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Making Contact

If you want my personal attention with any pressing questions or concerns about healing, feel free to submit them in an e-mail to


In the "Subject" line write something that indicates to me your email is not spam (otherwise I may delete it as a junk letter). I will read and respond to your email as soon as possible.

Normally I do not converse with my clients over the phone, but if you wish to speak with me, please email your phone #, physical location or time zone and the times and days you are available. IF I am guided to I will call. But i
n most cases there is no need for us to speak - what I would say is just as if not more easily communicated via email. And the healing work itself... that is done remotely, NOT on the phone.

This healing work does not come from the limitations of my ego-mind, body, emotions, nor personality. The level of Spirit that this work functions from transcends the very limitations of space and time. Because of this, during the healing transmission you do NOT need to be physically with me in person, nor do you need to be on the phone or online. During the agreed upon time of your session, me and my spiritual healing team energetically works on you remotely (long distance). We can do this easily and effortlessly at any time or place, no matter when or where you are on this planet. As you may discover, this method of healing works extremely well.

If you are interested in working with me in person, I may currently be found in the greater Los Angeles, California area.
I will entertain the possibility of doing individual and group sessions anywhere in the world, that is if lodging, traveling expenses and session fees are met ahead of time.

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