The following may be fact or fiction, science or fantasy, real or imagined, history or myth... you be the judge. If any ring as truth to you... So Be It.

 Creation of the Soul

“In the beginning was the Word”

Vibrational Signature
Various vibrations, sounds or 'words" have a sympathetic resonance with a specific consciousness. The Hindu mystics say that the primal "root" vibration that resonates with the "God Consciousness" is felt by intoning the word “AUM”. As this one word expanded to became the source of all words... so too did this One God Consciousness expand to became the source of ALL “Souls”.

You as an individual soul are so very special and unique that you have your very own spiritual word or "name", a name or vibrational "signature" that resides within your heart and is written in the great "Book of Life" (an actual record of all souls who exist). Just as there are no two identical snowflakes, so too are there no two souls in the entire universe who have this same "signature".

The Divine Spark - The Soul Light
At the core of each one of us is an individual drop of living light - a Divine "Spark" of God so to speak. All the Divine Sparks make up the universal "Ocean" of All Souls. And though we are all unique individuals, what we all have in common is this "Spark" that comes from and is one with "God".

"Soul" translated means “Light of the Sun” or “Light of the Creator”. The Light of our Soul does not exist separate from the "Ocean of Lights", nor in a vacuum. Through the Light of our Soul (our "Spark"), we are always connected to and at one with every other soul that make up the totality of God.

Just as the nature of the ocean can be seen in a single drop of water...
and a small portion of a holographic image reflect the whole...
so too can the essence of all souls be known from the Spark of a single Soul.

From Being to Becoming
In the beginning, the individual soul had very little if any sense of self separate from the whole that totally surrounded and permeated its awareness.

The fundamental experience of Being... 
is the consciousness of is-ness - the eternal "Now".
This is the unified field of wholeness
there is only "The One"

The fundamental experience of Becoming...
is the ongoing process of individuality and identity.
With the creation of “duality” came time and space...
subjective and objective reality now exist.

The individual soul consciousness thus began to form an orientation of its self identity "relative" to external person place or thing. This began the development of a separate identity or “Ego”. Because the parameters of the ego awareness is limited to individual objects (not the whole), the ego is naturally limited in seeing "the whole picture" and in knowing God. When (or if) the soul can drop its separate ego awareness, then the soul could merge its self back into conscious oneness with its Creator. This is when a soul realizes “I and my Father are One”.

God said to Moses

The soul becomes aware of itself as the witness or "subject"
that it is a separate and distinct "Id-Entity".

(AUM) is pure awareness, being-ness, consciousness.

The soul becomes aware of the "objective"
perceived reality of things - "That" which is outside itself.

The Ancient Ones - Archangels - Avatars - Aspects
During the creation of the universe ("The Big Bang") the first souls to emerge from out of the Oneness of "The Divine Flame" (God) and dwell in the highest realms of creation were considered "The Ancient Ones". In the Hindu, Buddhist, Egyptian, Greek and Odic traditions... there is a pantheon of these "Ancient Ones" classified as Gods and Goddesses. These First Ones had the ability to split off (or birth) other souls from out of themselves (the Goddess Athena presumably birthed Gods from out her forehead). However, these split offs were much smaller, containing less and less of the consciousness, light and power ("Glory") of the parent God. In other words, these "split off souls" or "Aspects" (as I would also call them), emerged from out of our parental God Selves, and exists on the various higher and lower dimensions of creation, eventually manifesting on this earth plane as what we now know and experience as our human self.

All beings are essentially nourished with the same "spiritual substance" or "Glory" from which they came, but not all beings experience the same amount of that substance in their day to day lives. If one travels farther and farther away from the sun, one would receive less and less sunlight and heat. Likewise, when a soul strays farther and farther away from the Supreme Source (God), than that being draws less and less of Gods Glory... till at some point there only remains a shadow or "ghost" of the former self.

Creatures of the animal kingdom - even gross matter within the so called "inanimate" universe... have some portion of this Glory (albeit a much smaller portion than human kind). On the other extreme, those who are closest to Source can access, channel and hold a greater portion of “Glory”. Those so close to Source who remain in spirit are called "Archangels" (like Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and so on). Those so close to Source who take on a human form are known as "Avatars" - which literally means "incarnation of God". Avatars - known by many different names, cultures and religious traditions, have reincarnated into many different places and times. Many have not returned to this physical dimension, while others have secretly reincarnated again and again (of those few know, Rama, Shiva, Krishna and Jesus are considered to be such Avatars).

Incarnate or not, all of these beings - The Ancient Ones, Archangels, Avatars and Aspects... all still exist on the inner planes of Spirit, many continuing to be spiritually engaged in human activity today. To those who are sensitive and clear enough, they may be seen, felt, communicated with and learned from.

Spiritual Parents
At the beginning of creation, there were very few souls who existed, and of those who did, they were quite enormous - with energies and consciousness taking up whole universes and galaxies. Like the original One God Consciousness they emerged from, these emense powerful primal and ancient souls chose to create smaller and smaller versions of themselves on lower and lower dimensions... eventually manifesting as us here on the physical.

A number of these Ancient Ones created new souls exclusively from out of their own being (perhaps as Adam did with the removal of one of his "ribs", thus creating Eve). Many others chose to mix and match... a seed from one (the father soul) and an egg from another (the mother soul) to form a hybrid soul (as humans we do this also). Some created souls were found lacking or "defective" and were later reintegrated or transmuted back into their Source. Other created souls were not reintegrated but left to flourish and evolve. This was a time of wild and wonderous experimentation when many souls created were not formed according to the normal human standards we know today but were beings very different to us... thus the alien races - such as the reptilians, grays, and others - were born (those who have inner vision can see these beings existing on other dimensions). Exploring the limits of their abilities.. and expanding their knowledge base about the dualistic nature of creation (ie.the play of light and dark, good and evil) these ancient beings created the Demons (and their ilk). The Ancients created souls according to any likeness they desired through the manipulation of their etheric blueprint and DNA. Taken a step further, they created and projected themselves into various animate life forms (such as plants and animals) and even the inanimate forms (such as rocks and minerals, planets and other celestial bodies).

“In His perfect image God created Man”
Our Higher Self - originally made from the "likeness" or "blueprint" of our Parent Creator God -  contains all of His (or Her) characteristics and abilities. One such ability was that of self-procreation, which enabled our High Selves to re-create or project a likeness of themselves into the lower dimensions - known as our astral or “lower selves”. In turn, our lower self inherited that same ability to re-create or project itself into the physical dimension - what we here known and experience as our human self. Thus, if we look carefully we may see reflected in our physical being the Higher Self (or aspects of our higher selves at any rate) and our Creator. One could say that "evolution" is the process where our Higher Self is constantly refining our human selves to match - not just the outer image but the inner qualities of the Creator.

Over Soul
Your soul (as it exists on this earth plane or in any other dimension) plus any other soul who trace their origins to the same Spiritual Parents or God Self...  all make up your common soul ancestry, lineage or "Over Soul" group.

The soul is spiritually and energetically imprinted (sort of like a holographic picture) with the image of your over soul family (including your spiritual mom, dad, brothers, sisters, etc.). At the time of your individuality (when all the souls that made up your over soul family split off into their separate bits and pieces... scattering throughout the universe to journey their different ways), this over soul picture likewise fractured . Yet as a holograph, in any one piece (even if there is some slight distortion) can still be seen the whole family. Meaning.... all the souls that make up your Over Soul are (more or less) not only mirrored or "reflected" in your own soul, but each one of those other souls also have an eternal, powerful and deep vibrational resonance or affinity with your inner being.

Soul Mates
A Soul will always feel an "affinity" to any other soul who comes from the same spiritual parents (ie. being a part of the same ancestral lineage). This "affinity" is expressed in the concept of "soul mates" – all those other souls (incarnate or not) who are in your "over-soul" family. Over time and much development, soul mates within a soul family do change and grow different from each other, yet there will always be a deep resonance to each other and a sharing (to some degree) of "group consciousness". You may have anywhere from one to many thousands of soul mates (embodied or in spirit) who make up your soul family and share in this group consciousness. Like any family, there are always those black sheep who pull the family down, and golden children who make us proud. Some soul families have more of one than another, which makes being part of a particular over soul group either easy or hard, light or dark, good or bad. Either way, if you find yourself on the hard end, chances are your souls task here on earth is to uplift the energy and karma of your over soul family. On ones own, this is not an easy thing to do... which is why Spirit makes available this healing work.

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