There are basically 2 sorts of egos we work with, or should I say that “work us”.

Spiritual Ego
The “Spiritual Ego” is a “spark” from the great “Divine Flame” that catalyzed the creative process of the universe. This spark is our portion of that flame, perhaps even, a portion of God himself. This “spark” (that we all carry inside) still holds the memory of this passionate event we all share with our creator and the rest of creation. This spark still identifies itself as being a part of this Oneness. Its constant desire is to unite our individual selves (and the rest of creation) back into its source - the Creator.

The spiritual ego acts as a sort of touchstone that reminds our soul (even if immersed in illusion and limitation) who we really are... and like a compass, points us in the direction we must go to get back home. The spiritual ego nudges us to expand our sense of self beyond our limited sense of identity... beyond an awareness of our mate, immediate family, clan, tribe, village, state or nation... beyond our culture or creed, job title or degree, financial status, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, political affiliation, age or even pant size. By following the guiding light of this Divine Spark, our awareness and sense of self will expand far enough that we will eventually re-unite with all of creation, reaching the pinnacle realization - Universal Love.

Shadow Ego
Just like our soul is endowed with the ability to split itself into the form of many aspects or lower selves, so too was the spiritual ego given the ability to split itself into a lower form of ego, albeit a “shadow” of the original spark. Because our “shadow egos” and lower selves are of a denser nature, they are more “oriented” towards functioning on the lower dimensions of the astral plane and material universe. For the sake of argument, one could even call this lower ego the "astral" or “material ego”, a sort of reverse or mirror image of our divine ego. Where the divine ego is all about expanding and uniting with the Creator and love, the material ego is all about contraction of self. It labels and compartmentalizes all of creation and all experience into tidy little boxes and concepts. And all that it identifies, it holds on to and guards for dear life against any and all comers:

If we are functioning from the “spiritual” ego, we are in harmony and at one with ourself and the universe, and if problems arise in life they are usually not of our own creation. However, when we are functioning from the "material" ego, the problems that arise mostly originate from self created inner conflict, disharmonious thoughts and feelings of separation, lack, pain and fear. And no wonder we hold all this inside- in the vast history of our incarnation on this planet, there have been a great many occasions when the conditions of life (both natural and man made) were quite severe and traumatic. Simply from the point of view of a biological life form, humans needed to do some pretty nasty things in order to survive. However, times have changed - we have evolved towards a greater purpose way beyond the simple perpetuation of our biological species.

The Ego Mind
When we were first created...
Our experience of the universe was undifferentiated.
There was no space or time.
There was no "where" or "when".
There was no concept of duality, only an awareness of "The One"
There was no separation between people and things.
There was no sense of "I" or "you", "mine" or "yours".

There was just an expansive, unlimited awareness of the unity of all creation. We were at one with the "universal mind" and we could hear the "universal voice" (the sound of AUM) resounding through all. And yet, in the space of time (it could have been a moment or a millennia) we realized that we were also endowed with an individual soul containing the rudiments of a “separate mind” with a “separate voice”. This allowed us to have the freedom and ability to discriminate and choose between one thing or another, between "yes" or "no". And with that ability to choose came the self directing, self motivating will power to act upon that determination.

And just like what happened in the Garden of Eden, nudged by our shadow ego (the serpent?) we ate the "apple" and gained the "knowledge of good and evil" (the awareness of "duality"). And with this one little choice, the great separation or rift in unity consciousness began, eventually to cascade from one defying choice after another, sweeping us further and further into duality... and deeper and deeper into darker and heavier density... muffling our conscious awareness of the "universal mind" into an almost imperceptible still small voice. We had stepped upon a path where the vibrations and energies became more and more convoluted and material, descending us deeper into the lower realms of creation. And the further we moved away from the unity and harmony of the “Universal Mind” and the clarity of its resonant truth, the louder the voice of the "ego mind" got (one drowning out the other). It is this "ego mind" we must now grapple with as it still judges and wills, perhaps now more than ever. And our soul still must decide what voice it will listen to (hint; the voice that yells loudest does not make it true).

The results of any choices we have ever made, the fruit of these actions (our "karma") is held within our energy vibrational bodies, making up who we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, today and into the future.

We are the way we are because of all the choices we have ever made.
So too is the world the way it is because of the accumulated choices of all who have ever lived on her.

The Ego Mind has the ability to label or identify the world around it (including its self) from and within a conceptual or mental frame of reference. This is good in the sense that by being able to discriminate between one thing and another, we have developed a complex language which enables us to communicate with other people... which has layed the foundation for us to practically (and inventively) manipulate and control the world around us. The downside is that the ego mind tends to identify with actions, things, people and ideas, thus contracting our energies and consciousness into compartamentalized boxes such as: this car is mine; this is my wife; I am your son; you are my child; I am white; I am a Christian; I am a Democrat, and so on.... This identification and attachment alters ones thinking process and subsequent actions, all of which creates and locks us into cycles of energetic patterns and programs called by the Yogis "samscaras".

The Ego Mind also sits in judgment on these differences between actions, things, people and ideas, eventually labeling one "good" and the other "bad". These learned behaviors and belief systems become indelibly imprinted upon our mind (like programs in a computer) held within our energetic and cellular memories, passed down in us (and our ancestral lineage) lifetime after lifetime... on and on (until somehow they get deleted). When our ego mind starts to create and accumulate all these incidental programs, our divine purpose instilled in us by our creator becomes overwritten and we start to run on the egos programs. From here on out it’s just a matter of time before we become subject to and creations of our own ego. And for all intents and purposes, our ego replaces the True and becomes our god - the false idol of our worship. Through subterfuge of the consciousness, the ego further subverts and usurps our divine purposes (like a virus that can mimic and confuse the immune systems' own antibodies). At this point, the ego is so insidiously enmeshed within our psyche that it can fool us into believing anything. When it comes to spiritual matters, its rational thinking can run circles around our intuitive feelings, leading us to believe all sorts of lies as true (as exemplified so well in George Orwell's book "1984": "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.)

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

Through the Divine Light of this healing work, stuff created by the ego mind shall be broken down and released. The old twisted distorted paradigms, programs, traditions, ideas, belief systems... all that you have accumulated from your church, school, family, friends... will no longer fit, and you will once again be free to follow your divine purpose and be your highest Truth.

Ego Orientation
There is a time and a place to strengthen our ego-identity, and a time to release it. In our culture (generally speaking), men have over-developed ego minds in order to function more efficiently in the rational world. Mens ego orientation is centered around and for themselves and what they can accomplish. For women, we may see the opposite (though this is changing as more women enter academia and engage in a full time career). Traditionally, the woman's focus has been more on the needs of her children (verses herself). Mothers hold their children to be the center of their world...their egoic point of reference then is not so much inside themselves as outside in their children. All the mothers thoughts, feelings, identity... is invested in this "other". The mother holds her ego identity and attention outwardly focused or expanded onto others, while the fathers attention is directed towards personal achievement of self. All judgement aside, both are important role models demonstrating two polar examples of being for the developing child.

One must first fully embrace the energetic container and content of ones limitations before being able to completely transform and release them.

Children all go through a stage where they feel as if the world revolves around them - where they are held to develop as in a cocoon. This is an important period where the ego is needed to form in order to develop a strong sense of personal boundaries and a central point of reference. Once firmly established, then it is possible to shift and expand that limited perspective towards a different point of view, to release the containment of the cocoon and freely fly out into the world. If the soul has not had the proper time and environment to completely develop its ego, then it will be stuck and not be able to transform.

Integrity - Boundaries - A Practice
The basic foundation of any dynamic spiritual growth is rooted in having "Integrity" - intact personal boundaries and a core self identity. If sense of self is undeveloped or weak, one is not able to hold their ground in the world and in relationships. The converse is a problem too - with too strong of an ego and will without a respectful sense of other, one easily oversteps into someone else's space. Either case is a problem of personal integrity - one exhibits passive tendencies, the other arrogant or aggressive tendencies. When you have a strong sense of integrity - of where you end and another begins - you will be able to say "NO!”, mean it and unshakably stand by it no matter what the consequence. As a child, most people were not given sovereignty over their own personal space (being dominated by someone else's will) and are still in reaction to this in many aspects of their lives (perhaps exhibited as passive aggressive behaviors).

Here is a practice for you to develop your personal space - your ego-will.
Go into your room or some personal private area where you feel safe to connect to the universe and your God/Higher Self (somewhere that is sound proof). Yell and scream "NO" over and over.


See how this makes you feel. There is no one there but you and God. No one is telling you this is wrong. Saying "NO" is allowed and acceptable. It is your choice. In fact, if you cannot say "NO" with firmness and commitment, can you truly say "Yes" to life? It is two sides to the same coin, and both must be honored alike (for balance, you may also practice the reverse and say "YES" over and over).

The next step in this practice is to say "No" to someone in your life you have always said "Yes" to (or vice versa). This is a exercise in developing boundaries, open communication and trust. If you have a relationship where you are respected as a sovereign individual, then they will equally receive and honor your "No" with as much love and acceptance as a "Yes". When you do this practice, choose what you say "No" to very carefully, making it something that is just about your life and your boundaries. Be prepared for any response from this other person. Remember, this is a test of your boundaries and integrity... and to what extent other people around you are honoring of that. It is also a test of how unconditionally loving and accepting the other person is of you. The converse is true too - when you start to claim your personal space, you must also give others their space.

Ego - Friend or Foe
Your ego can be your best friend or worst enemy. If you find that the materially minded ego is running your life, it will not easily or willingly surrender or relinquish control and power to the higher authority (your God Self). But it has always been your choice who you give the power and control of your life over too - your ego self or your God Self (and in many situations, you have even given that power and control over to some external authority). When you finally realize that the ego (after running your life into the ground and destroying you and everything and everyone around you), is maybe not the best most wisest ruler... perhaps only then are you ready to make another choice and surrender control of your life up to a Higher Power (since the ego must learn "humility", this help must often come through a human channel).

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.
He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.”
"One is Evil - It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”
“The other is God - It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"
The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Though our earthly parents tried to wisely guide our choices, they too may have been trapped by their own egoic devices (however divine or flawed our earthly parents, I trust they did the best they could with what they had, karma and all). So it's natural there comes a point when we realize our earthly parents have gone beyond their ability to be our guiding light... and this is when the journey starts, when we begin to search for someone who may guide us beyond. For many, this is where the healer steps in to show you to the "Inner Door", where eventually you may come to realize your own inner parent - your own spiritual master.

Attachment and Fear
We are frail and insecure creatures subject to a human nature that has been thousands of years in the making, struggling with the basic needs to survive in an ever changing world. We all have learned to hold on with a death grip to all that comes, no matter if it eventually falls apart, fades and decays with time.

"Store not your treasures where rust doth corrupt"

We hold on to concepts, beliefs, bodies, people, things, feelings, memories... everything. No wonder we are constantly in fear... the fear of losing all these things runs and motivates our lives: fear of loss, fear of being out of control, fear of pain, fear of getting old, fear of dying, fear of being wrong... these are just a few. And yet, as long as we are holding on, it seems inevitable and logical that all things we "possess" will eventually fall through our hands... and all our worst fears will be realized. What to do?

One of the more serious problems a soul may have while it exists in this material world - even for the souls who dwell in the spirit realms - is that of ego "attachment", be it to attract something to ones self, or repell. Even the slightest degree of attachment, if combined with the souls power of intention, can have serious consequences. One slight intention can cascade a series of events that once started cannot be stopped. In the weightless of space, an imperceptible touch motivated by a subconscious thought, may nudge an object towards a certain trajectory.. so to can a person in body, with the slightest push of a tiny rock, start a cascade effect that will create an avalanch of boulders to roll down a mountain. In heaven as it is on earth, this is the power of ego, intention, attachment, attraction and repulsion.

The universal law of attraction states that you will gravitate towards and attract what you desire.

Once you have the object of your desire, you may find it possesses you.

If you hold anger, fear, hate and violence (no matter how deeply hidden within your sub-consciousness) that is what you will magnetize to yourself - no matter if it (or you) exists in physical or non physical form. Such things will draw themselves to you as matter floating in weightless space is attracted by the gravity of a planet. And as more and more stuff is accumulated, it will add its density or weight upon your soul... and quite possibly to your physical body (which may be one cause for obesity). The more you can un-attach or let go of your “stuff”, the freer and lighter you will become. This is of course easier said than done... which is why we all need the healing work.

The best way we can ever hope to directly inter-face and inter-act with what is real in this very moment is to not be prejudiced, tainted, or influenced by all the “stuff” we hold, commonly known as "baggage". Over lifetimes of journeying through many lands, we have accumulated much "baggage", helpful at times, most is now outmoded and obsolete... yet we are still carrying it around (and it is slowing us down).

Within every "bag" comes a number of multi-colored (some very dark) reading glasses and an instruction manual on how to function in one particular situation or another. Some baggage has a name on it that says "relationships", one says "belief systems", and another "thoughts" and so on. When we come into a new situation, we can't help but bring out our "baggage", pull out our glasses and consult our manual. Some people are very comfortable and feel safe with all this paraphernalia - it gives them the belief that their lives are organized and they can make sense of reality and thus know how to think, feel, and act in every situation. Many are so deathly and fearfully attached to their stuff...  they won't part from it for anything. In fact, many people are even wanting to accumulate more stuff ! (so true). Look around at all the things people have - it’s all a reflection of their inner. The difficulty arises when, in addition to all your baggage, the people we interact with bring their baggage, glasses and manuals... so instead of interacting directly with that other person, it all filters through this other stuff. When you realize that most of your interpersonal relationships are based on a relationship of "stuff", it can be very sobering.

Once you are free of more and more stuff (via the healings) perhaps you will begin to see that what you thought was reality is like nothing it appeared to be: The people who we felt and thought we knew are nothing like we earlier perceived. The truths we earlier believed in are empty shadows - mere reflections of something else or outright lies.

Underneath the surface, there exists layers and layers of diverse consciousness and vibrations... whole worlds invisible to the material eye... multi-dimensional beings behind beings... wheels within wheels... spinning agendas desires and determinations... plans cast eons ago unfolding in the now and eternal future. And we think we know what truth is? The best we can hope for (if we really work at it) is to be clear enough of our personal baggage so that we can directly experience who we really are... and perhaps, just perhaps, we may be able to really know another.

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