Spiritual Energetic Healing

With David Isaacson

GREAT treatment!!
Felt like we moved a fair amount of stuff - I usually go pretty "far away" when receiving healing so can't recall for you a lot of what happened. But will do my best. Even though a few minutes early, I could tell instantly when it started 12:48 by my clock -fairly intense energy all over.....then lots in my head, pressure on the top and sides....at one point I could feel a very strong connection (felt like a flat plate) along my right jaw line and into my ear - being pulled out .....a few twinges in my legs.... and a few times,what felt like some emotional interactions with people - moved through some stuff there but not clear enough to recall. More pressure in my head again and then moved around some more. Spirit was very kind and gave me a little ring sound when all was done - sounded like my telephone but only 1/2 a ring - kinda like a little "ring ring, we're done" Feeling great now - a little tired. Thank you so much, I'm feeling very blessed to receive such a wonderful gift... Wendy

Monday night I did my first Reiki session since having my mini session with you. I want to tell you that I felt I was able to focus and hold my concentration much more clearly than in the past and I was able to 'ground' and 'connect' much more freely and easily.
If you are a healer, this work will make you a better one
Which I'm grateful for, because it was an important treatment I was doing for a terminally ill woman. I also ended up having quite a large audience while doing it - I kept wondering why I wasn't nervous (my hands move a lot through my client's aura - looking for things needing to be cleared, unlike most reiki practitioners I think) normally I would have been a little self conscious with all those eyes watching me, but I was feeling very confident - another benefit from your session I'm sure. Also I wanted to tell you about a dream I had shortly after our session. My mother (who has passed and I miss her dearly) came to me and unlike other times, in the dream I was expecting her...when she arrived she ran to me and was very happy, we hugged and it felt great...as if to say good job, you did it! That means a lot to me and I don't think it would have happened at this time without having had your session. I believe what you/we accomplished in our session has created a major shift of energies that's been a long time coming - since then a lot of long awaited changes have begun to take place in my life. Happily I can say maybe even a job (have an interview Monday). Which means I’ll be able to call you sooner for more healing. yeah!! So once again I gratefully say Thank you! love and light, Wendy Owen
Some impressions from the session: I settled down a few minutes early to tune in. My hands and feet were cold, and I felt an ache in my root chakra at the base of my spine. All at once I felt a field of light around my whole body, lifting it. I felt something I can't quite explain in front of my chest, below the heart chakra, like a square box of energy, being held there, or something.... The ache in my root chakra continued. My hands warmed up, to a normal degree. Often in healing sessions the palms feel like they are absolutely on fire. I usually try and direct/offer that energy somewhere. But this time they were normal. I had a strange sense of many rogue cords of light extending from the backside of my body much like when live wires disconnect. They were moving at fast, and random, undirected pace. I dozed off, and woke up at1:20. I had a sense of the overall light surrounding me again, lifting me. I dozed again. When I awoke, the root chakra ache had stopped. Thank you for being present with me, for your energy, talent, output and work. David, I forgot to mention that during the session the root ache was not only localized but also extended up my spine (kundalini I guess) and I had some spine tingling and light-headedness. Wendy

The energy increased last night to a point where it was so hot and my spine was so charged with pure 'voltage' and almost convulsive energy I was almost nervous as this is not something I have experienced before at this level. Wendy

I didn't really notice anything during the session, except for something fleeting which as I contemplate it this morning and process what's occurred in the past week, seems significant. I did have a faint impression of two extremely large angelic beings examining the matter/marrow in my spine, and may have felt prodding. There was also a brief tingling in the shins- I had an injury there a few years ago which did not completely heal. I slept. I read about the bone marrow immune cells, and about one's karmic/ancestral DNA being corded to the spinal column, and karmic 'matrix' healing. For the past several days I have not woken up feeling like someone injected syrup into my veins (pretty horrible). I woke up not feeling so tired I wanted to only sleep, but feeling normal, with normal rested energy. I have not had the horrible chronic fatigue feeling, but don't want to jump to any conclusions. Wendy

I had many sensations during the session. It started with a light (weightless) feeling over my whole body and with my eyes closed I also sensed a light (visual) change even though it was evening and the room was dark. I felt pulsing sensations in my shins.... Also felt various pulsings and twitchings at different points in my body.... Soon after I sensed an 'opening up' of the upper area of my head - not just crown chakra but from the chin (maybe shoulder?) upwards - where energy was being drawn. The energy was definitely pulling out and upward but not in any harmful way. Visually still with my eyes closed I noticed reds, oranges and yellows swirling in this upward pull. Wendy
I was lying down, relaxed and receptive at the time I had set. I shortly was aware of the presence of healing energy and reinforced the image I had previously put out that I wanted the healing focused on pain in my lower back. I then allowed myself to sink into a deep meditative state and eventually sleep. At the end of the hour the pain in my back was considerably less. The condition is not healed, but it is improved and I have been able to stand upright for the first time in several days.Thank you. Wm
In the beginning, I was a skeptic. I believed I didn’t need a healer, my Higher Self knows everything and in time, I can heal myself. But David showed me something wonderful. He explains with patience how we can quicken the transmutation. We need to work with our Higher Self in energy language that healers speak better than we do. I can feel that he pours out his love selflessly. So I gave it a TRY.
When my session starts, I felt an infusion of heat. It becomes more comforting as the heat slowly spread through my whole body. I sense his presence in my space and after a while, I see an image of David facing towards me. Then my mind races to different directions, just images flashing through like I’m scanning my memory. Some I recognized, some I don’t. An image that amused me was a picture of a beautiful women lying on a bed with nothing on, I was thinking, “what is this doing in my head? Maybe this is not my thought.” ;) Then I try to ground myself with my breathing. I was unconscious a few times but not asleep. Images continue to flash through. It feels a lot like a surgeon going through my brain looking for something. Then I remembered asking,“how do I know if its finished?” After what felt like 5 to 10 minutes, I heard “Its completed”. I opened my eyes and it was exactly an hour on the alarm clock. I felt a rush of energy around my solar plexus. Then I went to sleep.
It’s been a week now, I still feel the rush at my center, I felt ‘unblocked’. And just in such a short time, wonderful things are already happening to me. My career, relationships, spiritual and intellectual fronts started to progress rapidly, where they were stagnant before. Everything is ‘flowing’ again. And the most amazing thing is, I was crying when watching a movie, I’ve trained myself not to cry and was very successful. I was pleasantly surprise that I can feel again on a deeper level, that means, I can love again. I now planned to have the sessions with David on a regular basis. I hope I can walk my path back Home with the healing of this wonderful soul. Thank you David. Yan Ng, Singapore

I wrote so other souls may be healed and experience what I felt. I truly think that you are doing humanity good by moving them closer to their Self, hence closer to Father. The writing may sound a little preachy but honest nevertheless. Meeting you was not a random occurrence to me, its academic to discuss how, let just say my inner teacher lead me to you. And I wrote with his nod. Love and Light, Yan Ng

My reaching out to you has already brought me wondrous progress, the two addictions I've been battling with for 15 years, fades away once I open myself, and it's not even a month yet. Yan Ng

I've noticed the tremendous progress happening around me. I'm experiencing a spiritual revelation after years of stagnation and questioning in frustration. I was frantically searching, reading and digging. Then all of a sudden, as if a flower blossoms in her own time, then followed by all the other flowers. One wonderful thing after another started happening to me. I can hear, see and feel a deep connection with Father in my meditations now that has never happen before. My Light Teacher comes to me in greater clarity now and I can feel him near me. I suddenly remembered, though not in speech but a feeling of why I am here, and where I should be going. Meeting you is one of the blessings I’m receiving. Every day i feel very grateful to spirit for this. Each day, pearls of wisdom start springing up in my head, I write them down. Those words definitely did not come from my finite mind. They came from the Mind. I can’t really isolate which bit your wonderful healing is helping, but I know you’re a piece of the big picture. Thank you again for sharing your life stream with me. I greatly appreciate it. Love and Light, Yan Ng

All has been going wonderfully great! I felt like I was nudged unto the express lane for many things, and I’m trying to catch my breath. Especially the spiritual aspect, I’m making lots of self-discoveries that are answering a lot questions. With the new understanding, the process of living life is so much more relaxed and enjoyable. My relationship is going really well. The best it can possibly be considering the situation. It did cross my mind why it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to, now its became so apparent that I’d have dive into something I’m not ready with all these issues to be resolved. I could potentially damage what is wonderful. Now I’m just really thankful how things are. I can’t really isolate what has Spirit done to me specifically, because everything is so intertwined. My life of late just felt so eventful. The undercurrent that I felt is that I’m closer to the Spirit world now, I can actually feel that I’m being protected and loved. Concept that I’ve learned from books I now experience it directly. I would even start talking to Spirits, which is quite strange to me. I also feel much closer to Father now, like He is patiently and lovingly watching me grow, I now patiently and lovingly watch my lower selves grow. Accepting my own shortcomings is the big lesson to me. Realizing that light is gained through darkness, and that the much-feared darkness is only untransmuted light calms my heart. Please let Spirit know that nothing specific needs to be done to me. If possible, please channel Spirits blessing to the coming of Light to all on Earth. Thanks again David, I’m counting my debts to your kindness. Blessings to you and your family. Love and Light Yan Ng

Dear David, Thank you again for your healing light. I felt great! Here is what I remembered: At 8pm, I closed my eyes, and be conscious of my breathing. After what felt like a short while, I felt your presence. I greeted you and I started to feel a rush in my heart chakra, the rush gets more intense and I felt like my thoughts are being "scanned’ and after awhile, I felt what can only be describe as "weeding’ on the "stuff’ around my solar plexus. Then, I felt a "foreign’ thought stream, I found myself seeing unfamiliar pictures, people I don’t recognize. I then dropped out a few times and towards the end, I caught a vision of stars, lots of them. I try to hold that picture to see it more clearly but I "fell’ and the picture smudges away. I then felt like saying goodbye to you and open my eyes. Again, it was exactly an hour on the clock. Amazing. I then went to sleep and felt like a baby. lately I’ve been noticing the rush in my solar plexus getting more intense, even when I’m not meditating. Sometimes I even feel pain, but it's not excruciating, it actually reminds me of a feeling I get when I was having my meditations; that I felt this longing for a union with Father like a child missing his parents. I feel a deep love and yet so sad that I usually cry uncontrollably. It happens when I realized another layer of how much we are loved as His children and what He has been doing for us. Love and Light Yan Ng

My relationship has taken a lovely turn, I’m so happy for what’s happening now. We both need to pull ourselves back and start from friendship, we agreed that we’re rushing and taking things for granted. I now feel like I’m 17 again having this wholesome affection with this person that’s way more meaningful than sex. We now spend time reading together, learning a language, watch movies, go to the gym and do all the great things together. Promised ourselves no sex for now, which is fantastic, it's perfect for me to resolve my issues. Now we are just two souls loving in the simplest and most innocent way, the way that I have long forgotten. It’s a Father sent opportunity, I’m so grateful. So much is already happening now. I am feeling this overwhelming power surging within, I’m even feeling nervous about it. My heart just experience so much love from all direction that I feel like crying happy tears all the time. The third eye rush is getting really intense, if I place some attention to it, I actually feel something physical there. And I kept catching a vision of intense Light and colorful flames, like an inferno, powerful but lovely and beautiful.Thank you so much again David for facilitating my growth. I now remember, that after much waiting and yearning, I was finally bestowed Life with Father’s blessing as an opportunity, to rectify and heal from my last embodiments. And you are a big part of that process. Bless be with you and your family. Love and Light, Yan Ng
The night that we were "working" my dad had just arrived the previous day, and I thought it would give me the opportunity to have someone else mind the kids while my husband was out, didn't turn out that way so I was busy while it was going on. I did however feel your guides begin working several days before as you said would happen. The energetic activity was noticeable in my bodies, all over too. And the slight mental cloudiness that happens came over me too, like a big portion of my attention is somewhere else. And I would have a full nights sleep but wake up feelings as if I had put in a days work while sleeping. that's over for now. I am waking up fairly rested these past 3 days. my tolerance for anything smelling like denial or projection of others thoughts as if they were mine is getting to be less and less, and sometimes I feel like I am being less compassionate because I just won't conform.. is this so? I want to be able to listen to others and be understanding but find myself getting annoyed that someone tells me how I feel as opposed to owning what their saying as theirs not mine. I guess we have had this discussion before, and I just need to have patience, but seeing as I am not in full contact with spirit consciously it is SO hard to have patience.... I do notice I am less and less invested in being right to others, each time we work this is a little more true. On the other hand it leaves me with little in common with most people, including my family. Again I think this theme keeps popping up. As I haven’t found another group of people to be with, and the immediate family (as much as I would prefer not to) is here and I find myself obligated to spend time with them, while trying not to rock the boat. Why am I still stuck here? when what I really want is to go and have a life all of my own, instead of feeling constantly like I have to fit into their mold or just be quiet. Anyway, those are my thoughts after this last session. Sorry if I sound a bit cranky. Wishing much love and joy, Yvonne (cT).

Time feels like it is moving so fast. I was busy for the first half of our session and then somewhat quieter for the second part. I can't say I felt any burst of energetic activity like I have before.... this morning I woke up feeling like "I"m HERE, I'm really here" kind of like looking around and feeling solid, not something I have felt a lot before. and I also keep having this tingling sensation on the right side of my head, it feels like when the hair stands up on end. and it comes and goes in waves of maybe 10-15 minutes. Its happening right now, and then it subsides. What is that? I will probably have more to say next week as the work settles in. I hope this finds you well, Thanks Yvonne (CT)

Good day David, it's been a bit since our last session and I have thought everyday of my need to email you. I just couldn't put into words the changes that have happened because of it, that and I am on the treadmill of life again with school back in session. One thing I have noticed in my thought process is I am stepping out of my own "bowl of misery and what is wrong with me" mentality and seeing others as humans who are not always right in their opinions and such. Like I am allowing myself to see how I have been instrumental in THEIR change and not constantly thinking.. "why is everyone against me?" So I feel like I am seeing myself as I AM more and more. More secure in my knowledge and tie with SPIRIT. but still this isn't an easy place to be, as not many people understand what I talk about and want me to walk that ego/ misery/victim mentality road with them. So again the theme of wanting to be understood comes up. But I guess really it's ME that needs to understand ME, no?
Yes. You must nurture that space of understanding in you, and eventually,you will be able to provide that space of understanding for others. In the mean time, let it be ok that others can't do this for you (most people cannot even be there for themselves - how can they possibly be there for you ?)
That just occurred to me as I typed. The world is but a reflection of my soul, and I am mirror for others. I am also finding communicating more difficult. I sometimes go to write with pen/pencil and cannot formulate the letters, as if my mind is garbled and I can't translate feeling into words and letters. Sometimes I just stop trying to speak because it's all mixed up. I have had some dreams that still linger with me, with their intense and loving feeling....In love and light, Yvonne

... our last session must have stirred up a lot.... you know what I notice the most after our session? I feel identity less, like all of those I am supposed to be have gone. which is fine when I am safely tucked at home because I can just be, to a point. My kids and my husband have some expectations, but I can say no. It is when I am out with others, like school or yesterday, I was sitting getting my hair cut. I feel the need for other people to qualify me and sometimes it makes me feel panicky, like who am I? Who do I need to be, what do I need to be doing? I am also very physically tired. So that's how my week went, actually quite a bit of it was spent in a haze. I am one of the fortunate people who does not have to interact much on a day to day basis. Of course being back in school I will have to more so, but I guess I can just sit quietly, no matter how uncomfortable it seems to make others feel. Love and light, Yvonne
I felt the energy to be very strong as in pulsating waves
At 7 tonight I pulled over (I had been driving through the canyons of Malibu) and I parked under a tree in a parking lot and climbed into the back seat and sat quietly. I was fidgety for the first 5 minutes but then I relaxed. My mind was dancing with different images, fluttering in and out of my awareness. I saw rainbow crystals circling my head, and at one point everything turned purple and I felt a tunnel open up at the top of my head that I could look up into. Then I leaned forward to give access to my back and after that curled up on the seat and fell asleep. I was awoken by a car horn at 7:29. I felt pretty rested. Thanks for the free session. Zack

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