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A Teaching Portal
for spiritual metaphysical knowledge

I am NOT here to spoon feed you my answers but to confirm that which you already know.
I am NOT here to give something you don't have but to remove that which you are not, revealing the truth that dwells within YOU.

The following contain a portion of metaphysical knowledge considered the “Revealed Teachings” of this Inner Mystery School. Here we will attempt to fill in the gaps of your “mental understanding” about spirituality and healing.

The Mystery

The hidden language of Spirit is revealed in our dreams as images, words, songs and symbols.

Fairy tales, nursery rhymes, Disney cartoons and imaginary friends... when the inner veils between the multi-dimensional worlds were thinnest, these were the dreams that filled our childhood. But as the ways and needs of this world crashed upon us, these dreams were suppressed and hid behind walls created of ego mind... and we forgot.

If we are not true to our own, we are living someone else’s dream... or nightmare.

As writer director and “
Star” of your own life, You must fan the flames of your Dreams.

If you are not Being your Authentic Self you are living a lie.

Dreams are signs from Spirit that help us remember why we are here and what we are to do.

"What is My Dream?"

As you search for this answer you will be changed, touched with a madness and passion that will give you the courage to take on the world. The real “Quest for the Holy Grail” is to journey beyond the comfort zone of your small self, beyond anything (within or without) that stand between you and
Your Divine Purpose

Dreams gives us a purpose that makes life worth living.

Walk on water? Raise the dead? Change water to wine? The message is, if you can dream it you can achieve it. Anything is possible if you have faith and act upon a belief. Turn a lump of coal into diamond? Made ! Send a man to the moon ? Achieved ! The only limits we really have are those we put on our willingness to believe.

My dream for you is that you come to know and experience Divine Grace
that it may transform your life into something beautiful and wonderous.

May the Dream of your life be AWAKENED NOW!

"The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream." Harry Kemp

The Cosmic Script of Life
Everyone has a unique role to play in life that dovetails into everyone elses' role, all somehow fitting together quite neatly into the cosmic design.

We all have different purposes and work we are put on earth for... this is the dream in each of our hearts. To be truly happy, it is imperative that each of us comes to know and follow the truth of that dream, to manifest and be that no matter how humble or outrageous. Your courage to follow your dreams will awaken and inspire others, creating new pathways and opening doors for those who have not the strength to do so by themselves.

"Be the change you want to see in the world". Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone wants to make an impact, to make a difference.
Throw a rock into a still lake and ripples spread to the ends of its shore.
What is your gift to life that will spread to the ends of the world?

We all have a brilliance hidden deep within.
Our task as human beings is to manifest that light.

 A frequently asked question is "do you teach?" and I always say that the teaching is something you receive within. This is the essence of what a "Mystery School" is about - answers are not outwardly but inwardly revealed to the seeker. The knowledge of Self is ultimately found and experienced within You: the healing work offered here will support this self discovery process and uncover your own inner light and truth. That said, I have included the "outward teachings" on my web site in order to appease your ego-mind curiosity, hoping that it will then relax long enough to allow Spirit do its work without interruption.

"When you come to the edge of all that you know, you must believe one of two things: There will be earth to stand on or you will be given wings to fly." Richard Bach

The mystery school "teaching" comes in -only- when we let go of the ego-mind, and then being like an open receptive child, we find ourselves in the magical state of "surrender".

Spiritual "Self Mastery" is the constant practice of internally asking for and listening to the highest truth and guidance in ALL aspects of life. The more we align ALL parts of ourselves to that highest truth, the more we embody or become it.
When I am asked to teach I invariably say that when you are receiving the healings you are learning and practicing the greatest most powerful technique of all - "Surrender"! There are many powerful techniques, but I hesitate to teach them because in their practice "you" have to forcefully "do" something... it is then your ego-mind thinks it is "the doer", gets charged up and starts to take control. And even when you are doing a more subtle technique with the most delicate of intentions, yes, here too your ego-mind sneaks in and yet again, tries to take control (on those higher levels it's just more subtle about it).

One of the goals in this work is to help set aside the manipulative tendencies of the ego-mind (aka the "reptilian mind") so it cannot control or corrupt your healing process. To neutralize or counter the blatant or subtle influences of the ego-mind, we practice this surrendering. To "surrender" and or "let go" of control requires much faith and trust, which, now that you are all in control "adults", is not so easy to cultivate on ones own. In this work, we ask that you, just for a brief moment, step out of your powerful independent adult self (don't worry, it will always be there when you need it) and drop into that innocent, open, receptive, child like state where ALL possiblility lives... a state of magic... and wonder... and of Divine Grace and Healing.

In everyone there are those magical moments - most likely experienced in your childhood when the ego (and its struggle to insure your survival) was not so prevalent or activated... when surrender, openness and receptivity came naturally... and as a result, Spirit was more effortlessly and easily experienced as energy, light, love, healing, or a deeper knowing.... can you remember that far back ? In this work, we want to reconnect you to these primal pure experiences. To do this, we ask you to let go of the "I have to do something" or the "I am doing"... and in a session, allow whatever to happen happen and you.. simply receive (just like a little baby). When you do this (or should I say "not do"), you are practicing surrender. And when you really get that lesson deep down to the core of your very bones, you can in turn start to hold that very space for your own Higher Self and the Source beyond (whatever or whomever you perceive or believe that to be).

In this outwardly focused, technological culture, being able to Surrender, let go, dive in and connect to our Inner Self (let alone trust, have faith and follow its guidance) is more challenging. This is why Spirit has provided the "outer" guides, gurus, masters, psychics, teachers and healers... to provide an interim support system until that time when you are able to hold and access more and more of your own "inner" resources, eventually weaning you away from needing our services. As a spiritual teacher and healer, this is my ultimate goal with you.

The healing work I offer is a process that is experiential, meditative, self evident and self revealing... one which systematically unfolds and deepens the more you do it. If there is something you need to know, I believe that truth will effortlessly and obviously make itself known in the appropriate moment.

As a Servant of Spirit, I will mirror your truth back to you (as best as I can) sharing what wisdom I have or can channel from the higher realms and my Source... yet it is up to you to do with it what you will, to take or leave it. Besides your own Higher Self and God, you are the authority in your own life and are ultimately responsible for all that you choose to think, feel and do.
David Isaacson

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