The following may be fact or fiction, science or fantasy, real or imagined, history or myth... you be the judge. If any ring as truth.. So Be It. (But if you feel lost, don't worry - even I find some of this confusing).

Creation of the Soul
Being to Becoming

“In the beginning was the Word”

Vibrational Signature

It is scientifically known that various sounds or 'words" can have a sympathetic vibrational resonance with and affect physical matter (for ex, the right sound can break glass). What is not well known (in western science) is that various sounds or words also resonate with a specific consciousness. In all religious traditions, it is believed that by correctly pronouncing and reciting certain words (as in mantras or prayers), you can invoke the particular consciousness that it is associated with. The Hindu mystics say that if you want to invoke, connect to, feel and experience the primal "root" vibration that resonates with the consciousness of The Creator (God), you intone the word “AUM”.

As this prime root word or vibration "AUM" diversified and multiplied... it became all words and all sounds. And as these vibrations gathered density they became all matter. So too did the One God Consciousness.. as it differentiated and multiplied it became ALL “Souls”.

You as an individual soul are so very special and unique... so much so that you have your very own unique vibrational "signature" (or name) that resides within your heart and written in the great "Book of Life" (an actual record of all souls who exist). Just as there are no two identical snowflakes, so too are there no two souls in the entire universe who have this very same "signature".

The Divine Spark - The Soul Light

At the core of each one of us is an individual drop of living light - a Divine "Spark". All the Divine Sparks make up the universal "Ocean" of All Souls. And though we are all unique individuals, what we all have in common is this "Spark" that comes from and is one with "God".

"Soul" translated means “Light of the Sun” or “Light of the Creator”. Through the Light of our Soul we connect to every other soul that make up the totality of God (is this "quantum entanglement"?).

Just as the nature of the ocean can be seen in a single drop of water... and a small portion of a holographic image reflect the whole... so too can the essence of all souls be known from the Spark of one.

From Being to Becoming

In the beginning, the individual soul had very little if any sense of self separate from the whole that totally surrounded and permeated its awareness.

In the unified field of wholeness
there is only "The One".
the fundamental experience of Being
is the consciousness of this eternal "Now".

The creation of duality begat
space and time - subject and object reality.
The fundamental experience of Becoming
is the process of individuality and identity.

The individual soul consciousness thus began to form a self identity "relative" to external person place or thing. This began the development of a separate identity or “ego”. Because the parameters of the ego awareness is limited to individual objects (not the whole), the ego is limited in its ability to see "the bigger picture" - knowing God. When the soul can drop its ego, awareness is liberated and the soul realizes “I and my Father are One”.

God said to Moses
The soul becomes aware of itself as the witness or "subject"
that it is a separate and distinct "Id-Entity".
(AUM) is pure awareness, consciousness.
The soul becomes aware of the "objective"
perceived reality of things - "That" which is outside itself.

The Soul is a Star

The Soul is composed of countless infinitesimally small conscious intelligent light "particles", all held together by love. And because consciousness is amorphous, it can take the shape or be anything. Individual particles may remain as such, or aggregate into collections of particles that can take on personalities, separate identities, even bodies (aka aspects). These individual or collective particles are able to separate from the whole, expand out into the universe and independently explore.

If the Soul (in part or whole) experiences trauma (is that even possible?), it may incoherently fracture into much smaller parts, or if the trauma is extreme, go Supernova and scatter itself all over creation. As a protective mechanism, the particular soul particles that hold the memories of the traumatic experience will compartmentalize and become inaccessible to other parts of the soul. The magnetic power of love innate to our soul naturally drives us to wholeness and healing (to come together as one), but the wounding may be so strong and deep as to resist any attempts to going into those traumatized places. And the soul (or its created counterpart, the ego), in order to again protect, distracts or redirects attention or awareness to other things. In this condition, the soul becomes incapable of healing and integrating itself, and these traumatized parts remain compartmentalized, separated and fractured, even to this day.

The task of all souls is to retrieve all its parts into itself and then return into a state of oneness with the Creator, a process that is essentially "The Big Bang" but in reverse !

The Ancient Ones
Archangels - Avatars - Aspects

During the creation of the universe ("The Big Bang") the first souls to emerge from out of the Oneness of "The Divine Flame" (God) and dwell in the highest realms of creation were considered "The Ancient Ones". In the Hindu, Buddhist, Egyptian, Greek and Odic traditions... there is a pantheon of these "Ancient Ones" classified as Gods and Goddesses. These First Ones had the ability to split off (or birth) other souls from out of themselves (the Goddess Athena presumably birthed Gods from out her forehead). However, these split offs were much smaller, containing less and less of the consciousness, light and power ("Glory") of the parent (Mother-Father) God. These "split off souls", clones or "Aspects" now exist on the various higher and lower dimensions of creation, some incarnating and experiencing themselves (as Avatars) on this earth plane through the various bodies (human or other) available here.

Creatures of the animal kingdom (perhaps even gross matter within the so called "inanimate" universe) all may potentially have (to some degree) some particles of soul within (albeit a much smaller portion than human kind). On the other extreme, there are those who are less fractured and diffuse, and thus hold a greater portion of soul particles (“Glory”) within the conscious (or super conscious) container of their being. Those who remain within a state of wholeness (un-fractured and un-touched by soul trauma) are called Angels and "Archangels" (like Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and so on). Those who remain conscious of their connection to and oneness with Source... and project their spirit (soul self, energy, consciousness) into a human container, are known as "Avatars" - which literally means "incarnation of God". Avatars - known by many different names, cultures and religious traditions, have projected themselves or reincarnated into many different places and times. Many have removed themselves from this physical dimension, while others have secretly reincarnated into it, again and again (of those few known and recognized, Rama, Shiva, Krishna and Jesus are considered to be such Avatars).

Incarnate or not, all of these beings - The Ancient Ones, Archangels and Avatars... all still exist on the inner planes of Spirit, many continuing to be spiritually engaged in human activity today. If you are open, sensitive and clear enough, you may see, feel, communicate with and learn from these Great Souls... souls who have not lost conscious awareness of their oneness with Creation and the Creator.

Spiritual Parents
At the beginning of creation, there were very few souls who existed, and of those who did, they were quite enormous, with energies and consciousness taking up whole galaxies and universes. Like the original One God Consciousness they emerged from, these immense powerful primal ancient souls chose to create (or clone) smaller versions of themselves on lower dimensions... eventually birthing or manifesting as us here on the physical.

  {All souls can split off bits and pieces of itself, and like a clone or holograph, each contains the same qualities as the original.}

{Cells taken from subsequent generations of clones and used to reproduce, may eventually exhibit fewer qualities and strengths as the original donor. In animals, if the breeding pool gets to small, genetic drift, weakness and abnormalities may occur.)

A number of these Ancient Ones created new souls exclusively from out of their own being (perhaps as Adam did with the removal of one of his "ribs", thus creating Eve). Many others chose to mix and match... a seed from one (the father soul) and an egg from another (the mother soul) to form a hybrid soul (as humans we do this also). Some created souls were found lacking or "defective" and were later reintegrated or transmuted back into their Source. Other created souls were not reintegrated but left to flourish and evolve. This was a time of wild and wondrous experimentation when many souls created were not formed according to the normal human standards we know today but were (physically mentally and emotionally) very different to us... thus the alien races (reptilians, grays and others) were born (those who have inner vision can see these beings existing on other dimensions).

These Ancient Beings, in order to explore the limits of their abilities and expand their knowledge base about the dualistic nature of creation (the play of light and dark, good and evil)  through the manipulation of the etheric blueprint and DNA, created souls according to any likeness they desired or imagined (some created the Demons and their ilk).

The Ancients created and projected themselves into various animate life forms (plants and animals) and even the inanimate (rocks and minerals, planets and other celestial bodies). If you are open, sensitive and clear enough, you may see, feel, communicate with and learn from these Great Ancient Souls, many of whom are still present in these places today.

“In His perfect image God created Man”
Our "Higher Self" - made from the "likeness" or "blueprint" of our "Parent" Creator God -  contains all of His (or Her) characteristics and abilities. One such ability was that of self-procreation, which enabled our High Selves to re-create or project a likeness of themselves into the lower dimensions known as our astral or “lower selves”. In turn, our lower self inherited that same ability to re-create or project itself into the physical dimension, what we here know and experience as our human self. Thus, if we look carefully we may see reflected in our physical being the Higher Self (or aspects of our higher selves at any rate) and our Creator. One could say that "evolution" is the process where our Higher Self is constantly refining our human selves to match, not just the outer image but the inner qualities of the Creator.

Over Soul and Soul Mates

Over Soul
Your soul (as it exists on this earth plane or in any other dimension) plus any other soul who trace their origin to the same Spiritual Parents (perhaps to these Ancients, Angels, or Avatars and their offspring), all make up your soul ancestry, lineage or "Over Soul" family group.

The soul is spiritually and energetically imprinted (sort of like a holographic picture) with the image of your over soul family (including your spiritual mom, dad, brothers, sisters, etc.). At the time of your individualization (when souls in your over soul family split off and scattered throughout the universe to journey their separate ways), this over soul picture of a "united family" likewise fractured . Yet as a holograph, in any one piece (even if there is some slight distortion) can still be seen the whole family. Meaning.... all the souls that make up your Over Soul are (more or less) not only mirrored or "reflected" somewhere in you, but you also have an eternal, powerful and deep vibrational resonance or affinity with them all (and they to you).

Soul Mates
A Soul will always feel an "affinity" to any other soul who comes from the same spiritual parent (part of the same ancestral line). This "affinity" is expressed in the concept of "soul mates" – all those other souls (incarnate or not) who are in your "over-soul" family. Over time and much development, soul mates within a soul family do change and grow different from each other, yet there will always be a deep resonance or sharing of "group consciousness". You may have anywhere from one to many thousands of soul mates (embodied or in spirit) who make up your soul family and share in this group consciousness. Like any family, there are always those black sheep who pull everyone down, and golden children who make us proud. Some soul families have more of one than another, which makes being part of a particular over soul group either easy or hard, light or dark, good or bad. Either way, if you find yourself on the hard end, chances are your souls task here on earth is to uplift the energy and karma of your over soul family. On ones own, this is not an easy thing to do... which is why Spirit makes available this healing work.

Sacred Knowledge of Vibration
and the Power of Human Emotions

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