Loves Labors Lost - Love Poems
By David Isaacson

The Love Clown
Hey baby I'm your "Love Clown"
A puppet on a string
Jerk me around and
Watch me go up and down

He answered your phone your ex
And I thought
"Oh God, am I gonna be next?"
My heart jerked around up and down
It skipped and hopped
And then turned cold

Hey baby I’m your "Love Clown"
As you pull on that heart string
You didn’t care I was there
Annexed to your breast
As you pulled me around with your

Hey baby I’m your "Love Clown"
A ship tied to your shore
And my body is shaking
Like I’m sailing on a ship
At loose in a stormy sea
Tell me...
When can I be free?

Confusion in the New Times
I found myself between your legs last night
I thought we were friends
I don’t know what went wrong
I said "Trust me I’m harmless
You said "Take me I’m yours"
(In not so many words)
With you all night
Darkness covered our self deceit
Mornings light brings to mind
I don’t even know me...
Who are you?

You Left Me
Like a lost puppy dog roaming the streets
To fend for myself
Licking my own wounded heart
I shouldn’t blame you
I took your love when you offered it to me
And I knew you would go
One day..... go (!?!)
But how was I to know
I would fall in love with you

A Place Just for You
The sun is warmly shining
And a cool breeze blows
Outside these sheltered walls
While a storm is raging in my heart
In a place I've kept vacant just for you
But you still haven’t moved in

Dead branches broken off from my shaken timbers
Are laying upon this ground
And I don’t have the desire to clear them up
It’s been so long
I’ve forgotten who I'm doing this for

And the storm is blowing across the water
Rippling waves crashing upon the sandy shore
We once walked barefoot on

The muddy bottom stirs
Darkening water I’ve once drank and swam naked in
Emotions flooding over my mind and heart
Washing out trails leading to you

And my friends
Standing on the opposite shore
I hardly see them anymore
As I’m huddled in a corner

And winter scatters its icy cold flakes of snow
Upon my barren thoughts
As dark clouds covers the sun
No sound is heard
Where once was laughter and song
The forest ears are plugged up
Even I can’t hear my own tears

The Single Life
Watching movies alone
Pretending that woman
Sitting in the row ahead
Is my date
And I laugh out loud enough for two
Just hoping she'll think
I am fun enough to know

Going out for dinner in a fancy restaurant
Pretending that woman
Sitting in the next booth
Is thinking
About being my girl
The single life...
what a cruel fantasy

Pretend Lover
Listening to a recorded message
From a woman who wants to meet "A man of my description"
But they never return my call.
So I tell myself "they must be so ugly"
So I call the long distance operator
And pretend she’s cute
And imagine she would love to meet me
If she didn’t live so far away
I take a bath late at night
With a candle flickering in the darkness
Romantic music playing in the background
But I scrub my own back
And retire to my lonely bed
Warm myself with an extra blanket
And imagine having sex with a woman out of a magazine
Maybe tomorrow I won’t have to pretend

What’s love for the young who can’t see beyond
Who can’t feel deeper than a passionate kiss?
But beauty of flesh falls away over time
And tears wash away the illusions of youth

I Saw a Vision of You Today
Right out of a dream it seemed
I was driving down the road
And I saw you
Just a brief glance
And you looked at me
And I... briefly looked away
Who or what did I just see?
In a moment I looked back
She was still there
Walking away
But she looked at me... again
And I was still driving... away
On automatic it seemed
Like the car was driving me
What just happened?
Who is this person?
Was this just a casual glance?
Or a meeting (however brief)
Of two lovers from the distant past
Was she looking at me
With a surprised "What?"
Or just a casual "hello"
And before I knew it
In another minute
I was a block away
I must know
What if it’s the real thing
More than a dream...or a fleeting fantasy.
My heart frantically beat
My body shaking like a leaf.
I drove back to that very spot I saw her last
And she was gone.
Back into the deep recesses of my mind ?
Was she wishful thinking or a vision to haunt me ?
I don’t know. I still look for her each day
A casual glance may be all it takes
Next time...
I'll walk and stop and stare
Not run away in a car that has a mind all its own

I Want to Reach Out and Love You
But all you’ll let me give you
Are my words and eyes
So be it
Perhaps it’s easier this way

I can’t contract any diseases
With just a lustful look
 Nor can I be bound by a gold band around a finger
And I know there’s no commitment that binds
If I just say hi with loving eyes

I don’t need to hide behind dark glasses
I don’t need to watch a naked dancer in a bar
To see into each of your dirty minds
And I know your dirty laundry doesn’t
Hang in my bathroom

I haven’t to wear a mask on my mouth
I haven’t to mix my words in niceties
To keep from speaking my truths to a stranger
And I know your problems aren’t going to be mine

I'll give you my loving eyes and sweet words
Ill be your cheap low maintenance date
To top your day with just another interesting night
And I know and you know
That’s just going to have to do for now

How Many Times
Can I talk and write and dream
About love
Before it really does happen

How many
Different women can I kiss
With feeling and true devotion
Before their lips all taste the same

How many times
Will I tell my life story
Before it sounds like a cheap song

How many times
Will I answer the singles adds
And not get any response

How many
Strange women will I meet in empty cafes
Before I just give up on reading stupid singles adds

How many
Women can I say “I love you too”
Before I start to believe they are all lies

How many times
Will I keep putting my heart on the line
Before I get it right
Or die and old man

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