Shifting Timelines
Healing the Matrix

We all share in the energy field, life and consciousness that make up this space ship called Planet Earth.

All the "paths" and "purposes" we have ever walked or invested ourselves (while in a physical or spiritual body) can be sensed as multi-dimensional energetic timelines that form a web or "Matrix" that permeates and interconnects ALL life. Shifting these timelines is a very unique form of healing work that optimizes the opportunities a soul may have in any one life.

All of these paths in life are interwoven (interconnected) into all the other paths of every other life form (human or otherwise) on this planet... all making up the living "Multi-Dimensional Matrix" or "Web of Life". And just like a spider and its web, if one person pulls a line that is attached to hundreds of people, everyone will feel it. Being so closely entwined in this way, we are all constantly affecting and being affected by each other. So when we clear or heal one of our own “lines”, this shifts the energy dynamics of the collective Matrix.

“Past life lines" can run into anywhere on the back half of your body. This is an outline, travelogue, or record of all your journeys. Just about everything that makes up who you are (including your ancestral lineage), and everywhere you have ever been on any dimensional reality can be followed back along these lines. Through the healing work, energies can be directed that can have a positive affect upon these lines (and their respective "purposes").

“Future life lines" emerge or are projected out from anywhere on the front half of your body. It is only at the juncture point in present time where you can alter the direction... clear and heal... or disconnect or dissolve these future lines/paths. If these lines are not disconnected or dissolved, they must be traveled upon into whatever dimensional reality they were cast.

There are often crossing or divergent points along these lines of our path - like "forks" in the road. It is at these points when our free will comes into play. Even though we cannot chose from any other path than those presented us, we are still free to choose – door number one, two or three.... And once we chose one path over another, the energy of that line compels us forward and we must follow it to its completion, including all of its experiences along the way. We cannot jump off of this pre-determined path until we reach its end or until another crossing point appears.

Many paths we now find ourselves on were chosen by us lifetimes ago, perhaps to fulfill some “Soul Contract" or "Spirit Agreement". And even if we are currently not conscious of their reasons, these "contracts" are still required of our soul to complete, and we are still compelled to stay on our path till they are played out (unless the energies of them are healed and released).

For example, no one in their right mind would choose to be murdered, but in order to balance and expunge karma we have created in the near or distant past, life lines may have been chosen to intersect with situations and people who have such malicious intent.

The Trip of Life
In regards to our earthly life, when we go on a vacation tour we expect to get the "trip" we ask and plan for, but no one can foresee all eventualities. Anything can and does happen: cars run out of gas, we lose luggage, money is stolen, the food makes us sick. This may (or may not) be “Divine Justice” - only Spirit can say for sure. In any case, all this is part of our souls earthly learning process to help us make better choices and become savvy wise travelers.

In regards to our spiritual life, our Higher Self wants us to choose – not necessarily the path that is free of as little pain and suffering... but the path that will provide our souls with the greatest opportunities for growth and healing. However, Spirit cannot force us to choose one path over another.

Do you now get the idea of "Path"? It is very much like a road. Let's say you are driving from New York to Boston, and there is a fork in the road - both roads supposedly leading to Boston. One road is the scenic slow route and the other is the freeway. You can choose either one, but once you choose you cannot so easily go back and undo it.

So you choose the scenic route... it's pleasant, but you run out of gas in some deserted back road and need a tow, and spend lots of money on motels and car repairs. You may meet some interesting characters, maybe even the love of your life. Anything can happen.

Or you choose the freeway... meet no one and see nothing new, but get to your destination very quickly.

 In both choices, there are pluses and minuses, ups and downs. If your hearts desire was to have an adventure and maybe meet the love of your life, then you picked door number one (and you have to deal with the extra expenses and time). But if your priorities were to get to some physical destination quickly (with no drama or passion or added expenses), then door number two is your way.

And if you chose to work out some serious karma and past life contracts in this trip, then maybe you pick the third fork in the road and get a speeding ticket, or are robbed and beat up, or get in a serious car accident, or who knows what else....

Our Higher Self is there watching over us all the time as our destiny unwinds.

And though many of our major choices have already been made by us while in spirit or in previous lives, the Higher Self stands ready to advise and assist in any new decision making processes if we care to ask, are able to hear the answers, and have the faith and trust to follow through with what we receive.

Often times, we are given a suggestion to follow one path over another, but seldom are we given the full itinerary. Most times we must choose and follow in blind faith and trust. This too is part of our soul’s lesson plan - surrendering to the mystery of life.

And where do all paths lead?
Oblivion, the Void, the Pure Lands, the Heart, Heaven, God...
What do you think?

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