Chakra and Aura

The word "Chakra" in the Sanskrit language literally means "wheel". The human body has seven major such energetic wheels or centers, felt and seen as spinning pulsing vortices of energy and light. The pulse of these chakras typically follows the breath, radiating out and drawing in. If the Kundalini is the core or vertical trunk of our energy system, the chakras are its horizontal branches, connecting in to and out at various levels and dimensions. The chakras also act as transformers to step up or down the higher and lower energies and frequencies so they may flow measured and in balance.

The souls light as it radiates out through each of our chakras and the multi-dimensional layers/veils of density surrounding and permeating our energy field is called the "aura". The colors and intensity of the aura basically correspond to the souls innate vibration (high or low), and typically includes crystalized thoughts and feelings (i.e. karma), astral entities or higher spirits, and many other numerous things. Those who are sensitive to perceiving this aura are called "clairvoyant", but for those who do not have this psychic ability a Kirlian Camera can instead be used. Here is one such example of a Kirlian aura photograph (taken of myself many years ago).

example of a Kirlian aura photograph

Auras and Density
The phenomena of the aura has been well known for ages. The most classic examples are of Jesus and his disciples depicted with white or golden halos around their heads! Such bright, light, pastel colors in the aura show up in souls who are open, clear and connected to the highest subtle etheric realms of spirit.
Souls who are connected to the emotional "astral" dimensional realms would show an aura that has vivid florescent colors.
Souls who are connected and grounded to the physical density of the earth hold lower vibrations in their energy field, and show condensed or darker colors in their aura. NOTE: A soul who is so grounded into the physical dimension and has dark colors in their aura is different than a soul whose aura is partly or completely BLACK. Black in parts of the aura indicate areas of ones energy field and consciousness that are blocked off or disconnected from the Divine Source. The light of the soul is unable to shine in these areas and we become unaware or unconscious of these areas, othewise known as our "Shadow". In these dark abandoned spaces of our shadow, there is no one home or awake to watch and stand guard, which leaves these spaces wide open for negative entities and dark forces to bleed through and possess spaces in ones energy field. Fortunately there is always some degree of light and life that shines forth in everyone (except for those few souls whose aura is totally and completely black, i.e. who are completely possessed). But because we are unaware of what we don't know, how can we really know what hides deep within the darkness of our own shadow. Even a tiny bit of darkness can be dangerous, to ourselves and those around us. This is why an active commitment to our personal healing and clearing is of the utmost importance, especially we are on a spiritual path, most especially if we are a healer or therapist, or a parent for that matter !

Experiencing the Chakras

As the healing energies are working in various chakra centers, you are likely to experience a lot of old repressed memories, sensations and feelings... all part of your "Process". These experiences are signposts indicating areas the work is affecting, and the stages of your unfoldment. Do not get attached to any one feeling or sensation - as they are part of the phenomenal reality, they will all shift and change from moment to moment. Remember - you are not your process - underneath it all, you are perfection. The purpose of the healing work is to release all that prevents your human self from fully realizing this. Depending on the chakras being stimulated, the signs and symptoms of this releasing or "processing" vary.

When this chakra is stimulated and opens up, you may feel like your head is being operated on - like someone is sticking needles or rods in your skull (or pulling them out). You might have migraines headaches - signs that energy blocks are being worked on. When stuck energies are released, you may have tingling sensations and or heat in your body (especially in your spine, head, hands and feet). There may be shooting sensations of electricity running through your spinal cord, and bursts and explosions of inner lights. Intuitions may come easily without having to think - you just know what's "True".

When this chakra - also known as the "3rd Eye" - is stimulated and opens up, you may have a tingling electrical sensation on your brow (or just sense a pressure). You may see colors, shadows, images, sparkling lights, auras, or spirits (and ghosts). Past life scenarios may play out within your inner vision, and your dreams may become vivid and seem quite real.

When this chakra is stimulated and opens up, you may feel like speaking copiously and quickly, or singing spontaneously and energetically. You may hear inner sounds, songs, voices or noise. Your telepathy opens up and you can sense people's hidden thoughts and intentions. Words and sounds start to have more power and meaning, and you can feel the vibrations of people just by their words.

When this chakra is stimulated and opens up, you may feel it flutter or ache - this indicates that your heart is going through "growing pains", expanding in its capacity to love. When sadness is being released, you may cry or weep profusely over the slightest things, or for no reason at all. The heart is a very sensitive center - it feels everything very deeply. You may have periods where you love everyone.. and everything is beautiful and lovely.

When this chakra is stimulated and opens up, fears may be released in the form of body shakes, or as a loosening of the bowels (diarrhea). When anger is being released, you may feel like yelling and screaming, and all of a sudden feel nauseous and throw up. You may project a more powerful presence you did not have before, as your words are imbued with authority and intensity.

When this chakra is stimulated and opens up, you may have all sorts of sexual thoughts and feelings. Over many lifetimes, you have had many intimate relationships with many souls. If there are any suppressed and unfulfilled sexual energies and attachments with any of them, this will make itself known, or will be processed astrally in your dreams (which helps conveniently avoid the awkwardness of societal constraints). When the energies (and karmas) of these connections are complete, these relationships may shift into a more unconditional form of love, or they will totally release and fall away.

When this chakra is stimulated and opens up, you may feel warmth or intense heat in different parts of your body, especially at the base of your spine. Your body may feel very heavy and grounded into the earth, and you may start to gain weight. Your feet may become very sensitive, and you may feel spiraling (vortex) energies going up and down. Your physical connection to nature, the planet, growing and nurturing things (and people) becomes very important.

Signs and Symptoms

The higher consciousness and its associated vibrations and energies, accelerate the release of any stuckness or stagnation in ones lower being and energy field. Depending on the souls agenda and the degree and amount of resistance, this releasing process can be intense or gentle.

Distortions in Space and Time
Your material 3-D awareness may shift into and out of various dimensions and you may experience feelings of spatial temporal bodily disorientation - not knowing "where" or "when" you are (in space and time). This is a temporary phenomenon that lasts until you have adjusted, integrated and grounded these new higher energies vibrations and frequencies.

Aches and Pains
Aches and pains help us be aware of our energy flows, or rather, where they are not flowing (this is one way our body gives us feedback on what is going on "in there"). As the higher consciousness, vibrations and energies move into those places in your body-mind where you are holding old stuck stagnant energies (otherwise known as "blocks") it may feel like an ache or pain, this includes headaches and flue like symptoms. These symptoms indicate that the physical body is attempting to release that which is out of harmony and does not fit - the negativity and toxins that have been held inside. these symptoms are perfectly normal and indication that the bodies spiritual energetic immune system is working. Continue the healing work - when the blocks have been completely released, the aches and pains will go away.

The "dream time" is where many issues (accumulated over many lifetimes) are processed through the subconscious mind. Dreams may be vivid, violent, sexual, perverse, bizarre, non-sensical, nightmarish, otherworldly, even alien (if it can be imagined, it can be dreamed). Your mind can only use what metaphors, symbols and images have been programmed into its "computer banks". These "images" may not exactly follow past or present life events, but they are the best approximation of how your mind interprets them. It's not so important for the conscious ego mind to try and make sense of the details and story line of these events, as much as it is the processing of the energies behind them that is key.

Sleeping is one of the ways our conscious ego-mind copes with being energetically or emotionally overwhelmed. Similarly, the higher consciousness. vibrations and energies experienced in a healing will stir up deep unresolved issues, the processing of which may make you feel fatigued and lethargic. During this time, your conscious ego mind - that part of you that wants to analyze and rationalize - is put on hold (put to sleep) which helps to process on deeper levels of your soul. When your subconscious mind reaches a saturation point and can take no more (or when your ego-mind again takes hold), you shift back into bodily consciousness and wake up.

 Exaggerated Sensitivity
Healing of any kind takes up a tremendous amount of physical and psychic energy to process. If you are subject to any additional stimulation, this may add more fuel to that fire. If so, you may experience such an exaggerated sensitivity to your surroundings that you may become intolerant to and easily overwhelmed by external stimulations of any kind, be it odd random noises, music, traffic sounds, the TV, people talking, bright or multi colored lights, a smell, strong foods, jarring movements, a touch, or even textures. When you are feeling "fed up", take a break - do something or go somewhere that helps you process your stuff in peace: exercise at the gym, go for a walk in the park, take a leisurely drive out in the country, or stay in your room and sleep. Whatever works for you, do it.

 Relationship to Food
As the higher consciousness, vibrations and energies come in to your cellular biological emotional systems, issues connected to your diet may appear, including cellular memories of feasts and famines. You may fixate on emotionally charged "comfort foods", go through periods of mood swings with unusual cravings, or have a complete loss of appetite. Your body is trying to adjust and balance - don't fight, don't judge - processing the higher energies require a lot of nutritional support. The changes that healing brings can be hard on your body emotions and mind so be gentle with your self. If you are experiencing weight gains, this most likely indicates you are still holding on to something (be it energetic, emotional, vibrational or mental). Keep doing the healing work - this will assist your releasing process. Continue to exercise, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.

 Dazed and Confused
You may go through phases when you feel spaced out, your speech may be muddled or confused, and you may have a hard time remembering things. You may think you are going insane or must have some serious mental illness... but this is not so. The spacey sensations indicate your mind is opening up and expanding into new and more liberated ways of thinking, feeling and being - you are starting to experience reality outside the box of 3rd dimension (this is a good thing - you are just not accustomed).

Memory and speech is a function of the left hemisphere of the brain... which is associated with worldly, horizontal, linear rational "thinking". The higher vibrational energies tend to activate the right hemisphere of the brain... which is associated with the spiritual, transcendent, vertical, non-linear, irrational "feelings". Creating a balance between these 2 hemispheres may involve a temporary diversion or shift of your energies and attentions from off the "dominant" side... to the "dormant". When the 2 sides are balanced, your memory and speech should return to normal.

Change in Preferences or Personality
You may start to develop a distaste or dislike for the more mundane things in life... such as trivial or argumentative conversations, sports or other amusements and activities, certain kinds of music and movies, drinking alcohol or smoking, synthetic medicines or recreational drugs, your current job or profession, old hobbies and interests, familiar haunts and comfortable habits, politics and parties, national religious or cultural identities, stereotypical attitudes or behaviors, meaningless sexual relationships.... And your family, friends, partners or acquaintances... you may now discover how little you have in common. All these changes indicate that your energies and vibrations are no longer in alignment with the old, and you are being pushed to let go and move on. You are changing from the inside out, becoming a different person.

Losing a Grip on Attachments
During a healing session, so many extraordinary things are occurring within your energy field and consciousness... a loosening and releasing of the ego-minds comforts and attachments to pseudo-identities, behavior patterns and coping mechanisms. The ego-mind (with its limited grasp on the greater reality and higher truths) cannot understand any sort of change, and communicates this to you as fear, confusion and anxiety. This is the egos way of trying to force you to constrict the flow of the higher consciousness, vibrations and energies and shut it (and you) down and off. When you sense this happening, breath deeply and relax. Trust that you are ok and this is all for your highest and best good (and will pass). Know that all these old identifications and ways of being must go in order to clear a space for the new and more powerful beautiful wise true loving you to come in and take over.

 As you let go of those internal pseudo-identities, behavior patterns and coping mechanisms of your ego-mid... and as those external people, places and things that you were so attached to (but did not serve your highest truths) start to fall away... you may feel depressed and disillusioned with your life. Everything that is not in alignment must be shifted out of the way if the "new self" is to fully come in. Yet... until this "new self" comes in and is integrated and grounded, the emptiness felt in this "in between" state can be difficult to tolerate. Be patient - this will shift in due time. Just as a fetus takes time in the womb to be nurtured, grow and birth, so too does it take time for the "Christ Self" to be born as you.

Animals and Children
Because animals and children have so few filters and resistances, they are often much more sensitive and responsive to higher energies and vibrations. As the healing is working on and with you, children and animals may become more attracted to you (I think its that these healing energies reminds them of home).

When doing this (or any) healing work, the only time you must be particularly aware and cautious around other people is when you feel you are processing out and releasing some particularly dense dark energies and entities. In this case, it is probably wise to spend that time alone. If anyone was in or around your space who does not have a strong intact energy field (esp those who are empathic and have little sense of boundaries, be it animals, children or adults) they run the risk of picking up the stuff you are releasing.

Electronic Mumbo Jumbo
Any sort of electronic equipment (light bulbs and computers) may be jumbled up or shorted out if they are within your energy field when a particularly high vibrational electro-magnetic energy is channeling through (interesting phenomenon when it happens, unless it's your computer that crashes... so make sure you have a surge protector). This may be rectified or avoided by spending more time grounding your hands and feet into the earth (and less time around impersonal electronics).

Here are a few signals that indicate the presence of higher energies and frequencies:
Buzzing, clicking, humming, roaring or ringing sounds, tingling sensations, goose bumps, hair standing on end, floral aromas, feelings of expansion or contraction, heaviness or lightness, numbness or paralysis in any part of the body, electric-like pulses or surges of energy, spinning, vibrations or movement of any kind.


Worst Case Scenarios
You find yourself in situations feared
Fluffy or Fido escapes from the house
laid off or fired from a well paying job
bank account overdrawn on empty
car breaks down and wallet stolen
spouse runs off with kids and best friend
lose home and live on the street
you or loved ones get ill (or die)
None of this is pretty but in time I pray
you find the silver lining
and like Jesus transcended his cross
so to will you, that is His Promise.

Abandoned Lost and Lonely
You may feel you do not belong
alienated isolated estranged misunderstood
not fitting with others work home community.
You may feel as if life is all done
with no more purpose or meaning
wanting an end to it all.

Life is no accident.
We are here for mysterious reasons,
the completion of which takes years to unfold.
When all seems empty and bleak,
be patient and hang on
All is temporary and will shift.
Go deeper.. you will find yourself.. here.

Unexpected events so unusual and unreal.
Old friends are gone, strangers now friends.
Plans made in the past now feel wrong
you are making surprising new choices.
breaking free of old patterns
experiencing new ways of thinking feeling
...and this is just the start...

Let it happen as it wants...
not how you judge or think it should be.
All will shift and change in its own way.
If you try to control this will block the flow
making your process so much longer.
If you try to resist this will use up energy
making your process so much harder
(and make you so very tired).
Give yourself space and time
"be" with what is happening
alone or with those who understand.
Don't blame or project onto others...
everything you feel is your responsibility.

© Copyright 1999 - 2022 David Isaacson
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