The Healing Crisis
The Dark Night of the Soul

The Physical Immune System

Our physical Immune System is likened to an army that fights off foreign substances (chemical toxins, viruses, and bacteria) which invade its space. When our inner army/immune system is activated, such symptoms as fever, fatigue and inflammation may be exhibited. The typical attitude we have towards these symptoms is to label and judge them as a "crisis" if not a disease... when they are simply signs that ones “inner army” is doing its job - to purify and heal the body. Some western medicine suppress or mask these symptoms with drugs, and thus gives the impression you are healed, but this is like seeing a red warning light on the dashboard of your car and having the mechanic reset the computer to turn it off. The impression is that there is nothing wrong, when in actuality, something with your car - and your body - is in trouble. And in the meantime, while suppressing and fooling the body immune system with drugs (especially the synthetic kinds), the toxins remain and accumulate within the tissues. These tissues can hold only so much of this stuff before the immune system become overwhelmed and eventually shuts down. When that happens, the body is extremely vulnerable to any opportunistic virus or bacteria that comes around, and without an "inner army" to fight them off, the body loses ground and eventually dies.

Spiritual Energetic Immune System

As our physical immune system works at the level of the physical, our spiritual energetic immune system works at the level of our spiritual energetic bodies to help process and clear the anger, fear, depression and sadness that gets stuck there. If we accumulate too much of this "stuff" and these emotions and their corresponding issues are not cleared, over time they may become suppressed deeper and deeper into the subconscious... to be even more stubbornly lodged within the matrix of our energy field, chakras and our core. Our energetic and mental bodies can only hold so much of this stuff before they too become overwhelmed and eventually shuts down. There may not be an actual emotional or mental death (like what occurs to the physical body) but it may feel that way to the person who is experiencing this first hand.

People often ask why they need so much healing. That which is matter (including physical diseases) dies with the body, but our emotional and mental bodies live on... and on... and of that, we continues to suppress our emotions and create negative thought forms... not just for the few years we live on this planet, but over the course of countless eons in many different bodily forms. And when this one life ends and the physical body dies, most all of this emotional and mental “stuff” gets dragged over into the next incarnation , recreated over and over (until it is eventually cleared for good). And so we all have a choice - heal it now in this life or wait till another. In any case, none of this stuff is going to magically clear up and disappear all by itself (if it did, it would have already happened lifetimes ago).

Facing the Abyss
“The Dark Night of the Soul"

We may think that by ignoring or distracting ourselves from unpleasant situations and feelings they will just go away... and from our conscious awareness they may (for a time) but not from our subconscious nor from our energy field - this stuff continues to run our life and continues to eat us up (from the inside-out). At some point, everything stored away into the deep recesses of our being (AKA our karma) eventually comes up and out into the light of day to be dealt with.

The “Healing Crisis" is a natural process by which we release stuff and heal. But if this process has been artificially or willfully suppressed for too long (over the course of many lifetimes), it eventually devolves into a more dramatic immune response called “The Dark Night of the Soul". The phrase “Dark Night” is a misnomer - it’s more like "The Dark Season of the Soul”, for where the physical “Healing Crisis” may last only a few hours or days, the “Dark Night of the Soul” may last weeks, months or even years. And just like the Healing Crisis is for the body, this “Dark Night” is one way Spirit is trying to help us confront, heal and process out the massive, deep and old karmic stuff that is troubling our soul.

If the soul has been carrying this garbage for eons, there comes a time when the soul says "Enough ! This next life I are going to clear as much of this stuff out as I can". Such a life time may not be pretty or fun in any sense of the word - it may actually be a sort of Purgatory (or Hell) on earth... but for the soul to be free, it must go through this purification process. The healing work accelerates this purification by digging into the hidden nooks and crannies of your subconscious, energy fields, chakras, and core... dislodging and bringing up to the surface any resistances, suppressed issues, negative energies and whatever else is stuck there. While that is happening, you may become conscious or possibly re-live some past life memories and associated traumas. Though your ego-mind may again judge all this stuff as "bad" and try to suppress it (which is how it got down there in the first place) the healing work will help you more easily let it all go. And within the container of a healing session, when you are sensing these unpleasant feelings, thoughts or memories occur, it's a sure sign they are on their way up and out. When this is occurring, do not listen to the words of doubt and fear the ego-mind screams to force you to give up on the healing work. Quite the contrary - this may be a good time to do even more work ! It is often at the very pinnacle of a major breakthrough that the most negative stuff appears. If you allow your stuff (and ego mind) to stop you from continuing the healing - it wins, you lose.
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