Kundalini Syndrome Healing
Awakening Ascension

  According to Hindu mystics, within our physical spine is an etheric channel called "shushumna". At the base of this channel in the sacrum region resides a coiled up dormant feminine "shakti" energy called "Kundalini". When awakened from her long slumber, Kundalini proceeds to uncoil and ascend up through the shushumna, penetrating into and permeating through the chakras, eventually to meet and merge with her superconscious cosmic counterpart "Shiva". Durring the process of this ascension, the Kundalini activates many psychic powers and conveys many mystical experiences and spiritual realizations... all leading to the transformation of the body consciousness so it may become strong and pure enough to hold the unified perfection of feminine and masculine - heaven and earth - in human form.

the divine union of the feminine and masculine, personified as shiva-shakti, merged into human form

Kundalini is well represented across many mystic traditions, the most classic example is from the Greek mystery schools as the serpent headed "Staff" or "Caduceus" (a symbol still used by the medical profession today). To the ancient Mesoamericans, Kundalini is the rainbow feathered serpent Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl. In the Bible, Kundalini is the "serpent" in the "Garden of Eden". Interestingly enough, from a "scientific" point of view, the spiraling vortex of electro-magnetic energy (created when a current of electricity runs through a metal pole) is very similar to the undulating movements of a snake, coincidentally how one may feel Kundalini move in the body.

A client writes: "I am experiencing various supernatural events. I am not sure what to do or how to control it."
When a person has such experiences this usually means their kundalini is active and awakened. Kundalini is, simply put, a psycho-sexual creative energy and consciousness located (when dormant) at the base of our spines. When activated it IDEALLY rises up through the spine, penetrating the various interdimensional veils and chakras to eventually merge with Source above the head. Through out this long journey, the Kundalini bestows many experiences and gifts but also great challenges, esp as it tries to work through eons of karma and blocks. So when the Kundalini energy and consciousness ascends through the astral dimensions, this is often when the supernatural experiences and "events" occur, and are all part of the phenomenal inner and outer worlds/realities (or rather, illusions). Our challenge is to let go of attachment to these worlds/realities and rise above, or as the Sufis say, to "be in the world but not of it" ("to have ones head in the clouds and feet on the earth").
The work I offer helps the soul let go of its attachments to these illusions and their energetic karmic entanglements. So the answer here is not to control Kundalini (she who is a living breathing conscious force somewhat independent yet interdependent in you and in the greater universe). We can only try to flow, accept, surrender and breath with her. david

  Intention and Desire
The path our life takes (and by extension who we ultimately become) is generally determined and or directed by our intentions (will) and desires (wants, likes, dislikes). The intention and desire of Kundalini (as she exists within us and the universe as a whole) is to LOVE ALL of creation and unite with her divine counterpart. If we already have an awakened and activated Kundalini, and if we are aligned with the same purposes (to love creation and unite with spirit), the power behind our intentions and desires (and life in general) will be magnified ! But if our intentions and desires are fear and ego based, at odds with or run contrary to the higher purpose of love and unity, as a safeguard to prevent the soul from misuse of power and irreparable harm to self or others, Kundalini may disengage and withdraw her energies and consciousness from our higher chakras, descend to the base of the spine and once again become dormant. Kundalini turning herself down and off like this doesn't happen often, but it is a possibility. In most cases however, once the Kundalini "Genie" has been set free (awakened and activated), she will not easily return into the "bottle" of the sacrum and go back to sleep.

Kundalini Syndrome

  Kundalini is the most powerful psycho-sexual life force in creation. Once she is awakened and activated, her power, like a nuclear reaction, requires the most secure container. If there are any blockages, holes, tears or weakness of any kind (i.e. if integrity of body mind is compromised in any way), Kundalini may become distorted and flow in directions and channels not designed to hold such powerful energies. In the extreme, Kundalini energy may even rupture and shatter the body mind energy field (like a house fuse blows if overloaded). The resultant imbalance, chaos and destruction to our chakras and energy field (including our multi-dimensional aspects) can be life altering if not life threatening, but this might not be the worse of it. As the psycho-sexual energy of Kundalini oozes (bleeds) out, it will attract (like moths to a flame or bees to honey) all sorts of parasitic low level entities (embodied or in spirit) such as black magicians, sexual predators, vampiric entities, ghosts, multi-dimensional life forms, demonics, satanics, and so on. These "beings" not only attach and feed (like mosquitos sucking blood) but can do so much worse.. actually take control over the body mind energy !!! Healing a ruptured shattered energy field is difficult as it is and requires a ton of work... if there are parasitic entities embedded deep into the many layers and very core of the energy field and psyche, this complicates the work a thousand fold ! (These are the most severe of cases and requires many sessions over a long time). The most unfortunate part of this tragic scenario is that once these evil beings are in control, they will do all they can to prevent the person from reaching out for healing. But if by some miracle the person does manage to find a healer and start some work, they are usually connived or coerced to abruptly stop (sadly, this is very common).

Kundalini Syndrome Triggers

  The common factor found in every case of Kundalini Syndrome is that the energy field is (to some degree or another) ruptured or shattered, and thus very open sensitive and vulnerable to outside influences. The slightest most trivial thing may easily cause symptoms to flare up: synthetic medicines and scents, sweet and chemically adulterated junk foods, loud disharmonious heavy sounds or music, violent and or sexualized images and movies, the electrical field given off from a powerful appliance or in a heavily wired building, a microwave tower or cell phone radiation, even astrological influences may have an impact. Perhaps the worse thing about having such an open energy field is that there is an unhindered absorption and processing of negativity (karma) when around other people (especially during intimate encounters).

Symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome

The extra power of Kundalini triggers and supercharges any pre-existing latent mental-emotional-physical problems. A person who has Kundalini Syndrome may exhibit a wide variety and intensity of symptoms and illnesses such as:
sleep: insomnia, somnambulism, sleep paralysis, nightmares
energy: severe fatique
behavior: obsessive-compulsive behaviors, loss of discrimination and self control, alchohol or drug abuse
mood: mania or depression, irritation and anger, extreme fears
mind: auditory or visual hallucinations, headaches-migraines, memory loss, erratic speech, delusions of grandeur, random thoughts of violence and or suicide
diet: food cravings, weight gain or loss, nausea
sexuality: aberant sexual urges, obessive desires, promiscuity, revulsion of, anxiety and panic
senses: unexplained tactile sensations, pain in any part of the body, temperature fluctuations
nervous system: uncontrollable shaking, trembling, nervousness, sweating, dizzyness
In essence, any negative thing a person is holding on any level of their body-mind-energy field becomes activated, magnified and manifest with Kundalini Syndrome (the Kundalini activates and magnifies the positive things a person holds as well, but thats another story).

Causes of Kundalini Syndrome

Kundalini can be a life long boon to ones spiritual and worldly life... but if it is prematurely awakened and activated without sensitivity to where one is at in their process, it can be a life long burden and bane. Here is a list of a few things that may cause a premature Kundalini awakening, or at the least, an open, ruptured, shattered energy field:
- Trying to forcefully activate and raise the Kundalini.
- abuse of hallucinogens, marijuana, ayahuasca or other psychoactive drugs.
- practicing, engaging in or victim of Black Magic.
- Childhood violence and or sexual abuse.
- deep, intense, long lasting trauma.

"Environment is more powerful than will." Parmahansa Yogananda

 Kundalini Syndrome Healing and Support

There is much to be said for self healing (for doing it "on ones own"). I believe such self care can take us far along our path, that is until we reach an impass and need outside help. Especially when one is experiencing a Kundalini awakening or suffering from Kundalini Syndrome, help would primarily takes the form of receiving healing sessions. In addition I would recommend fellowship with like minded truth seekers called "Satsang" ("sat-sang" in Sanskrit means "truth-fellowship"). Being in the presence of others on the spiritual path can have a very comforting, calming, supportive and uplifting influence, especially to the inner child self (who is probably freaking out all over the place!!!). Relatively speaking, few people have ever heard of Kundalini... so if you are the only one in your immediate circle (of friends and family) having otherworldy mystical experiences and feelings, it's easy to think something is wrong and you are crazy ! Being with others who have experienced what you are going through (and having gotten to the other side of) can assuage thoughts and fears of doom and gloom (which only make matters worse !).

Kundalini is an intelligent force that knows what she is doing. There are some pitfalls along the way that can distract and interfere with her free flow, but generally speaking, once Kundalini is awakened there is little else we can do except trust and surrender to her sway.

Beyond whatever limited human control we may think we have over our spiritual path and healing, there are infinitely more powerful forces existing in the universe that have an overarching impact upon Kundalini and the course of our individual and collective souls evolution. These are The Yugas.

The Yugas

What generally influences the individual and collective souls ascent to higher consciousness and light... or descent into unconsciousness and darkness (i.e. the evolutionary and devolutionary process on this planet, solar system and galaxy) follows cosmic cycles lasting thousands of years called "Yuga". We have just left the densest, grossest, darkest age of "Kali Yuga" and have entered and are ascending the next lighter age of "Dwapara Yuga" (more about Yugas HERE). Because of this ascent we are presently seeing an upswing in conscious awareness and Kundalini experiences, but we still have a long long long way to go before the advent of the most enlightened age of "Satya Yuga". In the meantime, as more and more cosmic light enters our planet, more and more people are going to become awakened and express a growing interest in spirituality and healing. And though the individual and collective is subject to the natural ebbs and flows of these cosmic forces, IT IS possible to transcend them ALL by working with healers who are able to bring the highest most spiritual frequencies and vibrations into the NOW as Sourced from the most enlightened dimensions  centers and times. If a soul is willing to receive such powerful support and thus accelerate their evolutionary process by thousands of years, it will require them to actively engage in spiritual healing work NOW in this life time instead of having to wait thousands of years till the divine light of the next Satya Yuga shines upon us all. This is the free will choice for all souls: get ahead of the curve and advance now.... of go up and down with the crowd.

The soul is like the sun.. it always shines even if we cannot see past a cloud blocking its view.

Fall from Grace

In the beginning we all existed "at one with" the divine source, what many call "God". Whatever brought about our real or perceived separation or "Fall from Grace" from the memory of this blissful peaceful union, be it a willful intention or desire to forget, the dark age of a Kali Yuga or a rebellious act of angel, demon or man, the consequences are the same - a slowing down or "devolving" of vibrations within our Kundalini and without in our energy field... resulting in our life force to diminish and our conscious awareness to become dulled, clouded over or veiled.

Using the various states of water as an analogy:
The Kundalini in its "etheric" state...
  vibrates quickly to rise and expand
higher spiritual consciousness
(Satya Yuga)

The Kundalini in its "Astral” state...
vibrates easily to flow into any shape
the breath, mind and psyche
(Treta and Dwapara Yuga)

The Kundalini in its "Physical" state...
vibrates slow to be as solid as ice
the spinal cord and brain
(Kali Yuga)

To be clear, it is not the soul that solidifies or devolves but the vibrational layers of self created constructs (the "Matrix") that surround it. The soul itself is eternally free and light, but can (through intention and desire) be surrounded, veiled or hidden with layers of dense vibrations. If this veiled condition persists over years, lifetimes or eons... our human awareness and ego consciousness begins to identify with these various denser states of matter, gets lost in the illusion it has cloaked itself with and comes to believe "There is no sun shining in the sky, we are separate from the light of God".

The Quickening

The darker lower vibrations that surround and permeate our energy field and deep within to the Kundalini, can be transformed and or released by applying healing light and higher vibrations through the layers and core of the body mind. The clearing up and out of density (sometimes felt to be as cold as ice) creates new spaces within that allows for an increase of energy flow (often felt as physical or psychic heat). As our energy begins to vibrate at a faster and faster rate, the Kundalini awakens, activates and quickens this process of inner transformation, it starts to ascend (like mercury in a thermometer) revealing astral (liquid) and then etheric (steam) states of higher consciousness.

Kundalini and Crystal Implants

A new exciting healing breakthrough
Kundalini and "Crystal Implants".

A little background first:
Shakti Kundalini energy is like the nuclear power that runs the system of our body and psyche. Needless to say, it is critically important that the internal channels of the Sheshumna be crystal clear and free of any impediments ! Anything foreign lodged within this channel can block and distort EVERYTHING that is humanly experienced and outwardly expressed into the world. Thus the initial focus of my work was to be completely clear (and of course, also have a strong energetic container to hold this powerful life force). After a long time doing this work, at some point I realized I was easily able to call down the cosmic consciousness and Shiva energy AT WILL ! But wait, there's more.....

Shakti Kundalini is a psycho spiritual sexual energy and consciousness that runs up and down - vertically - through our core channel. It is a most powerful energy similar to what is generated in a lightning bolt or nuclear power plant. As humans, we can't just tap a line into this raw power and plug it in just anywhere - it needs to be transformed or stepped up or down into a form our body and its various energy centers can safely use, otherwise it would easily burn out the electrical wiring of our nervous system and rupture our energy field. This is what our chakras do... transforms this kundalini energy from one vibration or frequency to another so that the energy that is in one chakra can be stepped up or down to an energy that can be utilized by the chakra above or below, and so on. The energy you feel in your heart chakra for example, is different than what you feel in your second creative sexual chakra... and the grounding energy in your root or base chakra has a different feeling than what is felt in the expressive expansive throat chakra. But say we directed first chakra root energy into the heart... this rougher darker energy would spin our heart chakra out of balance and likely cause us to feel a great deal of emotional stress that would in time create illness. Yes, it's all energy... but with an awesome power such as Kundalini, potent enough to create and destroy life... the energy vibration or frequency must be transformed according to the levels of application. Ok, so much for the basics.

Many older souls have had past lives in Atlantis (there is no proof of this.. just a knowing). The general consensus among metaphysicians is that many of these Atlantian souls worked with crystals. When most people think of "crystals" they imagine a physical gem stone in a ring, necklace or bracelet... yet all crystals/gem stones also exist in an etheric dimensional energetic vibrational state. And what does that have to do with Kundalini you may ask?
When awakened and activated, Kundalini (energy and consciousness) typically runs vertically, up and down within the core of the multi-dimensional being that we are... but Kundalini can also be directed horizontally, outwardly !!
We all know that modern day lasers use physical crystals to focus and amplify light and energy to kill cancer cells, transmit data over long distances, even burn through steel !!! Just imagine what can be done with etheric crystals ! Now... imagine if one can focus the power of kundalini into such a crystal and apply it to healing ? Are you thinking of the possibilities ? Awesome, right ! Keep in mind that each crystal has a different frequency and vibration, so the light or energy that goes through say an amethyst crystal would bring about a different healing result than the light or energy going through a ruby.  I mentioned the Atlantians... their scientists not only worked with the various physical gem stones but their healers worked with their etheric counterparts implanted within their very own energy fields !!!! These crystalline implants allowed these healers to direct their kundalini energies horizontally, outwardly to their patients to illicit very specific purposeful results (the implications are simply AMAZING !).

So.. the breakthrough... ALL of my internal gem stones/crystals (implanted and worked with during my times in Atlantis) were CLEARED and ACTIVATED !!! (including their associated frequencies, channels and networks). This is a BIG deal !

To be clear, not everyone has crystalline implants from their times in Atlantis (or elsewhere), and not everyone in Atlantis worked with crystals. Of those who did, some worked with just one crystal, others with a few more. But the possiblility exist that someone could potentially have hundreds of crystals (implanted in the front and back of the body/energy field) to access and work with (one could also have a variety of sigils and codes implanted into their energy field, but thats another story).
Important : Just as physical crystals can over time and misuse become encrusted with all sorts of crud, so too can etheric crystals implanted in the energy field, so their clearing is crucial, most especially if ones Kundalini is flowing... (channeling such powerful energy through a dirty etheric crystal can have serious detrimental effects).

*The High Priests of ancient Israel wore a Breast Plate with 12 gem stones, not just to symbolically represent the same number of tribes, but I suspect to also be used for particular spiritual healing purpose.

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