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The Shadow - Projections - Co-Dependent Relationships - Dark Contracts - Impulses

The Shadow
"Shadows" can be like a nebulous dark cloud or fogginess that can surround and permeate a beings energy, consciousness and vibrational fields, thereby blocking the spiritual sun of their higher consciousness from fully shining out into the world. "Shadows" hide within and as ones' "blind spots" where our conscious mind cannot see into or through. Shadows may be created from "split off" traumatized aspects of the psyche and thus have a consciousness and self identity of their own containing unrealized desires, feelings, motivations and dreams. When least expected, the shadow self may jump out the depths of the hidden subconscious into everyday life, and uncontrollably say or do things far out of ones normal character. People who drink alcohol or take certain drugs may experience this phenomena, often having no recollection of what happened the next day... as if that memory was lost... but really just tucked away, safely suppressed within the "closet of the subconscious" (along with its other skeletons).

Through suppressed memories held within the subconscious mind (even those from past lives) can be retrieved through such tools as hypnosis, meditation and certain halucinogens, awareness alone does not completely resolve, heal or clear the energies surrounding these experiences. The initial onset (and repetition) of trauma may have been so painful, confusing and overwhelming, that the soul chose to not only suppress and separate out the memories.. but quarantine (like a computer anti-virus) and compress down (like a "zip drive") the energies of these traumas... and the traumatized parts of its very own soul... into the vast multi-dimensional energy matrix of the body-mind. An awareness of these traumas may be a good first step, but since they are deeply held and locked down into this vast and complex matrix, some sort of energy (and soul retrieval) work must be utilized to completely clear and restore the body-mind (and soul) back to a point of original integrity.

In the process of suppressing or rejecting the energies and soul parts engaged in these traumatic experiences, the soul broke or "disassociated" itself from any conscious-energetic links it may have had to them (burning your bridges so to speak). At the time of its occurrence, the soul may not have had the energetic, spiritual, psychological resources to turn the information and energy of the trauma into something useful (nor may it have those resources even now). But once this event has come and gone - even if the soul is now willing to reclaim and restore into wholeness the separated parts of its self and power, ones ego-mind (and shadow self) may be in such resistance (so wrapped up in supporting and perpetuating these holding patterns) that there is no available psychic energy left to "decompress" (or transform) them back into pure energy... nor enough soul resources left to help liberate whatever parts of itself is therein trapped. The easiest (and most expedient) solution to reversing this situation is to find a healer who can assist you into "un-zipping" your body-mind-energy matrix and "re-associating" you with your lost soul parts.

There is a law of physics which states that "energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another". Stuff dwelling within the body-mind matrix - and ones shadow - is like a piece of wood - there is tremendous "potential" energy stored within, but in this dense form it will take a tremendously powerful, spiritually "kinetic" energetic catalyst or event to transmute the "wood" (all your suppressed and condensed traumatic experiences) back into its original form as pure light energy (and if a big log, then it first has to be broken up into little tiny pieces before it can burn). It is said "it takes money to make money", and it would also be accurate to say that "it takes energy to transform energy". So the question is - where do you get the extra energy to catalyze and transform yourself with? Again, the easiest (and most expedient) solution is to find a healer who can add his spark (or torch) and "catalyze" you into transforming your subconscious "logs" (traumas and shadows) into a burning flame.
The good news is that (according to these same laws of physics) all the energies you put into the transformational equation you will get out - it all ads up in the end - there are no wasted energies, there are no wasted efforts. 

No matter how spiritually advanced or clear we think we are, we all have our “blind spots” – those unconscious areas of our energy field (which we are in denial about and avoid at all costs) where we have stored our "shadow self" and its “nasty” and unpleasant “stuff”. However, this (and more) is all part of the game of being human - we get "stuff" to work out. So like it or not, we have to deal with it the best way we can, by ourselves or with the help of others.

"Judge not less you be judged"
"Beware the beam in your own eye"

What you judge or condemn about others is a reflection of what is stored in your own body-mind-energy field. This dark area and its vibrationally dense energies are known as "the shadow". The consciousness attached to this “shadow” (those subconscious/unconscious states of the ego-mind) are called the “shadow self”. The tendency or natural inclination of this “shadow self” is to "project" itself out into the world, never taking personal responsibility, always blaming others (ie, “laying your trip”, “throwing your sh-t”).
Looking at the world from behind this "shadow" is like wearing dark sun glasses - everything you see appears to be dark. Over time, if you didn’t know this darkness was caused by the glasses worn (the shadow) you would eventually come to believe that the world was dark. Unfortunately, projections of the “shadow self” are very common and are one of the most insidious saboteurs of healthy loving relationships.

Projection is illustrated in the meaning and history of the word "scapegoat". The scapegoat concept originated in biblical times where every year the priests would mysteriously gather up the "sins" (shadows) of the people... and project (transfer) them upon a goat who would then be let loose into the wilds. (Jesus did this with someone whom a legion of entities had possessed, transferring them to pigs).

We all have this ability to project, dump or transfer... the unwanted energies and aspects of ourselves upon others, making them our scapegoats. To differing degrees of "success", some of our "projections" may just touch the periphery of anothers energy field and bounce off, and other times it can penetrate much deeper into their very heart and stay rooted. If an individual has an intact and healthy sense of self, as well as a very strong energy field (without any holes or tears) they can walk away from this encounter unscathed. Whereas another person who has a shattered sense of self, a lowered level of awareness, and a weak energy field (with many holes and tears) may be vulnerable to such attacks, inadvertently taking this stuff in. Unfortunately, children have not had the time to develop an intact energy field and healthy self of self, so they are the most vulnerable to the projections from those they associate with, are cared for and are loved by, and thus their wounds are deeply layed into the fundamental matrix of their being, carried over into adulthood and passed on to the next generation. Taking responsibility for (working on) our stuff insures that our children or those others we associate with and love (our spouses for ex), do not have to suffer the burden of our stuff.

Co-Dependent Relationships
Another example of this “projecting” is found in co-dependent relationships. Irregardless of outward sex, everyone carries within them some innate qualities and mental constructs of both "male" and "female". However, our culture has its own ideas what men and women are to look and act like. To fit society’s model, a woman may reject or dissociate herself from her "masculine" qualities (such as strength, logic, reason, intellect) and "project" them out onto a real or imagined "outer man". Likewise, a man may do the same with his own "feminine" qualities (such as being loving, gentle, compassionate, feeling, nurturing) and in turn project them onto this “outer woman”. Some segments of society have long indoctrinated us into believing that this polarity or divergence of the sexes is normal, whereas I believe it is quite the opposite - being the epitome of self "disempowerment" (but perhaps that is what these same segments of society are trying to do - disempower us?). This pattern will always set us up for a big disappointment – no one can honestly or consistently take on or manifest these aspects of self that have been rejected and projected out. This "trade off" (a "karmic contract" or “agreement” of sorts) defines co-dependent relationships. Unfortunately, if our inherent original qualities are not restored and fully embraced, in time, this hole in the psyche will be filled with something that doesn’t belong - a simulacrum of its former self - perhaps devolving into an independent "Shadow Self" with a consciousness, ego and will of its own. Since these shadow selves usually reside on the periphery of our conscious awareness (and to some degree, are a part of, yet separate from our energy field) we may have no clue that we even have a shadow self. However, others can more easily be aware of and be affected by our shadow (especially when it is being projected onto them). Additionally, since this shadow often precedes us (standing between us and the world) another’s perceptions may be tainted as they look at us - seeing this shadow instead. Since these aspects were created by and are still a part of us, we ultimately have karmic responsibility for them and all that they do.

So here we are...
with all these entities and shadows floating around
implants and foreign energies stuck in here and there
energy cords streaming into and out
wondering.. how the H did this happen?!?!

There are so many times in all our past lives
when our vibrations were lowered our energies weakened
our sense of self was shattered in pieces. 

For whatever reasons, whether you allowed or was forced
 It is really ok... and you are not to blame.
Forgive yourself - it happens to the best of us.
Let’s do the work to heal it and move on.

Dark Contracts
When you are willing to do something or give up something in exchange for another something, this agreement makes up the basis of a "contract". 

There can be many different sorts of spiritual energetic contracts:
some "good" - the "God Contracts" and “Karmic Agreements”
some "bad" - the co-dependent “Karmic Relationships”
and some "evil" – the "Demonic” or “Dark Contracts"

The later is where the phrase "selling your soul" comes from.
The main difference I see between bad and evil contracts is in the degree and depth of how much of your self you gave or traded away. Most people in codependent relationships (esp formed within just one lifetime) hardly get to the point where they give up the depths of their very soul to another, giving instead psychic aspects, energies and qualities (but for soul mates... this is another matter, much more serious).
One may give fully of love and share the depths of ones soul to another, but if you actually “give up” your heart and soul to another... this is planting the seeds of a dark contract to form, and over time to be taken over by demonic control. Fortunately, this is not an easy thing to do and doesn’t happen too much anymore in this more enlightened day and age. I am speaking of black magic of course, which is very rare to see now in its full blown state, but it does (commonly) exist in smaller degree (a carry over I think from past lifetimes when where the soul dwelt within the darker dimensions and played with forbidden knowledge).

When a person relinquishes their heart and soul to another, it’s often done in reaction to something so discomforting and painful that you don’t want to feel it.
By rejecting parts of ones soul, one is diminishing ones ability to be fully aware, and not being aware, we can be manipulated and controlled (and though you may believe it or not, there are some very nasty spirits out there who are looking for souls who are not awake and present in their own lives).

If you were one of these souls who had given up your heart and soul to another being (for whatever reason) it may not have felt problematic to you, at first - since you were a willing participant in the deal, you must have got what you wanted (ignorance blindness, numbness, insensitivity). Since the universe abhors a vacuum, so too does our hearts and souls (or at least the place where they used to be) and something must eventually come to fill these empty holes. Where Love once was, fear, anger, loathing and hate comes in to take its place. If we reject Truth and Light, we are embraced by ignorance and those beings who play in the darkest night. If we reject the friends of light, the enemies of light become our friends. And with all “friends”, we begin to make agreements and contracts that hold us together (even with beings who would eat and tear us to pieces). Yet in our fear and ignorance, we have not many options.
However, there does come a time when the call may come through even the darkest of places to return to that state of innocence before the fall. No one is denied that opportunity, though it doesn’t come every day - to be without sin, pure and whole again is a choice we all (even the Devil) are offered once in a while. Making that choice, the work may begin.

Much of what we do, say or think can seem whimsical – impulsive – rising up from some unknown place for some unknown reason... but what’s this got to do with anything?
A lot of our impulses come from imprinted mannerisms and subconscious thoughts we picked up from our parents, friends, teachers (anyone from our past).
Some may be evolutionary, instinctual or organically hard wired in our genetic patterning (given to us by our ancestors).
Some of our impulses are dietary or chemically driven
(drink enough coffee or sweetened colas and you will be bouncing off the walls).
A surprising amount of our impulses comes as a result of influences from the spirit world (perhaps not even from our own selves).
From my research into the paranormal and from working intimately with individuals and groups, I have found that many people are influenced by spirit beings who live around them in the spirit worlds. Depending on their level (and the level from which you are open and listening from) these spirit beings are sending either beneficial or detrimental guidance to you. Most people impulsively follow through with these promptings from spirit (that invisible world) never questioning where these impulses come from - nor if it is working for or against you. 

Can one have conflicting impulses? Certainly. If one impulse tells you to turn left and another to go right, one may lead you into an accident and the other to safety (or something like that). Our lives are determined by these choices we make - some of them apparently quite small (a left or a right). We need to be able to differentiate if these impulses are coming from a clear and true place (or not). The spirit beings around us are constantly whispering into our subconscious ears and hearts, giving us guidance and feelings. Many of these spirit beings have differences of opinion... and the results are conflicting impulses pulling us in different directions. If some of these impulses are coming from negative entities (or evil spirits) around, within, or corded to us, we could be in big trouble. In order to access the clearest impulses (the highest guidance that can work for us) we need to be freed of these lower level entities. These hidden impulses (and the lower spirits from which they come) tamper with our ability and free will to choose our own destinies. Having sabotaged our lives - our relationships, our prosperity, our peace, our happiness – these negative spirits try to distort our perceptions. They veil our sense of reality to the point where we do not even realize who they are or what they are doing to us - we are ignorant and do not even know. It is imperative that we become free of these "monkeys on our backs" so that we may get on with living as our true Spirit Self intended.

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