Healing Methods - Secret Techniques

Just about the very first question people ask upon hearing that I am a healer is
"What method do you use?"
Since all methods or "techniques" originate from the Higher Self, Source or Spirit (of which I am part and parcel too) I could say I use all methods. But of these, the method I consider the most important is called "Surrender", and it begins with my intention to deeply listen to YOUR Higher Self, especially in regards to its agenda or plan for your life.

 Depending upon the areas of your need, there are a great many levels of consciousness, energies and vibrations that my Spirit has access to and can apply in the healings. For marketing purposes, healing practitioners have given a number of these "techniques" a variety of impressive sounding names, but I shall simply refer to them here as "methods":

Healing Methods - Secret Techniqes

Working From Top Down Inside Out
When Spirit works on your inner "Core" (the "vertical axis" of your being) the healings may begin anywhere "within" this actual channel and move up or down, either from the top end of the cord above the head where the higher chakras are located (closer to the God Source) or at the end of the cord rooted below the feet where the lower chakras are located (at the Mother Earth Kundalini Source). As Spirit is initially applying this rare healing technique, your inner "Core" may energetically and psychically be experienced as a thin deflated balloon. When Spirit connects with your inner cord and begins to transmit the healing, your "inner balloon" inflates and expands into the various concentric multi-dimensional layers that make up your energy field. These layers are your "Rings of Power", and each time your light is expanded outwards, what darkness, karma and entities that reside within them are pushed farther and farther from out of your space, until all that is left within and around is a full round ball of your own light. For many souls, this can be the first time (in a very long time) that such a powerful sense of integrity and self is felt.

While this process of expansion occurs, the dark forces and entities plugged into your energy and squatting in your space will fight back (they do not want to leave and stop feeding off your energy and light), and will project feelings of conflict and confusion to try and convince or force you to slow or stop the process. This is the true battle of "Armageddon" - and it is fought between these forces of light and darkness that are within and around you. Many people think they can deal with this problem on their own, but they don't realize that these external forces and entities - hidden deep within our own energy field and consciousness (confusing us by masquerading as "aspects" of our own selves or as best friends), are insidiously working to sabotage your healing with combined resources more powerful than made available to any individual soul. Over lifetimes, these forces and entities may have set up powerful fortresses and fortifications inside you. And for all the vested interests and agendas they have in your future (to serve their interests), they do not want to leave your space (jealously coveting the territory they have take from you). And I am not even speaking yet about ones' own ego (that most ruthless of all self saboteurs) and dark aspects of ones' own consciousness (in cahoots with these outer forces and entities). Including all these conflicting contradictory forces and spirits acting here (including aspects of your own self), pushing and pulling you this way and that, you will not be able to make any headway or change in this situation on your own, under your own power (just not possible, no way, no how). This is why a spiritual ally who can intercede on your behalf is absolutely unequivocally unambiguously unmistakably needed !

The healing process that I initiate and support inside you (once you choose to accept my assistance) pushes or squeezes this "negative stuff" out of the inner core, chakras, and/or subconscious self... and forces it to the outer surface of your body-mind-emotions... eventually released or discharged into the light and/or into the planet (which can accept, transform and transmute it).

I may knock at your "door" but I will never force my way in. I can help you to heal yet I cannot force you to want to be healed. I will not interfere in your karma until you ask and empower me to.

Working From Outside In
Instead of working from the inside of your core outwards, Spirit may work from the outside of your energy field inwards (this is a common "technique" among many healers). As my energy field outwardly connects with yours (on the "horizontal" axis levels at the various chakra energy centers and dimensional planes of existence) either the darkness/negativity is outright removed (called "psychic surgery") or, merging your energy field with mine, I/we burn up or transform your negativity (karma) in my/our combined and strengthened energy field. After this is accomplished (and after every session) my Spirit always disengages from your space.

Calling In Support
My Spirit may summon other spirit beings that you need to connect (or reconnect) with in order to further support your healing. Sometimes this "summoning" may include bits and pieces of your own soul (called "soul retrieval").

  Establishing a Protection Zone
A method often employed is to surround your being with a zone of protective energies...  somewhat similar to the cocoon a caterpillar would use as protection while it prepares for its transformation into a butterfly. If you have a tendency to be pulled out of your core by distracting external influences, this method can also be used to reflect, redirect and mirror your outward going energies and attentions back inside yourself, thereby using them to feed your own healing process.

Channeling Life Energies
Sometimes Spirit sends life energies directly to the individual worked on, filling or recharging their "life batteries" (this method is generally called "Chi Kung"). Everyone has this ability to give of their life force to another (kind of like jump starting a car). Many healers use this as their primary form of treatment, but to rely on this alone may create an external dependency. This sort of treatment would only be a quick fix... one that would not address the underlying causes of a disorder. For example, if the battery in your car was defective (and could not hold a charge), or if the battery cables or terminals were corroded, one may be able to get a "jump start", but if the cause of the problem was not fixed, you would need such a "jump" every time you wanted to start your car. It's the same with drinking coffee... which stimulates your adrenals... which kicks out adrenaline... which gives you the energy boost. But if you keep on drinking it, you will eventually deplete your adrenals... then all the coffee in the world won't help. This just goes to show that most long lasting and profound healing occurs not by throwing energy at a person from the outside, but by working on the underlying factors that caused the problem in the first place. ("Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime"). Healing work done on these deeper levels takes more time (and money) yet in the long run they are so much more empowering, eventually enabling one to access their own "Source" every moment of every day.

Releasing Attachments
For you to fully receive the deepest healing, the doors of your ego-mind must be wide open and you must have freed up enough internal space to make room for the new to come in. To do these two things is the biggest hurdles of ones healing. One frees up internal space by giving up or "surrendering" that which you have in it ("It is in giving that we receive"). Only then can more energy (prosperity) be able to flow in. One of the laws of physics states that "the universe abhors a vacuum", and this happens to be a spiritual law as well. When you have created empty internal space, the universe cannot resist but rush in to fill it ("Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God").

One of the most powerful methods I use to help create that inner space and generate a receptivity and attitude of openness involves an exchange of energy or more precisely, "money". To the ego-mind, "Money" symbolically represents the life force (energy), intention, commitment and willingness, among other things (like sex, power, control, security and prestige). Since the ego is one of if not thee biggest causative factors for ones illness (be it spiritual or otherwise) we must address the ego in our healing methods - a bitter pill to take but a necessary one. Since the ego and money go hand in hand, releasing the one affects the other... and since few can directly release the ego, the easier method is to release ones "death grip" on money.

The statement "The more you give the more you shall receive" illustrates the energy dynamics required to increase ones flow of prosperity (this is true in any area of ones life). Most people are congested in these "prosperity flows", holding firmly (being attached) to the denser lower levels of material energy and consciousness that clogs up ones channels and blocks anything new from coming in (this actually affects all areas of ones life, not just in the financial). In electrician terms, this congestion can also be seen as internal "impedance" or "resistance". This resistance is the limiting factor in what can be channeled in and through you, without you first blowing a psychic or energetic "fuse" (so to speak). When the ego-mind sets up the intention to heal and backs it up with a financial commitment, this facilitates a softening - relaxing - releasing up of the internal resistances/impedances, opening up ones being to allow for inner (spiritual) and outer (material) flows of prosperity (this really does work).

Teaching Conversation Counseling
Conveying a teaching, having a conversation, or counseling may be required to make one aware of areas the mind has (conveniently) shut off (or out). Such dialogue ("talk therapy") may expands ones mental understandings and encourage the will to continue with the healing process. However, talking is not enough. For a radical and permanent shift to occur, issues must be thoroughly worked out in an energetic way. It may be the counseling that gets you -To- the "Door" leading to your stuff, but it is the energy work that opens and moves you -Through- that "Door" and gets you to the other side. When one is ready to stop the talk and take the leap through the Doors of your Inner Life, this work is here for you.

Asking for Help
Many people are inwardly at odds with their own self, having different aspects of their ego-mind-will-heart-soul-spirit moving in conflicting divergent directions. One aspect may truly be desirous of moving towards love and light (this is the part of us that reaches out for help) while another aspect may resist and sabotage our progress at every step of the way (this is the rampant ego gone mad). It is the ego-mind (in its pride) that thinks it has the power to run our life (and do the healing)... and it is the ego-mind that is resistant to receiving any outside help. Though the ego-mind was created and designed for OUR use, somewhere along the way this got turned around and the ego started to use and control US ! (Perhaps we abdicated our souls' control over to it while we went off on hiatus some time and place long ago and far away?). But now the ego has the "reigns of the Kingdom" (so to speak), and to regain sovereign control over it and our lives becomes a difficult matter, one requiring the assistance of the Higher Power. The Higher Power respects our free will, and will come in to help, especially if we sincerely ask with heart felt desire.

Non Interference
Sometimes it is important to do nothing... to allow a person to go through a difficult experience without any intervention whatsoever. At certain stages on the path a person may have to experience the depths of what it is to do without, to go it alone, to stumble or even fail, miserably. It is hoped that through these experiences, this person will become more humble, open, willing and grateful. Until that time, there is nothing I can do except wish them well and wait till that window (or door) opens and their moment comes.

Other Methods
There are so many more methods and approaches that I (vis-à-vis my Higher Self) may use in the healings. The descriptions mentioned above are some of the most basic that come to mind. I hope that to a sufficient enough extent, this helps answer your question "what methods do you use?"

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