Poems: Profound and Mundane 3
By David Isaacson

The Poetry Muse
Only broken hearts
write shattered lines.
So the poetry muse waits
while Aphrodite has her way
with young lovers
A Poet in Las Vegas
Lounging in a café
Papers clutched in hand
I throw a line across the table
Two patrons smile up at me
“Roll again” said the dealer
More lines are released
and every one laughs and applauds
“A Winner” says the dealer
I take my prize and walk away

Poetry – Real or Imagined
Is it for the lofty
or silver tongued?
Who can say
As in dream or fairy tale
The hero kills dragon
and prince saves maiden
Is it real life that counts
Or the ways you imagine?
Poets - Spiders Among Us
Here we sit to think and sift
Words of wit
with clever writ
Why we spin these webs of lines
But to entice query minds
Behind these doors of these two eyes

Santa in Skid Row
I saw Santa panhandling in the streets
Tattered red clothes - faded and stained with dirt
Dirty gray beard - yellowed from too much smoke
Mrs. Claus left him for the delivery man
Santa was caught DUI - Reindeers impounded
Elves now work in Japan
Santa's drowning his sorrows with booze
“Who’s taken his place?”
Take a guess

God in the Mirror
Looking into mirror
I came to see
A face behind
Looking at me
I said to myself
To me sitting here
I love you....I love you

He Sits Next to Me
An old man
With cautionary politeness
we say few words
And I nod
father brother friend
Who could you be
behind skin and bones

Angels – Ignorance is Bliss?
In a sea of silent places
Between molecules of infinite spaces
Under the light of infinite suns
Angels float around us
Do we see?
Living behind the walls of scared feelings
Spinning round small human minds
that make little things seem all too important
And the passions burn
And the world turns
While we live in a bubble and say
“Don’t pop me - I’m comfortable in my cage”
And our only hope are the weeds of truth
That break through the concrete of our lies

The preacher on the street corner said:
You going to Hell and Damnation
On the last train going to that fiery station
Way down into the pits of Satan
Just one way up and only I have that ticket
And we know Jesus coming back for your sorry asses
One mo time just one mo time
On the last ride out of this dizzy dying planet
He’s taking reservations on that last train outa here
The seatings fine.... first class... up that line
Soon I’m going Heaven bound to that glory land
And I ain't coming back for your sorry asses

From dreams of bliss shall men awake
One day but not to weep
They only break the mirror of thy sleep

The Animal Within
Howling out to the wind
Where do I belong?
What am I doing here?
Transplanted from another time
A wild raw nature
A simple life - only survive.
everything is confused
Knocking head against walls
New rules
Paperwork and pushing pencils

Endangered Species
I am the last dinosaur
A dying breed set apart to survive
Alone to fend for himself
In concrete zoo or jungle
Sitting in a cage with bars
stuffed with shattered old dreams of extinct lovers

I am the last Cro-Magnon man
Standing alone outside the garden
Adam and Eve inside, loving each other
And I’m drooling over my naked hairy chest.

I am an endangered species
Haunted close to extinction
by women with spurs for heels and war paint on faces

I am a little mouse in a maze
Trying every which way to get the love I need
Instead, there is only a little piece of cheese

I am in a room full of people laughing
at a joke only I don’t get
And I am afraid.

Without love
sex and chocolate cake
do not taste great

Without love
I am a cripple
even with two good legs

Without love
I am blind
to see forest from trees
or true from false
Afraid I deceive myself
not seeing the treasure
because I am looking for a dream

A green dragon lives in my cave
locked up for many a year
When last out
he burnt every ones ears eyes hair and nose
broke even a few bones
So I keep him locked up behind walls of steel
He’s that wild part of me that no one sees
Women and children would
run away
or faint
in fear
with one look upon his face
So I’ve put him away
but am a lesser man
No longer have I strength that legends made
As a Samson pre-shorn that passions gave
That nations born as Romulus and Remus
Or women desired her bed be warmed
So here’s the key...
Dare I let him free?

A white light - brighter than a thousand suns
Yet easy to look at - no need for sun glasses
it's all around and within
Like a soft white cloud
And you walk across this space
Or glide through with grace
No sound heard - not even heart beat
No sense of place
No wind blows across skin or face
Nothing to be felt or seen
And the peace and quiet permeates thoroughly
No Words... as your mind and body
Are filled with this white light and empty space
There is only this - no time - no place - nothing else
And the emptiness makes room for more emptiness
Going on forever like ripples in a still pond
Over Time
one drop of water...  become storms
And sounds become symphonies
More complex shapes and revealing textures
Of places and faces
And then... you appear
And I cry...
Because you are only a creation of my mind

To Our Beloved Mothers
The sacred hoop of this life
Is held together by many thin threads
In the dear thoughts of all our mothers
All strung together as links in a chain
Minds tied to minds by gentle kind thoughts
Hearts held together by a little smile a welcome word
Hugging arms entwined to shatter lonely worlds
You dear mothers have brought us here
With your blood sweat and tears
You have given us our bodies
fed from your own breasts
Raised us from the earth
To see us walk and stumble
Under your watchful eyes
Thanks mothers one and all

The Day Before Mother’s Day
A beloved friend of mine buried her son
In the deep womb of the earth
From whence he sprung, from whence he sprung
And I didn’t see her cry
But I know she died inside, somewhere inside
And another body is cast into the earth
Seeds into that dark womb
A fading memory in our minds
But mothers never forget

A Kindly Ode to Old Women
Maturity brightens your eyes
Kindness from a heart that’s been broken
Reborn in eternal fires of compassion
Fed by endurance of hardship and strife
You have seen years of darkness passing
And hopes of lightness to come fulfilled
You know a multitude of pains not your own
Reflections in your children and grandchildren
You are the twilight - Most restful beautiful light
Respite from our painful emptiness

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Poems: Profound and Mundane 3
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