By David Isaacson

Thinking of You
Aching for your warm embrace
As the final touch of cold death
Falls in time - my last reward

These eyes grow weary
Can I see the vision of your loveliness?
Before I fade away

This heart grows weak
Can its love be fulfilled?
Before it stops to beat

Lovers gazing into each others eyes
Holding hands... passion to passion... fires entwined
Awakening in each others arms

Children laughing...and I dream
Heart torn from out my chest
Yearning for you

Making Love
Like kids in a candy store
Wide eyed
So many flavors - untried

Weary travelers in a desert
Drinking from a jug of water
The last drop - like gold

Like standing in front of a firing squad
Before death touches
Sweetest is that last breath

And each time we part
It’s like I die another death
Floating - lost in deep space

Like a mother giving birth
And the doctor cuts that cord
So many times - my life renewed in your arms
All in one breathe

How many times will I die
Before your love will not be found
To bring me back to life
Forgive me if I hesitate
Forgive me if I cringe (just a bit)
When next you hold me in your arms

I Want to Lie Naked
With you all moon lit night
And dance
Gyrate my pelvis
Like Elvis - oooah
Like a hound dog - owww
I want to make mad crazy noises
In the wee hours of the night
Like a coyote - aw aw awoooo
Or a Wolf man Jack – growwww
I want to feel the earth
And your naked body
Pressed up against mine
Magnetic forces of nature
Can’t pull us apart
I want to be worked upon like gravity
Pulled into your black hole

True Love
It’s like throwing oneself to wild ravenous dogs
(who is the animal now?)
It’s like stepping in front of a speeding Mack truck
(getting run over is the least of my worries)
And me without a chute Its like jumping out of an airplane
Ten thousand feet up
(HEY ! Where's My Safety Net?)
It’s like walking off a pier into freezing dark waters
(shark jaws snapping - open and shut)
It’s like lying down on a busy street corner in N.Y. City
(drivers zooming by - with only love of money in mind)

No one is forcing you to do these stupid things
You’re a free willing fool
No one else is too blame
And you had it so nice and easy
Sitting pretty happy, content with a beer in hand
Money in your pocket
All the free time to be had
Your can see any movie you want day or night
Go for a stroll in the park
Eat out everyday
Don’t have to shave your face
Wash your feet
Comb your hair
(not even change your underwear)
Don’t have to take "NO" for an answer
Or be told where to go
What to do
Don’t have to dress real nice
Walk in fancy tights or flashy shoes
(sneakers are just fine)
Don’t have to be late for every movie
Pay for 2 meals
Don’t have to deal with anyones moods
But my own
(And I can see them coming)
True love....
I will take that any day

In a Blink of an Eye
I am next to you
Loving you
With my eyes
With my hands
With my heart
With all my other parts

As time goes by
I still yearn for you
Another glance from your eyes
Another touch of your hand
Another soft caress of your heart
Loving me with all your parts
As we have done
A thousand years before
To part and meet
You with another face
In another time in another place
Your Beauty is So Bright
And I a fluttering moth around your light
I am afraid to gaze upon your beauty
To get burned to lose my life
Take pity on my poor soul and take me home
But please...
Turn out the lights

Diving into Deep Waters
My body
Into your cavernous mystery
Have I ever felt this way before?
And moan
And groan
And cry out
Again and again
I want more of you
To feel the presence
Of your love in my life
And dwell in this place
Within my heart

In Her Arms
I enter your cave
Deep and dark
It surrounds me as a veil
A gentle mantle of your gentle loving
Is this real this love?
I seem to remember this place so long ago
Have I found my way back
Back into your loving embrace
My precious
Love of my life
It seems so strange now
So new
To love you
And you
To love me

After the Loving
I cannot but help appreciate beauty
In all its names and forms
But deeper still are needs to fill
Of a friend to share the solitude
Of a sunset or an ocean shore
There is no end to loves restlessness my friend
You touch my body my love
My soul cries for more
The feel of flesh is skin deep
Love is to the core
And friendship is the matter in between
That unites the two forever more

New Love
It’s like newly pressed wine
One can’t drink it all up before its time
Only savor it
A sip... a sip at a time
Till it becomes old and ripe
And the last drop is worth the wait
Then death can come
But not before
Please not before
I’ll wait

You Standing There With Your Lips On Fire
Whoever and wherever you are
Kiss me
My passions fire has been watered down
By the absence of my hearts desire
Left unfulfilled in a dark drawer
Where I keep my underwear
(and other secret treasures)
And all the love poems I've ever written
for you
are hidden there

Kiss me
Before my lips are wilty and dry
Like an old flower after a winters frost
Before the fire in my loins peters out

Kiss me
Before I'm too tired for loves games
To tired to care
Before I just lay down
To dream and die
Before I melt into the eternal stew
That ancient source
Beyond time, beyond human loving touch
So whoever and wherever you are
You standing there with your lips on fire
Kiss me
While I am still alive

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