Sexual Awakening Healing

All Life IS Energy
All that exists within the universe is composed of energy: electro-magnetic energy, thermal-chemical energy, potential-gravitational energy, solar-photonic energy, subatomic-nuclear energy, psychic-mental energy, vibrational-sound energy....

We live in an ocean of energy: we breathe energy, smell energy, taste energy, see energy, touch energy and think energy. Whether we are aware of it or not, energy in one form or another permeates every one and every thing. This energy is processed and incorporated within our beings at every moment of our lives. The law of physics states that “energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transmuted from one form to another”. This transformation or shift of energy from one state to another is called “Alchemy”. Working or interacting with any of these forms of energy -within- the body mind is called "Tantra".

 The Interaction between All Energy is Sexual
The opportunities afforded us in this incarnation to viscerally experience life as energy are quite remarkable. Through the senses of our body, our consciousness can experience the very dualistic nature of existence... swinging from one energetic extreme to another, in constant motion and change, in contrast and conflict, pleasure and pain, triumph and failure, ecstasy and despair, love and fear, creation and dissolution, life and death....

Through all these diverse experiences...
our spiritual awakening is accelerated.

Our Comfort Zone
In each one of us there is a part that is insecure amongst the shifting tides of life, afraid of any sort of change. This part strives for constancy, normality, security, stability, a known identity. This part wants to have everything all figured out, where we must have control of all that is happening instead of allowing the mystery to unfold. This part holds on for dear life to past experiences and memories which keeps us from being fully present in the Now. This part plots and plans our life out to the smallest detail, locking us into a set way of being, shutting us down so we can only function inside a container or "box" of limited thinking and feeling. This is our psychic "comfort zone"... and we invest most all our power in maintaining these self imposed illusions (no matter if it holds us back from our greatest potential). And if there is any deviation meeting its expectations (due to outer force or circumstance), we are resistant and judgmental, disappointed and angry, blaming life, other people or God.

Our psyches tend to hold judgment of life as it is or isn't, what it should or should not be, that one experience is superior or more desirable than another. We pursue the "pleasant" experiences and feelings while avoiding the "negative"... even if the so called "negative" experiences and feelings may hold more life energy and growth.

Attachment is Suffering
According to Buddhist teachings, any and all “attachment”... be it to people, places, things, events, experiences, expectations, thoughts, feelings, false hopes or preconceived ideas... is the primary cause of suffering. Any attachment locks us into a ridged energy pattern that makes us resistant to positive growth, preventing us from flowing with life "as it is" in the ever present ever changing NOW.

Life is Change
"Peace" found in "No Change" is "Death"
The evolutionary "game of life" (on this dimension) is based on duality, where the balance points constantly shift from one polarity to another (and all points in between). As soon as one has established any state of neutrality (an equilibrium or stability in any one position), a new factor is introduced and we are forced to start all over again (this is true for everyone here with no exception). This change insures that all life is continually tested (pushed stretched and pulled) to evolve, adapt and grow (otherwise life gets dull and boring). Depending on our attitude, this can be fun (or frustrating), but life remains what it is - a juggling act: on the one hand we are ever trying to find and reside in the mysterious and illusive balance points... on the other life keeps dropping new "balls" into our hands.

"Change" is the only constant thing in this universe. We either accept, flow and surrender to change... or we will be in a constant state of frustration, pain and disappointment. And if we ever reach a pinnacle of feeling "We Have Arrived"... the energy dynamics inherent in life will always shift and this feeling will leave. This is probably why drugs have such a strong appeal – who wants "feeling good" to end? (and we all love the illusion of “Happily Ever After”). Of course, death is the ultimate release, bringing us out of this "juggling act" (this "game of life")... but what challenge is that? (None). If life maintained a constant state of equilibrium, there would be no dynamism, no excitement, no growth. Knowing of our psychic attachment to our "comfort zone", our Higher Soul Self and God (who is ever working behind the scenes) "conspires" with our Spirit helpers to do everything possible to shift us out of our complacency and stagnation, encouraging us back onto our spiritual evolutionary path.

Thus enter...

Tantric Healing

The Dualistic Elements of Existence
Male and Female
Shiva and Shakti
Heaven and Earth
Yin and Yang
Expansive and Contractive
Hot and Cold
Matter and Anti-Matter
Light and Dark
Positive and Negative
Internal and External

Tantric Healing applies dualistic elements that catalyzes an energetic reaction that not only breaks up old holding patterns (stagnations), but frees ones energy and consciousness from external fixations and attachments, allowing it to drop into a more balanced energy called
Zero Point.

Awakening the Kundalini
In Tantric healing, if you are presenting an extreme of one polarity, the opposite element may be applied. Eventually, the pendulum swings of your energy will be less and less pronounced as you shift into a more balanced position (this Zero Point) and move deeper within. As your outward directed energy drops down into the center, it may eventually enter the psychic channel of the "Kundalini" and begin to awaken its latent powers. As this energy rises through your channels and chakras, you may experience feelings of Bliss, Love, Light and Peace.

However, attachment to any such experiences - be they amazing psychic powers or spiritual energetic phenomenon of any kind - will be an impediment on ones path. None of this is the final destination, but simply one more stage on the journey.

The Spiritual Path is like riding a hot air balloon
in order to ascend to the highest heights
we must eventually let go of everything.

White & Red Tantra
Depending upon where a person currently resides on the scale of "extremes", one may conclude there are two different paths towards reaching a balance point.

On one hand we have the "White Tantric Path"... which works with the cooling, light, cosmic, expansive energies and vibrations (found in the higher multi-dimensional chakras, Soul Aspects and God Self). For someone whose awareness is fixated on the physical and mental realities (the lower levels and densities) this polarity is used. This sort of purifying energy work can be difficult to feel at first as it is extremely subtle and light, but none the less it is very important. Spirit usually begins most healing work here, not only because this end of the spectrum is generally safer, but it prepares one to more easily open up to receive energy work on the lower chakras and lower selves.

On the other hand we have the "Red Tantric Path"... which works with the fiery, creative, concentrated sexual energies and vibrations (found in the lower chakras and lower selves). Depending upon ones particular history, these levels of ones being can often hold much violent, traumatic and destructive energy patterns and memories. If awakened and activated before adequate preparation (i.e. purification as done in the White Tantric work) there can be an exaggerated, violent and detrimental reaction. This is the "Healing Crisis" in extreme - caused by overly activating these latent neurological and psychological imbalances, unresolved issues and energies. To a certain extent, a healing crisis cannot be avoided during the normal course of any sort of healing work, but it can be minimized by laying the proper foundations - namely, by preparing and purifying the body mind and soul in a precise order (or sequence) of unfoldment... one that is not forced (according to how the ego-mind thinks and wills), but one that flows (according to the agenda, direction and timing of the Higher Self).

Because this healing work originates from Source, your experience of it may seem similar to other processes and paths you may have done in the past. But no matter how you categorize it, your healing will be uniquely tailored to you and your needs. I am simply offering here a general description of what might occur (in session) in the context of "Tantra" (as I understand it) but there are really no hard and fast rules - Spirit unfolds our path the way it wills... often not making any sense to us at all.

(to those who want to do it themselves)
There are always a few people who (after having read a few books and taken a few classes) get the notion that forcibly stimulating themselves on these lower chakras (through drugs or certain intense spiritual yogic practices) is the way to go. Unfortunately, this often creates more problems: like a Pandora's box, they have let loose such powerful energies that cannot then be so easily controlled, balanced and integrated... all of which may further cause physical and psychic burn out, mental and emotional imbalance, insanity, disease or premature death. Additionally, by opening up in these forceful ways, they make themselves vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled by the lower entities that exist on such levels. Undoing such damage inflicted upon the energy field and psyche is possible.. but it will take much healing work.

Tantric Relationships
This healing work makes it possible to experience the true intimacy ("in-to-me-see") of a sacred spiritual relationship (or at the least, it can be used as preparation for one). This work helps open the channels of communication, allowing you to connect with another clearly and without distortion. As your energy, consciousness and vibrations accelerate and shift into a higher gear, relationships begin to take on a whole new meaning and purpose.

As you do this work, you begin to let go of the old and open to the possibility of attracting new friends (and lovers) who better resonate with where you are now at. A new way of living, relating and being will manifest, and you will be able to more fully and deeply experience the uninhibited and unadulterated sharing of love with another. This is the promise for the coming spiritual millennia - the Tantric Relationship.

Overcoming Addiction
Tantra is about becoming "One" with Source, be it the Universe, Love or God. Its principles may be applied to help work through (confront or overcome) all that we have a negative charge on (as in negative karma). Tantra is also an important tool to help those who are trying to overcome an attachment or "addiction". One key to releasing or getting over something (or someone) is to become so totally at one with that object that there ceases to be any separation between it and you - like an arm, it is just there and we don't need to think or obsess about it anymore. But as long as one sees or feels a separation, such a thing has a power over you.

Deep down, we all desire to return to Oneness and Unity. Any outer thing (substance) or person we feel attached (or addicted) too is just symbolic of that inner yearning.

Let's use cigarettes as an example. When you feel compelled to smoke, instead, hold it in your hand, reverently, sacredly. Meditate on its energy and consciousness... this is your lover - that which you desire and want to be with. In your mind, become the cigarette... feel its power, its essence, its vibration, its spirit moving into and merging with you. Without judgment, be aware of all the thoughts, memories and feelings that come up, pleasant, or not. Look upon them all with gentleness and grace... then bless and let them go. Do this practice more and more until, with the power of your mind, you can transform this energy back into pure spirit without ever taking a puff. To be successful using this method one must have a serious, committed, willful intention and desire and not give up. This method is not a trick or play on the mind – it is a serious tool of transformation. If you use it, it should work for you. In addition, the healing sessions can be of support.

You can take any object... it may be a "negative" issue you want to work on... or a “positive” thing such as a loving relationship, clients, money... anything you want to draw into your life. Imagine you are holding whatever this is between your open palms. Close your eyes and try to feel its energy, but if not feeling, intend that the power, the essence, the vibration of that thing is in your energy field, communicating with your Higher Self. Something will come back from Spirit and send you a message or gift – watch and feel for it. Once you do this enough times, your mind will see and feel less and less a difference between you and the outer world. This technique may help your mind come closer to the realization that there is no separation - the inner "landscape of your Soul" and outer universe is One!

The Inner Pharmacy
We have been created with the most powerful chemistry lab within our very own bodies
(inside of which is the true location of "Ambrosia" - the "Nectar of the Gods"). Feed these bodies certain natural substances and this chemistry lab starts producing - in the proper doses - the drugs we need to maintain good health. However, once we imbibe these drugs (from an external source), our bodies often cease production... and taken to an extreme, lead to outer dependency and addiction. Drugs are just one substance that can be abused (there are many more).

The lower powers that have been in control on this planet (on one dimension or another) know all about our weaknesses... and wanting to stay in "business", "they" do everything to distract us from our inner selves and make us as dependent and addicted as possible. To that end, they try to manipulate our mind into believing in an authority outside ourselves so we can be more easily controlled as they see fit... and thus make more and more money (by selling us their drugs, politics, religion, wars, or whatever else they are peddling). This racket has been going on for thousands of years... but only now are many of us waking up and becoming aware of the deception, manipulation, control. Yes, there really is a conspiracy, but when you work with the Higher Power there is no contest - in the end we win (so don't worry).

Global Consciousness

We live in a very dense, materially oriented world where everyone around us is living in self imposed, contracted, constricted boxes of consciousness and energy so extreme that our own consciousness and energy is boxed in by everyone else's boxes!!! The best place to start breaking out of these boxes is where we have the most influence - within our selves.

If we met with no energetic resistance anywhere within or around on any level, our consciousness and energy would expand to fill the farthest reaches of the universe. For example, if you have ever been on vacation to a remote part of the planet (especially alone) away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world, you may have felt your consciousness and energy field expand... and you may have felt more light, free and happy. I feel degrees of this every time I leave the energy field of Southern California and cross the border into Arizona. The material mind set in California can at times be a bit oppressive... but one doesn't realize until removed from its sphere of influence. No wonder many astronauts traveling in outer space report awakening to an expanded, enlightened, global consciousness. Not all of us alive are so lucky to be able to get that far away.. but when we finally leave this life we will have plenty of time to experience what that's like.

However, no matter how far away we remove ourselves, the dark, heavy, worrisome consciousness of the world has an insidious tendency to intrude upon the fringes of our awareness, itching its way into our blissful oblivion. This cannot be avoided. It does not matter how rich, beautiful, intelligent, even enlightened we are... nor does it matter whatever distractions or addictions we use to escape - as long as the sorrows of the world continue to exist, they will influence our consciousness. A part of us knows this, which makes it hard to totally let go and relax. Death is no escape either - even incorporeal spirits are (somewhat) influenced by the suffering experienced on this earth plane. Once we leave our bodies, we become more sensitive and aware of the conditions on earth, and we may ask "What can we do to alleviate this suffering, mass forgetfulness and confusion?"

The Bodhisattva - The Path of Compassion
There comes a time on a souls’ life path where the sense of self awakens and expands to such a degree... where ones heart become so open and sensitive... that one begins to acutely feel and know the pain and suffering in this world. Seeing and feeling the inter-connections and inter-dependencies we all have with each other and all of life, the conclusion arises that the only way to be free is to help others be free. It is at this major turning point when the soul realizes that personal salvation is not enough. And for this soul, trying to lighten the planetary heart of its pain and suffering becomes a major reason for being. However, the awakened soul must be very clear... to be most effective at serving this higher calling, one must first be healed and whole. If you carry the smallest amount of your own stuff, be it pain and suffering, ulterior motive, personal agenda or attachment... Spirit is going to be limited in its ability to work through your channels. Spirit will of course still come through, but not to the degree, level or power possible.

The primary task of the aspiring teacher, healer or "Bodhisattva" - no matter how lofty their goal - is to be as free and clear as possible (otherwise it is something akin to "the blind leading the blind"). Spiritual Liberation starts by working on the self, which then radiates outward (not the other way around). The more love and light we have in and for ourselves... the more we can give to others. So to all those sensitive souls who feel for the world and its suffering and want to go out and be teachers or healers... by receiving as much healing work as you can, you are empowering yourself to be a better channel for Spirit to work through. "Charity begins at home" is the saying, so let’s start healing you first... then we can move out and heal the world.

For many Bodhisattva's (including Star Seeded Souls) their initial purpose to incarnate was to be personal and planetary teachers and healers. Unfortunately, after many lifetimes living in density and illusion, such souls tended to accumulate so much negative “stuff” that they lost sight of their original purpose. In order for these souls to return on point and take up their work, their first responsibility is to be cleared and healed so that the higher power may flow from out of a pure channel.

The more Grace you receive, the more it can be bestowed upon others so that they too may have a greater sense of love, freedom, awareness and compassion. Thus is awakened the "Bodhisattva" - one who lives upon the earth plane to be a channel for Spirit. All else becomes trivial compared to this grand task - no other activity truly engages the heart and soul quite like it. As a channel of the Higher Self, your very presence brings Grace and Light to all. It may come through the little and quiet things you do, but it is the spirit and energy behind it that makes the difference. You become another strong link in the chain of enlightened human consciousness. As you expand further into this role, your spirit will grow larger and more powerful. You will become a reborn, renewed and refreshed being, every day new opportunities to serve and love.

We are the vehicles for spirit to work through. Realizing this, the Bodhisattva's primary responsibility is concerned with removing or clearing the energetic and vibrational resistances held within their self, for they know, in order to heal and change the world we must first be healed and whole. Having cleared our channels enough, the merits of our inner work can then spread outwards, healing and uplifting the world and its people. If you have done any work with me in the past, you may have noticed that as your energy becomes clearer and the light of your consciousness expands, people in your immediate environment are affected. The impact of this realization is MASSIVE ! It means that to the extent you do the work, YOU hold the potential to powerfully effect positive change in the world.

I cannot give you the answer. That said...
I can invite you to partake in the mysteries. Contradictions, questions, uncertainty...
faith, trust, perseverance, sacrifice, hard work...
what more does the spiritual warrior need?

If you want to participate in this grand work
the invitation is presented - the choice is yours.

I look forward to your inquiries

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