching the dry dirt with a hoe
(Maybe starves)

I am driving down the road in my car
To visit the dentist for my semi annual cleaning
And an old person somewhere in a third world country
Is limping by the side of a dirt road
(Maybe coughing up blood)

I am warm and snug in my bed
Automatic heater and color TV humming in the background
And a family somewhere in a third world country
Is huddled around a small sputtering fire
Under a lean too while outside it’s raining
Wild animals are prowling and howling
(Maybe while two legged creatures steal them blind)
Yes the good old days were so romantic
Aren’t we lucky now to be alive?
Yes I am thankful I don’t have to struggle to survive
Like some people somewhere in another time

The Walk
I took a walk in the mountains
By the falls, streams of water rushing by
Trees surrounding me
Rocks moss covered green and gray
Blue misty sky
Snow topped hills near by
Sun warming my face
And I thought
What would I be
If I lived like this every day
As the years past civil cares away
Who then would I be
Like an Indian rugged and worn
And the rivers would flow in my veins
The mountains would boom in my voice
The sky would look through my eyes
The trees would grow strong as my limbs
The rocks would be as firm as my hands
The snow would be reflected as the wisdom of my white hair
The sun would shine brightly as my love
And I yearn for those lost years of a time long ago
On another shore in another age
Then and only then was I truly happy with life

I Belong Here
I belong here on this earth
I’ve lived here and breathed here
A thousand births a thousand deaths
I helped plant seeds of dreams
When time began
I’ve walked the shores of Atlantis
Built temples now under seas
My blood and flesh is the mortar of pyramids
Stamped by Hebrew slaves
My bones lay entombed in the earth
Of which you walk upon even now
And my ashes are scattered to the wind
Take a deep breath of me
My ancient deeds were sung in hymns
In languages long forgotten
My life blood was shed in battles
Enriching the soil for ancient trees to grow
Born from many mothers wombs
From many fathers seeds
(Maybe from you)
Mothers died in birthing me
Fathers’ braved barren deserts and frozen tundra’s
To find food for my hungry mouth
I have been your fathers your mothers sisters and brothers
From out of my body I've born and been your ancestors unto this world
And I have played games as a child with every one of you and yours
In fields of green sand swept deserts
Forests of trees leaves brown and gold
Women young and old I have loved
Giving up my life to perish in their arms
And they've loved me the same
I’ve died a dozen deaths on rack or cross
To give you freedom to pray or think or speak any thought
I’ve prayed a thousand Korans Bibles Sutras and Gitas
And a billion mantras for the salvation of all souls
I’ve traveled to the very ends of the earth
A dozen times to seek for wisdom
To give you light for dark nights
I’ve traveled the 7 seas to bring you exotic spices
For your table, goods for your holds
I’ve built most every great temple of worship
And art to inspire civilizations cradled in valleys of old
That we may all aspire to higher goals (yes I am old)
My heart was laid upon Incan altars, after being
Captured in many raids upon many villages
Conversely I have set many free
Don’t tell me I don’t belong here
Every where and everything you see and think
I’ve had my hand in forming
There and there and there you can see me
I belong here
Because I am here more than you can ever know or think
So when will you realize
I have been with you from the beginning
And I will be with you till the very end
(The end of time and all history)
So let’s be friends if not lovers
For I guarantee you’ll see a lot more of me
In one life time or another

The Last Days
Sometimes I lay in my bed
Head propped upon a pillow
Gazing out the window
Billowing white clouds floating on by
Sun shinning through the dark
And so I wonder...
Angel of death
When will you come?
Lift me up from this earthly pillow
I’ll be white as the clouds
Light as the air
Bright as the sun
And I imagine...
A choir of angels
As I’m heading into that great ball of light
Beyond the sky
Singing songs of enchantment
Beckoning beckoning
“Follow us” they will say
Reverberating with all might
One big happy party that will be
Then the peace of silence
And knowing of the One

Thinking About Being Dead
Hovering above you family and friends
Elderly grand children playing in the fields
Sacred time never to be found relieved only in their minds
Between life and death a dream to youth
My lover humming a tune to herself only I can hear
And I want to have a smile on my face
And whisper sweet songs of love into their hearts
And rainbow rays of light into their souls
As I fade away... what’s next?
And then the sky opens up
As stars coalesce into one bright shimmering light
One last look below goodbye sweet hearts
Now, ancient friends and family come to greet me
Who have gone before me on that great highway in the sky

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Poems: Profound and Mundane  Poems-2  Poems-3
Poems: Profound and Mundane
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