The Journey Home - A Return To Innocence

Losing - Seeking - Finding
From beginning to end, our life is a Journey

 Every great journey starts out with a loss. In the case of the soul, separation from the light and love of God (chronicled in the Old Testament as the "Exile from Eden"). Initiated by a cascading chain of events, souls were compelled (or chose?) to leave a spiritual paradise, only to be rudely thrust into the constraints of a human body.

The trauma, guilt and shame around this exile was (apparently) so powerful as to cause such tremendous contraction of energy and darkness of consciousness, that its effects (passing from one generation to the next) still reside in the collective memory to this day. This cataclysmic event continues to affect our body, mind, thoughts, energies, emotions (and DNA), outwardly manifesting as all sorts of illness and disease.

Healing work takes this contraction and darkness and allows us to experience our energy and consciousness in its original state as expansion and light. We must still come to terms with the causes and reasons for the initial separation... but now that our consciousness is thus freed of these blinders, there is nothing preventing us from seeing the truth beyond the illusion - that our Spiritual Home has always been here, and we were never alone or separate from each other or Source.
The Quest - The Journey Home
Where ever we came from and for what reasons we ever left (be it the Garden of Eden or some other place), we may find ourselves plunged into this state of illusion, separate from each other, lost, confused, in pain. And we may ask:
Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?
These questions initiate the beginning of our "Quest".
And if we are not too distracted by the glitz and glamor of this world, or our egos constant demand for attention, or our body to be fed, or the struggle to simply get through another day alive, or our mad dash to accumulate and possess, or if we do not overstimulate our senses with activity or mind numbing substances... the questions remain... troubling us in those moments of quiet, or in our dreams, shaking us awake with distant memories or feelings of another happier place and time...
If we stay true to course and do not stray off our quest, we continue to seek answers that illuminate and guide.
  This is the Quest for the Holy Grail - The Return to Innocence.
In the end, that's what all this teaching and healing is about.

Seek and you shall find. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and the door shall open.

The Questioning Process
When ever you ask a question (ie "quest"), the strength of your desire energizes the pathways of your nervous system, leading to a door or "portal" to another dimension, behind which is the Light of Spirit, waiting to Grace you with an answer. And as long as you hold that question, the mind stays open, active, alert, engaged, waiting... listening for a response. Without engaging in this active process, the mind simply takes what is physically sensed at face value, and thinks "what is seen is what is true and real", and shuts the door to any other possibility. But our senses can deceive...

Looking Deeper
The philosophers of ancient Greece realized that our 5 senses - that which we see, smell, touch, taste, hear - can greatly deceive our perception of reality. Understanding that there was something deeper and more, thus was born the “questioning process”, introduced into the consciousness of western civilization as the “scientific method”. This systematic process allowed us to look into and beyond our minds limited sense perceptions and assumptions of reality. This had a massive impact simply by changing how we looked at and thought of the world - to be seen and known for what it was - an illusion! And knowing that the world was an illusion - that what is seen is NOT real... opened the door to an entirely new 6th sense ...INTUITION... the ability to go within and access a hidden reality or truth... and thus was also born The Mystery Schools !
So it's ok to have questions - its how ALL great inventions and discoveries are brought about. If you are questioning, you are on “the search” for the "deeper" and the “more” of life. It means you realize you don’t have all the answers and that realization keeps the doors of the mind open to and receive radical new possibilities.

“A mind is like a parachute – it only works when open”

Be Self Incredulous
We say that the truth is within, but until you have gotten to a clear enough place in yourself to access that truth (especially when you first come onto the path) it would be wise to be a little self incredulous - to question ones' own beliefs and intuitions about everything.  Otherwise, if you think you know it all, that's all you will be open to knowing - you will not be teachable, end of story. (In other words, there will be no more room in your mental hard drive for any downloads or upgrades).

Be willing to admit the possibility that you might not be totally clear or have the whole truth (at least in some areas). If you ask anyone a question on any topic, you will get any number of answers in return. Everyone has their own view of reality and truth... and who’s to say their perspective is any more right or wrong than yours. We all have different backgrounds that have lead us to our current truths. If you look at what you believed 10 years ago to now, and if you could move forward in time and see what you then believe, you will see how our truth changes as our experiences in life change. So as a test of your perceptions and as a challenge to how open you are (or how attached or stuck you are to your own perspective) I suggest you find someone who can hold up their mirror of truth back. Of course, they too have their own beliefs and perspectives, issues and ego that may get in the way. This doesn't mean you must take their advice or words as gospel truth, only that you will consider a different viewpoint. Being open to (or at least consider) other viewpoints shakes up and out any contractions and density rooted in ones consciousness. From testing myself in this way over many years (with other psychics, spiritualists and healers) I have learned to distinguish between the different levels of consciousness (and truth) I am accessing.

When you are able to question the reality of that which you thought and felt and believed true - then there is the possibility for something greater and new to come in. This is what we are trying to do in this healing work - to expand your limitations and open up new possibilities. It can be imperceptible at times, especially when the most subtle energies are working on you, but it is happening.

Because the act of questioning is still a function of the limited mind, it does have its limits. The mind itself can only get us so far on the path, and then we must use some other resource to help us go the rest of the way. And thus enter these very nebulous ideas of “Healing”, “Spirituality” and the biggest of them all...“God”

If its anything I am about here on this site and in my work, it's to get you to e-x-p-a-n-d the boundaries of your limited sense perceptions and mind... allowing the spirit that exists above and beyond to come and visit you through these open doors... and in the wildest stretch of imagination you start to trust... you are safe and all is right.

Our Essential Self is like water
that comes from the Ocean (God).
Our ego-mind is like a box or jar
that encloses our Essential Self.
If we can open the box
unscrew the cap
open the lid, or even
shed the container altogether
Essence merges into the Ocean
and the Ocean merges into us.
We become All that the Ocean is
and the Ocean becomes All of us.
To do this while in the body
is the goal of All spiritual work.

In other words, what we are attempting to attain here in all our spiritual healing work is to reconnect and be at one with the “Ocean” - this “limitless” “boundless” free state of being. To get there, we must be liberated from our congested limited ways of thinking feeling and perceiving – commonly known as our “Boxes”.

Sure, we are also all about healing the physical illnesses, the mental aberrations and the emotional dysfunctions... but if you think about it, all these things are symptoms of living in and functioning from out of these “boxes” (and we all do have many). Granted, you may have grown to be quite familiar (even comfortable) within these boxes... having lived within them all of your life (if not lifetimes). But they are all limitations just the same. So if you want to stay in your “box” or “comfort zone”, you might not like nor want what I offer here. This is your prerogative. However, if you want to go to your edge and beyond, this is what I and Spirit can do with you – shift and change and shake and streeeeeeetch your “stuff” out - to get you thinking and feeling and seeing reality in a whole new expanded way.

The Question Leads the Consciousness
(so ask the right questions)
Everyone is on a journey seeking answers to various questions... and each answer leads down a different life path. Your particular question may be of a spiritual matter, or about your relationships, or about your purpose and work, or it could be about anything... No matter what your personal question, the process is the same - you are seeking asking desiring - knocking on the door beyond... waiting... listening for a response... and then taking action.
The sacred energetic container the healing sessions offer, help support this inner process, allowing you to more easily and readily get the answers your Spirit or Higher Self has for you. But no matter what answers come, you are always free to act (or not), knowing full well that any answer you heed, will take you down its path (so ask and act wisely my friend).

There are times when the mind cannot let go of certain people, thoughts, memories or emotions (ie. anything that so impressed and or traumatized the body mind). And the mind knocks and knocks to seek answers on doors that are closed... and no matter how intense the desire and how many times asked, again and again, no answer comes. I think there are some answers our Spirit feels or knows we are just not yet mature or ready to hear. Spirit knows that certain questions and their answers lead to distorted circular arguments, information that destroys, blind alleys, madness and despair. And though we may want to know any and all things, Spirit wants to protect us from the suffering these answers bring. And in order to protect and discourage (to re-route our thinking), Spirit shuts those doors hard and fast, hoping we may look for and be open to the seeking that another question brings. So when petitioning Spirits help, it is wise to know the right question in order to get the right (beneficial) answer. This is where the Guide comes in - they know the terrain of the path, and thus knows when and what to ask.

The human mind can become so habituated (stuck or obsessed) with certain substances, people, thoughts, memories or emotions... believing that these things hold the answers to the questions they seek ! People intuitively feel and know this is not quite right, but without knowing any other solution, try to treat themselves through self medication, sensual overload, or some other distraction/addiction. As an alternative, I humbly propose that in addition to receiving healing sessions (includes psychic surgery/etheric rewiring), psychologically re-framing the questions, or perhaps hypnosis may help. And as a last resort (though I have never tried), there is Ayahuasca and or Iboga (I have heard good things).

The heart is partly composed of brain cells
As one of the first organs created in utero, our heart then is our first mind, and as such is closest to our Inner Child.

The Heart
We have been speaking of the mind as if it is the only way, but it is just a part of the truth. Deeper still is the heart - our primal mind - a space we simply feel. This heart path is all about dropping in to your feelings. pure and simple. Just go there now...how does it feel?
Go deeper....
Place your awareness inside and let all thoughts that come up go.
Just feel.
At first you might only be aware of the heart beating.. maybe a tenseness or an achiness...
Go deeper.....
You may use your breath as a way to focus and be present if you find yourself wander.
up down...in out.
This is your core. Be here no matter what.
This too is an answer. Pure. Simple. Just like the Inner Child.

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