The Cycle of Life
  Incarnation and Reincarnation


 The "Incarnation Process" begins from the higher subtler dimensional levels of spirit where souls do not inhabit a "body", but rather, exist as consciousness and light. From here, the soul may descent into the lower denser vibrational levels of creation... accumulating even more unique energetic structures and distinct personalities... taking on the substantial shape and form of a causal body, an etheric body, a solar body, an astral body... eventually culminating in a physical body on the material plane.
Your Soul "Essence" is like the sap that flows within the innermost core of a tree.
Each ring of that tree represents another life time in another bodily form.

As the pure soul essence takes on the densities of the lower levels of creation, it becomes more and more clouded over (and further hidden) by the veils of these denser energies as they are wrapped around it. This process is analogous to putting on a successive layer of clothing, or like a candle wick dipped into a vat of wax, each ring would be yet another bodily layer or life time, and each layer would have different "aspects" of color, consistency, density, vibration, and even... a unique separate consciousness, memory, desires, will and ego identity.


Energetically speaking, the incarnation process is initiated by a string of events involving the Soul and its interaction with "The Mother" or "Kundalini"energies (and consciousness) that make up the very substance of the material dimensions. The Kundalini energy flows downward and upward, cycling round and round... both materializing and de-materializing the created universe, a concept that is represented by the symbol of the "Ouroboros" - the serpent eating is own tail. And "as above so below - as within so without", this Kundalini energy is not just found in the outer universe, but is also found within the core of our own energetic spine.

The Kundalini is not bad or evil - it is simply a divine conscious feminine force (within all life) that assists in the creation and destruction of the inner and outer universe. The "Fall from Grace" story of Adam and Eve (the archetypal man and woman) illustrates the role the Kundalini (symbolized as the serpent) has in spinning us off our center and moving us into the downward cycle of incarnation. But the initial factor in this fall was not the Kundalini or serpent, but Adam and Eves' attachment to and desire for the experiences found in duality - this initial choice is what set everything into motion and made them go off center and thus incarnate into creation. And it is no wonder we get so attached to duality– such a powerful force that created the very universe must be quite orgasmic (who wouldn’t want to experience that every day?!). However, if we are desirous of returning to that center still-point of creation (i.e. the "return to innocence" in the Garden of Eden), like the Ouroboros, we must be able to consume our attachments to creation. This doesn't mean giving up life in the world (or orgasms), it simply means letting go of our inner attachments. The healing work is the greatest tool that assists us in this process.

Spiralling Into Still Point
From the center "still-point" of creation (or rather, "non-creation"), there is no "thing" to orient oneself around and make any kind of space-time reference points of view... there is simply an eternal state of "one-ness", "is-ness" or"being-ness". It is somewhat like standing within the center of a spinning Merry-Go-Round or at the extreme, a hurricane... there is very little if any movement. However, if you take a small step outside that center, centrifugal force will spiral you out of control (just like if you placed an object on a rotating record player - it will forcefully spin off). Likewise, by taking a small step from off the center still-point of creation, the incarnation process is activated, and you would spin off into greater and greater agitated states of energy, experiencing movement from emptiness to manifestation... oneness consciousness to duality consciousness.

Imagine your life as a spinning disc on a record player.
The outer rim is your physical and emotional body (birth - childhood).
The next layer in is your astral and mental body (adolescence - adulthood).
Closer to the center is your etheric and causal body (middle age - sage-hood).
The very center hole is God (ego death, Ascension - Christ-hood).

 Imagine that for every individual life time you have ever had (including this one) there is a separate record, and upon this "turntable" they are all laid... one upon another.

Depending upon the will or whim of the MC - "Master of Ceremonies" (i.e. your Higher Self and God), all records are interchangeable... meaning, that in any particular life time, the MC may select any particular record and play (or replay) any particular selection or "Song" from it. These "Songs" are etched into the grooves of these records as sounds, experiences, vibrations, energies, memories, thoughts, images and feelings. Typically, such "Songs" remain as incomplete soul "lessons" from lifetimes past... and until all these lessons are learned, these old songs are replayed over and over again. When the lesson is achieved, we may proceed to another incomplete lesson, on and on. At some point in our souls development, when all the old songs are played out (when all the lessons are learned) we can ascend to the next level of life (perhaps a reality beyond the physical).

As our life is playing out, some new songs are being made, but what may also show up are songs scarred by impressions of trauma (accumulated over many past lives) manifesting on our life record like deep scratches that keep the stylus playing one sound, over and over. These scratches - also called "samscaras" - are our addictions, habits and negative programs that keep us stuck in a rut (unable to move forward in our life). If we can heal or clear up all of these samscaras before we physically die, we can get to the center of this record (our life), and ascend to a higher octave or frequency, possibly free of needing to reincarnate (to having to play that same old record, over and over again till we get it right).


From the very first to the very last experiences of life on this planet, we are presented with experiences that may thrill or traumatize, fill us with life, love and meaning... or leave us feeling drained, disappointed and dizzy. One surrenders to the mystery or one is in fear.. but no matter how hard we kick and scream and resist, constant change prevails: the end of a childhood romance, graduation from school, the parting of friends, marriage, the birth of a child, the death of a parent, the loss of a job, divorce, moving to another town, a serious illness.... No matter what life throws our way, the march of time moves on and on... life’s dramas unfold and spin round and round till finally, one peers into the unknown abyss of death and surrenders to the final mystery... or be in abject terror and shock. One thing is certain - at the end of life, death awaits... the only question is, do we go willingly with ease and grace... or in fear and terror are we forced out?

We are preparing for death throughout our whole lives.
(Edgar Cayce)

Edgar Cayce's Near-Death Experiences
  "Edgar Cayce had more near-death experiences than anyone ever documented. Using hypnosis to induce a near-death experience, Cayce made over 14,000 journeys into the spirit realm and was able to access virtually unlimited information by visiting the so-called Hall of Records described by a large number of near-death experiences. Cayce revealed that his subconscious mind (which he identified as the "soul") would leave his body and explore the dimension where all subconscious minds are connected - a dimension similar in description to Carl Jung's Collective Unconsciousness. It is the realm of thought, imagination, dreams, after-death, and near-death states where all things are possible. Edgar Cayce went on record three separate times to describe his out-of-body journeys to people."
Edgar Cayce's Near-Death Experiences


The Day I Died - NDE - BBC Documentary


The end of all life is death .. there is no getting around this eventuality. When one peers into the future, the void of death stares back. When we can fully embrace this ultimate destiny and willingly let go of our old identities and dramas, then the spiritual journey begins in earnest. We first lets go of the attachments to the astral, then solar, etheric and causal selves... till eventually what remains - our pure essence - can ascend up the core of Creation and unite with Infinite Source. This is "The Path of Ascension".

When you think you know
you are just playing an old familiar song...
you are standing still, spinning your wheels.
To reach the next level you must let go the old
blindly leap into where you have never been.
To reach the very ends of this mystery,
leap into the unknown, over and over
until it becomes a way of life.
This is the healing process.


11 year old boy reincarnated?
Most Documented Case of Reincarnation Ever !

Unlike this shell we call the physical body, the soul consciousness that inhabits it does not die... rather, it passes over from one body and lifetime to the next. This process or journey is called “the transmigration of the soul” or simply “Reincarnation”.

As the soul reincarnates, a varying amount of power, wisdom, knowledge, memories, loves, likes, patterns, problems and karmas may tag along. How much depends on what the soul - while in spirit – chooses to work on in any given incarnation. No soul is able to consciously or energetically process such a massive amount of information and energy of its entire existence at any one moment in time (otherwise it would be overwhelmed), but as we grow and mature, we are given more as we can handle.

We are the sum total of all of our choices and experiences... and a product of who and what we have ever been (in spirit and in flesh) since we were first created as a soul, how many million or billions of years ago. Most of us have lived previous lives upon this or other planets and in other dimensions higher or lower. We have played many different roles, some good, some bad, most as mixtures of both.

Our individual existence began long before we were ever born into these current bodies and will continue long after we leave, yet through the illusion of physical reality, we have forgotten this truth.

New and Old Souls
It's difficult to say when any particular soul was first created. We could say that all souls always existed and always were, but within the context of relative time and space, souls are considered young or old depending on their point of entry into creation and where (what dimension) that soul resided and for how long. Souls who have been dwelling on the higher dimensional planes since their creation and only recently (maybe for the first time) incarnated as human beings are called "New Souls". These souls are only new in the sense that they are new to this dimension, but as souls, they can be just as old as the "old" souls who have incarnated down here in physical form many times over. All souls have some experience of self on one level of creation or another (be it the angelic dimension or something else). So the designation of "new soul" is simply a matter of perspective. We could say that a "new soul" is a soul who has not lived very long in a physical bodily form, and are not as experienced in this physical reality. When such a soul does comes in to this earthly stage, they are typically excited about everything, wanting to test the limitations of this dimension and experience all the sensations of being in a physical body.

There are a number of reasons souls choose to incarnate and reincarnate, over and over. Some to selflessly serve humanity, or to develop the personal mastery that comes from experiencing this world and partaking of the diversity it offers (one cannot become a master of this physical dimension by remaining in spirit - such a mastery can only be achieved through the challenges of being human). Like playing cards - each time you get a new hand (a new life) the game is different. And like any game, the more you play the more you learn the better you get. If you are an "old soul", you have played this game of life many times. However, like any game, the more you play the more likely you would also tend to develop unhealthy attachments and bad habits (samscaras) and accumulate negative debt (karma).. all reasons why the older souls typically have more stuff to work out, clear and heal. Such "old" souls could be likened to an old tree: some are gnarly with numerous knots, maybe bent out of shape... others stand tall and straight (either way, old or new, all trees need to be trimmed).

No escape - Death is not the answer
We may think that everything is rosy light and airy when we leave this earthly existence, but this is not necessarily so. No matter where we go we carry our disturbing desires, earthly attachments, shocking traumas, and resistant selfish ways with us, but while we are in spirit, it is all held in stasis, taken back up when we return to another life. One reason why certain religions do not support suicide and the death penalty is the understanding that death is not a cure. Death may provide the soul consciousness a temporary reprieve from the irritations and limitations of the physical body (thus allowing the soul to see life from a clearer "vantage point") but death does not erase the "karma" of ones negative thoughts words feelings and deeds - it only cast a clear light upon them. But at some point (if not in this life time than another), there must be a reckoning and atonement for all that was left behind. Every action has its consequences: the past no one can escape... this is Divine Justice - the Universal Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma is not a punishment.. it is a lesson in personal responsibility.

The Collective Unconscious
Due to the many veils of illusion (“Maya”) that cover the consciousness of a soul when entering and dwelling for any length of time in this material dimension, our perception, understanding and remembrance of the spiritual worlds from which we came is, for most people, quite vague if not totally absent.

The minds limited perception of such a journey (from one life time to another) is fraught with misunderstandings and faulty perspectives. The transmigration of the soul is not a clear cut phenomenon and does not always follow a linear path or human time line.

For instance, from a “linear perspective” (which is the simplistic way our mind interprets reality) the assumption is that recalled memories of a previous life (and that incarnation) would be yours and yours alone. This is not always true. The possibility exists that one may indeed have partaken of that past life, but in what way varies. The explanation can be more complicated (and confusing).

A writer imagines a story of someones life and writes it down. An actor plays this character in front of a camera for a movie. Another person is watching this movie and identifies so strongly with this character that he imagines being this person and dreams about them later that night.
Whose memory of that life is true?
What is real and what is imagined?
To the mind, Is there really a difference?
It is in the nature of the subconscious to be imprinted in this way, which sometimes makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference between what is yours and what is another’s - to the subconscious, there really is no difference.

Memory (and consciousness) is a funny thing. When a soul leaves the physical body (dies) and ascends into the spirit realms, memories accumulated from that time on earth are held in a sort of energetic mist that surrounds the soul. Due to the intangible, amorphous nature of consciousness (this so called “mist”), very lucid impressions of what is held in it can easily be transmitted or rubbed off on to others, especially as they are descending (or incarnating) down into the physical dimension (this movement of souls passing each other by is like riding an escalator that goes up and down between the worlds). This same exchange of memories may even occur between two or more embodied peoples, but it is most pronounced between beings living on other dimensional realms of existence.

Because of the amorphous open and fluid nature of consciousness (to step into and out of matter), it is very possible (and very common) for more than one soul to share one body - i.e. to incarnate into and occupy the same bodily space at any one time. The body is simply an empty shell to be used however the soul or souls that ride it determine... so it's very possible that many souls can pop into and out of a body during the extent of its life time. Some singular soul could be exclusively present throughout its entire life span (from conception, birth on to death), but I do not sense this is the norm. Most souls who incarnate have so many karmic agreements and soul contract with so many other souls, that it's common to see many souls inhabiting one body. Those souls who step into a body after it has already been born are called "walk-ins" (those who step out could be called "walk-outs", but I don't see that word used much if at all).

So you might ask, why or how can this be possible? Unlike the physical body (which is quite limited and has definitive boundaries) the eternal soul is an amorphous accumulation of consciousness and energies that have no real boundaries or limitations (except those the soul chooses to take on). The implications here are enormous. The soul - depending upon its unique and particular abilities - especially when it is not confined, attached or chained down to a physical body, has the ability to (on some degree) shift into and out of physical matter at will. In other words, one soul can be incarnate in one body, but that same bodily space may be shared with other entities or souls (such as your spirit guides, or worse, lower level astral entities). To the subjective consciousness (and ego-mind) the experiences in that one life may be identified with (and claimed) by any of the beings who shared that space with you. Perhaps now you may understand why it’s possible for many to lay claim to being the reincarnation of a certain famous person. Fyi: most famous people have shared their body mind with a great many other souls (which is often how they became famous in the first place !). So if you ever go to a psychic or hypno-therapist to find out about your past lives, don't be attached to the person or story that comes up... simply use it as a tool to be more self aware of current life lessons and repeating patterns.

No matter how much we try to figure this out, it becomes quite clear that truth is not a black and white thing - there are many grey areas (and much mystery in between). Thus it becomes even more important to keep an open mind and not be attached to any one perspective. Remember, we are trying to let go of our attachments, not make new ones – not even to spiritual philosophies or new age belief systems. All are meager attempts by the limited mind to try and make sense of life and the Universe, and all of them must eventually be released. Even these writings are going to fall by the wayside when faced with the ultimate truth (which is truly beyond words... yet we persist). In the meantime we use the mind to help us let go of the mind.. and that's the point of all this writing.

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