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Imagination and Intuition
"Imagination" as it comes in those "dreamy" images
or "Intuition" as it comes in a feeling or a hunch...
is the subconscious minds way of symbolically interpreting and communicating to your conscious mind about something happening (in your internal or external world) that doesn't fit the conventional knowledge base or make any outward sense.

Imagination (like the images and symbols that appear on a computer monitor) show what programs are running in your personal reality.

Intuition (like the canary in the coal mind) is your early warning signal from spirit telling you PAY ATTENTION... something is wrong.

Unfortunately, many of us (from the time we were children) have been discouraged and ridiculed when expressing these "figments" of imagination and intuitive insights... and from this shame, have shut down this well spring of creativity. By the same token, who in their right mind would chose to shut off their ability to smell, taste, see, hear or feel ? All these senses contribute to enhancing the quality and perception of our existence as well as be able to more safely and effectively maneuver through life's obstacles and challenges. Our imagination and intuition is just as important. This extra "6th sense" helps us perceive our selves and reality beyond the limited confines of physical space. Without the expansion in awareness these extra senses give us, our day to day existence would be like living in a prison of the mind and heart. In the same light, to those who chose to dis-believe in demons, ghosts, aliens and other sorts of entities (saying they are figments of one's imagination), these same people run the risk of shutting themselves off to perceiving the magical reality of Fairies, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Angels, their own Soul... and God.

There are a lot of scary, overwhelming, dark, malevolent, unknown things out there in the physical and spiritual universe... yet to shut down any of our 6 senses is like turning off the head lights in a car traveling through the night in order to protect us from being fearful of what is ahead. Ignorance is bliss until we cannot stop or turn aside from what will surely slam into us head on.

Astral Body
Our High Self projected a part of its consciousness and energy into the lower astral dimensions, creating an aspect of itself called our psychic or "astral self", taking on the form of an "astral body". This astral body was primarily designed as a way to transform or step down the higher vibrations of the higher planes so that the higher dimensional self could experience itself in another, albeit denser form of reality. This astral self/body existed (for an indeterminate time) on the higher astral dimensions above this physical world, living within this "Magical" (fantasy/fairy tale) dream world.

At some point, the Astral Self (in conjunction with the Higher Self) decided to incarnate upon an even denser reality - this earth plane. During the incarnation process, our astral self dropped into a host body (the fetus) one pretty much devoid of any consciousness of its own (except for imprints of its biological parents). The Astral Self then moved right in to its new home, imbuing, imprinting, overlaying the host body with its own consciousness and energies. Over time, the astral being became oriented in its new environment and began to learn how to function within a physical body.

When the physical body is asleep, dormant or dead, our astral self is free to travel outside the confines of its physical or "host" body. Being so liberated from all the oppressive laws, controlling norms, and other numerous densities and constraints of this world, it may go any place and do just about any thing it wills. Since the astral self is our psychic self (below the facade of our acculturated personality) once so liberated, it can then freely reveal its true nature (benevolent, malevolent, saintly or satanic) upon an unwitting world.

Of those souls who have been permanently separated from their physical bodies (i.e. died), if their astral selves are still attached to the phenomena of this physical dimension, this desire (for the physical) will hold them back from ascending into the higher realms and merging back into their higher self. And here on earth they will remain, trapped on the lower astral levels in astral form (or until there is some higher spiritual intervention to free them).
Our astral selves have learned to function on and affect the physical dimension through our physical bodies, but if imbued with enough psychic power and desire, that same ability can be projected out into the physical universe, expressing itself in forms of consciousness known as ghosts, poltergeists, and possessing spirits. Such beings who have died and are trapped upon this planet make up a preponderance of these cases, but it is not exclusively so. In many instances, some entities that are haunting a place or tormenting a person may currently be incarnated in a physical body - projecting (consciously or un-consciously) their astral self to that place or person. It is also possible to have more than one astral body "project" from or "splinter" off of its designated "Primary" Astral Self. These projected selves must be reabsorbed back into the Primary Astral Self (a healing process called "Soul Retrieval") or they must be dissipated into the light.

 If ones astral body is pure, it can be quite radiant... clearly channeling or reflecting the light from its higher self.

If the astral body has been enervated or depleted, it can appear very dim. These "dim" entities become attracted to those who are pure because they see their light and feel the energy, being transformed or uplifted by its glow (like moths to a flame).

If the astral body (and self) has been corrupted and is dark or evil, it can radiate a dark light (attracting other dark lights to it). It may also try to hook into and suck the life force and psychic energy off of others (precisely like vampires).

"The best trick the devil has going for him is fooling everyone into believing he doesn't exist"

Astral Spirits/Entities
The common misconception of beings in spirit is that they are all good. Just because they are in spirit form does not mean they are without ego or free from a personal agenda (especially if they are astral beings). There are of course many good spirits functioning on the astral planes (and on this dimension as well) only so long as they are connected to and directed by their Higher Selves. Since astral beings have a limited perspective and awareness of life only at the level of the astral dimension, it behooves them (and us) to be connected to their Higher Selves. What is most often the case with many of these lower level "astral" spirit guides who are in your space (supposedly to serve your "highest and best good") is that they are not connected to the guidance and wisdom of the Higher Self residing in the higher dimensions. So to them, what is in your "highest and best good" is open for interpretation, usually biased towards what they perceive as their best interests and yours secondary (if at all). These are the beings that are... not only feeding off your light or life force, but are influencing you by telepathically sending subconscious/subliminal messages on what to think, feel and do... thus keeping you trapped in their control (it can be quite insidious). It is no wonder that many of these beings (usually connected to you through karma) attempt to interfere and stop my working with you. For us to be free and clear of their influence, all these entities must be removed from out of our energy field.

Entity Attachments
Only in a physical body can we process and be free of all levels of stuff we may be carrying - that's why this human life is so precious. After death, for those who are still mentally or emotionally attached to this earthly existence that they refuse (or are unable) to disconnect and move on to a higher dimension, these beings become astral "ghosts" - trapped in a sort of limbo (that "no place" in between the worlds). In this position it is too late for them to work out their own liberation... their only hope is to reincarnate (if possible) or attach themselves to someone incarnate who will help process their karma (many of these entities may even now surround and be connected to you).

Removing (astral-spirit) interferences attachments and (vibrational-energetic) distortions within your space, empowers you with a greater clarity, enabling you to tune into and access a higher source or level of consciousness. You will still have spirit guides, but as a benefit of doing the healings, you will attract those who are more highly evolved and powerful (instead of the lower astral entities that most people have in and around their field).

Etheric Implants
If in fact spirits do exist on different dimensions, it is more than possible we are even now being influenced by them. How could this entity influence happen?
If there is a break or lack of integrity in our energy field and or consciousness, an outside force or entity would be able to easily enter our space and deposit something inside. This thing is called an "Implant". An Implant is something that usually exists on the astral dimensional planes of existence. It is as simple or complex as the entity that has created them and the level of technology that is functioning on that dimension. In some cases, implants have been found (when they are found) to actually exist on this physical reality (seen on x-ray and extracted in surgery). We tag animals with tracking devices (an implant of sorts) perhaps other beings are tagging us as well?

  Implants may be designed to function as:
homing devices - indicating to the entity where you are located.
controlling mechanisms - sending compulsive impulsive directives.
receiving stations - gathering information about you and your life experiences.

The vast majority of implants have a negative impact upon our energy field and consciousness and must be removed. However, there are other sorts of implants connected to The Great White Brotherhood (a collection of beings within the spiritual hierarchy of advanced light workers). These implants are crystalline in nature and have a positive influence, acting to accelerate, magnify and channel... power, light and spirit communications.

Energy Cords
For all intent and purpose, energy cords are very similar to umbilical cords or even electric and telephone wires, except they exist on multi-dimensional planes of reality. They can be very thin or very thick and can appear as very light or very dark streamers. They can be superficially hooked onto the surface of your energy fields, or more deeply plugged into the very core of your dimensional bodies. At first glance, these hooks or plugs may seem innocuous, appearing light, maybe even golden and brightly colored. But cords, no matter how attractive, light or energizing are ties that bind and limit your freedom - gilded chains are still chains and a gilded cage is still a cage. Any cord can be made to appear beautiful and of the light, yet one should inquire where a cord leads. When some are followed back to their origin, dark, evil manipulative entities may be there pulling these "strings" (remember "The Matrix" movie?). Even evil beings existing in the universe have some light to deceive (remember the wolf in sheep's clothes?). Unfortunately, by this time, many of you are already hooked (and probably don't even know it). In any case, all these cords must be removed.

The bleed through of psychic impulses, messages and energies from one being to another through these cords can often (and easily) act to interfere or distort the integrity and conscious energetic experience of your own space. This may be something most people are totally unawares of as everyone (falsely) assumes that all their impulses, thoughts and feelings originate from themselves (where in actuality much comes from these other entities). If a person has lived with these "monkeys" on their back for a long time, they may have gotten accustomed to them and would probably be in denial to their very existence. Since our space age society disavows any knowledge of such things (esp as you can't scientifically prove their existence) this is a reality the modern rational person would not even remotely consider. So it is good that there are movies like "The Exorcist", "The 6th Sense", "The Matrix", and TV shows like "John Edwards"... they are all here to remind us what ancient man knew all along - that things in the "real world" are never as they seem to appear; that expressed and communicated to us through the imagination and intuition is an underlying invisible drama that exists (behind this "curtain" of life) that absolutely is running the show of our life (subconsciously or otherwise).

Why are we Corded?
There are many reasons why we cord into each other.
1) Cords to telepathically call in and out to your friends may have seemed like a good practical idea at the time... but friends cord to other friends... and sooner or later you are connected to a party line and getting input from many unwanted sources, easily inundated day and night (non-stop) with this psychic "spam".
2) Cords are a way to be closer more intimate with someone and share the deepest thoughts and feelings... but all relationships change - some may go sour, even adversarial, confrontational or outright hostile - but the cords remain... and once you are wired, it is not as easy to remove as it was to create. Just imagine if you were corded to someone who turned dark and evil... and they were plugged into your brain, or into your sex chakra, or your heart. You are really stuck.... even worse than having a grinding wheel around your neck or a ball and chain tied around your ankles. You are in really deep do-do (and will not be able to get out of this mess so easily by yourself).
3) Cords is a way we have committed or bound ourselves to a partnership or marriage (as in "tying" the knot). The new paradigm of relationships is about unconditionally giving and setting each other free - with no strings attached.
4) Many fear that by standing within their own power, the resultant freedom and independence would isolate them from human society, causing them to live solitary lonely lives. To prevent this, people compromise their personal power and sovereignty and cord (or "hook" up) with another person, group or authority in exchange for the companionship, security (in numbers) and shared responsibility. A few examples of this are some members of organized religions, cults, the military, or those who are married.
5) Some cords could have been forced upon you to take against your will or even secretly planted without your awareness. Inadvertently or in a lapse of good judgment, you let down your protective energy barrier and someone slipped in and hooked (plugged) into you (as for ex "she got her hooks into him"). This happens quite a lot, especially between men and women (why do you think prostitutes are called "hookers"?).
6) Cords are often contractually agreed upon as a way to clear up some mutually unresolved karmic debts, thus fulfilling ones Karmic Agreements".
7) Cords can be entered into as a spiritual service to another soul, such as in a "God Contract" as exemplified through the cording between child and parent. This cord is a biological necessity during gestation, and even after when the physical manifestation of this cord is cut, there still remains (in this same area) an important energetic cord between child and parent. This seems to be necessary for the child's comfort, security and even survival in the developing early years. Imagine if you were a soul in spirit, at peace, at one with all... to then be thrust down into this gross dimensional plane of duality to suffer all by oneself without any life line to hold....  A telepathic-energetic cord with ones parents assists the child to feel at least somewhat connected and grounded to life and humanity. It is also this link that makes the parents feel connected and responsible to their young - without it, parents and children would have little way of emotionally recognizing each other.

However, even this supposed positive cord between parents and children can have negative consequences. When one of the beings (either a parent or a child) has dark issues and heavy karma, an energetic bleeding through the cord can occur, corrupting (or at least disturbing) the other individual. Though this all may seem like a mistake, such a family arrangement is planned and accounted for in spirit before the birth. Family relationships are not haphazardly arranged but have a very important role in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan for all involved, always with deep and often karmic reasons. Perhaps being connected thus is the only way to help the other soul through their trials and tribulations. It is a noble endeavor and spiritual service one can do for another. It is like having a permanent, continuous, invisible life line of support and love. From the spiritual point of view, if the one being is overwhelmingly strong enough to transform the others' negative energies and darkness, this could be a good thing. Yet on the human side of the equation, this burden can be so great as to drown both people (we have all heard the stories of those who jumped into water to save a drowning man and end up attacked and drowned instead). This is a task for the strong at heart, and even then (after your task is through) you may still be corded to that other person (and cords don't easily dissipate or detach... they may even get stronger and more deeply connected).

"The sins of the parents are passed down to their children"
We are all energetically connected to our parents, as in turn, our children are connected to us. Because of these connections, as we clear our own energy field of negative influences we may help free our children (and even our parents) of these self same influences.
Children are like sponges, absorbing everything from the people around them. This is particularly true in the child's' formative years, during and after pregnancy. By clearing your energy field before your pregnancy, you help ease the way for your child's future to be less burdensome (and you also may attract a more gifted soul to be with you as your child).

No matter what your situation, before we incarnate we will have already chosen our path and agreed on who will walk it with just about every step of the way (see Contracts and Karma). We will already know all those people who will have a part to play in our story, no matter how small or large a part, no matter how positive or negative the influence. Life is more predetermined that we realize... yet there are windows of opportunities (such as what this healing work provides) that empowers us to move along on our way with more self assurance and grace... accelerating us towards that time when we can be the masters of our own destiny and be free to follow our own inner hearts desires. As long as we are subject to such things as cords, we are really not free to do so.

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