the inner healing temple 

The True Healing Temple is a personal sacred space or container we all were Divinely destined to be endowed with and carry the energy of through life. However, through personal wrong action or misuse of will, injury or out right assault, the integrity of such a container is often eroded, damaged, or even non existent, and we are left more or less energetically naked and vulnerable to the malignant forces and entities in the universe.

The Healing Temple or "Sacred Energetic Container" that the Healer embodies, and during the course of a session holds you within (a cocoon or womb of sorts) is designed to protect your energy field and consciousness from such malignant forces and entities. This in turn allows you to feel safe and secure, thereby allowing your ego self and its survival mechanisms to let go its constant obsession to protect and defend (fight or flight), creating a space and freedom that gives your spirit permission to redirect its awareness off the ego and towards your own healing needs and Divine Self.


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The Healing Temple

ALL healing ultimately comes from God or Source.
Those who channel this "Grace" are called "Ministering Angels" or "Healers".

The Healer is simply a Pure Channel of Energy, Higher Consciousness, Love and Light.

Though we have a limited physical body, our Spirit Self is not bound by it.

When our small human self opens and links up to the greater consciousness and energy of Spirit, we effectively become an extension of that Spirit and become its Spiritual "Agent", "Channel", "Intermediary" or "Representative". These connections to Spirit are unique to each soul, and make up ones "Spiritual Lineage". In this particular case, I (David) am linked up to a multitude of various multi-dimensional "Aspects" (my "Being"), and above that, to my own Higher Self and Source. In addition, outside of that personal sphere, I am also connected in consciousness to countless other Spirit Beings (Angels, Masters, etc), ALL of who make up the unique collaborative healing team of this particular Healing Temple I am presenting here to you. My healing work is as effective as it is because I draw upon the power of this Vast Unlimited Spirit, Not of the human personality, body or flesh.

The “Healer” is not the limited body, persona, mind or ego that makes up this human self. These qualities are just the “tip of the iceberg” of the whole being, revealing a fraction of what powers can be accessed from the Unlimited Spirit.

When “We” (my spiritual lineage) are working with you, the healing does not come from nor necessarily come through the shell of this physical body, ego personality or limited human mind (such a little container can never hold the immensity and complexity of Spirit). However, these "lower" parts do help link or “ground” the consciousness and energies of Spirit into this dimension (like electricity is grounded into the earth by a wire). This grounded connection allows me to act as the "Representative" for my own Lineage, but also gives me the ability to communicate with your higher self and those Spirits that make up your lineage.

The healing work itself ultimately comes from and is directed by the Higher God Consciousness I am an extension of. It is from this "Super-Conscious" level that the Higher Self can access any information about your situation and then - if and when in alignment with the Divine Plan - proceed to heal it

Healing by Mutual Intention
As a “Spiritual Agent", my role is to get as much of your being in agreement with, committed to, and engaged in this healing process as possible. This "alignment of intention" must be present if any degree of healing work is to occur. This is the prime key - the major component - that allows us (your lineage and mine) to spiritually and energetically work together towards a common goal - a successful healing.

Working together is more powerful than alone
as they say, "two heads are better than one".

Co-Creating the Healing Experience
It is true that "All is within", yet.. it is also true that our ability to access "All" our spiritual resources is somewhat limited due to our resistances. I certainly could not have gotten to where I am now without the support of many healers. Likewise, I know that when "we" (my Spiritual Healing Team and I) work with you, our combined resources move you beyond your current limitations - beyond what you can achieve by yourself. And to be clear, when you ask for and receive a healing, you don't "give your power away" to me, but rather (by working together) we "empower each other" to "co-create" a healing event. Actually, this is the definition of Healing.. and Love - it's the bringing together of that which is separate... into One.

Once the intention to heal is "initiated" or "activated"... and transmission of the energies occur... I (David) step out of the way and "Let go and let God". At this point, I (my personal self) am no longer in control nor conscious of what goes on in your healing session... and what you experience is then between you, our Spirit Selves, and God.
Spiritual Healing is to be Felt... Not Analyzed
Your experience of the healing session is yours alone. My Higher Self may share with me some pertinent information about it, but only that which is the absolute minimum necessary to know.. and then convey to you later. But generally, during your session, I usually do not receive any sensations, images, or messages. Spirit wants the healing to be received and processed simply, safely and easily. If you were given all the information about what is occurring in your session , this would be too overwhelming, mentally confusing, and emotionally disturbing. Besides, to the limited conscious mind, such information can easily distract ones attention away from the healing, thereby drawing it into the mind to be fodder as an academic exercise, not a life altering event. In other words, Spiritual Healing is something to be felt, not analyzed.

The healing work itself is not designed to stroke your mental appetites and academic interests - if you want that, take a class or read a book. This work is designed to get you out of your head and into your heart.

Our biggest hurdle in life is our mutually ingrained FEARS and "MISSED-TRUST" of each other. the Holy Spirit and of God. It is these Fears and Mistrust that are the cause for all our feelings of "Separation" and Alienation. To overcome and heal and move into a place of ONE-NESS and LOVE, it requires that we step into the healing relationship with FAITH and TRUST in the Spirit directing the work and God who is overseeing our life. Without Faith and Trust, nothing in life is accomplished, yet, Faith and Trust is not something most of us now have a great deal of, and so it must be exercised and tested... over and over again. This healing work provides one of the best opportunities to practice this you will ever find.


No one lives in a vacuum - the cycle of life is a constant giving and receiving. No one can only give and give - or receive and receive - without creating a karmic imbalance. This is why I advocate an equal exchange of money for healing services. Most people have a gross imbalance here, manifesting as co-dependent behaviors, questionable boundaries, power manipulation and control. And since few are able to give of themselves without trying to get something back in return... and receive without feeling dis-empowered... I have outlined what you must pay in order to get this healing... simple, uncomplicated, straight forward. These clearly defined set fees for services maintains a balance in our exchange so we can both have clear boundaries, self respect and integrity.

Spirit and I are respectful of your free will and considerate of your well being, thus we cannot deprive you of the opportunity to care for yourself as demonstrated by investing in your own healing - the ultimate act of “Self Empowerment”.

Spirit Works through People
To some degree or another, everyone is a channel for their Higher Spirit Self, yet... not all Spirits are able to do all things. Just as humans have different areas of expertise and function, so to does our Spirit Self. Working with and through this particular channel (David) we have my own "individualized" Higher Spirit Self, but also a "Collective" of other Higher Spirit Selves... and of course God. Together, we hold a very large space filled with some very unique healing gifts, the purpose of which is (at the very least) to further expand the light of your awareness so that you may come to know the magnificent Spirit that you are.

Your Spirit Self too has a unique purpose
Are you curious to know what that is?
Do the healing work and you will find out.

The Messenger
I (David) don't profess to be infallible or perfect. The messages that come to me from within and above must first come through the filters of my own human mind before they are shared with you. I too am still in the ongoing process of clearing the way to ground and integrate the full measure of my own Higher Self into this “David” person. With this in mind, take anything I say with a grain of salt - if it feels right to you then it is your own truth I am mirroring (and you are ready to hear it). If not, let it go and follow your own counsel. I am not here to argue with you – that’s a waste of our time - you get it or you don’t.

If or when I am guided to convey certain “sensitive” or possible “unpleasant” messages, I will strive to be true to that inner voice and do so - even at the risk of losing you as a client (which has happened). On the outside chance that such information may benefit you (either now or further on down the road) I will consider it my gift to the greater good. I have learned not to be in judgment of what comes through from Spirit (I trust that it is always with your highest and best interests in mind). Irregardless, again... whatever information I offer, you are always in choice to accept or reject it.

I am Not a Psychic
I don’t give advice on finances or romance - if you want such information go ask a psychic (or whoever else does these things). I may from time to time offer some words on such matters (if guided) but with that (like anything I say) you are always free to think and do as you please.

This is not a Cult
Though I do have my own set of beliefs, teachings and opinions about many things, I don't expect or ask you to have the same. The main purpose for me sharing my thoughts and feelings here in this venue is for you to get a sense of who I am so that we can develop a level of trust and openness in our relationship (have you read my bio and poems yet?). If I have any agenda, it's that you be happy and healthy. To reach this end, if it involves doing this work.. great... if not.. it's all good (I trust Spirit will find you another way).

Except for the healing treatments, I do not (usually) proscribe any diets, exercises or other things you must do or not do in your life. All these things have their place, but advising you about any of them is not my thing. In regards to you, it's all about the healing work - that’s my bottom line. You are always free to come and go into or out of this work as you choose. There are no strings in my healing relationship with you on any level - Spirit will not allow it. I wish to remain free and un-encumbered from that which would only interfere with my own healing process (if I were to ensnare, cord or hook you into my energy field, I would be equally trapped). Once my Spirit is finished working with you, we totally remove ourselves from your energy field. After that, your life and what you choose to do with it is between you and God.  As I indicated, the information I share about my self is to show you that I am a real person. However, this work is not about me or who I am - it’s all about YOU... who you are and what or who you can be. It’s about living your dream and fulfilling your potential. The end goal of my work is to get you to a point where you can tap into your own spiritual source and not have to run to a psychic (or me for that matter) for the answers to all your questions - I've got more important things to do than run your life. However, if you allow me, I can be a most powerful ally to help you achieve your own spiritual goals and destiny in this life time... dissolving all that stands between you and you dream... your glorious purpose.


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