By David Isaacson

I am shaking
I am quaking
Right now
My stomach is leaping up into my throat
My heart is throbbing through my veins
I see you
And my eyes are on fire
with these passions I see upon your lips
I can’t help myself
I am shaking like a leaf in a wind storm
I am quaking like the big earthquake
that will drop California into the sea
And all my fears jump out and say
Sleeping Fool
Wake up! Wake up!
Love is before you

Murky Waters of the Past
Reliving a thousand lives
in early morning fantasies
Remembering ancient heart aches
Loves pleasures lost then found
All treasures of the underworld
reside in her arms
To see her face is to gaze upon the gate
that leads to another land and time
Set sail within her eternal horizon
lose the comfort of the shore
filled with the bliss of forgetfulness
of worldly cares and woes

For a Rose
Are you the flower I seek
in the garden of life
An imagined smile
as sweet as a delicate flower
Opening in a spring shower
Laughter touching my ear
A cool fragrant breeze
Sweet words tease and caress
As they tickle my mind
Between twilight thoughts
A mystery awaits
with each passing day
And the suns rays unfold
Another petal of your beauty

She is the Rain
Falling from cool white clouds
upon delicate wild flowers
waiting in a desert field
wilting under a merciless sun

She is the rain
herald of life
falling into my mind

Flowers don’t live forever
but it’s always raining somewhere

I wish I could be a flower
that grows all over the world
Then I’ll be sure to always feel the rain
falling from her open arms

Do You Really Love Me
or take me for a fool
I’ve tried to act so cool and crisp
But inside I burn and shake
Like the bush from the bible in a fire storm
Oh don’t you hear my heart crying for you
in a shy glance
in a careful sigh

All My Loves
How can I love all
who equally I have held dear
Through life and death
In heavens rest
On earth’s trials and tests
All my loves through all these years
I see you young and old
Wrinkles can’t hide you from my soulful gaze
Forever I have known you
But how am I to love you now
as lover or friend

The Youth in the Old Man
Sat on a park bench
no more able to play
What have we really done?
And sitting upon a bench
they thought of love

Myths to Live By
An apple falls off a tree
And lands in your hand
into your red succulent mouth
And you offer me a juicy bite
Ahhh... juicy Eve

And the snow on Mount Olympus
natures’ majestic peaks
melt with the passions of our loves embrace
as the rivers of life flow between us
watering the dry valleys of our lives
turning the brown summer
moist and fertile like a fresh spring day

Electric lights and appliances
mysteriously turn on all over town
as sparks of lightning bolts leap
from off our bodies
animating the shadow worlds
with our loves power

And in the morning
our charred remains only shall be left
indelibly burnt into the earth like after a Hiroshima
as little old ladies and little old men
walk by
Oo Ahh...
Hands to their mouths
tears in their eyes... weeping
weeping over lost loves and compromised hearts

And a little sign will say:
"To all those who settle for less
True lovers die to the world
and live in paradise"

Dangerous Music
Being with you
in a place inside I’ve not felt before
A tender chord you play
upon my stringed heart

It’s a tiny place
I keep hidden from my own face
There are no words here
only the vision of your awesome loving

This music you play upon my body soul
makes this shell you see
shake to be free of earthly conventions
Your beauty awakens dangerous music
in my heart

Looking at You
I breathe deep... ahhh...
What a rush
Gazing into your eyes – black pools
orbs that reflect the mystery of night
Twinkling stars in the heavens
Ruby lips...I long to kiss
Red hot volcanic lava flows in my blood
Passions lap against the sand
Roaring surf beats in my chest
When I look at you

Waiting for You
Long lonely nights
Longing for you
Watching TV
Reading a book
Going on a walk
Looking at the moon
Bathing in the sea
Laying under the sun
Waiting for you
Looking for you
In each face I see
In a crowd of eyes
In a sea of souls
Waiting for you

Natural Birth
White billowy clouds
in a clear blue blue space
A yellow ball of fire
hanging in the sky
Clouds as curtains
Blinking over the light
Clouds covering a canopy
A patchwork
Quilt of trees and lakes
Mountains of breasts
Valleys of hair
Two bodies copulating on the grass
Rain bursting falling spurting from the sky
The earth shaking quaking
Accepting the rain into her depths
Heaven and Earth
Birth of New Life

Ruthless Passions
We look into each others eyes
You are across the room
Sitting with your boyfriend husband or somebody
And I see into your soul
Ruthless passions unfulfilled

Early Morning Dreams
Treading waters of past memories
Stagnant solitary pools
Reliving a thousand lives
In early morning dreams

You Are a Poem
Words pass through your lips
You smile and I melt
I want to read you from cover to cover
You are a mystery
Why does the poem that you are
Shake my very core?
The reality of you
Makes these very words I speak
So very empty and meek
How can I think when you are?

Feel Me
Impressions waft through my mind
You - delicate fragrance of a rose
Fill the chambers of my soul
Can you feel me?
Passion and spirit imbued on paper
Reaching out
You in my arms
Legs entwined
Lips meeting in public and private places
Union of Psyche and Eros
Embodied in Us

The DTs (detox tremors)
I have the love blues
Shaking Quaking
Where are you?
I need a fix of
You on my lips

What Have I too Feed You ?
He stands in front of Beauty
Gazing at her richness
As a hungry starving waif
Her ruby lips pucker and pout
Her passions clothed behind soft breasts
What do I have to feed her hunger?
Those bottomless lips
That chasm of mystery
Last hopes of passions fulfilled
He shakes inside
Just for tonight
Let me die in your arms
As he gazes into her eyes
Dark mysterious orbs
Of forgetfulness and freedom

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