Alchemy:Process of Spiritual Transformation

All that exists within the universe is composed of energy: electro-magnetic energy, thermal-chemical energy, potential-gravitational energy, solar-photonic energy, subatomic-nuclear energy, psychic-mental energy, vibrational-sound energy....

We live in an ocean of energy: we breathe energy, smell energy, taste energy, see energy, touch energy and think energy. Whether we are aware of it or not, energy in one form or another permeates every one and every thing. This energy is processed and incorporated within our beings at every moment of our lives. The law of physics states that “energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transmuted from one form to another”. Within the context of healing, this transformation or shift of energy from one state to another is called “Alchemy”.

An Evolutionary Consciousness

According to Hindu mysticism, our physical spine has within it an etheric channel called "Shushumna". At the base of our sacrum within this channel resides a coiled up dormant energy and consciousness called "Kundalini", personified as the Goddess "Shakti". When awakened from her long slumber, the Kundalini proceeds to uncoil and ascend up through the Shushumna, penetrating all the chakras, eventually to meet and merge with her counterpart in spirit, personified as the God "Shiva". Durring the process of this ascension, the Kundalini activates and awakens many psychic powers and abilities, bestowing many mystical experiences and spiritual realizations.

Kundalini is well represented through out time and across many religious traditions: to the Greek mystery schools it is the serpent headed "Staff" or "Caduceus" (a symbol still used by the medical profession today); to the ancient Mayans it is the rainbow feathered serpent "Quetzalcoatl"; in the Old Testament it is the "serpent" in the "Garden of Eden"; and from a "scientific" point of view, the undulating movements of a snake (this Kundalini) mimic the spiraling vortex of electro-magnetic energy created when a current of electricity runs through a metal pole.

Ley Lines and Vortexes
Kundalini exists not just within our bodies, but also throughout the physical universe.

In Chinese Feng Shui and Celtic Geomancy, this conscious energy flowing through channels in the earth are known as "Dragon" or "Ley Lines". Upon crossing and accumilating points of these lines many sacred powerful temples were built. In fact, most of the older churches in Great Britain were build upon the foundations of these ancient temples. If you look at Celtic art today, Ley Lines and Vortexes are still well represented.

In special locations on the planet (Sedona, Arizona for ex.) ley line energies can be felt to not only run in linear lines, but circulate in clockwise and counter clockwise directions going into and out of the planet. This phenomena is likened to the positive and negative poles of a magnet: swirling vortexes of energies radiating up and out of the earth are considered "positive"... and swirling vortexes of energies descending into the ground are considered "negative". The positive vortexes give out energy (beneficial if one is deficient or lacking in energy), and the negative vortexes absorb energy (beneficial if one holds an excess amount of stuck blocked energies in the body, or if one is feeling ungrounded).

Ley Lines and Vortexes also have corespondent energy points within our own bodies. Ley Lines are likened to the energy "Meridians" of Oriental Medicine and Vortexes are likened to the "Chakras" (in the Sanskrit language, "chakra" translates as "wheel"). Our chakras (located in the front and back of our bodies, palms, head and feet) may go through alternating phases where they spiral clockwise or counterclockwise... radiating or absorbing energy. Everyone is different, but normally the chakras in the front of the body radiates out energy... and the chakras in the back of the body receives energy.

Intention Will and Desire
No matter how powerful Shakti Kundalini is in the the created universe, as she exists within our body mind, she is (to a great extent) still subject to our free will. Meaning, we have the ability to resist, block and suppress her... or... we can surrender to her wisdom and allow her to flow freely (this conflict is outwardly manifesting as the struggle we now see unfolding between the ultra conservative religious right and women who want sovereign control over their own bodies).
Who and what we are is greatly determined and directed by the intentions or will of our "ego" mind and the desires of our heart. What we intend, will and desire - in essence what we project out into the world - is what we attract, attach to and become. In other words, as we project out our thoughts and feelings (ie. energy) towards anything or anyone, we may find ourselves taking on or identifying with that external state of matter, mind or consciousness. For example, when we incarnate and live within a physical body, the inclination of our ego mind is to take on or identify with its state of matter (this is "My" body) and its associated emotions ("I Am" afraid, angry, sad, depressed, jealous, and so on).

Devolution of Consciousness
Deep down, all souls hold the memory of separation from "The One". Whatever brought about this real or perceived separation or "Fall from Grace", be it a mysterious act of God or a rebellious act of angel, demon or man, the result was the same - a slowing down of the Kundalini's vibrations resulting in the body mind transition into a denser state of energy and a clouded over or veiled consciousness.

Using the various states of water as an analogy:
The Kundalini in its "etheric" state...
  vibrates quickly to rise and expand
(higher spiritual consciousness).

The Kundalini in its "Astral” state...
vibrates easily to flow into any shape
(the mind or psyche).

The Kundalini in its "Physical" state...
vibrates slow to be as solid as ice
(the actual spinal cord and brain).

While the vibrations of the body mind devolve, the consciousness of the personal ego self may begin to identify with these various denser states of matter and being. To be clear, it is not the soul that is devolving, but the vibrational layers of created constructs that surrounds it. The soul itself is eternally free, but it can (through intention and desire of the ego self) be surrounded, veiled or hidden from human awareness, with layers of dense vibrations till the human loses sight of its pure identity/essence and gets lost in the illusion it has cloaked itself with.

The Quickening
The lower vibrations within the spine can likewise be awakened, accelerated, supported and stimulated by applying higher vibrations through the core of ones body mind. In this "Quickened" there is a release of density which allows for an increase of energy flow, often felt as physical and psychic heat. The (icy) density within begins to vibrate at a faster and faster rate until the Kundalini energies "transform" or "transmute" the lower vibrations into a subtler and subtler state. And as the energies ascend (like steam, or mercury in a thermometer) what is revealed are the more astral (liquid)... and then the more etheric (steam) levels of ones underlying spiritual consciousness.

Auras - The Divine Light
The "Divine Light" shinning through the multi-dimensional layers/veils of density surrounding and permeating the embodied soul is called the "Aura". The colors and intensity of the aura basically correspond to the souls innate vibration and its immediate thoughts and feelings (as well as numerous other factors). Those who are psychically sensitive to perceiving this aura are called "clairvoyant". For those who cannot see the aura, a Kirlian Camera can be used. Here is one such example of a Kirlian aura photograph (taken of myself many years ago).

example of a Kirlian aura photograph

Auras and Density
The phenomena of the aura has been well known for ages. The most classic examples are of Jesus and his disciples depicted with white or golden halos around their heads! Such bright, light, pastel colors in the aura show up in souls who are open, clear and connected to the highest subtle etheric realms of spirit.
Souls who are more oriented and connected to the emotional "astral" dimensional realms would show an aura that has more vivid florescent colors.
Souls who are oriented, connected - and grounded - to the physical density of the earth hold lower vibrations in their energy field, and thus would show condensed or darker colors in their aura. NOTE: A soul who is so grounded into the physical dimension and has a dark colored aura is different than a soul whose aura is partly or completely BLACK. Black in the aura indicates there is NO love or light coming in or through.  But that doesn't mean black souls don't exist ! Black souls... empty, lost and disconnected from the Divine Source are like black holes that WILL suck the light and life force out of everything and everyone around! (really). The Divine Light or as some say, The Christ Consciousness, is of light, love and life. If put to a mirror, you would see that the opposite of "live" is "evil" (coincidence?). Evil or as some would say, "the anti-christ", happens to be a self aware consciousness, one that lives and hides in the deepest darkest shadows and realms that touch upon and worm through those areas of the aura that are black. Fortunately there are very few souls whose aura is totally and completely black - there is always some degree of light and life that shines forth in everyone. In fact, many souls display a mixed aura: subtle light colors in the higher chakras (around the head), some vivid bright astral colors (here and there), and some more condensed darker colors (esp in the lower chakras). But the warning still stands: there always is a chance that some darkness is blocking the divine light from flowing through some part of your aura allowing for some dark negative entity to bleed through your energy field and consciousness. This I feel is why healers or therapists, no matter how much they feel or believe they are of the light and have love in their heart, must not give up doing the inner work (especially if you are a healer or therapist !).

We all started this journey of creation as beings in and of the light. As we traveled through the materialization process, our soul took on greater and greater densities, our inner light became covered and hidden, and we got lost in the illusion of separation. The spiritual path is our journey back to experiencing our original State of Grace... it is a "Return to Innocence" - the realization of our inner light and its oneness with God.

Liberation - the Big Stretch
As the Soul experiences itself in these higher or lower states of being, the difficulty and danger occurs when that part of its ego-mind begins to "identify" with and attach itself to these limited states of matter. Healing at this point becomes more than simply the transformation of energies and vibrations from one state to another... one must also liberate the ego-mind "consciousness" from its identifications and attachments.

If we cease to “change” and “flow”... that is to say, if we stop moving, stretching or expanding... our minds, thoughts, energies, emotions and body become more and more stagnated, congested, contracted, darker and denser... till our physical body can no longer hold our life force and it -this physical bodily shell- dies.

To experience a more abundant life, we must be in a state of constant change and “stretch” or “expand” in every which way possible. Life itself does have a way of naturally doing this, but we also can proactively help it along. There are many spiritual paths and practices that attempt this, and each has it's place. What I am offering here is one of them.

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