By David Isaacson

Natural Love
I met her while walking in a lonely forest path
One mystic moon lit night.

Aromatic musky perfumes filled my senses
with the wind blowing gently through her hair
awakening ancient memories of lovers past.

Her voice whispered into my ears
upon that steady breeze
tickling my mind
With forbidden thoughts and deeper fears

“Come come to me.... only me... only me
I will never leave you... never deceive you
When you need me, I will be there
Only for you, all for you”

Her face glowed moon lit bright
Eyes the color of the skies.
Her rosy full lips spoke of loves secrets
Skin soft as moss glistening with the dew of dawn
And tall trim limbs hewn by changing seasons
trembling with her desires.

As valleys depths hold water
Her embrace held me secure and steady
And she softly said...

“When you tire you may rest your weary body
Upon my sweet soft breasts
And lay for eternity in my moist folds
And you shall have needs no more
But live in my memories as our children’s children
growing from your strong loins”
And I smiled with my longing lonely heart
waiting patiently for that time
when her sweet embrace never us to part
Till next we finally meet in that forest land
Mother Nature calls home

Safe Harbor
Safe harbor in a stormy sea
That is what you are to me

I washed upon a shipwrecked shore
Oh very far from home
You took me to your bed
And kept me warm
A long time ago
So far away from home

The winds were raging
The storms a blazing
My ship was torn apart
Upon these rocky shores
Cast adrift
Upon the sea of life
And you took me in
I made glad to be born

I am an old man now
You still my first mate
Sailing the seas together
You always my safe harbor
From stormy seas forever

Let Me Share
My pain
My joy
Two sides of one coin
Appreciate my totality
I am not always a bubbling well
Sometimes an unfathomable ocean
Go fish

Return to Me
The night is cold and lonely
My heart aches with unspent love
My soul yearning for your beauty
to have you with me

The snows of winter are upon me
Cold and dark chills to the bone
Where are you

Life has slowed down that I may see
from the center of this storm
I am anxiously awaiting
return to me

My heart aches for your comforting embrace
My soul yearns for your gentle touch
to breathe in thy physical form
Not just an ideal
to dangle in front of my face
return to me

Every Day
I think of you
Laying next to me
Hands and hearts reaching out
Beyond space
Beyond time.

I am dreaming of you
A familiar face
A presence in my mind
A faint voice in the crowd
Words in a letter
Visions in a dream
Of long ago.

And so I wait and hope
To awaken from this slumber
To awaken from this dream
My soul rediscovered
In your arms
A Thin Veil
Behind a thin veil of illusion
That thin layer of flesh
that separates us in two
The essence which we are
Yearningly calls out
Come let us dare
Leave our fleshy armor
Lay down these empty shells
To melt and swirl
That which was I
That which was you
Into one ball of ecstasy

Memories of Love
I look into your eyes and see memories
As ancient as suffering began
As ancient and worn as loves been torn
By death, by sword, by flighty passions lies

And I look into your eyes
And I see castle walls
Broken down by time and living

And you lay there defenseless naked
Just you with me.
And I lay here defenseless naked
Just me with you.

No barricades around our hearts around our souls.
And your defenselessness takes me off guard
And I want to take you into my arms
And shield you from life’s storms
And take you home
And love you till it hurts
Till my heart bursts

Where Are You?
I’m walking on the beach
With the cool breeze blowing against my cheek
The golden sun is just setting
And I see multicolored angels
Dancing across the heavens
Where are you?

I’m camping in the forest
A crystal clear creek tumbles across earth’s verdant breast
The trees reach up to touch the sky
And the birds are singing spring love tunes
Where are you?

I’m returning from a journey that’s been long and weary
The world has become an ugly place
noises of the city have hurt my ears
I wait for a sweet sound to sooth my mind
Where are you?

Dinner for one I say to me
Candle light and soft romantic music
tickles my head
There is always an extra helping of food
left on the table
where you should have been
Where are you?

The greatest movie is in the theater tonight
I bought a large popcorn and soda
Munching furiously I washed it down
Now I feel sick
Where are you?

I’m lying in bed as the winter cold descends
Sleep is elusive as old nightmares
and fears come back to dread
Where are you?

I woke up this weekend morning
Nothing to do
No one calling me to stay in bed
And I have an itch that I can’t reach
Where are you?

There is a place within my heart that yearns
That aches and moans and groans
And cries out

I see a million stars
When I look into the heavenly skies
Not one of them comes close
To describing the beauty I see
When I look into your eyes

Beyond Words
I know the hearts reluctance to speak
When the pain of too much loving clouds the mind
The most elegant words can never do justice
to your silent Beauty
Like a flower that blooms in spring
Then casts its petals as memories into the wind
Come blow your scent to me
That intoxicating wine

A Private Joke
And I see you
Standing over there
To yourself
(Or to me?)
A private joke
I see you standing
Over there
I’m in love
With this private joke of yours
That makes you smile at me
Taking my breath away
And I can’t think
My heart beats
Like a drum in my chest
And I can’t speak
Fear fills me
To love or to flee
The clock stops
And I disappear

No Words Can Touch
No medicine can resurrect a heart
Without you - it will not start

The sun can’t warm
Without you - there is no fire

Arousing music barely stirs
Without you - there are no feelings

Exiled in a darkened cave
Without you - I am blind

Young lovers walk arm in arm
I watching - warm my own hands

I alone to write these words
Would rather speak them - upon your lips

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