Spiritual Healing Services
David Raphael Isaacson

-  Please Note -
The following "List" of Services is Not a menu to choose from.
Rather, this is a list of possible areas or "themes" that my spirit may sense you need healing in. For the sake of providing your mind with a general context of the work, and/or to confirm what you already know, any one (or more) of the following may or may not be mentioned.

On the other hand, I may receive no other explanation than to simply suggest you "just start the healing work". If Spirit provides only the barest of details (or nothing at all) it is usually to sidestep an overactive or imbalanced ego-mind... an ego-mind that typically tries to misinterpret, control, or manipulate the information and subsequently, limit the healings effectiveness.

Much conceptual information on spirituality is as "candy" for the mind to temporarily assuage its ever all consuming curiosity. But when spirit bestows information, its explicit purpose is to help us take that first step up to the door ("portal") of transformation. However, the actual act of stepping into and though that door (and experience something new) does not require information, but faith and trust to let go of everything we think we know.

Spirit wants us to go into a session with an open mind devoid of any preconceived ideas or built up expectations of what is going to happen (or not happen). "Blind faith" (an advanced stage on the spiritual path) is a critical rite of initiation requiring the seeker to let go of attachments of the mind (to "know"), close off ones bodily senses and go within. In other words, "Blind Faith" is the shifting of ones attention off the physical outer reality and dive into the unfathomable mystery of the inner self.

During the healing work itself, Spirit will always do what is in your highest and best good. Most times we do not need to consciously know what is being done or what is happening, but if Spirit deems it important for you to know, I trust that information will be inwardly conveyed to you in the session.

"Not my will but Thy Will be done"
Many clients ask me to do a particular healing on them from off this list. In some instances we can accommodate these requests, but most often than not, a specific sequence of events must first happen in ones unfolding process to prepare the "ground of your soul" for you to be able to safely receive and in full measure, what you are asking for. For example, if you are desirous of activating your kundalini energy without first developing an energy containment field that has absolute integrity, then the kundalini will run rampant, and instead of being a blessing, it will destroy.

Healing is a Balancing Act
Everything is energetically interconnected to everything else - to receive healing in one area, it is often necessary to work on another area first. Essentially, this is about balance. For example, if one chakra is more developed than another, there will be an imbalance, which will lead to an overall instability in the energy field and psyche. Spirit knows how to maintain and restore this balance better than our limited minds do, and will insure that you receive healing in the precise sequence you need. If you can "let go" of your ego minds attempts to control this process, you will have learned a major lesson on the spiritual path - "Surrender".

This list (and this website), is my meager attempt to articulate and conceptualize some very complicated ideas, many of which are way beyond the human minds ability to understand. Words are very effective when describing something that is definitive and tangible (of a physical reality), but when dealing with energy and consciousness (which has no clear borders), there will always be a lot of gray areas and "fuzzy" lines. On the level of energy and consciousness, everything is connected to or interwoven with everything else, which makes it very hard to distinguish one thing (or being) from another. This can be very disorienting to a rational mind that has been trained to neatly compartmentalize, organize and list all things and experiences... but reality is never what our minds interpret it to be. I offer this list to you as a way of communicating these ideas from one limited mind to another... but understand that these words are not the "Ultimate Truth", just a facsimile or mental construct of it (and when it comes to matters of spirit, the best our minds can do is approximate). This list is far from being complete (by my estimates, there are millions of different things that can be done in any one session). This list simply outlines just a few of the main topics that can be most easily qualified and described.

Words are Not the thing - only a symbolic representation of it

Our limited mind tries to take something that is immaterial (energy and consciousness) and shape it into a symbolic form, such as a word (which hopefully mean the same thing to me as it does to you). However, when we use words to describe something that is truly beyond words, there will always be some misunderstanding. To some extent this is expected. As long as we do not get hung up on the words or concepts and just stay focused on the experience of the healings, everything will be ok.

Spiritual Healing Services
David Raphael Isaacson

Soul Retrieval

Spirit journeys into the infinity of the space time continuum, into the hidden, dark, shadowy nether regions of the "Underworld", into the timeless and remote dimensions of the "Dream Time"... collecting and returning lost, split off, discarded, abandoned, neglected, forgotten bits and pieces of your Soul, including your light, wisdom, knowledge and power. Etheric DNA strand restoration and rewiring naturally occurs as the soul is integrated back into the matrix of the whole, body and being.

Trans-Dimensional Soul Healing
Works on healing multiple light and dark (shadow) "soul selves"...those personal aspects (including "inner child") existing on higher and lower dimensional realities. Also assists to clear and connect you with the spiritual consciousness and light of your soul family and spirit guides.

Matrix Healing
All energy flows, patterns and bodily structures follow an energetic etheric blueprint or "Matrix". This healing work restores the original integrity of these blueprints, creating a positive realignment to ripple down and throughout the whole.

Vibrational Healing
Just as we sometimes are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, so too can we be deficient in (or have inactivated) specific vibrations which ideally make up a part of our vibrational body. This healing work involves the transmission of those vibrations, resonating, stimulating and catalyzing healing to occur on many levels.

Crystal Light Healing
Everyone is gifted with any number of "crystalline light bodies" that overlap and interconnect to the various bodies and or aspects that exist on the higher and lower dimensions. These crystalline light bodies help ease the flow and integration of information and energy between all these various bodies, in essence, acting as a conduit for all communications and transformations to occur. In addition, there may be any number of "crystalline implants" which - scattered throughout ones chakras - assist in the focusing of energies and awareness. For those who are having difficulties integrating and transforming the various energies and levels of consciousness, this healing work helps by clearing, harmonizing and balancing these light bodies and implants.

Ascension Services
Releases the attachments and blocks on the lower densities and energies, allowing for the freeing up and ascension of the various aspects that make up our consciousness.

In the multi dimensional universe there exists "doorways" "portals" or "gates" that when opened and entered, lead to new gifts, knowledge, energies, abilities, consciousness, spirit guides and allies. In order to expand into these new opportunities, thereby embodying our greatest potential, our energy and consciousness must first be purified and the integrity ("container") of our multi-dimensional bodies restored and strengthened. Then and only then, when we can hold the next level magnitude of upgrades, will these doors be opened and we can enter. And though we may wish it so, we cannot "initiate" ourselves into these "doorways". As a fail safe (to protect us from our impetuous selves), someone besides us typically holds these "keys". When we are truly good and ready, this being (usually the healer or teacher) opens these door.

Where "Initiations" involve opening the multi-dimensional "outer doors" that <--expand--> our being into the vastness of the universe, "Activations" involve opening the "inner doors" that free up space >within< our self. Activations not only open "doors" but they also turn us ON. So what was lying dormant (such as any latent DNA) is lite up and runs.
These previously hidden, shut down and locked off inner spaces can be filled with lifetimes of hard earned gifts and abilities... or like a Pandoras box, they can also hold old unresolved issues, karma and negative energies. Thus, any activation may potentially bring to the surface more stuff to clear. This may initially seem to be a bad thing, but if we wish to move forward on our path and become whole, the good and bad comes as a package deal. This is the nature of dualistic reality - we cannot choose to just get the good without the bad. In other words, we cannot bask in the full light of the self without first clearing, healing and transforming what dwells in the shadows.

This work takes us back to childhood and beyond (to other lifetimes) when you held a heart felt dream or goal - something that filled you with great motivation, hope, joy, passion and purpose. For some reason - perhaps due to some personal failure or unforeseen event (an untimely death for ex.) you were prevented from completing your life or soul "mission". And for all the unfulfilled dreams and missions that we have ever entertained, there are places within that are asleep, dormant, or even dead (and buried). These states of being may periodically come as feelings of shock or numbness. In the extreme, those who have lost one too many of their dreams, their souls are barely present for their human selves in this world. On hold, these humans go through the motions, simply surviving, trying to stimulate the body-mind with one sensate experience after another. Bereft of a guiding dream that would give some hope, joy, direction, passion and motivation through life's hard times, these are the living dead. Most everyone (to some extent or another) has left some great dream lying in their past waiting to be awakened and redeemed. This work helps to do just that.

Exorcisms and Psychic Surgery
Clearing and removal of astral entities, curses, hexes, spells, foreign energies, implants and cords.

Ancestral Healing
All beings who are a part of your "Over Soul" family, including any unresolved issues or karma you may share, follow you from one life to another. Considering you now find yourself incarnate, guess who will be processing the majority of your shared karma? That would be... you. However, through this shared spiritual, energetic, soul connection, it is possible to do a special healing or clearing through you to them. Without this work, these spirits may wander aimlessly, trapped in a lower dimensional reality, bound to the endless cycles of reincarnation (along with you when you join them).

Cellular Memory Release
Hidden deep within the cells of the physical body are lifetimes of negative discordant emotions, thoughts and experiences, all of which weaken the magnetic-energetic field of our body and it's immune system. Through spiritual energetic means, these life negating influences are brought up to the surface and processed out of the energy field (as emotions), the conscious mind (as thoughts and memories) and the sub-conscious mind (as dreams).

Core Clearing
There is a central conduit that runs up and down the "core" of our being. Through this channel, energy is transformed, moving through the spine-Kundalini and rooting into the earth. This channel or "core" is like a water hose: some clear, wide and straight, others blocked, narrow and distorted. This healing clears, opens and aligns this subtle and powerful energy channel - from the very top all the way to the very bottom - allowing these energies to easily flow through, filling and nourishing all your chakras, psyche and body.

Chakra Clearing
If the core is the "trunk" of ones being... the chakras are the "branches" that emerge out at differing levels - each having a different vibration, energy, emotion, function, color, sound, smell, feel and taste. These chakras spiral and radiate in and out from all parts of the body (seen and felt as the aura). These branches are the way we (normally) interact with the world and all who occupy it... receiving and transmitting energies, impressions and messages - back and forth. Over time, it is likely that discordant foreign stuff may accumulate in the chakras, blocking them from functioning at peak proficiency. This healing clears this stuff out of the chakra on its various layers, even those that penetrate deep into the core.

We all have come into this life with a great many spiritual and energetic agreements or "contracts". This healing helps resolve and clear those contracts that are not serving your highest good.

Transmission of Downloads
Truth and or energy packed message are sent directly from Source/Spirit/God/Creator... and "downloaded" to your Higher Self. These energies, vibrations, directives, upgrades or messages filters down through the various layers of your energy field and dimensional bodies (aspects), to eventually be picked up by the subconscious and conscious mind. Your Prayers go UP this same conduit. There is a vertical channel of communication that travels up and down between your human and Higher Self. Any energetic blocks, ego-mind resistances, soul fracturing, karmic issues... lodged within that channel will tend to distort or block whatever messages or prayers you wish to direct to Source. If you want your prayers to be clearly heard and responded to, it is critically important you get the healing work to clear this channel of communication.

Needle-less Acupuncture
Stimulates, opens, moves and balances the energy points and lines of force within and around the body. Help the higher energies and consciousness become even more deeply grounded into the physical body.

Animal Clearings
We all have inner "power animals" or "totem spirits" that work with us to bridge the gap between our instinctual and spiritual selves. We also have outer "animal helpers" (our domesticated pets) who by extension, take on these same roles by empathically picking up our negative energies and issues. Any of these same totem animal helpers can turn against us when we have abused their powers or antagonized their spirits.This healing purifies this energetic, spiritual connection with your "best friends" - your inner and outer animal helpers.

Feng Shui/Geomancy
Spiritual purification and energetic re-balancing (i.e. terrestrial Acupuncture) of homes and work places. Clears disturbed "external" vortexes of negativity.

Vortex Healing
Clears or removes any inharmonious vortexes of multi-dimensional energies that may exist "within" a human being.

Intuitive Astro-Cartography
If called for by Spirit, this would be an intuitive query into finding a geographic location (to relocate or visit) that would maximize ones opportunities for Love, Career, Karmic Clearing, Energy, Health, Prosperity, etc. This is not a healing modality, just a reading of sorts... something to be taken "with a grain of salt" (i.e. use your own best judgment).

Life Paths-Purposes
Unraveling like a ball of strings... the experience of ones life "Path" follows along a series of "cords" or "lines" that emerge from your past... run into and through your body... and proceed off into your "potential" futures. (There are some parallels between "Life Lines" and the "Tree of Life" of the "Kabala"). Functionally speaking, these "energy lines" could be interpreted by you as your "Life Purposes" (and most people have many purposes or "Life Lines" they are working on completing). Because these cords consist of energy and consciousness (and are multi-dimensional) they can be connected to anything and/or being as they proceed along their designated path. On a negative note, many of these "Beings" (esp. of the "non-friendly variety") connected to you via these cords, may bleed through these cords and either: force the soul to perform like "a puppet on a string", depresses the soul like an anchored line weighs down a balloon, or bind up the cords within the soul like a knot, making one feel stuck on its path (like a record with a scratch, going over and over the same partial tune). On a positive note, the acceleration (or unraveling) through some of these connections may also lead into avenues of growth and learning, inevitably leading to the fulfillment of your life purposes. In any case, Spirit is able to focus the healing to either release you of these negative cords, or accelerate and process you through them.

Intuitive Career Counseling
Found under the category of "Life Purpose", "Life Path" or "Life Line"... this is where I am allowed to use my intuitive senses and inquire what actual direction (in regards to a career) one could take. This is not a healing modality but a reading of sorts... again, something to be taken "with a grain of salt".

Labyrinth "Inner Weave" Healing
Everyone is following along any number of "lines" or "pathways" of energy and consciousness going off into many directions in time and space (walking a physical labyrinth is an attempt to work with this). Many of these "lines" intimately entwine and enmesh "within" ones own and others energy fields, further interfering with the smooth functioning and integrity of ones being. When this occurs, a particular work is required - what may be called "Labyrinth" or "Inner Weave" Healing. This work follows these internal convolutions and energetically unravels them from the core and source.
This "inner weave" is a record - a sort of inner multi-dimensional map - of all the journeys throughout time space a soul has ever traveled. It also holds the key to many of the unresolved relationships one has ever had (and still is in), as the energies of all these relationships are mutually enmeshed into the passageways of past-present-future. When one can travel into time space through these "wormholes" to the original source of their creation, one discovers a repository or collective of lost soul parts, often interchanged with other souls. This work helps call back and reclaim your soul parts given to others, and releases the soul parts you hold of them in you. It is these shared soul parts that not only bind us to each other in a sort of sick co-dependency, but the energy of the push and pull between these parts also tends to constantly break the integrity of our personal energy field (it's that feeling when our heart is "broken"). When these soul parts are finally exchanged, then our weave (and personal energy field) establishes a greater integrity and stability.

Shamanic Journeys
An energetic container or "space ship" is created around you that may propel you on an inner "shamanic journey". You may travel into realms near or far, high or low, within the now, the distant past or far off into the future. You may reunite with lovers, family or friends who are living, or dead. You may meet spirit helpers who are saints, sages, masters, Goddesses or Gods. You may trek though passageway that lead into Middle Earth, journey through worm holes that travel to other planets, teleport through star gates that transport you to other galaxies or traverse the vast multi-dimensional universe... the possibilities are endless.

Spirit Referrals
There are many instances where the unique energies and consciousness of some particular Angel, Animal Totem, Fairy, Goddess, Master, Spirit Guide, Guardian, Teacher, or even Soul Mate... may be needed but lacking within your space. My Higher Self is very well connected into the Spirit world and call forth and can set up these relationships with you. In addition to summoning these beings into your presence, my Spirit can do what healing work is needed in order so that you may be more consciously connected and open to them. And if I cannot help you in some areas, I will redirect your spirit to someone else who can. I do not do everything, and I am not all things to all people (but I know I can be of assistance to most).

Mystery Tours
The "Mystery Tour" is when I get to take this "act" on the road. If you are interested in sponsoring my work, please contact me. I also can lead your group on a physical-energetic-spiritual tour of sacred sites, but this (I feel) is secondary to receiving the healing work directly. Then again, if you are going on one of these tours with another person or group, the healings I can do with you before hand will make you much more receptive to the energies and consciousness of these sites, enabling you to have a much more powerful experience.

Healing Parties
Perhaps you have been doing a few remote sessions of the healing work with me, and after telling your friends or family of your various experiences and the benefits you have derived, they have indicated an interest in having a session. You are more than welcome to share with them my email and web site address so they may make contact with me (don't forget to mention that my consultations are free). If you wish to receive the healings together with your friends and/or family, we can do this work in a remote group session or "Healing Party". In order to work on those you have invited, I must have everyone's permission to work on them, a list of everyone present, and receive payment for the # of segments of healing work they want to receive. You may pay for someone else's treatments if you wish. If requested, everyone may receive from me a free consultation/energy diagnostic reading at any time.

If you are interested in working with me in person, I may be found in the greater Los Angeles, California area. I will also entertain the possibility of traveling to where you are located and doing these individual and group sessions (the "healing party") anywhere in the world, that is if lodging and traveling expenses are met ahead of time.

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