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Space Command
Star Seeds

  An Angelic being is any soul - embodied or in spirit - whose highest level of consciousness is in a state of expansion, devoid of personal ego or self seeking, at "One" with the Infinite. For Angels, the distinctions and differences between beings and things are not as clear cut as what humans sense within the material reality. The perspective from the "Angelic Consciousness" is that all life (animate and inanimate) is intimately and inextricably connected and is (in all its diverse parts and as a whole) the manifestation of the One and Only Being. The Angels sense of self is experienced more as an impersonal archetypal collective consciousness, rather than as an individualized isolated separate self. What defines the human experience is this separation of self, reinforced by a physical body shell, mental conditioning and emotional attachments. Angels are able to act as clear conduits of pure love and light, inspiring and guiding us through the confusion of this world and smoothly transitioning us into the next.

Because Angels are composed of pure consciousness, they have the ability to project or "incarnate" a small or large portion of their consciousness and energy into any matter: be it a rock - such as the vibrations felt from a gem stone.. a plant - such as the healing power of herbs.. or a living creature - such as an animal body. Yes, Angels CAN work through the body mind and emotions of animals (I have known many dogs who channeled the Angelic presence and energy of unconditional love). Angels oversee and guide the collective evolutionary process (including the DNA) of whole species of plants and animals (one explanation for the evolution of ape to man). The Angelic consciousness can even channel though and incarnate into a human form.. as people we may personally know... or maybe... even in you!

What determines the magnitude of an Angelic soul (and influence) depends upon how broad and deep their consciousness is expanded out into the multiverse. Looking at the following traditional categories of Angels, you may notice each represents various magnitudes of expanded consciousness... from the most expanded - the Seraphim who experiences the celestial music flowing though the very universe... to one of the least expanded - the Guardian Angels whose concern is with an individual soul (or souls). The Cherubim are so expanded that their consciousness can embody the stars... and the Principalities (short for "Princes"?) guides collective groups of souls united by ideals or geography. There are many different kinds of Angels, but the idea is the same: an Angel is a being who experiences life and a personal identity outside the confines (or "box") of their own individual selves.


regulates the movement of the Heavens and music of the spheres
guardians of the light and stars
planetary guides and guardians
governs and integrates spiritual and material worlds
transmits astrological planetary energies
bearers of collective history and knowledge
guiding large groups, cities, nations
“over-lighting” guides and guardians
Guardian Angels
spiritual protectors of all living things

All Is Connected

All of Creation is represented by various Angelic beings who have a unique function in the Divine Plan. Angels specifically connected to aspects of human life can gently heal, guide, inspire, love and in some ways protect us. However, most Angels have absolutely nothing to do with humanity at all. Rather, their purposes may have to do with cosmic events so far removed from our human experience that we may never connect to them in any way shape or form. And though their purposes may have no direct bearing on our personal lives, that does not diminish their importance and contribution to the smooth running of a universe of which we all are a part.

What happens in the farthest reaches of space.. to the smallest of creatures upon earth.. affects us all. We all are interconnected in more ways than our limited senses and conditioned minds allow us to know.

Because their consciousness is unencumbered by the density of physical matter, an Angelic being (solely existing on the higher etheric realms) has no direct personal experience that equates with the human condition. And though we may think (from our pain and suffering) that the life of an Angelic being is to be envied, the incarnated soul - faced with the challenges of day to day living, may have the greatest potential for growth. It is this constant struggle of the unlimited consciousness confined in a limited physical body that presents such unique opportunities to experience and master the diversity that is life.

Angels Incarnate
In special cases, Angelic beings may be presented with the opportunity to incarnate as humans (or even as other life forms). The motivations for such an incarnation is often to be of service to those who exist on the lower levels of creation... or... to further the personal development of that angelic soul. Angels can grow too - taking on a limited form can be a fast track for this growth to occur (there are many lessons only available through incarnation). So it is not uncommon to discover humans on the earth plane (maybe even you?) who can trace their souls origins to the "Angelic"... that is to say, they carry somewhere in their soul the refined energies and sublime consciousness of the Angelic Realm. Such an Angelic inner nature can be blocked, hidden or clouded over by the veils of the material world and the density of ones personal karma... but inside, Angelic is still a part of who they are. Such a human being who has an Angelic inner nature is not necessarily considered a "Fallen Angel". It simply means that in having taken on a human form, the soul is experiencing itself within the confines of physical limitation. And like any temporal form, it may be shed... but the soul itself (angel or otherwise) is eternal and cannot be destroyed, only covered over or hidden. The healing work in this case is to remove those veils of illusion covering the body mind so the inner nature can shine through and be realized once again.

Angels and Healing
The substance of creation is energy, which to our physical senses appears as "matter". Matter, like water, may appear in a state as dense (or compact) as ice... or a state as subtle (or expanded) as steam. Each of these states of energy/matter (and the various states in between) follow specific universal laws. Those who reside within the densest form of energy in a physical body (such as we humans), are limited by the physical laws that pertain to this dimension (such as gravity, birth and death, etc.). Those who reside on the most subtle end of the energy spectrum in an etheric body (such as the angels) are limited in their ability to intervene for us humans by the spiritual laws (such as "free will" and "karma").

Depending on what state of matter-energy one takes on determines the specific universal laws one must follow. For example, a human being in a physical body cannot walk through walls or float up into the air... and an angel in an etheric body cannot drive a car down the freeway (unless... their consciousness steps into a body and takes over).

Depending upon what end of the energy spectrum a problem resides or originates at depends on who you ask for help. If your car gets a flat tire, you don't ask an Angel (in spirit) to fix it, you ask an auto mechanic (in a body). On the other hand, if your energy field and consciousness is under attack from demonic spirits, throwing a wrench at them is futile. Rather, you petition Archangel Michael who can wield an energy sword (such problems are in the realm of his expertise). Or, if you are needing another kind of healing (somewhere in between these two polar extremes) then the consciousness and energy of some other sort of spirit being (who exists on an in-between dimensional level) might be able to help you better. The point is, angels and man can only work within the states of energy at which they exist and within the expanded or contracted parameters of consciousness which they contain or "hold space". For example, the angel who works with the contracted consciousness and limited energy of individual souls is not in the same league as the angel holding the space of a whole planet, star or galaxy. Not that one is better or more than another, only that they are in different playing fields with different rules.

Each being, whether angelic or human, has a unique place and function in the divine plan. When human and angel can be in alignment around a common goal or a single intention, great things can be accomplished. Removing or resolving the resistances and issues in the human allows for such a co-creative healing relationship to be possible. Bringing these polarities together is what the healer-priest does.

The Healer - Priest
The traditional role of a healer or priest was to petition or "pray" to a Higher Power on behalf of those who were not able to do so for themselves. To a certain extent, we all have the capacity to be our own healers and priests, however, not very many people are able to manifest that potential. No matter how much we try to get free of our self limiting devices, our ego resistances and fears (as well as our "shadow self") get in our own way and "block" us from receiving. These ego blocks or "resistances" maintain the status quo and prevent change from interrupting the day to day functioning of our lives. Resistance, as a function of the egos programing and purpose, is designed to protect us from any sort of change (even if it be good). Sadly, resistances (like the ego) eventually take on a life of its own (running on autopilot), impeding our free will and clouding our mind and heart. Additionally, if we take into account all the lower level entities who are attached to us (each one trying to control or sabotage our lives), freeing and healing ourselves becomes a herculean task.

Spirit hears all prayers and sends the appropriate response. The problem is that we humans are so full of ego resistance that we might not be able to see and be open to receive when it arrives.

One of the most profound lessons of life is that this journey cannot be done alone. From cradle to grave, we need one form of help or another. This is just as true for our physical as well as our spiritual lives. Seeking, asking, receiving (and giving) help to others is all part of the lesson we as humans are here to learn. No matter how self reliant or independent, no one can do this journey completely by themselves. But trusting and depending on others for help is a most vulnerable place and comes at a huge risk. We all carry a long history of being disappointed by those we trusted... so much frustration, anger and fear - all the times we found ourselves alone, out of control, powerless... when help did not seem forthcoming or was refused, or didn't come in the forms or ways we wanted or expected. Yes, humans are not almighty or infallible and invariably disappoint. What is the greater lesson? Perhaps it is that in our times of need, we must learn how to reach beyond ourselves, surrender our limitations up to the Higher Power, and trust that what we "need" (not necessarily "want") will come.


Spiritual Hierarchy

All spiritual teachers, healers and leaders follow a path laid out as rungs on a ladder, one step after another, climbing on the accomplishments of those who went before, being hoisted up by those beyond.

All life is linked
hand in hand
All leading to the Infinite.
Beings in front
Beings behind
above and below
like a ladder
on and on
All souls stand

This linking up is called "The Spiritual Hierarchy" : one Soul extending a hand down, another extending a hand up... on and on... all the way from the very bottom to the very top of creation, from the most dense to the most subtle. We as individuals and as a race (along with the rest of creation) are being carried up (as in waves) along this ladder. Such a journey is inevitable, and no force of will - no matter how resistant - can hold back for long
Can you stop the tides? Water erodes even the hardest of rocks

On this eternal journey of life, ALL creatures great and small have a special part to play in this "evolutionary" process: from a microbe to a tiny field mouse... from a common man to the Angels in Heaven... all are working together in a cosmic symphony directed by an infinite intelligence that holds an all encompassing love and respect for ALL creation.

Space Command

From all the shamanic healing journeys I have done with individuals and groups, there invariably shows up a particular group of beings in the spiritual hierarchy called the "Space Command". This Space Command is made up of alliances of inter-galactic multi-dimensional consciousnesses centered around common ideals that promote universal love, understanding, peace and liberation.

It's hard enough to prove the existence of Angels, let alone try to make the leap that there is such a thing as a "Space Command". The only proof we may ever have (and it's not scientific in any sense of the word) is a collective record of personal subjective experiences which more or less rely on recollection, imagination and faith. But these consensual experiences are so similar that one must draw the conclusion that there are either a lot of self delusional people out there smoking the same weed, or there is something very real happening in and around us (that the scientific community has not yet awakened too). And even though it's not something I can definitively put my finger on and say "Here", I keep my mind open to the possibility. The universe is a far grander place holding more mysteries than our relatively new science has embraced, yet (and until it does, I rather give the universe the benefit of the doubt). If we have already made up our mind, then this precludes us from seeing what is beyond (young children see angels and otherworldly things until indoctrinated to block off and ignore). So until proven otherwise, I will, as Jesus said "believe in all things". With this attitude, we shall keep the doors of perception open and retain our mental innocence.

When we expand our thinking and feeling "outside the box", we tap into a whole other energy field and consciousness, one that touches upon an extra-terrestrial, galactic, multi-universal playing field. Out there, the goals, ideals, perspectives, knowledge base, ways of doing, thinking and being are vastly different than what we commonly hold. At those pivotal moments in our evolutionary history, a few of us tap into these other levels of reality and out pops the science fiction and fantasy stories of Jules Verne and H.G Wells. Einsteins theories of quantum physics and relativity come along and radicalize our entire concept of matter space and time. Medical discoveries about DNA and genome mapping makes possible genetic manipulation and cloning. Artificial limb and organ replacement allows for the reality of an extended quality of life beyond what our ancestors have ever known. Technological advancements like computers store the accumulated writings of man on a few thin discs of plastic, and the internet lets us instantly communicate with any one on any part of the globe. Jets travel past the speed of sound, and men live in space stations, travel to and land on distant planets.... All these things had first come to us through our dreams and imagination, channeled to us as part of the knowledge base that makes up the individual and collective consciousness of the Space Command. Because of the cosmic shifts we are going through (in this time, at this place) these doors to higher knowledge - the keys to the mysteries of life and death - are opening up to us. The heavens are parting, and not just the Angels but all beings existing on the higher dimensional realities are becoming more and more available to our individual and collective consciousness. This is the age where our minds open up to the greater reality, and our souls purpose re-align with the cosmic plan.

Where as the Angelic Hierarchy exists on the highest dimensions closest in proximity to the God Source, the "Space Commands" and or "Space Brotherhoods/Sisterhoods" are established on the lower dimensions as “satellites” of consciousness which may appear collectively to our minds as "Space Ships". These “Ships” have the unique ability to traverse most of the spaces in between the various dimensions, which gives the individual beings within these ships the freedom of movement throughout many if not most all levels of creation.

We all share in the energy field life and consciousness that make up this space ship called "Planet Earth"

Unlike the Angels who only dwell within the realms of Light, Love and Oneness, the denizens of these progressively lower dimensional levels function within the laws of duality, i.e. they live within the opposites of light and dark, good and evil, right and wrong. This means that the denizens of these lower dimensions may be of the light or of the dark (with mixtures in between). As we have "Light Space Commands", we also run across its opposite - the "Dark Space Commands". These dark beings have to do with abductions, implants, biological and genetic experimentation, energetic vampirism, emotional manipulation and mind control. These groups are not about love, but control and power (see my web pages on Exorcism).

On this physical dimension, on countless worlds and galaxies, the “Space Commands” (both light and dark) have their counterparts. Many of these beings have taken on, not only the human form found on this planet, but the various alien forms found on other worlds (including the strange and exotic mind sets that go with them). Some of these beings you may have read about, dreamed of, or maybe even incarnated into in some past life. In any case, the respective Galactic and Planetary Councils overseeing the ascension of this planet and galaxy have allowed all sorts of beings from all over the multi-verse to congregate here (even members of the dark Space Commands have their place). Many of these beings who have come to live on this planet (especially at this time) have done so as select representatives of these various Space Commands, bringing with them very unique energies, agendas, gifts and knowledge. Many others are here simply to experience the very unique melting pot of light and dark consciousness that our planet provides. The experience of the dark side is how many souls learn to transcend duality and judgementalism. For these souls, unconditional love cannot be learned without the contrasts of good and evil to mirror that truth - this world is the perfect play ground for embracing this lesson.

Star Seeds

"Star-Seeds" describe specially selected souls from another planet, star system, galaxy, dimensional plane or distant universe. They often act as energetic channels and or personal representatives for their respective spiritual brotherhoods, federations or hierarchies. Their common mission is usually to act as a spiritual energetic bridge for those souls who have lost touch with their divine purpose and eroded the sacred connection to their own Higher Selves. Star-Seeds bring with them the skills necessary to help assist and catalyze individual and collective shifts in consciousness, eventually bringing forth a new golden age.

The Awakening
Once on earth, the awakening of a Star-Seed soul to their mission can be triggered in a gentle and gradual manner (through the activation of certain memories or feelings), or be quite dramatic and abrupt (through the experience of acute intense physical trauma or personal loss). In either case, the awakening is scheduled to occur in an agreed upon manner, time and place. However, whether the Star-Seed still agrees to fulfill that mission or resist is always a choice - all souls have free will and can say "no", even to fulfilling a previously agreed upon duty.

The Challenge
Because their task is the most difficult and risky to perform in dense (and seductive) dimensions such as ours, Star-Seeds are hand-picked from the very best, brightest and strongest of volunteers. These Star-Seeds are then transported (incarnated) into a relative condition of helplessness and general amnesia concerning their identity, origins and purpose, all in order to acclimatize and empathize with the prevailing consciousness of the natives whose planet they are visiting. Because of these severely limiting and testing conditions (especially after dwelling upon this or other planet for any length of time), many Star-Seeds often fail to stay true to their own purposes, get distracted from their path and eventually lose conscious connection to their own Higher Selves. Unfortunately, this happens way too many times (the earth is filled with such souls).

Activation and Opening of Star Gates

Incarnational Cycles of Light and Dark

Throughout the entire history of human habitation on this planet, there have been numerous cyclic ages of darkness and light called "Yugas". 
Yuga in Hindu philosophy is the name of an 'epoch' or 'era' within a cycle of four ages. These are the Satya Yuga, the Treta Yuga, the Dvapara Yuga, and finally the Kali Yuga... The cycles are said to repeat like the seasons, waxing and waning within a greater time-cycle of the creation and destruction of the universe. Like Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn, each yuga involves stages or gradual changes which the earth and the consciousness of mankind goes through as a whole. A complete yuga cycle from a high Golden Age of enlightenment to a Dark Age and back again is said to be caused by the solar system's motion around another star. (Wikipedia)

It is usually in the beginning of each Yuga that a new wave of Star-Seed souls are sent... their first call of duty on this particular planet is to recover and restore the souls lost from previous missions, and if that is not possible, to take up and salvage their missions as their own. Sadly, many of these souls ended up abandoning or failing to complete their missions and find themselves likewise trapped, seduced by the intoxicating, materialistic illusions found upon this planet... sinking deeper and deeper into a negative karmic spiral, many never to recover even to this day.

Although Star-Seeds from the most current wave make up a very small percentage of Earth's population, their mission is great. Once their own awakening is accomplished, they may help recover and restore the previously lost Earth bound Star-Seed souls to their original divine mission. If that original mission is completed (or outdated), these souls are taken through new training (usually in the etheric mystery schools off planet) to be prepared to take up a new quest.

The Star-Seeds Quest

"Beyond the struggle to survive... or the constant hunger for the pleasures of the flesh.. what is the deeper purpose of our lives?"

We have all spent so much time and energy trying not to be here - to get to somewhere else and AVOID SUFFERING at All Costs!

Contrary to what everyone is constantly striving for - to be "distracted" or ESCAPE from REALITY as often and as quickly as possible - the goal of spiritual work is to clear the way for your spirit self to FULLY INCARNATE here on this physical earth plane. As a Star-Seed, this is one of your primary goals. Once you have accomplished this basic task, then may you (finally) complete the work you came here for in the first place.

In addition to receiving the spiritual healings, one must adopt the attitude of a Spiritual Warrior... which is, to meet every moment of life directly and fearlessly, greeting ALL of life's' experiences as sacred learning opportunities.

Star-Seed Trans-Mission

"The Sleeper Must Awaken"
A Test
If you said yes to any of these questions, you are most likely:

A Star-Seeded Soul
A Multi-Dimensional Emissary from The Great White Brotherhood
 (Galactic Federation of Light Space Command)
Or An incarnated Angel in disguise from The Angelic Hierarchy.

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