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David Raphael Isaacson

Greetings. My name is David Raphael Isaacson
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In order to support your spiritual growth and healing, I present to you here 2 basic offerings categorized as: Information and Preparation.

The first (and free) offering is the massive amount of metaphysical information considered the "Revealed Teachings" of my MYSTERY SCHOOL. Here we will try to fill in the gaps of your "mental understanding" about Spirituality and Healing.

ENTER-Merlin's Magical Mystery School

The next and most important offering is the healing work itself as Sourced and Transmitted from the Cosmic Consciousness that is channeling through and holding the "container" of my HEALING TEMPLE. This healing work will help prepare your body, mind and spirit to open up and reveal your personal "Hidden Teachings". Considered the "meat and potatoes" of spiritual knowledge, these "Hidden Teachings" are not to be found in any book or taught in any class room but are located within the "Inner Temple" of your very own being. The "Revealed Teachings" are mere shadows, meaningless without a direct experience of these deeper "Inner Truths".

Healing Temple

Experiences that Inspire - Potentials and Possibilities for All

The End of Suffering ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
A Beautiful Prayer of Compassion, Hope and Love for All Creation

I look forward to building and deepening a spiritual relationship with you, that we may weave together the light of our combined humanity. I pray that through this work your sufferings shall be diminished and your joys magnified.
Peace and Blessings
Love and Light
David Raphael Isaacson

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