What is it?
Prosperity is different things to different people.
For the poor - it is having money.
For the weak - it is to be strong and in control
For the lonely - it is someone to love and be loved by.
For the sick - it is to be healthy.
For the lost and confused - it is to know and be wise.

Where there is a real or perceived lack (of any sort), "prosperity" is that which fills its place. "Prosperity" is a dualistic concept relative from person to person (as the saying goes "one mans' trash is another mans' treasure"). The quest for prosperity speaks to some of our basic human needs, but taken to extremes and misdirected, it can reflect and cause imbalance in the soul.

When we speak of prosperity, "money" is usually the first thought that comes to mind, followed by all those things we believe it represents (i.e. all those things we think it can buy) such as comfort, control, freedom, security, sex, love, pleasure, power, prestige, and so on.... Thus it is natural the quest for prosperity (be it in the form of money or some other object of desire) takes hold of us on a very primal level (a level which is usually controlled by the reptilian "ego-mind"). I am not saying that desire or material prosperity is bad (desire is a part of our human nature, and matter is the very substance of the universe), but if such a quest is taken to extremes - misaligned and inharmonious with a souls purpose, the ego-mind and its fixation on the attainment of our "object" of desire (and the fear of its loss), will easily take over our life. When that happens (and it can occur in degrees) our mental, emotional, and spiritual resources get tied up and held hostage to that thing. However, if we can release these attachments, we will free up a tremendous amount of energetic resources, all of which can potentially be put to a higher purpose - such as towards our healing and the final liberation from the cycles of reincarnation, enlightenment and union with the Divine !

Material or Spiritual ?
Jesus was right when he said "It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle." Jesus was talking here about how the rich men of his time could traverse from a material to a spiritual consciousness by the giving up of worldly possessions and trusting in the universe to provide. "Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God" was the resultant promise or pay off for doing so - "if you let go you get this" (apparently it worked for his teachings are still here after 2 thousand years).

A more modern interpretation would be: anything the ego-mind fixates on and thus what we invest our life energies into, be it the pursuit of money, power, the next drug induced rush, or anything of a material nature... our energies and consciousness can become attached to (and thus limited by) whatever denser heavier darker dimensions they are associated with.

Creating Space & Flow
Where as the definition of decay and death is the stagnation and final abandonment of the life force from an organism, the definition of life is that it is constantly changing and flowing from one state of energy to another. In a human being, the more open, clear and wide the channels, the more dynamic and powerful life can be experienced. This healing work supports and strengthens this opening clearing process by removing the impediments or blocks, which allows life to flow in and through us in even greater and more diverse ways.

"Blessed are the poor" 

Spirit will come in to our being when we have made the space for it to do so.

What is preventing or blocking our full experience of this greater flow in life?
Perhaps it stems from a deep seated fear and lack of trust in the providence of Spirit.
Or perhaps our attentions and life force has become so focused in the pursuit of the material and its transitory commodities that we have become mentally trapped, emotionally enslaved and energetically constipated. Whatever the reasons, I believe our liberation from such limitations and the subsequent experience of a greater more productive life is the goal.

By its very definition, the material dimension is congested, contracted, dense and dark. To have ones life rooted in this dimension, the default emotional state would be set to fear and ones mind to limitation, scarcity and survival. This is the polar opposite of what "Spirituality", "Freedom", "Love" and "Light" is about. As for "Prosperity" and "Abundance", it's more than just having lots of money - its about being in "The Universal Flow", which is essentially being "at one" with the ALL, at one with Source, at one with Spirit, at one with Love. If a person was "at one" with the universal flow, energies in all its forms would freely, easily and effortlessly come in and out on every level - there would not been any holding on in the slightest degree (there might not even be a desire to be outwardly "rich" in material wealth, but rather, the soul would experience itself as spiritually wealthy - feeling rich in wisdom, life, love and light). Holding on (i.e. attachment) is a fear, scarcity and survival based trait of the limited material (reptilian) ego-mind that creates stress, pain, trauma, illness, and when taken to its final conclusion, even death. Conversely, letting go of all limitations, we merge into the one source of love and light... and the abundance of the entire universe is ours.

"Blessed are those who give"
This is not just some empty saying but a demonstrable truth. A very effective tool used to release the hold our material ego-mind has on us (and to increase our energy flow) is brought about through one of two ways - selfless service (called "Seva") or in its symbolic form - an offering of money. This payment of money called "Tithing", is a time honored tradition seen in just about every religion known to man, and it actually does help open up and or expand our "Prosperity Channels". Of course, any time one does this there are bound to be "growing pains" - giving up and or letting go may be uncomfortable and scary, but in order to heal and advance spiritually, it is required.

"Seek yea first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be given unto you".

"Store not your treasures where rust doth corrupt"
Conventional wisdom holds that we should invest our time, energy and money in the pursuit of wealth, position, power and pleasure, and in that they say we will find fulfillment, happiness and security. But in the grander scale of things, is that really true or a wise use of our lives?  If all things in this world leave us, break down, change and or decay... from the economy, society, government, friends and family, and of course our very own bodies and minds... at the end of our lives when we leave this world and meet our maker, what do we really have to show for ourselves ?

I believe that a true long lasting happiness and peace is found by following an "inner dream" - one that is greater than what this material temporal world can provide. To achieve that end, I believe that re-investing our time, energy and money towards spiritual development and healing is a most wise investment in our eternal self.


Some say that spiritual development and healing should be free, yet this is not entirely true - some personal sacrifice has always been and always will be required. Why is this so? To assure the greatest healing possible on all levels, your personal will must be engaged and the sincerity of your intentions challenged. If someone really wants to receive healing, they must be willing to give something of value back. It's one of those laws of the universe - you get what you give.

Most people will not pay for something if they do not value it. But even if given freely, if you did not value the healing, you would not fully receive nor hold the energy. For the healing to be most effective (to be received into the deepest parts of your being), there must be a sacrifice, an exchange or return of something that has value to you ("in giving you receive"). In this day and age, this sacrifice usually takes on the form of money.

All great journeys have required of the hero one great sacrifice or another
(and if you were in doubt, anyone who seeks for healing is a hero !).
In this age, money is the common token of exchange, yet at other times and in other cultures it would have been anything of value. 

When someone came to the shaman for healing, they made an offering of their labor, animals, food, precious objects, even their own children (don’t worry, I don’t want your pets nor your kids. lol).

In some religious circles, as an offering to God, seekers of blessing and or penance would scar or beat their own bodies (called self flagellation)... American Indians do the "Sun Dance"... and recently, some Christians have even recreated the actual crucifiction !

In the ancient world, if a Hebrew broke or “transgressed” from the “Law", they had to make a “sin” or "guilt" offering in the form of an animal, bird or milled grain. When a penitant Catholic wished to be expunged of their "sins", they would make a money or land offering to the Church. Other offerings took the form of precious metals (the german word "geld" - as in tribute, gold or money - and the english word "guilt" came from the same source - geld in old german meant "sacrifice" and vergeltung meant "revenge").

This "sin" or "guilt" offering is not exclusive to those of the Judeo-Christian religion or culture. In Saudi Arabia I witnessed two brothers trying to gather "blood money" to pay off the family of someone they killed in a traffic accident.

The common historic thread here is that the sacrifice of something one considers precious is somehow needed in order to "atone" (be healed or cleared) of ones sins.

Jesus and the last blood sacrifice
A major tenant of the Christian faith is the belief that God gave up his sons' life to "pay for our sins”. By giving up (sacrificing) his physical body, Jesus certainly made the point that there are some things worth dying for (eternal life being one of them). However, I also think his sacrifice meant that the time of ritual “blood offerings” was at an end. Remember, the Temples of that time were very bloody affairs, what with the constant sacrificing of animals, the acrid smell of burnt flesh in the air, smoke billowing into the sky... not an atmosphere that would engender love and forgiveness, but rather fear and trembling. The law of the land was “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” (thieves had their hands cut off and adulterers were stoned to death). But Jesus was all about love and peace, not torture, killing or war. In his time I am sure he saw enough of the later and said “No more ! certainly -Not- in the name of God”. With that being said, I don’t think Jesus meant we don’t make sacrifices for those things we hold sacred and dear, it’s just that the old form it took of the “blood" sacrificing of animals and the "eye for an eye" deal is not required (we have evolved to more subtle forms of sacrifice).

Each Healer is Unique
As each soul is unique, so too does each healer have their own unique ways of working.
I am not Jesus, so please do not compare me or my methods to him. Some of my ways may be similar, other ways may be different, but since 
we only know Jesus second hand from stories written down in books 3 or 400 years after his death, we will never really know what is true or not true about the man. We can only live in the present with what information and inspiration we are given and trust it is true for us. 

Jesus lived in a different time and culture that had its own unique demands and needs, most very different than those of today. His disciples went through many difficult sacrifices, some we can only imagine in our worst dreams: they gave up their positions of power and wealth, traveled to far off lands... and they also endured physical hardships, horrific persecutions and death. What I ask of you is Not That (nothing no where near close). Rather, something very clear, straight forward and far easier to do – just receive the healing work. It’s that simple. What else you feel guided in your heart you need and must do is entirely up to you, but as far as I am concerned, doing the healing work is enough. And beyond that, there are no secret agendas, assignments, tricks, techniques, belief systems, memberships or hidden fees required.

Even as we speak, there are many beings in spirit who are (anonymously and invisibly) working on our behalf, pulling strings and making miracles. There are Angels watching over us, Great Masters guiding us, Soul Mates loving us, Spirits healing us... yet most times we haven’t the slightest clue any of it is going on (and that’s ok). This is one of the great mysteries of life... and it is happening to ALL of Us Right Now !

In this very lifetime, we are blessed with the rare opportunity to receive healing and spiritual blessings, where the only thing asked of us is to simply pay for such services. Comparted to times past, this doenst seem like much to ask - that we demonstrate to Spirit our gratitude and willingness to give back to Spirit. This is what your "Love Offering" "Donation" or "Tithing" to this work is about.


@ abundance
I keep working on the manifesting end of things but I don't think I have let go enough of my own limitations.
We cant manifest the new if our personal space is full of old stuff we are attached to

 I need abundance.  Do you have any suggestions?
There is an old saying: "you need to spend money to make money". Its a kind of a catch 22.... but its true. When you give, acting from faith and trusting in the universal flow... you get back what you give (and then some). This is the idea behind tithing - you have to "prime the pump" each time you want things (money/energy/blessings) to flow (its just one of those universal laws). Traditionally, its suggested to tithe 10% of ones earnings to a church with the faith that Spirit will return the favor. What we (actually) do via this work is essentially the same thing, though perhaps in a more direct and powerful way. If you really want to experience what we mean, may we suggest you do an experiment and commit your tithings to receive these healing sessions. 

For many souls, poverty is a serious master teacher. Being in a physical body, we have to ground our intentions through a material tangible act from the 2nd chakra, which coincidentally has to do with an expenditure of energy or its symbolic equivalent - money. And so on that level, a gesture of good will (tithing in one shape or form) is required. And this applies to all of us here in this dimension - we have to put our energy where our mouth is. This indicates to our deepest most inner selves (and to the Great Spirit) our sincere willingness to change.

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