Spiritual Energetic Healing

With David Isaacson


Hi, my name is Tobias. I'm trying my best to describe the experiences, outcomes and shifts in my life and being, that happened because of working with David Isaacson.This written testimonial may act as an energy transmitter..i hope that trough this, you may catch a glimpse of this precious shining jewel of spiritual energy work.

First: What David is offering to us lucky ones, is something unfathomable, out of the box unique, constantly evolving and surprising, as a whole ungraspable and its possibilities seem as diverse and deep as the cosmos.

I came to David and his work in search for help in a 1 year long healing crisis, in which i faced my personal hell and lived/died trough deepest personal abyss. although this episode has lost its energy (and its story is very interesting), i wont go much into detail about that here.
Reading a bit and seeing his picture on the spiritportal.org website, i instantly KNEW deep down and without a doubt that he can help me… now i know that spirit guided me to him.
After a few sessions, i began to feel the healing effect it had on me…experienced the sheer effectiveness and masterful precision… i knew i have to keep up with this work…that it will get me out and make me feel better
Now after a half year of constant weekly work, i see that what my gut feeling had told me (to feel better trough this) was right, but a very big understatement. It not only made me feel better, it made me feel blissful at times and with time and work, a beautiful new me grew out of the shattered pieces of my old destroyed self. And i don't stop here..i feel that the sky is the limit with this work..and I'm very curious whats up there.
This work continues to stimulate and satisfy my innermost longing for magic, divinity, spirituality, healing, growing, evolving, widen the horizons of my consciousness and helping others along the way.

Some transformation facts:
- my light is shining brighter than EVER before
- my inner knowing on different spiritual, energetic, interpersonal topics and about myself become deeper and deeper
- i have a direct link to the divine, that gets constantly broadened, widened and tuned in the sessions
- my psychic senses and overall awareness became very accurate, clear and keep blossoming
- people notice me much more and strangers smile at me, i have much more presence as a person and much less insecurities
- the sense of what, when, whom and how to say something (and think) gets trained and with time mastered
- personal relationships are more based on love and understanding..much less ego hooks and irritations
- body feeling became silky, soft and fluid
- mentally im much more quiet and in the flow..at times the mind even takes a backseat
- meditation and concentration skills got sharpened
- journeying through energy channeling into angelic/spirit realms is accelerated, the ability to see entities/beings of both sides of duality is ramped up
- various spiritual/energetic/emotional/mental/bodily health problems and blockages where healed.. and let me tell you, i was a severe case by all means
- i had a hollow/lower back problem since i was a teenager , complete with x-ray pics, that is non existent now!
- i am often at the right place at the right time and come to the right person/people ..astounding and funny experiences and offerings happened because of this
- experienced some unbelievable and mouth gaping synchronicities and coincidences
- it made me having trust in my path, true self and creator's plan
- i am an empath and always picked up stuff from others.. i know through this work this will be brought to a halt (something many people long and work for!)
- i am now stead fast on my path and know that with the help of this work, i will be able to fulfill my soul plan.. and in time, come to my mastery and full potential as a human being + having a sh*t ton of fun along the way (something of great importance!)
-…..(to be continued)

More awesomeness isn't possible?

After some time, i was able to introduce my family to David`s work.
Now my Grandparents (who are in their late 80s!), to my mom and cousin work on a weekly basis with David.
The fact is, when someone is doing healing work, it will ripple out and positively affect the others around him..now imagine this if more persons in a family do this.
I see/feel effects all around in our bigger clan.
Its an amazing gift to me, to witness the changes in my family.. and going with them through our transformation into love, light, truth and understanding of each other (its quite a ride).

What i find important to say about Davids work, is that it don't matters where we are are in our life.
The work always happens to our most highest good and is exactly what we, as a soul…not as ego, need in this moment in our life, because it works in conjunction with our higher self, who knows everything about oneself, looked upon from a high divine standpoint.

David is the clearest channel for the divine i know. I never felt any negative or foreign energy from him. To compare i look back on a history of working with 2 hands full of "healers“ (with exception of the two mentioned below)..from a black shaman, average and better curanderos, radionics practitioner, reiki master and average to good light workers.
I feel that the lightful power, connections and abilities David has in the spirit world, are astounding and cover a very very large area beyond comprehension…so almost everyone with everything can be served.

David as a person i would describe as a true & real master of light,yet unique : loving and gentle, caring, with a good sense of humor, keen-witted and wise with crystal clear insight.
He mostly comes back at me with emails asap..so client service in this regard is also top quality.

There is even more awesomeness:

Occasionally David is co-working and giving a session with 2 other phenomenal and astounding healers…that means: 3 healers work for 1 hour on us! One does receive an invitation when already working with him or one of them (but mostly all are welcome).

-Tanya Sheik-  www.blissfulbecomings.com
-Travis Murphy-  http://immortalinnocence.weebly.com/me.html

So.. here we are presented with an opportunity of taking part in a cutting-edge-advanced spiritual healing work, that seeks its like.
What i experienced in these sessions, i share with you in the 2 last session journals, just a few scrolls down…

My personal view about paying for all this:
For me, this is clearly one of the best investments in myself and my future i can think of.
It not only will benefit me, but others around me.
Plus, David can live from his work and continue to help other souls.So in many ways, i help a lot of people just because i do this. Absolutely nothing is lost in this here.
And in a way its just money..money goes-money comes-money goes-money comes ∞

You have doubts about all this?
Let me tell you that this is something normal.. and is in fact the first hurdle to overcome, to get to the fruits of this work.

For giving some more insight into what i/we experienced, i open up a bit more and will share some journals/experience reports of some of the sessions, enjoy:

"I laid down at 8.30 PM, when i noticed spirit doing its work.
It began softly with energy raising, vibration soaring up, energy coming in at head and root chakra.
Soon i had the feeling of spirits and angels standing behind my head and over me. Saw lights behind closed eyelids waving over me more than once.
Had a lot of work done at my channel, head and ajna chakra. It felt sooo good.
My head and head chakra got operated somehow..not "just“ energy coming in..it felt like real work...like an operation on my energy/light body.
When the work at my head was over after 1,5 hours, it was like they install something they had worked on the whole time.
As i lay there i was deeply relaxed.
Many many pictures of people i know rushed trough my minds eye.
Situations got worked out, negative energy i picked up got taken out/ transported back etc.
My gut or/and my swadishtana chakra got a lot of work..it was slight pain there. A sign that blockages got worked on.
My eyes got attention and work.
Had again pains in my arms.
Also my throat chakra got some little work.
I saw Shiva A LOT during the session. Took it as a sign that its ok to work with him..also had the "worded message“ from spirit that its ok.
Also saw other deities i work with.
Had some insights in this and that. Very useful. Hope they are stored somewhere as i remember them not every time. I think when i need them they will come forth.
There was a lot of talking between our spirits and i could hear you and some other spirits very clearly.
"you don't need this anymore“ "that goes out“ "this wont bother you anymore“ etc.
Had the message that i should let this new energies, frequencies and work sit for some days..till i begin to do my energy work again. Will do.
Some hour into it, spirit was giving me the message that the session  would go longer..my ego did not like it and was working against it for very short time. But i could let go once more.
Today i was a bit over the place in the morning. But that settled to a high vibration, lightly smiling at everything, neutral/observer mode without much mind activity and ego reactions.
Even when my chief was making fun of my balding hair, i was able to keep some calm (not fully). Some days earlier i would be angry and feeling hurt. Not to that extend today. YAY!
Very nice!

Hi David
Here is the report from my session yesterday:
Half hour before the appointed time i laid down. Shortly after, spirit began the preparation..which i enjoyed very much. It was as be as powerful as the later part of the session.
I noticed air pressure changes around me..presences..and energy shifts.
I saw clearly a very handsome man..with darker blond curly hair. He had a white robe with gold and brown details/ornaments at the seams. On his forehead a beautiful magnificent geometric ajna chakra shone white light into the space before him. He smiled.
My aura got cut up from head to toe and laid bare…so it felt.
I knew exactly when it was time for the main part..it was like things got hectic in a good way behind the scenes.
I became slightly nervous..my heart rate accelerated..didn't knew why..it was just slight..i heard voices who comforted me..“relax like before..its all good..relax so we can work better“
It was a very comforting and nicely humming vibrational feeling inside me.
Working started on my navel chakra first..then a light bolt probed into my forehead chakra. Felt really like it was massive. Did me good.
Then i had pain in my heart center for long time. At times it was uncomfortable..but i said to me that this is good for me and its for a good cause..then i could relax into it.
My head and neck felt once more pressed down in a very strange angle. Not as much as last time.
My eyes, my nose and my cheeks got worked on. In the last days i have a lot of buzzing in my cheeks. (those in the face..not the bottom ones)
Saw different people from my life.
Also like in the last few sessions i perceived negativities and the clearing of them. Had also huge shivers..like anxiety shivers rushing trough me and releasing.
My root chakra got worked.
A lot of the session work was like not available to me…like it was too far away.
I was then made to relax into a trance state. Not quite sleep. Had hypnagogig images which i don't remember know.
Woke up had some faint visions of different beings and knew, like in the beginning, exactly when its over.
I turned to the side and relax some more..had more work done here and there and slept once more because the whole session was a bit exhausting. Had strange dreams..which is nothing new to me.
Gone to bed, could not sleep and had more work done on me. I st hard to say what was working on me at this part. Because you know i work also a lot on myself with different energy's of archangels, bodhisattvas, ascended masters f.ex. and this work also works on me sometimes without me doing something consciously. So your work and my work blends somehow.Who knows. Good work is always good

Hi Master David,
The 5th session of the 3 month journey happened and it was great.
Was with my Grandparents again and we settled up and laid down on 20.40 h
Spirit began with preparing like always..energy raising, beings where noticed, vibration geared up, high oscillation sounds where heard.
It felt and sounded like a big jet or spacecraft engine starts.
It first did some work on my head..specifically on my third eye and on the crown. Also my eyes get taken care of.
Very fast i was brought to the brink of sleep. And there i was for the rest of the hour.
I remember that it was bright light mostly and i had a lot of hypnagogic visions running trough my my mind.
My subconscious was open and i relived wild mixed story's of things ive read ( currently im reading the entire Harry Potter book series), things ive heard and seen.
At times i felt my body, but it was mostly not there where the main work happened.
Had no conscious access to the ether world we went together or the things unfolded.
It was non the less very nice, interesting and, so i feel, deeply transformative.
I learned not to judge what happens in the session. Trust spirit and "thy will and not my will be done“.
This hour was over in a finger snap and a beautiful, holographic, round whirling and rotating pattern of colors came to my face and pulled me gently out of my trance.
Spirit did some work on the kambo dot scars again (this whole week some of them where itchy) and my feet and hands got some work.
I stood up and took a quite look on my Grandparents and they where still in it, so i did go onto the balcony and looked up the stars..oh my. Something in me was laughing and i marveled there for a few mins. till my Grandpa came out and also looked up.
Grandma was asleep and when she woke up, she was a bit woozy and then she smashed a joke about her state and it was very funny
Grandpa said that it was a very interesting and nice feeling experience. That it came again in 2 main waves and he wondered if this was because of his awareness or because of spirit.   

Hi David,
What a session, very nice!
I laid down 1,5 hour before it to relax a bit and then spirit began its preparation.
I had the message/feeling that i should stay alone today during the session.
So i did go to the grandparents to see if they are ok  and said that im alone today. No problem they said. They really looked forward to it! Grandpa said: "This works today yeah? Aaa very good im happy to work *smile“
I laid down on my sofa and soon it began with energy raising more and more. Had amazing feeling, vibration and flavour on my tongue. Noticed some beings around me.
Had often stinging pain in my manipura chakra…during preparation and during the main session. I think it got unblocked or cleared.
Felt and saw some clearing of negativities. It looked like a long string of grey and black stuff..sometimes with entities in it, got pulled out of me (don't know from which part of my being)
Suddenly i had the feeling that someone is behind me and holding my head in his hands.
Then the work on my spine began. Had operation going on on my hollow back area. Sometimes it hurt..but to me this felt very good because it was the kind of healing pain you know.
Mainly on the left side of my spine in this area. Also the upper spine got worked. The neck i remember good. Sometimes it felt that string like things got inserted or so. maybe i made this up…but my mind just interpret the energy it feels, so..
It was like something got completed…then there was a pause (where it worked none the less) then energy suddenly raised something got completed…then a pause…the the work did go on and so on..like spirit is bringing something..or completing in one part and then finish it.
Don't know if it worked on the messed up kundalini but i think so. at least my back feels good now.
My face got worked…cheeks ,nose, chin…also the ajna chakra.
The burned dots from the Kambo i told you got also worked..the are itching at times this week. A voice said "this kambo stuff was not so good“  this energy goes out now.
Saw a bright light once. Saw not soo much this time. My psychic senses are calibrating it seems, sometimes they are dull and sometimes very very acute.
Have a lot of telepathy going on and also see energy's more. Lately my telepathy is very strong..if im with someone im very careful what im thinking because when i sometimes think loud…or strong..(hard to say)  its almost like im saying it..i notice that it influences people and often they are reacting to it unconsciously. Or im thinking something and seconds later my mother says exactly that and so on. Lots of interesting stuff happens. things like that happen all the time.Even much more crazy ones.
My ears get worked..a lot of time i hear oscillating and ringing sounds.I think when these canals are really cleaned i will have wonderful speaking/hearing contact with my spirit guides.
After the session i saw my grandparents and they where alright. Grandpa talked about it coming in waves and Grandma slept.

Hi David,
The 6th session of the 3 month journey happened.
I feel it began a few hours before 9 pm..we sat outside and talked about the holy ghost/spirit when a huge load of energy came down into my crown chakra. Then i got very tired and got to sleep for 3 hours in the middle of the day.
After this i sat with my grandmother half hour before appointed time,when i felt a presence and heard a nice comforting male voice: "hi Tobias“.. i said "hi“ the voice said in a very caring tone "go lie down“..just at this moment my grandmother also noticed something and said: "ah i go to lie down now“
So i laid down and it began with energy coming in, tingling, prickling and probing my crown chakra.
Overall this session was very calm and the main things happened out of my conscious reach so it seemed. Maybe not.
What i noticed was the buzzing and vibrating of my body, a lot of work at my third eye and heart center, right ear itched..left ear got work inside, some energetic kinks got worked out at different body parts (some pains felt)
At some times it felt that my back or whole body got a bit pressed in some positions. It was slight but effective.
Has some thought about this and that and then spirit made me to relax and i noticed that when i think my face muscles are kind of hard or agitated…when im relaxed some they are soft.

I'm doing better and better in every way, every day! Finding rest on the calm deep bottom in the middle of a stormy wavy and crashing ocean. Love that! I don't know even where begin to describe whats all has and is healing in my being. WOW!

Hi David,
This session felt very nice. Cold/cool, blue, pulsating. Almost no conversation. It worked on my right kidney, on my knees, on my brow and crown chakra (it still does). I feel very good now.
One time i felt Tanya? We kind of played together? ?
In the beginning i saw a broom cleaning my field *lol…another funny one: in another session with you i perceived a yellow caterpillar machine with rotating blades at the front cleaning my aura *lol
This session felt like a completing from yesterday. Spirit worked on me yesterday very strongly from 7 in the evening till something past 8…then i passed out. It was very strong, very high energy. I was deep in trance and had my senses open like never before (without psychs) Maybe it had something to do with my cousins session.
Today i was in the mountains hiking and had headaches and sort of heat in the brain and strange mood and in the evening i was very calm..maybe spirit is really working on my head/mind/thinking.
I'm currently working a lot with Archangel Zadkiel whose energy is also good for cleaning out negative thinking patterns. This helps also.
happy Tobias

Wow David, that was a journey!
Grandma came down to me on 7.30 pm…we spoke about some things, then 20 mins later we laid down and soon it began.
At first i noticed a presence, once more. I saw and angel coming down to me. I saw him from behind. He had blue wings with detailed feathers and blond hair with leather and gold amour and sort of a helmet. He didn't look ancient ..more like futuristic ancient. Like from a superhero comic book but more real. Then the energies began to turn up up and it was very nice and strong feeling. Buzzing and vibrating and a sense of woooosh. I liked it a lot .. i learned that healing can feel better than psychedelics. which are also healing in some ways but you know what i mean.
It was working on my legs and feet again. Some pressure in waves.. pressing and pulling at the same time.
Had pain in my heart center which is a good sign.
It worked strong on my head..on the temples, on the ajna chakra and around the forehead and the back a bit..basically the entire head. Felt very good. Today i had suddenly headaches and i felt that spirit is doing preparation for tonight.
One time i perceived a sort of an medical operation device..a long stick that changed from looking like a screwdriver to something more advanced, when it worked on my chin under the lower lip. I feel often energy there (one of the minor chakras i think)
Energy raised and it held me at the point of drifting off in to unconscious. Then i saw myself in sort of an UFO with glass top…someone was beside me and i felt it was you. We flew with other UFO surrounding us, through a valley of buildings which looked not so earth like. It was amazing!
Then some bits of the session was dreamlike and are not more available to me now. It seems to me that with each session, and also energetic work on my behalf, i sense and see and also remember more of the sessions. I like that! Plus the amazing healing effect for we do this work. LOVE that!
It worked on my stomach area and also on my lower back and up the spine. Its amazing in energetic work, how it really sometimes feels that a physical operation is going on.
Also i saw some negative energy's removed from me which always doesn't look nice and is more stuff from splatter/horror movies. Also saw different People from my life.
It worked longer than 1 hour and something i still going on.
This is all just the tip of  the iceberg and i wish i could write down and wording the whole session. But i become better at this. I never journaled…also after tripping not. When i had wrote down my whole journey till now, i would be better at this…maybe it would be a spiritual best seller haha (joking)…but i know this to be true for anybody who goes his/her healing path. Anybody s true healing path is very very interesting. Amazing what we can experience in this dimension. Thank you creator!
Grandma also had fun and she said it did her very good. She didn't sleep this time and was awake. On point 9 pm she heard a bell ring in her left ear that said "its over“.
She also spoke about that she saw a lot of things but didn't spoke about it. Shes going to bed now. I ask her tomorrow if she would write a little email about what happened.
Aah so nice…i always look forward to the sessions with you. Thanks again David!
Now im a bit dizzy..lets go to bed.
Have an amazing day full of love and all the best things in the universe!!!

 Good Morning everyone,
What a session! Felt indeed very deep and powerful.
I was hanging out with my grandparents.. we did the session together in the living room.
Grandma was lying on the sofa, grandpa was sitting in a armchair, i was lying on a reiki/massage table .
When it began i had powerful shivers rushing trough my body. I heard oscillating sounds and tones. Felt some presences.
Then it goes blurry…energy's, messages, space travel, images of my spirit/power animals, patterns, colors, my aetheric body (or some other form) hovering, etc etc.
Was a lot of the time in trance or half sleep state. Time flew by. This hour felt like 20 mins.
One time..more in the beginning.. i felt a female presence i liked a lot...wonderful..very beautiful voice and comforting feeling. I said i love you. Smile
The session stopped exactly at 12PM. It was like i sensed you 3 guys doing high fives together haha.
I then rose and discussed the feeling  with the grandparents. Grandma was sleeping the whole time and grandpa was awake and could first not describe what happened.
He then talked about something working on his legs and stomach..that he had some fantasy's in mind and shivers through his body. Grandma said she felt deep rest in sleep.
Then i said goodbye and go to bed. I could not sleep for long time and felt that something big is still happening.
Thanks to spirit and you 3 for making this healing work possible. Looking forward on more work with you. Smile

Hi Everybody,
This was work at the deep end (im sure theres nothing like an "end" in this here). Wow!!!
Preface:  Yesterday after cycling 50 km i felt absolutely not good, agony like..a lot of stuff came to the surface. I was worried if it was a good idea to do this on the day of session.(didn't saw it was stuff..blamed it on other things..maybe it was a mixture)
Tried to sleep when i came home..to no avail. After some time then, spirit began its preparation (3h before Session). Had Energy coming into my crown chakra and root chakra. Very nice buzz on my tongue. Had some insights about my relationships and reactions.
This went on for some time. Then finally i felt i could sleep a bit..but got the message : stay awake, we need you awake now. This was difficult because i was really tired from the day. So i tranced out a bit ..tried to stay awake and got consciously into the dream realm.
There i saw not so nice things and lived through very strange stuff. In one scene i had strange people around me and they felt not good and i felt treated..then i heard myself crying out (loud and in the dream) right at this time it felt and sounded like a huge jet turbine/machine/space rocket open the throttle and a colorful holographic pattern came to my face and pulled me out of the trance (had the throttle opening feeling and color pattern sometimes in Davids work). From this time on i was awake a bit but again shifted into trance mode and i felt /heard,lived trough the preparation spirit was doing. Its hard to say now what all happened because it was all in all 3 hours of (conscious) preparation.  Very interesting episode to experience for me.
I woke up again to my cell phone alarm (30 mins to session) and could not make it calm again. My cellphone absolutely dislikes high energy's. So i just took the battery out. It seemed this was spirits will..felt a lot of times that spirit is not so happy with electronic devices near me in session.
From here its hard to tell anything. It was like spirit kept me in this dark (not threatening) hole. It was not like the big, colorful, adventure like journey like last time in the valentine 3 in 1 session.("you cannot step twice into the same river")
But it was very very deep and transformative…and somehow i HAD access to some parts…don't know how..hard to describe..? Like i felt what my spirit is going trough on some level but not my ego? Hmm.. at a faraway conscious level..
I saw some resistances…for example resistances to letting go. They had a form and i could see and feel/experience them.
One time Spirit did something with me..something that did not hurt..but caused me to react and resist and say: "ok ok, wow, uff". I see when these resistances are away…really deep healing happens. A time in my life was very good at letting go, also in the wildest adventure, mind traveling journeys (when tripping f.ex.) but im sure this is not the same. Doesn't matter at all..they will fall away.
Shortly i visited or saw every person i sent a mail about this session.
Felt presences near me, lights with closed eyes and "air pressure shifts".
It worked a bit on my feet and legs, hands and on my eyes.
One very short time it was like i noticed Tanyas spirit..but im not sure. It was like a smiling laughing womanly presence.
With Travis i had a short one way conversation from my side, that went: "Thank you brother". The feeling was deep gratitude and sort of pleasant closeness. Thank you Travis..whatever you did.
I felt spirit waking up my Dad, who was lie in bed. I could feel my Dads presence and somehow i was involved in waking him up. ?? My spirit said "wake him up" then another voice "no its ok" then i felt how it woke him up. hmm
I could also feel what he is going trough for some time..but spirit brought me back somehow. Maybe it was something between us or the old "feeling into peoples minds" stuff i had for some time..
I also felt my Grandpa and Grandma, both awake and in session, 2 story's over me, thinking about me. I smiled back at them.
a lot happened what i wanted to write down..but its not available to me now..
The last short part of the session i slept and awoke 1,5 hours later (spirit woke me up again). Had to go out of bed and fix my cellphone when i noticed that i feel completely changed for the better. It was a very nice free of burdens/stuff feeling and a deep content chill out vibe. Wow. Comparing the agony i had a few hours before, with that fresh feeling..its universes apart. Its like my innermost being-feeling changed. Mountains of stuff have fallen away from me.
Today i stood up for work and was the whole day more focused than longtime, happy, somehow self secure and deeply chilled out. People noticed and i got a spoken compliment on how i look. AWESOME !!!

Was visiting my grandparents just now. Grandpa said that he experienced a deep deep calmness. Different from the other sessions where he feels often attacks (i think his resistances) and that it was wonderful. He had a glowing in his eyes.
Grandma said she felt a relief and also deep calmness and salvation.
I feel this work really cleanses the whole family and this will take a BIG burden from the shoulder of our kids and their kids etc..YAY for cleaning up our family tree.
My Dad said he felt something from the session but he could not say what he felt. He had back pain for some days now (this began after he "downloaded“ some Archangel Raphael and AA Michael Energy this week. i was with him and suddenly felt a spirit..maybe Davids' doing preparation for the soul infusion) anyway..this back pain he says is now gone. Cool! He looked cleaned up somehow. I'm sure he will do the 3 months journey. But i let this session sit a bit before carefully discussing this with him.

What you guys do feels like, and im sure it IS, the pinnacle of spiritual healing on this planet at this time. Really groundbreaking, transformative, advanced and ahead of time (im searching for words but fail)! I feel deep gratitude and really blessed that im able to work with you guys and look forward to more work to discover the treasures on the path of my mastery, ahead of me.
~May all beings reach liberation
Blessed be the children of the Pure Source ☼

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