Purification Healing of Multidimensional Bodies Chakras Subtle Energy Fields

We are beings of consciousness experiencing expressing and manifesting ourselves through many multidimensional bodies chakras and subtle energy fields:

A Physical Chemical Biological Body - allows us to interface with and manifest in the material dimension. Associated with the 1st chakra, the solid earth, the physical elements and the color red.

A Vital Body - is our "Qi" or life force, fed by and connected to all the elemental forces in our environment such as the breath, electo-magnetic energies, etc. associated with our energy meridians, the Dan Tien point below our belly button and the Yin-Yang symbol (representing the universal alchemical dance between the contracted and expanded states of matter and energy).

An Astral or Emotional Body - allows us to experience and express desires and emotions. Associated with the 2nd chakra, flowing water, the moon (and the other planets), the unconscious mind, dreams and the color orange.

A Solar or Mental Body - allows for the creating or imagining of concepts (thoughts)... to take shape into crystalline forms or patterns... which in turn can be telepathically transmitted to another. Associated with the 3rd chakra, the radiant sun, the conscious mind and the color yellow.

The Inner Child - our personalized individualized self, held within a sacred container or chalice ("The Holy Grail") located deep within the 4th chakra (also known as "The Garden of Eden"). Here is the balance point where the soul in its most expansive and contracted form meet. Associated with the sensitive empathic heart, the “Star of David” and the colors gold and green.

An Etheric Body - holds a unique vibrational blueprint for our more subtle bodies forms and functions. Associated with the 5th chakra, the solar system, the expansion of space and the color blue.

A Causal or Archetypal Body – the central planning and directing "head-quarters". Associated with the 6th chakra, the “Divine Blueprint" (responsible for maintaining harmony between the soul and the cosmos) and the color purple indigo and violet.

A Light Body - holding the memory of all accumulated experiences, abilities and knowledge from all past and present lives on this and other dimensions. Associated with the 7th chakra, higher intelligence, Angels, intuitive insights, the super-conscious mind, the universe and the color white.

A Christ or Bliss Body - the transcendent "Higher Self" or "God Essence" that is beyond ego, intimately connected to "The Inner Child", interpenetrating all other bodies, this is the unified field experienced as sublime wisdom, beauty, peace, love and oneness with ALL. Associated with the 8th chakra, the super universes, colorless, clear, crystalline, pure.

disclaimer: Making clear cut distinctions between these bodies, chakras and dimensions can be difficult, especially when consciousness and energies merge, interact, overlap. Since each and every soul has unique experiences of life and multi-dimensional reality different from anyone else, there are many conflicting opinions and concepts. This doesn't make one wrong and another right, only that everyone is different in the way they understand what they perceive. The point is that in order to expand our awareness and knowledge about ourselves, other beings, the universe and Spirit, we need to keep our mind open to alternative points of view.

Clearing and Opening Interdimensional Portals and Channels

This earthly dimension - where our human self functions - is just the tip of the iceberg to who we are and what we may be connected with and access. Extending up and down into all the various dimensions of creation is an infinite array of consciousness and energies, each making up the resources from which our soul can possibly align, access and identify with as its collective "Higher Power".

Just as no two people can have the same subjective experience of life, so to does each soul experience its own unique connection or "channel" to Spirit.

The clarity and openness of the channels between your human self and Spirit is the limiting factor on how “much” you can draw from that eternal infinite source (for use in healing, personal development, creative expression, etc.). Your channel to Spirit is like a water hose: if it is narrow, blocked or pinched, only so much water can come though. However, if you have a very wide open clear hose, the force and amount of water (ie. love, life, light) that flows through can be great. On the other hand, “how much” can be channeled through is not the only important factor, but how that which comes through can be masterfully directed or applied. For example, there are many people who can throw a fast ball, but only a few have the mastery to direct it to the same place across the base, over and over again. Likewise, anyone can use a scalpel, but only a trained and knowledgeable surgeon knows where to safely and effectively apply it.

Granted, to some extent we are all innately endowed with the healing gift - these biological structures our souls inhabit cannot survive for very long if they were not designed to automatically self-repair (or “heal”). But “Spiritual Healing” is a whole other ball game, and in that arena there are souls who “know” how to heal and souls who don't. Regardless, every soul has their own unique gifts, be it for healing or something else.

A person may spend years acquiring enough earthly knowledge and skills to master a given subject. At the level of the soul, many subjects take lifetimes to master.


The primary goal of most all healing work is the purification of the physical mental emotional spiritual energetic bodies. The idea of purification is that all the channels must be totally clear and unencumbered - with no resistance - in order to enable the powerful energies, vibrations and higher consciousness of spirit to freely flow. If we can create the "inner space" where we are crystal clear channels (Christ like), our higher self and all its virtues and gifts may fully inhabit and function in us.

One may look upon the levels or dimensions of our being like a multi-tiered apartment complex or skyscraper. The very highest levels (the penthouse or master control rooms) are closest to the heavens - the air is clear and we can almost touch the stars. As we travel down to the lower levels (floors), each room holds a different personality and energy field about it. And at the very bottom, the basement is designed to support the weight of the whole structure and contains the basic elemental supplies and mechanisms.
If any part of this building is abandoned, vacated, ignored or neglected.. the rats (entities) will move in. And if tenants continue to store their junk (dense vibrations and negative energies) in their rooms without periodic clearing, this eventually accumulates and spills over into the walkways and stairwells (channels).. impeding or "blocking" the smooth flow of movement. The purification process (healing work) removes these blocks (those dense vibrations, negative energies and entities) that do not belong, allowing the original tenant (you) to move back in and fully occupy their now renovated reclaimed spaces.


This healing work helps to unify or "integrate" the higher energies and aspects associated with all your multi-dimensional spirit bodies.. opening the channels of communication and connecting the dots or "links" between. Much of this integration occurs naturally as your energetic space is cleared... a process that may be instantaneous... or take up to a few weeks. As your multi-dimensional bodies becomes reunited into a whole, the soul re-exerts its sovereign authority and the ego persona relaxes its "death grip" on your life. The ego then takes a more backstage presence, supporting your act (your divine purpose) instead of always wanting to be center stage (running your life).
Multi-Dimensional Universe
"In my Fathers Kingdom there are many mansions."
There are a great many energetic vibrational dimensions encased one within another, like a bubble within a bubble within a bubble... all of which makes up one very big bubble of consciousness called a “universe”. And yes, there are universes within universes and universes beyond (such Infinity surpass all understanding).

Each energetic vibrational dimension within a universe has a corresponding sympathetic resonance for, are inter-connected with, and penetrate into our various aspects and their manifestations within creation.

The highest most subtle of dimension is called "Heaven" or "Paradise" - where the purified souls ascend to and dwell. The lower levels are called "Purgatory" - where souls process out or are "purged" of their karma. And the very lowest, densest, grossest material level is called "Hell" - where souls descend to when they are unwilling or unable to release their attachments to the physical reality, enslaved to their lower passions and ruled by their selfish ego.

Paradise, Purgatory or Hell are not simply some “place” out “there” but are linked energetically and vibrationally to ones inner state of mind or consciousness... subjectively experienced where ever the soul goes, be it in flesh (embodied) or in spirit (in the after life).

These other dimensions above the physical - the astral, solar, etheric and causal dimensions - are somewhat similar to what we have here, yet the higher one ascends the more expanded, refined and lighter they become.

The higher dimensions of the etheric and causal are what could be considered (relatively speaking) the "Heavenly Realms". This is where the various assortment of "Angelic" beings inhabit and function... tasked to oversee and expedite the "Divine Plan" of Creation. The character of these elevated "places" is more archetypal, with diffuse flowing energies, celestial sounds and lights. There is a less clear delineation of matter here. Vibrations are harmonious and unifying (unlike those found in the lower created dimensions) so awareness can be focused on "The One" or "Divine" with very little if any distraction from sense of self, personal will or ego. (Perhaps this is the "Garden of Eden" of the Bible or the "Pure Lands" of the Buddhists).

The low to middle dimensions of the physical, astral and solar contain pluralities of vibrations that are more complex and convoluted. These are the dimensions of duality consciousness that exist further (more separate) from "Source". To those of us who are aware and sensitive beyond the physical, the occupants of the astral and solar dimensions may appear mythical, even dream like, yet to the denizens who exist on those same vibrational frequencies they are quite real to each other (where they interact and exist). It’s just like those whom we interact with on this physical level of vibrational frequency seem palpably real to us - we are "attuned" to each other (sort of like turning the dial on the radio). An astral, solar, or angelic being could very well walk right through our physical bodies and - unless we were attuned and open to their frequency - we would not notice.

As one ascends up the scale, the very fabric of these higher dimensions become made up of subtler energies and vibrations, which make it easier for the denizens of these dimensions to manipulate... simply, solely and directly with the creative powers of the mind and heart - through thought, will or desire. Yet, unlike the Angelic beings (who dwell in unity consciousness), the level of consciousness of these lower or middle dimensional beings exists within a constant state of duality of "me", "you", "us" and "them" - meaning, there is still an awareness of separation. At these levels of consciousness, ones choices are not always predicated on what is good for the "One" (the “Divine Will”), but what the ego-mind decides (or identifies) as good for "me" and “mine”. The individual still has free will to make any choices that they wish, yet if they make choices that are at odds with the divine will and its universal laws (i.e. love, harmony and unity), they shall create pain and suffering for themselves and others. Residents of all the dimensions (no matter how high) are still subject to the karmic law of cause and effect.

Through the process of entropy, the vibrations of that which exists on the more invisible and intangible dimensions become slowed down... down... to become more contracted, dense and heavy... till they eventually manifest in and as this physical dimension.

And as we too descended from the causal... etheric... solar... astral... and then finally into the physical dimension.... all that was invisible and intangible existing inside our ego-mind consciousness as archetypal ideas, thoughts, impulses, feelings or desires... also became more tangible as they took on more substance, shape and form. On the higher dimensions, our inner reality is experienced in a more expansive and objective way, but when incarnate, our inner reality gets “mirrored” back to us in a more defined and subjective way. This is one of the main benefits of being incarnate - it is here where we can intimately and instantaneously receive feedback on what our soul has created. It’s the difference between seeing and feeling the earth from outer space... verse seeing and feeling it from on its surface – one is a generalized objective view, whereas the other is very detailed, visceral and personal. There are of course benefits to both positions and perspectives, but it is only through the physical incarnation where the soul (if it is paying attention) may best directly experience the truth of its self. However, having come all this way (from Heaven or Hell or countless spaces in between), most of us have now forgotten just what we are doing here and why.

Outside the physical earthly body
our astral planetary body
beyond that our solar star body
beyond that our etheric cosmic body
outside space-time the causal light body
beyond the beyond is Creator-Source

Lokas - 7 Worlds Above Us

Layers of Universal Consciousness
The expansive multi-layered consciousness of the universe is like an infinite petrushka nesting doll that holds one consciousness inside the other: the consciousness of this planet ("Gaia") is held by a particular consciousness that is our solar system... which is held by another consciousness that is the milky way galaxy... which is held by the consciousness that is this universe... beyond which is another consciousness holding our universe... beyond is another consciousness holding that one... and so on... layer upon layer. Each successively larger (and older) consciousness gave up portions of its own conscious self and power to birth or create the new one within. These “parent” universes of consciousness are called "Super Universes", and from our limited human perspective, they could be considered the "Old Gods" of creation. Because the very substance of our own consciousness originates from these very same Gods, to some degree we are one and the same being. And though I believe all creation originates from one prime Creator God, over time, as these Gods create and un-create themselves into differing new universes of consciousness and into new universal beings, they pass the very substance or consciousness of themselves down diverging ancestral lines, incarnating as their children - us. And as we as individuals look back to our spiritual roots, we may find and identify more of ourselves in and with one Creator God or another. And though each Creator God may have some differences in focus or quality, ultimately they are all one and the same - universal consciousness and love.

In whole or part, the consciousness of some individual souls walking the earth today may be traced as direct split offs from one of these Old Gods, and thus, you would resonate (as your soul family of origin) with all those beings who are also a part of that particular super universe. If your soul did split off (in part or whole) from one of these other universes, it (you) would naturally have an expansive view of reality and your place in it so far beyond the small personal and planetary dramas most people experience and identify with. On the other hand, if your soul was that expansive and old, the amount of healing work you (your human self) might need could be immense. Such old souls (having more life experiences in duality) tend to accumulate much more karma and negative energies, all of which create deep dark blocks and issues that separate your expansive self from your contracted human self. This healing work can address all this stuff. However, please understand... at the higher levels of your energy field, much of the healing would most likely not be immediately felt or sensed by your human self. None the less, this is work you desperately need if you are ever going to be whole, integrated and in your full power.

Cosmic Creation Cycles and the Evolution of the Infinite Consciousness
The Creator (whether understood as God or Goddess) is made up of near infinite consciousness, and as such, can be organized into any way shape or form:
into fires burning red and hot, the sun a golden glow, rivers flowing cool and oceans deep, forests in harmony with seasons, and in humans... thinking and feeling.
And in its time, these various bits of consciousness, freed of their containers, return back into the Oneness of Self, all flowing and merging into each other, sharing information, memories, experiences.... and in time, this process is repeated...
fracturing and scattering, returning and integrating. This eternal process - the Cosmic Creation Cycle - is how life and consciousness evolve.

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