The Tao
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Our "Vital Body" contains a life force or "Qi" that is fed by and connected to all the elemental forces in our environment. This Qi flows in and out through the power of our breath, and is regulated by the fluctuating electo-magnetic currents of our energy meridians. According to Taoist masters, one of the main points in the body where this particular Qi is focused and accumulates is at the "Dan Tien" (an area located slightly within and below our belly button). This area is where analchemical dance between contracted and expanded states of matter and energy occur, imagined or represented as the Yin-Yang symbol.
Yin Yang represents
the flowing back and forth
from expansion of infinite source
to contraction of limited manifestation
from destruction... to re-creation.

The Tao

The very nature of life is constant change.
The truth revealed in this moment may not be the same in the next. In Zen, this is "Beginners Mind" - where everything experienced is done as if for the first time. This state of being is not something one can achieve with effort or force of will, but something inherent to our very nature, existing below the "cultivated mind" (that part of us that takes the rawness of life and conceptualizes, reasons, interprets and judges). This is why it is said that children are closer to the Kingdom of Heaven - they have no preconceived training that cloud their perceptions of reality.

Concepts, ideas, words were all created by the mind to describe something beyond the mind.
Words are not "The Thing" but a symbolic representation of it.
We imbue these concepts, ideas and words with our own life force-power, and only this gives them meaning.

The "Truth" is not the words themselves but what is lodged in between, behind and beyond them. Its essence is sensed as an energy, consciousness or vibration (perhaps you feel this now as you read these words).
If your mind disagrees with anything said within this website, that's ok... just try to feel the essence or power being conveyed-transmitted in between, behind and beyond. To do this, read a few lines that attract your attention. Sit quietly, close your eyes and feel. Whatever comes into your awareness (be it a knowing, a message, a sensation, thoughts, colors, sounds) this is your inner truth.

It's not as important if my words are correct or "make sense". The intention here is to catalyze a shift in your thinking process - to question your conceptual reality and help you feel outside your "comfort zones".

Words feed the ravenous ego mind that wants to know - how do I fit this healing into a workable frame of reference, into some sort of understandable “box’? Once the ego mind is appeased (if even for a moment) then it releases its hold and allows you to drop down into "No Mind"... the peaceful, still, quiet place simply feel and be.

Those who live in faith and trust (not needing to know in order to act) can just do the work off an inner feeling or sense of its rightness. In the meanwhile, to coax the reluctant ego mind into going along with the "Spiritual Plan", we offer some explanations (in this website) to help assuage its curiosity.

Like the "Tao", this healing work cannot be put into words or understood in the regular ways things are known. However, the "Truth" of "It" - "Your Truth" - can only be known through subjective experience.

Over the course of my own healing journey into energy and consciousness, I have found that everything is connected to everything else. For the sake of being able to communicate from one mind to another, I have used the mind and its many words to try to formulate and communicate the infinitely intangible into some coherent conceptual format, which at first sight might not seem to make any sense. No matter, the connections are there. And if you go deeper beyond the words and open your mind, you may feel a spiritual energy and light flowing to you.

We are Unique Expressions of Spirit
There are approximately 7 plus billion people in the world today, 6,500 different languages, and an untold number of unique cultures, belief systems and social norms. Under these various conditions, each soul has a unique subjective experience and interpretation of life, developing unique ways of perceiving, feeling, thinking, symbolizing, understanding and expressing. In consideration of all these differences, the forms, methods and means Spirit uses to communicate may sound, look and feel quite different from one person place and time to the next. As messages from Spirit get filtered through peoples psyches and senses, it eventually is expressed and codified into a multitude of art forms and belief systems (religions). And though expressions vary, they all point back to the underlying essence and energy of an Infinite Spirit-Source.

Over the course of history, many souls have stood as channels and intermediaries for Infinite Spirit-Source, interpreting and translating messages to the mind of man. Of these souls, we cannot know how many went mad, how many were lost or forgotten, and how many died before their time. What we do know is those whose message reached across time and space, and are present (to some degree or another) with us today. These beings are known to us as the prophets of the various religions. These prophets received and interpreted messages from Spirt, and in turn, communicated them into an accessible contemporary vernacular, understandable to their particular community of people. The purpose of these prophets (or any true spiritual leader for that matter) was not to accrue and keep power for themselves, but to raise people to a higher level - to help open them up and receive truth directly from Source... to eventually dispense with the outward teachings and go beyond the words, beyond the mind, and even, beyond the human intermediary.

Sadly, without a clear open strong connection with the Infinite Spirit-Source, a soul is more susceptible to being seduced by the ego mind, our baser desires and emotions (esp fear), and in extreme cases, "dark forces" and malevolent entities. When the Infinite Spirit-Source is blocked off, the soul has little of any real substance to access or fall back on, and the limited contracted survival mechanisms of the ego mind step in. At this point, the souls only known recourse is to either become attached to and identify with "the messenger" (the Guru), and or the outward forms of spirit - the false illusory "Idols" or symbolic "Labels" ("I am" this religion, ethnicity, race, color, political party, sex, social economic class, and so on). As such attachments identities idols and labels indoctrinate the mind, the feelings of isolation (into a certain group) and separation (from those outside of your group) is strengthened ... hastening the spread of materialism, greed and fear. Taoism is one of the "religions" that tries to step us back and away from this rampant ego mind so we can reconnect to the deeper truth of our infinite Spirit-Source.

Feng Shui

 “Feng Shui” is an intuitive sense of placement, working with symbolic meanings, magnetic influences, energetic dynamics, and the 8 directions (representing the infinite external universe). For example, each species of tree has a particular energy field and consciousness. By placing that tree in a particular position in a room, you are invoking a connection to all similar trees on the planet, which draws more power into an otherwise closed off space. The same is true of a particular symbol or object... with proper intention, you can invoke a connection to those consciousnesses that represents it in the greater universe, and from that, bring in its power.
Feng Shui has some similarities to "Geomancy" (which is of Celtic origin) both integrating terrestrial meridian flows. Feng Shui then is a form of Acupuncture, except instead of using the meridians of the human body, it uses the meridians or "Lay Lines" of the planet.

Ley Lines and Vortexes
Kundalini exists not just within our bodies but also throughout our very planet.
In Chinese Feng Shui and Celtic Geomancy, Kundalini energy flowing through channels in the earth are known as "Dragon" or "Ley Lines". Upon accumilating and crossing points of these lines many sacred powerful temples were built (most of the oldest churches in Great Britain were build upon the foundations of these ancient temples).

Ley Lines and Vortexes represented in prehistoric art.
-Newgrange Entrance Stone-
Newgrange entrance stone - Ley Lines and Energy Vortexes represented in prehistoric art

In special locations on the planet (Sedona, Arizona for ex.) ley line energies can be felt to not only run in linear lines, but circulate in clockwise and counter clockwise directions going into and out of the planet. This phenomena is likened to the positive and negative poles of a magnet: swirling vortexes of energies radiating up and out of the earth are considered "positive"... and swirling vortexes of energies descending into the ground are considered "negative". The positive vortexes give out energy (beneficial if one is deficient or lacking in energy), and the negative vortexes absorb energy (beneficial if one holds an excess amount of stuck blocked energies in the body, or if one is feeling ungrounded).

Ley Lines and Vortexes also have corespondent energy points within our own bodies, where Ley Lines are likened to the energy "Meridians" (of Oriental Medicine) and Vortexes are likened to the "Chakras" (in Sanskrit, "chakra" translates as "wheel"). Our chakras (located in the front and back of our bodies, palms, head and feet) may go through alternating phases where they spiral clockwise or counterclockwise... radiating or absorbing energy. Everyone is different, but normally the chakras in the front of the body radiates out energy... and the chakras in the back receives energy.

"Space Clearing" sessions clear negative energies stored in vortexes and realigns or restores ley lines. "Healing" sessions clear negative energies stored in chakras and clears and balances energy meridians.

Oriental Medicine
The underlining principle behind Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is that all life is made up of energy, and that diseases are generally caused by an imbalance and blockage of this life force within the body. Acupuncture works on the body by stimulating certain points upon energy pathways, lines or meridians, thereby restoring the natural healthy flow of life energy. As the physical body mirrors or manifests the deeper imbalances present in the energy-mind-spirit, it is thought that by merely manipulating the meridian flows one can affect a complete healing of the body, mind and spirit. However, the meridian flows only exist on one energetic dimensional level, whereas the human soul exists and functions on many dimensions of energy and consciousness. In my own studies, I intuited that many causes of disease come from levels not connected to or affected by the manipulation of the meridian flows alone, but from these other levels of energy and consciousness. The inquisitive acupuncturist that I was (and to better serve my patients) I felt it my duty to find any other healing method that would affect a positive change.

A Curious Experiment
A short time after I graduated from acupuncture school, I began to experiment with energy healing without using needles. A friend had given me a crystal pendulum (see Dowsing), and while I was holding this over the points and meridians of his body, the pendulum would swing clockwise, counter-clockwise, longitudinally... and my friend would feel the energy move in ways that were similar if not more powerful than the effect acupuncture needles normally produced.
"Wow, this is interesting. How far can I go with this?".
I placed a bottle of herbs on the chest of another one of my clients, held the pendulum over, watched it swing, and my client reported feeling the energy of the herbs sink in, opening and clearing her chest (hmmmm).
"What would happen if I didn’t use the pendulum but my hand instead?"
Sure enough, I got a similar reaction.
What would happen if I did this energy work without touching the person?
I asked one of my friends (who did Reiki healing) to be my guinea pig for an experiment, and from across the room i started, my arm hand and fingers naturally and spontaneously moved. After the session he asked if I ever received any Reiki initiations or training as what I did felt similar... but even more powerful ! I said "No" (I never received any Reiki initiations or training).

Why I Left Acupuncture
So... if I could work with the energies of the body without needles, why do acupuncture? (In China, this method of healing is called "Chi Kung" - Chi=energy, Kung=work). Why not just focus directly on the energies (beyond the conceptual teachings) without all those invasive needles? Does this make sense to you? (Sure did to me). Who cared what tools I used (or what the belief systems), just as long as I achieved the same if not better results, it's all good ! Eventually, I got the idea that I should let go of using needles in my healing work and just focus on practicing and developing this new way. It has taken a lot of courage and faith to let go of 3+ years of schooling (plus the legitimacy my licenses gave). Many people think acupuncture is far out there on the fringes of medical practice... yet the energy and higher consciousness work I was about to step into was beyond even that... but I just knew that the risk I was taking for the reward of being a better healer to my clients was worth it. With oriental medicine, I found I had reached the ceiling of its effectiveness and would only take me and my clients so far. When I discovered the existence of this inner spirit world, and then found out I could work with it... a whole new mystery opened up before me to uncover. When I was a kid, one of the things I wanted to be was an archaeologist and discover ancient mysteries and treasures (I also wanted to be like Dr Strange). What I am doing now (with this healing work) is not too far from that, but instead of outer... its inner mysteries and treasures of the soul and spirit. And here we are.

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