The Spiritual Healing Session

Questions and Answers

How many hours of healing are needed?
How long of a session (or sessions) you need to complete a particular course of treatment varies. In some cases, we are able to specifically quantify the total amount of time needed, but this information is rarely given. It's safe to assume that many hours of healing work will be needed to clear and heal an area or issue. Basically, the limiting factor in how much healing work you need depends on how much "stuff" you hold and how much stuff your inner being is willing to let go of in any one session. No matter how advanced you are... or how many or how good the healers you have worked with in the past, no one can release all of their stuff at one time (we all hold way too many resistances). So if you expect "instantaneous" total healing to happen in any one session, you will be disappointed. Those people who get great results are those who understand that healing is a life long process or journey - there are no overnight miracle cures or end all be all enlightenment experiences. But if you are persistent and do the healing work on a regular basis, you will get many blessings out of the work. You may (or may not) get the results you expect, but you will surely get what "Spirit" wants for you. And who do you think knows whats best - you who can only see a few feet ahead... or Spirit who can see the entire path in this lifetime and the next?

This healing work will help you to let go of your resistances allowing you to dive into an even deeper level of your being. That said, there is always more stuff we hold on the deeper levels of our being, and it often comes in waves... just like at a beach - building, cresting and crashing - as soon as one comes, another shortly follows, on and on. If you are fighting struggling, resisting... the wave will hit head on and hurt... but if you let go and flow, you can ride it to shore. The same is true in the healing process... the sooner you accept the ups and downs, the sooner you can enjoy the ride.

Healing is an ongoing process.
There is no finish line with such a journey.

 If you are unsure if this sort of healing work is for you, I suggest you commission a 20 minute "mini" session and see what happens. This would be a good test run (so to speak) to see how open and receptive you are. For those souls who really want to take the accelerated path of clearing their "stuff", a series of "Intensive Sessions" is best.

Intensive Healing
Accelerated Transformation

A healing that is longer than 20 minutes is called an "Intensive". The benefit to doing a longer session is that more healing work is being transmitted to and received by you (an hour session gives you 3 times more healing work than the mini session).

I usually don't work with clients for more than an hour at a time - the human psyche can only handle so much shifts until it becomes overwhelmed, spins out and shuts down. A 1 hour session once a week is idea for most people. This gives them enough time to process and integrate the powerful and deep shifts that occur, allowing them to be open, fresh and ready to fully receive the next bit of work.

As Spirit is ultimately in control, it is not uncommon that a client may receive a longer (or in rare cases shorter) session than scheduled. Spirit may also choose to work on you ahead of time in order to lay the groundwork - to "till the soil of your soul" (so to speak) so you are more open receptive prepared for your formally scheduled session.

Remote or In Person Sessions?

All healing sessions are done remotely (long distance). I can do sessions "in person" (which I charge much more for) but  remote is a much more cost efficient and convenient way for you to receive this work - in the comfort of your own home. And quite frankly, whether you do do the work remotely or in person, you are going to get the same results. Actually, the remote work may be better as your ego mind does not get outwardly agitated or distracted by this David character. Without this distraction, you are more inclined to go within and experience your self.. and that is really what this healing work is about, discovering Who You Are.

Your Are NOT Alone
I understand the human need and desire to have tangible support and comfort while going down into uncomfortable places and spaces within (I get it). I may not be there physically during your session, but my energy and spirit most definitely makes itself known, which is in many ways, more real then most people are present for in their physical bodies and lives. Anyway, all I can ask is that you to take a leap of faith and trust that you are being held and supported. For those who are psychically sensitive and open, they have seen and felt this to be true (client testimonials).

How do you Start the Healing Process?

As soon as I receive your payment, I will send you a return email (asap) and suggest an auspicious day and time for your session/s (times given will always be in your time zone). Please email me back to confirm, or indicate when you would be alternatively available, and I shall try to accommodate your schedule. I will then email you back and give you the "Thumbs Up", "So Be It", "We are On", "It's a Go", or simply "OK". At the designated day and time of your session (when you are to be receiving this healing work) the ONLY thing you need do is sit or lay comfortably and quietly, with eyes closed, watch, witness and allow your attention and awareness to wander where it wants. That's it. Spirit will do the rest. It's all quite simple - just relax, trust and leave the driving to us. In other words "Let Go and Let God".

"Let Go and Let God"

The ego minds' tendency is to fiercely hold on to all the thoughts and feelings accumulated and stored in the mental and emotional bodies. The ego mind even goes so far as to create stories around this stuff... till we don't know the difference between where "stuff" ends and "Self" begins. Because of the egos firm grasp and control in our lives, to release or "let go" of all this stuff on ones own is quite difficult (and in many instances, impossible). Fortunately there is a way through: by engaging in this healing process, the "Letting go and letting God" gets easier and easier.
During a session, your ego mind may be chattering away saying:
"Is this going to work?"
"Is this a waste of my time and money?"
"Am I doing this right?"
"What's happening?"
"I don't understand what's going on."
"I am feeling irritated and angry."
"I am scared."
"This is Bull Shit."
"I can't take this anymore."
And so on....

Our egos cope with the frustrations and limitations of life by suppressing unresolved thoughts and feelings down into the pit of the subconscious mind and energy field. Because life is overflowing with frustrations and limitations, it's no wonder our egos have taken over. Most of us don't realize this is not the natural way to be, nor do we know how to function otherwise. So sitting still and simply doing nothing during a healing session can bring up and shake out all sorts of deeply rooted patterns that contradict and conflict with our perceived (warped or deluded) sense of reality and self. The healing work by design, will make you feel this discomfort, so much so that it will assist and allow you to more easily let go of your ego attachments, and shift you into a new, freer better way of being.

Resistance - Coping Mechanism of the Ego Mind

There may be times during a healing when you hear a voice saying
"This is NOT comfortable. RUN. Get out of here NOW"
This is the voice of the ego-mind - constantly trying to control and manipulate everything in your life so you don't feel "uncomfortable" (this reaction is otherwise known as the "fight or flight" response). Spirit knows how to move you through this stuckness by creating a sacred safe energetic container where you are placed at the "Edge" of your comfort zone (the "Abyss" so to speak) where you come face to face with your un-wanted un-acknowledged un-accepted feelings (be they of anger, fear, rage, sadness, powerlessness, helplessness, etc). The "Ego" or "limitation consciousness", is that hidden part of us that likes to be in control, resist and or run the show.. When confronted, it may squirm around trying to look for somewhere to escape or something to do... anything that will re-exert its power and maintain its dominance and control (watch its response next time you come to your "Edge"). The very possibility of losing "control" forces the ego to push all our buttons (especially those about trust and safety). But if you truly want to expand the horizon of your limited self and embrace the greater opportunities (and prosperity) God has for you... these "buttons of resistance" must be pushed and transformed in the fires of the healing process.

The Simple Easy Way

Just do the healing work.
It's really that simple and easy.
Our rational mind has been indoctrinated into believing that healing can only be accomplished by imbibing exotic drugs,  undergoing expensive medical treatments, traveling the world to sit at the feet of famous gurus, learning complicated techniques and following austere lifestyles....After doing all that, there comes a time when you realize it all boils down to one simple message: Give up control to the Higher Power (which btw, is what we are doing within the context of these healing sessions). And if your higher power still tells you to do these things... then by all means Go For It (and though we might not understand why, trust there is a higher plan being worked out.

"Not my will but Thy will be done"

In a healing session the only thing you need do is Relax Receive and Allow.

Spirits intent is to keep your end of the healing process very simple. Keeping it simple allows the work to happen without our ego-mind getting in the way and trying to run the show.

Simply Be

It doesn't matter
 how healthy the food you eat.
How many books read, classes attended.
degrees, licenses, titles after your name.
holy people or places you have visited.
mantras, mudras, poses, prayers,
prostrations or pranayams...

All these things are good and have their place, but the most profound inner healing comes to us from beyond our reach or doing... beyond our limited human ability to understand or control. Like letting a fox watch over the hen house, the last thing Spirit is going to do is allow the ego-mind be in charge of our salvation, let alone our healing process. Like a child, the more we are open and trusting the more we can let go of our judgemental mind and controlling ego and simply BE.


After the session please write back and tell me what you experienced (detailed or vague, long or brief... whatever you wish to share). This information helps me determine how open, receptive and sensitive you are to the energies, as well as helping me "consciously" keep track of your overall progress. If you have any problems or questions about your session or the healing process, please email them to me and I will try to help you through it. Ultimately, the goal (or one of the goals) is that you will be able to receive (in the healing sessions and in your everyday life) your own answers directly from Spirit.

My Response
I cannot tell you the details of what Spirit does in your sessions. Healing is not like following an instruction manual for a car: part A goes here, part B there, this was turned, that was removed.... That is linear mind thinking. We are dealing with multi-dimensional levels of energies and consciousness here, which makes the inner process of healing extremely complex, let alone virtually impossible to describe. There is so much that goes on inside and around you during a session that is really beyond words - it would take me too long (and be too difficult if not impossible) to reiterate all that (this huge web site conveys just a small portion of that information, and still it falls short).

My role here is simply to be a catalyst for your healing. I am not a psychic reader who will make a running commentary about your past present or future, nor am I a therapist who will make sense of your life story or love life. However, with that said, if or when there are messages Spirit wishes to convey through me (about your session or other matters), I will freely share them.
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