The multi-dimensional holographic soul is composed of countless infinitesimally small "conscious" intelligent light "particles", all connected and held together by the magnetic power of love.

Because the soul is amorphous (able to take on the shape of or be anything) it has the ability to diffuse and scatter into separate particles (like dust motes suspended in the air), or aggregate into collections of particles respectfully called an "aspect". These soul aspects can take on and develop their own energy field, personality, separate ego identity, self determinant will and even... a physical body ! As these aspects travel through time and space, they gather their own unique experiences and memories and eventually begin to identify themselves as independent "entities". Unfortunately, due to shock or trauma, soul aspects may become fractured or even totally dissociated from their connection to the unifying original prime source and the full multi-dimensional power light and consciousness of that whole.

"Why can't all ones stuff be worked on and cleared in one session?"
Soul aspects that are not able to access the full power light and consciousness of the whole can only process a small portion of negative stuff at any one time. If such a soul tries to work with something bigger than its self, the energy field and consciousness will become overwhelmed, spin out of control and or shut down. However, the more aspects are re-united into the whole (as in soul retrieval sessions), the more and faster the soul is able to process, integrate and heal.

The Soul as a Computer Processor
The soul is likened to the processor of your computer - it digests and sorts information. The bigger (more powerful) your processors' memory, the more bites of information can be worked with at any one time. When the souls' memory or "consciousness" is whole, complete and available, the soul has access to 100% of its processing capacity. For example, lets imagine a particular soul has 100 gigabytes (100 billion bites) of consciousness/memory. If this soul is presented with a problem that is 1 gigabyte in size, then the soul can easily and quickly process that information. But once the soul is fractured into multiple aspects and the consciousness scattered into separate disconnected pieces, the ability of the soul to process is markedly diminished. For example, if the soul is fractured into 100 separate aspects each with 1 gigabyte of consciousness, then if any one aspect is presented with that same 1 gigabyte sized problem, either it crashes the soul processor or it takes a very very very long time to work out the answers.

Collective Consciousness
Not only does the primal soul have the ability to fracture off into separate aspects which may then travel all over the multi-verse, it also has the ability to unite its consciousness and energy with any number of other souls and their respective aspects, aggregating into a sort of "collective consciousness" and mass energy field. This is demonstrated in nature as the hive mind of bees, ants, fish and other herding creatures... and also in human couples who have been together for so long they start to sound, think, feel even look alike ! There is comfort, safety and power in such a collective, but the downside is that the individual identity and self determinant will can easily be lost and submerged into a whole that runs on baser instincts and emotions. If such a collective consciousness takes on malicious intent, like a log carried away in a swift river current, the aspect, unable to escape, can be swept away to an unknown undesired destination, controlled by the unreasoning will and rampant power of the mob. Only when the soul reaches out to a Higher Power greater than itself, can it ever hope to be free of such traps and entanglements.

Incarnation of the Soul and its Aspects
The primal soul or any one of its aspects, may at any time choose to go through the process of incarnation and experience itself in a lower dimensional reality. In order to function and survive within the density of these dimensions, the soul/aspects cloak around itself (like the rings of a tree) the energetic "matter" (vibrations) of those dimensions. Until shed, these coverings remain with the soul or its aspects as part of its energetic bodily wardrobe, each layer adding to its unique identity or personality. As there are countless dimensions to incarnate into, the permutations are virtually endless. The soul or its aspects may take on the appearance of amorphous blobs, colored lights, geometrics, crystalline structures, symbols, plants, animals, or alien like insects and reptiles.. while others appear in "mythic" garb as fairies, elves, goblins, hobbits, unicorns or even dragons. And on those dimensions where the energies are so dense, dark and heavy, souls or its aspects may resemble demons and other assorted nightmarish creatures.

Because of the fluidity of consciousness, the primal soul and its aspects have the ability to take on any energy body and incarnate on any dimension. If you think about it, the ramifications are staggering ! On the physical dimension, this means that the prime soul or its aspects can incarnate into any number of human bodies at the same time ! (perhaps this is what some call a "doppelganger"?). But lets not limit ourselves... not only can one aspect incarnate into one body, but aspects from many different souls can form a collective consciousness and incarnate or inhabit One Body as One Being (its even possible they co-habit in many bodies as One Being). Incarnating aspects of one or many souls into many different bodies allows these souls or aspects the opportunity to experience life in many different situations and potentially accelerate the ascension and re-unification process of the soul back to Source. For example, if during the last century a soul incarnated its aspects into parallel lives as an American soldier, a girl in Timbuktu, a Buddhist Priest in Tibet or a Jew in Poland... the collective learning experiences could have catapulted that soul beyond what any one life could achieve. But what if in another parallel incarnation one of the souls' aspects became a mass murderer, or even a Hitler? The problem for the prime soul is that it is held responsible for anything any of its aspects does. So if an aspect generates negative karma, all of it must be cleared before the whole soul can re-unite and ascend. Fortunately, the clearing healing work offered here can help accelerate and ease this process.

"And though I understand all mysteries and all knowledge but have not love, I am nothing" (Paul of Tarsus).

As you receive healing, you may gain psychic abilities and esoteric knowledge, but this is not the end all be all of the spiritual path nor of this work. The ultimate goal starts with restoring the soul to wholeness, allowing it to experience Love of Self... and then expanding that Love and Oneness to All Creation.

Aspects as Shadow Selves

Our soul has been around since the beginning of creation, traveling through many different dimensions in many assorted bodily forms. Through this very long journey, we have experienced countless traumas that have fractured us into many separate pieces or aspects. Some of these aspects may reside within or on the periphery of our physical energy field, but most are wandering around in the multi-dimensional universe following their own ego driven agendas (agendas that your human self may have no clue about). The farther these aspects stray from the Divine Light of Source, the darker they become even to the point of being shadows of their former self, at the extreme.. demonic.
By virtue of the "law of resonance" (no matter how great a time, physical distance or multi-dimensional space), All aspects (even the dark or demonic ones) can influence our mind, emotions, impulses and will.
Many think that it is an outer demon that tempts, torments or possesses a person, and in some cases that may be true, but in many instances such a demon is actually an aspect of ones own self coming home to roost. In any case, demons do exist, either as a split off aspect of the soul or as a collection (or "legion") of dark aspects that have amassed from many separate aspects into one body. It is my understanding that the consciousness known as "Satan" is such a collection made up of a huge number of demonic aspects gathered from many many beings. This brings a whole new level of understanding to the term "giving your soul to the Devil". Many souls have given up the dark, unwanted or unloved aspects of themselves to such collectives in order to be rid of them, or so they think... but this only makes life for the rest of the soul more difficult, for everything your aspects do, the whole soul is karmically responsible for.

The Law of Resonance
All aspects that have ever been a part of you, “resonate” or have an affinity with all your other aspects on whatever dimension they exist. Having a resonance with those aspects also includes a resonance with the dimensions they reside and any other beings that inhabit there. The implication is this: if these other dimensions are dark, and the beings there are malevolent (i.e. demonic), and you have a demonic aspect residing in that place, not only can your own demonic aspect potentially plug into and influence your subconscious/dreams, desires/will and energy fields in the here and now, but any aspect of those other souls can use your aspect as a proxy or channel to plug in and influence you too. However, if you have made peace with your inner demons (meaning, you have healed, transmuted, purified, processed and integrated these demonic aspects back into the whole), the demons of other souls would have no way to get in and influence you (since the resonant consciousness that held the connections are no more).

All your aspects - no matter if they are good or bad, light or dark - cannot help but have an influence upon your current incarnational experience. This influence more acutely occurs under the weakening effects (to the energy field) of certain drugs and alcohol, extreme stress and physical or emotional trauma. In such situations, aspects can bleed through the protective barriers (those veils separating the different dimensions) and manifest in the human self as all sorts of personality changes... from the most subtle altercations in mood or thought, to the most extreme paranoid schizophrenic behavior. Since these aspects individually and collectively make up who you are as a soul, no matter how vigorous your efforts to push them away or create thick walls of protection, you cannot escape or eliminate their influences forever. The best you can do is receive the healing work that would clear and raise these aspects to a higher vibration, allowing them to merge with their Creator.

Aspects as Astral Selves

At the levels of the astral or psychic dimensions, there are (or can be) multiple astral aspects, astral bodies, astral selves or "sub-personalities" that make up our psyche. The "astral self" was created as an extension or projection from the Higher Self as a way to interact with the reality of these denser dimensions. The difficulty arises when the ego mind (part of the make up of the astral self/personality) grows unfettered and disconnected from the guidance and light of the Higher Self. Such a personality then needs to be tweaked or "pruned" - just like a neglected tree or an overgrown garden. When our "soul garden" is thus trimmed or weeded, then our mind and emotions are clear enough to distinguish "the forest from the trees" (so to speak). In other words, when all these weeds, undergrowth, or "stuff" is cleared out of our spiritual energetic space, then we can discover who we really are amidst the confusion that is our life.

As these astral aspects, astral selves or sub-personalities have their own separate egos, minds and will, they are often at odds one against the other, keeping you in conflict, inner turmoil and separation. The most difficult problem is to unify all these conflicting wills towards a single goal, eventually integrating all separate aspects or selves into the One Being. One who has aligned and integrated all these separate aspects and their conflicting wills into one unified self is considered a Master. To accomplish this may be thee greatest struggle we will ever face on our spiritual path.
In the meantime, most of humanity exist in conflict with itself, isolated from others, run by anger, controlled by fear, separate from the power light and love that is the totality of our soul (or Higher Power). Freeing the individual and collective souls from this sad state of affairs is a huge reason why I do this healing work.

Aspects as Child Selves

The aspects of self that incarnate on the astral and physical dimensions, if disconnected from the Higher Self, can become like a wild child whose limited material perspective on all things and beings revolves around its own constant, immediate and selfish wants, wishes, needs and desires. It is guided by sporadic impulses and feelings, not having any sense of consequences or higher purposes.

The Higher or God Self - the spiritual source or “parent” - wishes only good for the lower or “child” parts of itself that are projected or incarnated into creation. However, if the child self is enraptured with the illusions, distractions and drama of this world, then they might not be able to hear the messages of guidance and wisdom coming to them from that "still small voice" of the God Self within.
For example, the Higher Self may say
"Don't do that, it will hurt you."
And the child may say
"You are not the boss of me. I want what I want"
By following its own ways, the child digs itself into a deep hole and then asks "why has God done this to me?"
Fear mistrust and resentment steps into the child's heart against their own God Self as they reject its well meaning guidance entirely. When this happens, the Great Spirit (a collaboration of Higher Selves) will send ministering angels and spirit guides to the child to act as "spiritual step parents". The hope is that the child self eventually opens its mind and heart and wants to reconnect with its own Parent Self. But if the energetic blocks are too strong and the disconnects too wide, the high or low self might not be able to get through to each other. It's like when you make a phone call but can't hear very well because there is a lot of interference in the line between you and the person you are talking too. And if the line or technology itself is actually broken or not present, then any form of direct communication cannot happen. In this case, calling an outside repair person (the healer) is the best thing to do. The healer is here to help remove any interference or blocks so that you may once again reconnect with your own spiritual parent or Higher Self.

Developmental Trauma and Aspects
It would be lovely if the soul could maintain itself as a unified whole throughout its entire existence while in physical (or any multi-dimensional) reality, but soul fracturing trauma may potentially occur at any and every stage of development: from the point of conception... all the way up to the point of death and beyond (into any time and space).
Soul fracturing creates separate compartmentalized aspects of self (trapped and stuck at the various ages when trauma occurs), blocked off and inaccessible to all the other healthy aspects of self ! This seriously affects how one experiences and responds to life.
For example, if a person experienced traumas during that phase when emotions were being developed, they would be incapable of true compassion or love for self or others.
Or, if a person was traumatized during that phase when the mind was being developed, they would have distorted patterns of thinking, lack psychic boundaries, and be subject to the fluctuating thoughts and emotions of those around them.
Or, if a person was traumatized during that phase when sexuality was being developed, they would have no sense of physical boundaries and become sexually promiscuous.
All soul fracturing (and its deleterious impact upon ones life) can be addressed through the work generally categorized as Soul Retrieval.

Soul Retrieval
In the work known as "soul retrieval", separated aspects are cleared, returned and integrated into a unified whole... bringing the eternal soul as it exists in and out of the body into a more cohesive and expanded sense of light, love and power. Considering that split off aspects (or any lost or disconnected soul particles for that matter), may possibly be counted into the hundreds or thousands (or for particles themselves, into the millions or more!), it is fair to say that many healing sessions are required to bring them all into oneness.

Missed Opportunities
If we hide behind the walls of our judgments, fears, anger and resentments... resistant to spirits guidance, in denial of who we really are, we will miss out on many good opportunities. Of course, we are always free to reject spirit, but in doing so we may never reach our full life potential and our greater destiny may not unfold. There are windows (and doors) of opportunity that are only open at certain times - if we are not watchful and prepared, these opportunities may quickly come and go, lost to us for good. And if we are not awake and open enough to read the subtle warnings and signs, we may find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, making a left turn instead of right, miss that job offer, not meet our significant other, get in an auto accident... the list goes on and on.

Self-Discovery Practices
Internal Dialogue

Journaling is a tool to help you consciously discover your inner sub-personalities, inner selves or “aspects”.
Start by writing a list of all the characters of your inner-personal drama. Feel free to let your imagination roam. For example, there is you - the objective witness, the ego, the child, the adolescent, the adult, the parents, the angel, the alien, the space being, the animal, the beast, the demon, etc. (there may be any number of each, not necessarily just one). Personalize and name each one. Feel free to choose whatever name you imagine or whatever name comes to mind.
Next, develop an ongoing conversation or dialogue with each one of these separate selves, and then have them communicate with each other. It may help if each character had a different colored pen you use to write with, or even a separate form of handwriting. Do this by holding your pen differently for each character, using your left and right hand or some unique finger positions. Once you find a hand position for one character to write with, stay with it - do not change - you want to establish and strengthen the link between that character and your nervous system/body.
(Btw, another way to communicate with your inner self is through Dowsing)
As you explore who you are through this tool, you may discover some unpleasant aspects within, vying for your attention: voices that are controlling, manipulative, hateful, angry or malicious. These voices could be yours, or from aspects of other entities lurking and plotting within your psychic emotional energetic space. It is these entities who want to keep you separate from your self, for as long as you are fractured and in disarray, you are out of your center, confused, weak, powerless, vulnerable, malleable, controllable. It's hard enough dealing with your own stuff, add some other entities stuff into the mix and your burden is that much harder. (in case you are interested, the healing work I offer can make this journaling exercise - and your life - go much smoother and easier).

Faces behind the Face
"Aspects" can actually be seen by the psychic eye as "faces behind the face". If one looks just right, the superimposed impression (or shadow) of a face may be seen (it may not always appear human nor be light). Some people can see this quite easily, others not at all. As an experiment, sit opposite a willing partner (or even in a mirror under a soft light), and glance gently and diffusely onto the others face and eyes (perhaps gently focusing around the 3rd eye or brow). There is some subconscious control in what (if any) faces another will allow you to see. If there is trust, openness and a non-judgmental attitude, the faces behind the face may reveal themselves to you.
To Read More On Aspects or Sub-Personalities

Oija Board, Drugs and Alcohol
I don’t advocate the use of the Oija Board, drugs, or alcohol as tools to get in touch with Spirit as I feel their use can cause more harm than good. As long as people have parts of themselves that remain un-integrated, un-transmuted, or un-purified, there is the risk that lower and darker entities may come into your energy field and adversely affect your consciousness. The Oija Board, certain drugs and alcohol have a tendency to lower your vibrational frequency and forcibly open your energy bodies and consciousness to unresolved issues, forces and entities that are lurking in the periphery of your energy field. If you have thoroughly healed all aspects of your self (thus greatly strengthening your aura) you probably have nothing to worry about from the spirit world. I don’t mean to say drug and alcohol use is a good thing and is not going to harm your physical or mental body. I am just saying that after a certain point on your healing path, your spiritual energetic immune system is fully functioning and you can step “where Angels fear to tread” and will (by and large) not be harmed by anything the world throws at you. But few people are at that point of having an impeccable spirit and an impenetrable energy field. In the meantime, its better to be safe than sorry and stay far away from these substances.
(On the other hand... though I have not tried and thus cannot judge, it seems that for some people - not all - Ayahuaska and Iboga is very helpful. Conversely, I have had clients come to me who have used Ayahuaska and it has brought on a pre-mature Kundalini awakening, which devastated their energy field and life. So big warning - using natural substances has its place on the spiritual path... but if used inappropriately, at the wrong time or without the proper preparation, it will cause near irreparable harm).

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