24 Benefits of Spiritual Healing

you with the knowledge of your true purpose in being here.

your clarity to discriminate and make healthy responsible choices.

you to the realization and inspiration of your Divine Self.

your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

you with a more youthful appearance and zest for life.

you through the labyrinth of life towards your transcendental eternal self.

you within the energy, consciousness, light and love that is your true self.

you to know that there are many others on a similar path who share similar experiences.

you from the hidden burdens of the past that keep you from living in the present and dreaming of the future.

your egos' resistance to change... those doubts, fears, worldly distractions that prevent you from moving forward and manifesting your destiny.

your subtler senses of perception so that you may experience a higher quality of life.

secret powers and abilities that lie dormant under the surface of your being.

your dreams, imagination and senses with mystic visions and holy visitations.

you with expansive and ecstatic feelings of love and union with all life.

suppressed issues and stressful emotions that have been running your life.

your acceptance, understanding, faith and trust in the perfection of what IS.

your heart to creating sacred, empathic loving relationships with others.

your minds' limited concepts, identity and framework of reality.

your conscious awareness to include the whole universe and all who inhabit it.

you with a new sense of health, strength, lightness and activity.

your being that you may attract positive people and events into your life.

your personal will power and spiritual mastery over the material world.

you to synchronistic events within the flow of the universe... to be "at the right place at the right time"

material and spiritual gateways that can lead you into the most exciting unlimited possibilities for the future, in this lifetime and beyond....


"Enlightenment is progressive Disillusionment" (The Buddha)

This healing work will amaze and surprise but be warned
Before you feel new, fresh, light and free:
lifetimes of accumulated baggage must be shed, hard outer shells, blocks and resistances peeled off, limitations must fall away, illusions melt.
Before you are found, know truth and see light:
old patterns will no longer be supported and you may feel lost, confused, dazed and disillusioned.
If you find yourself in such despair, do not be discouraged
taken one step at a time even the highest mountain can be climbed.
No matter what it may look or feel (crunchy or creamy) doing even a few sessions of this healing work will move you forward on your life path.

Unrealistic Expectations

Memorialized by legendary tales of grandeur and glory, or placed upon the pedestal of the silver screen, we build our worldly and spiritual role models up to be something more than human. We project all our hopes and dreams onto these "Super Stars", and as long as they fulfill these roles, we love them as we idolize actors instead of embracing our own "Inner Star”. And if our heroes don’t perform to our expectations, we cast (or crucify) them away.

The Israelis of 2 thousand years ago were a conquered people who dreamt of freedom from Roman tyranny and the rebirth of a glorious powerful nation. Out of a simple basic desire to end such suffering, it was natural to expect a prophesied "savior" to be a warrior king who would set them free from an external tyrant and restore a new monarchy. Instead? They got a spiritual master who preached peace and love and wanted to establish a "Heavenly Kingdom". Those who didn't understand, grasp or see the spiritual possibilities were very disappointed indeed ("CRUCIFY !").
And now? It's easy to pay lip service to a teacher who has been dead for 2,000 years - he cannot personally correct us if we misinterpret his message. But what would our expectations be of Jesus if he were alive today?

What if Jesus didn't
agree with our beliefs
heal our bodies
make us rich
give us the things we want
erase our problems...
how would we feel about him then?
Would we persecute and cast him aside
call him a fraud or deluded crazy man?

Many who dedicate their lives to an ideal greater than themselves may fail to live up to worldly expectations yet from Gods perspective, be the greatest success.

As writer director and “Star” of your own life, You must fan the flames of your Dreams.
If you are not Being your Authentic Self you are living a lie.

Change is Life
Of all things in life, constant change is the only certainty. Any sort of attachment to a particular experience, event, person, place, thing, feeling or thought will always bring suffering. With this in mind, do not expect (nor judge) your healing sessions to look, feel or be one way or another (and don't expect any one session to alleviate all your problems). With this attitude you will never be disappointed in regards to the healing work or life in general.

Is This It?
Ego-mind is constantly trying to solidify its hold on the universe, to "figure it all out", to have the definitive truth tucked away in its pocket, never to be shaken or changed. Ego-mind wants to get to that place where there is no more need for search, no more change, where it can finally say "This is IT - I have Arrived". But life does not end at any one point... rather, it is a series of moments occurring ever in the Now... and the Now... and the Now. To be expecting or waiting for any one definitive event or experience (that looks and feels just like "so" and "so") is not living in the moment nor in the flow. Rather, it is keeping us in the judge-mental attitude (and constrained state of duality) that a certain experience is most desired and another is not. And so, while we are waiting for a particular experience to happen in some unknown future time, we are not being fully aware of the reality of "Now", and experiences that do not fit our "ideal" are rejected, suppressed and "stuffed" into our energy field and subconscious, there to accumulate, stagnate, rot and die.

Managing Expectations

Author Jim Collins once asked Admiral James Stockdale, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam
"Who didn't survive the camps?"
 Stockdale replied, "Oh that's easy. It was the POWs who thought they'd be home by Christmas."
Those who thought they'd be home by a certain date tended to despair and perish when they still found themselves in captivity after their expected freedom date came and went. By contrast, Admiral Stockdale survived caustic captivity for 7 years by accepting the brutal reality of his situation and being confident of eventual release. This belief kept him going. But he did NOT believe freedom would come by any specific date or in any special way. This is what saved him from despair and death. Collins, in his excellent book "Good to Great" labeled these seemingly opposed ways of thinking the "Stockdale Paradox."

The Stockdale Paradox is...
"Recognizing and owning the brutal facts while holding the determination that you're going to win, no matter how long it takes". It's not positive thinking. It's not fantasizing about how great things will be when everything goes your way. Its about being in the "Now".

The "Now"
No matter how uncomfortable, without judgment expectation or attachment, we must be able to flow in each moment (to "bend like the reed"), no matter if all the rugs of our presumed reality are pulled from under us, and all the rules and truths of yesterday change in the blink of an eye. This is actually what it means to "Be Born Again" - we start everything fresh and new, not just in each and every day, but from moment to moment. This is life “as it is”, this is the NOW.

the Past is History. the Present is a Gift. the Future is a Possibility. Heal the Past. Live in the Present. Dream the Future

Most of us are not satisfied with the “Now” - it makes us feel uncomfortable and impatient. To compensate for the pain and disappointment with “what is”, our ego-mind regresses us to some romantic past (the "good old days"), or projects us into some idyllic future fantasy.

The ego-mind is attached to the “idea” of a destination or goal only in so far as it can distract us from taking the steps to get into our feelings and into our hearts. Most of us would not even begin the journey if we knew it would take so long to complete (or never end).

Fully living and flowing in the NOW
Letting go of experiences of "before" or expectations of "after"
each moment is never dull, always new and full of adventure.
This NOW is when Spirit speaks to us with the greatest intimacy.

Profundity of Emptiness

Much healing work is not about the putting in but the taking out of that which is stuck in our personal space. Such a clearing may not be readily apparent to or felt by our human consciousness, and understandably, this initial "lack of feeling" may cause some to reconsider doing more of this work. However, it is important to understand that
“Meaning in life is defined by the emptiness that surrounds it”.

Creating and appreciating “empty space” (called “Shibui” by the Japanese) is not something we are accustomed to in this culture. The beauty of empty space is that it makes what is truly meaningful come into view. For example, the black typed words on a page are not visible without the contrast of white empty space behind it. Within the context of spirituality, our awareness - when contrasted by a space free of mental and emotional stuff, brings into focus that which remains - the Essence of Spirit.

Spirit is revealed in the empty space
Its very nature is not more but less

Ego-mind does not see empty space this way. It interprets loss of “stuff” as a bad thing because ego-mind
more drama more things more thoughts more distractions

So when the healing work is opening up a new space in our being, ego-mind does all it can to resist, block or fill it. And from all that we have internalized into our space, the false identities, ego attachments, belief systems and negative energies... we are rarely able to see the bigger picture of our lives.

The Subtlety of Spirit
Spirit comes as "a still small voice"
it is not outward, flashy, brash, inflated or proud
but internal, soft, subtle, gentle, respectful, loving, kind.

Living in this overstimulating culture
our senses are not used to listening to such silence
to recognize and distinguish inner voice from outer.

The Jig Saw Puzzle that We Are
On the human level of awareness, we do not have the overall perspective on our lives. Only Spirit knows the ultimate goal, the whole story, where everything goes.

If you look closely at the individual pieces that make up a jig saw puzzle, each piece presents a mixture of solid or blurry colors, some shapes clearly definable and ordinary, others oddly and uniquely cut. Yet to make up the whole finished picture, we need all these small pieces placed in their correct positions. In some ways, our own life is like a puzzle. There are times when we know exactly what to do, where to go and why we are doing whatever we are doing. There are other times when we feel confused with life's twists and turns... and it all seems nearly impossible to make out the details or figure out where all the separate individual pieces fit into the whole.

When experiencing a healing, you might not have the foggiest notion of what (if anything) is going on, and you may wonder if it is of any benefit. But without the overall perspective of the "bigger picture", how would you really know, how could you really tell ?

Most of us experience ourselves (and the outer world) from the limited point of view of a consciousness so full of "stuff" (actively or passively distorting our perceptions) that it's a wonder we can maneuver in life at all. Perceiving from our sense organs, the interpretation or "narration" from that view occurs within our mind as countless images and words... collectively making up the story of our lives. Though we are intimately “living” out this story from moment to moment, Spirit (our Higher Self) “knows” the plot line from beginning to end, and Spirit (in its infinite wisdom) won’t tell us all the details. If were were to know (besides taking the suspense and mystery out of living) we would not learn what it is to live in faith and trust. Yes, we could try to force the pieces of our lives to fit into some shape, and we could try to force our life story to go a way we think it should, but there are more powerful forces (that twist and turn the universe) overruling our small human plans making our lives never go exactly the way we desire. Besides, if we try to force the pieces of a puzzle into a shape of our own choosing, we end with loose pieces that don’t fit anywhere, and an image that will not make sense. This is how our lives are when we run it from the limited perspective of ego-mind.
If we want our lives to be as creative, loving, happy or__ as possible, we need to let go of our small ego-mind stories and let go of the illusions of who we think we are. The Healer (working in conjunction with your Higher Self) is here to assist in this "letting go" process. With a sufficient amount of work, enough "stuff" will be removed from your space allowing the "Divine Artist" (your own Higher Self) to easily (without impediment or distraction) direct the most Divine Story and paint the most Divine Image upon the canvas of your life. Spirit can look at where every minute aspect of your life fits in with the universal "Divine Design" (which, by the way, doesn’t end at the death of our bodies). It is from this Divine Knowing that Spirit approaches each healing session.

Spirit looks at your entire being
as it was.. is.. and shall be
from past.. present.. to future
as it exists in its highest sublime form
to how it is manifesting here on earth
and all dimensions in between.

This Healing work:
  • Moves the individual puzzle “pieces” of your life around till they start to fit neatly into place and coalesce into the original picture that you were meant to be.
  • Rearranges the narration of your story so that it starts to make sense and harmonize with all other beings within the greater universe.
  • Takes your ego-mind off the outer world by creating empty space around and within so that your attention starts focusing on what’s true and meaningful in life.
Until you do enough of this healing work, the immediate benefits may not be readily apparent. If during your session there is felt even the subtlest shifts, let that be sufficient, for each healing you receive builds upon the previous. It's like the stones laid in the foundation of a massive structure... the larger a structure the more work must be done before the finished product is realized. Our soul is massive and very complex, much more than any building on earth. So too, many sessions must be completed, usually over the course of weeks and months (or in some cases years and lifetimes) before the majority of benefits are seen.

If you do enough of this healing work, you will at some point see and understand all the steps of your life's journey from a clearer perspective (you might even catch glimpses of the "Universal Picture"). Until then, ones perspective of the healing process will be similar to the old adage of "not being able to see the forest from the trees". In the meantime, trust that Spirit knows the path our soul must take to get through this confusing chaotic mess that is life.

Any great journeys take time to unfold, involves hardship, demands patience, persistence and yes, sacrifice. There will be steep hills to climb, cold winds, lonely dark nights, views that may be rather stark. Don’t expect to make sense of or "figure" anything out (that's ego-mind trying to take control). Trust that as long as you continue the healing process, Spirit will get you to a better place sooner and easier than if done alone. Till then, the best thing any of us can do is try to enjoy the splendour that is "Now".

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