Loves Labors Lost -2- Love Poems
By David Isaacson

Throw Me a Line
I think I’m drowning
I haven’t had a breath of love for a long long time

The first time I came up for air
my mother was there
Born me into this ocean so deep and so wide
Held me in her protecting arms
So very very close to shore
But she had to let me go
As I could no longer hide in her constricting arms
Sink or swim
The current came and washed me away

Throw me a line
I think I'm going down for the second time

Then I floated for years
Till I let myself be drawn into another woman’s arms
For I had my fears
Of forever floating in those lonely seas
Alone with no one to share my tears
Or glory in the joys of the years
But she tied my feet in webs of deceit
And weighed me down with lies of lead
Cold words fed into my head
Shattered my heart with broken illusions of
“We shall never part”
And happiness that never came to stay
Throw me a line
I think I’m going down for the very last time

Shadow of Love
Are thoughts real
Or just a game we play in our head
When life feels dead
And time flows by
Like it’s never going to end
Words just lie there
When spoken they're dead
Look into my eyes
Hold me close to your heart
(But nobody does that anymore)
Why do we settle for words
They are just shadows of love

Shattered by my love for you
I’m still trying to pick up the pieces.
Call me Humpty Dumpty
I fell from the sky and broke upon your armored walls
The lover knows
Shatter the image
The spirit shall be free

Reminds you of the times
We danced around the fires
Half naked dressed in feathers
Bodies painted in colors

Or cooking around the hearth
Orange yellow red flames licking
the animal flesh roasting on the grill
Corn bread rising in the oven
Black coffee brewing in a pot

Or living in a tee pee
Camping in the wilds
Telling stories of adventure and daring
As cold white snow fell outside
We, huddling around the crackling fires

Reminds you of something hot
Fiery passions shared
A warm comfortable bed
A couple of lovers
Joking playing making love
Burning up memories
Of troubles rather forgotten

Why settle for a cigarette
When you can have the real thing

Bitten by Love
Like a rabid dog biting its owners hand
It wants let loose from its cage
Let loose from this sickness it one time called love
Yeah, love is a fine pet
Until one day it turns on you
Do you then just take it to the vet
And say
Put it away
Shoot it
Drug it
Put it to sleep
I’ll get another at the animal shelter
Or cheaper just off the street
This one lost its spunk
Hair’s falling out
Smells like a skunk
No sense of loyalty
I thought love is my best friend
Always by my side
This one left me
For a more appealing eye
You bit me like a rabid dog
Just shoot you then
Let lying dogs just die
And let the dead bury the dead
You can go into someone else’s arms
I’m getting myself a pet rock

Dating Blues
I ain’t got no money
Woman run the other way
When they see me coming
I can’t pay my way through love tolls
Of fancy dinners designer clothes
Fast cars trips around the world
Foreign wine castles in the air
A real mans got to have a nest egg
If he wants a woman to sit on them
I have holes in my shoes
And my toes are sticking out
I have no credit cards
My times run out
I got a banker on my back
And he wants his $ fast
What woman is going to want a man like me
Who has no $ to play love games
All I’ve got are a few sweet words
To whisper into your ear
And this... always free

Dearly Beloved
We are gathered here today
To join this man
And this woman
In holy wed lock
Do you solemnly vow
To stay together through
Sickness and mental breakdown
Career changes and midlife crises
Overwork and unemployment
Mortgage payment and hospital bills
Obesity and atrophy
In laws and outlaws
Infidelity and adultery
Memories of old lovers
Incompatibility and codependency
Mood swings and sex changes
Alcoholism and drug abuse
Physical and verbal slander
Monday night football and soap dramatics
PMS and menopause
Aids, herpes, venereal disease aplenty
Saturn returns and the 7 year itch
Boredom and apathy galore
Religious fanaticisms and new fangled cults
Impotence and frigidity
Unwanted pregnancy and empty nests
Crying babies and dirty diapers
The terrible 2s and demanding teens
Step kids and ex spouses
(Have I left anything out?)
Till death or murder do you part?
Hey where are you going?
Come back here
Well how about just till next week
Forget about marriage
We can just live together

Skin Deep
Do I really love you?
Or am I just taken with your looks
Every time I see another lovely face
I’m even more confused
How simple it would be
If there was just one woman for me
Adam had it easy
He didn’t have to wander
Eve was the only girl around
I’d love to say it’s just you
I’ve had it with all the rest
So who do I love?
Or that ideal woman
Beyond the mirror of those eyes
Bachelor Angst
I look at you
Across this room
Sensing your vibes
Feeling them entwine
Do I have your psychic sexual number?
Do you have mine?
I’m not getting through
Your reception is static
Is my sending on your channel?
I approach you and say hi
You turn away and say goodbye

I See Strangers Kissing in the Night
In the movies in the street
And the love songs play on the radio
Over and over and over again
Until I believe
“I can’t live without you babe...ooooo...ooo...oh babe”
And the saddest part is
All the babes are walking on the other side of the street
In other men’s arms
Driving in their fancy cars
In swanky clothes
In a castle on a hill
Living protected lives
I'm not looking for security
A Walt Disney animated Cinderella snow white lie
I’m looking for a true lover and friend

Maybe When I am Old, My Perfect Woman Will Come
I’ll be sitting in an old folk’s home
Body wrecked with age
Joints aching writhing in pain
Or numbed with drugs to tired to care
Loose hair hanging wiry across my balding head
Skin sagging down my emaciated neck
And dry scaly skin from front to back
Urine soaked clothes
Dirty brown streaked underwear
Cheap slippers from the 5 and dime
Drooling saliva down my face my throat
Teeth sitting in a cup
And the pretty young nurses don’t look at me twice
Not even once (except to change the bed pan)
I’m not even embarrassed anymore
My sex has withered away and long gone out
My pleasure in life is to take a good shit
In the morning, maybe if I’m lucky - at night
Oh God! For whom and for what am I still living for?
Isn’t there some meaning left in this life?
And my kids they only see me once or twice a year
When their guilt gets too much for abandoning me here
And my 3rd wife divorced me years ago
After I got too worn like last years used up old toy
Me, laying here
Half a leg in the grave
And wouldn’t it be ironic if you finally found me here
Light shining through your eyes
Your shimmering wings glowing in the night
Your perfect form filling my yearning soul with delight
Whispering words not born of this world nor heard with ears of earth
And I'm laying here
Now more than a leg I'm almost all in the grave
But my heart still quivers frail like a thread
It’s the last I have to offer you besides these mere words
And maybe when I am old
My angel will come
Take my heart in her arms
And fly me away from this dead dead world

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