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I have always found it so hard to speak about my healing work (it cannot easily be put in words). So I am thrilled when someone shares with me their testimonials - I can step aside and let their subjective experience do the talking. I have heaps of such emails from many clients, many have had the most amazing experiences (a few are posted here in these pages). I hope you enjoy the following (from Linda) as much as I have.

Linda Michell's Testimonial
Finding David has been a real blessing and the answer to my prayers. I have tried other healers, but David has done more for me than anyone else. I needed healing at all levels. I am in a relationship with someone that I thought was my Prince Charming only to find out that he was my worst nightmare. This has taken its toll on me in so many ways. I have my share of physical ailments as well. After a lifetime of pushing the envelope physically, I have old injuries that have become very painful as I have gotten older.

Many years ago I had reached a spiritual level I had always dreamed of. Then after meeting "the man of my dreams" (or so I thought), things started changing and not for the better. Things seemed to start falling apart. I'm at the point in my life where I knew I needed help to get healed and whole again so I can move forward. I am very cautious when it comes to trusting someone to alter my energy in any way. I found David's website and started reading. Much of the information contained in it was the same exact information that my own angels and guides had told me. So I knew this man was also working with the angels, archangels and some pretty high level beings.

I had read on David's website about karmic contracts and agreements. There had to be a reason why I was unable to get out of this bad relationship I had gotten myself into. When I read how we make karmic agreements and things, then it all made sense. I figured I had entered an agreement of sorts before incarnating that was keeping me in a situation that was no longer working. I needed help in knowing how to break this agreement. David said I had agreed to help uplift this individual I had become involved with, but that it wasn't working. It would take both of us working together to be able to break this contract.

I know to allow whatever I experience to just happen and not to anticipate or program what I should see or sense. I don't question the images or spirit, but rather just accept what is given. I learned a long time ago to not try to rationalize or de-mystify the things that happen. If you do, you miss the message.

Before my session even began, an entity showed up at my house who was analyzing the different levels of my being. I wasn't sure if this was part of David's higher self or one of his guides. He told me he could help me with the things I was wanting to do and then he left. He was very comforting and reassuring and I took this as a good sign. I made an appointment for an intensive with David. About 30 minutes before the session, David's higher self came by and asked what I was wanting to work on and achieve.

The session was amazing from the first moment. David's energy is very strong and very angelic. He was dressed in white robes and we were in a temple of gold that was quite beautiful. David talked to me constantly and told me so many things. He had a sword, a light saber so to speak. It was gorgeous. The blade was pure light and he began cutting away a bunch of stuff. Raphael, sword...of course. Not surprised.

David worked on re-wiring me. It looked like he took nerves and things and plugged them into to where they were supposed to be and removed other things and threw them away. David said that I was so open and sensitive that I often pull things from others, but that was going to stop. He told me that others were dumping their issues and energies into me and that it was wearing me out and bringing me down. Then he proceeded to remove large amounts of bad energy and would say that this wasn't mine and that he was going to return it to whomever it belonged to. He also said that being empathic I pull people's problems from them and that it wasn't helping them and was hurting me. David did something to prevent that from happening again. He said it wasn't helping them to try to heal them or learn their lessons.

David also said that I had taken on too much for this lifetime and he was going to re-write my life path. Then he would go over to this golden book and write things in it and ask me to say "I so intend it. So be it." This happened a few times. I do know that it takes a highly evolved being of light to be able to rewrite life paths and karmic records. I was amazed this was all taking place.

When David was removing certain energies he would say "This is his stuff and I'm returning it to him." or "This is your mother's issues not yours." David said my parents were not prepared to raise a star child and it was overwhelming for them. They were trying to be first time parents and I wasn't an average child.

I saw instant replays of past lives and other levels as well. David said it was lonely for me because I didn't have many people who I could relate to down here. After the session, I didn't sleep much or eat much for two days. I was so energized and overwhelmed by the whole experience. It was such an  incredible experience that I could not wait for another session.

I scheduled another session as soon as possible. The next session was very different from the first one. David even appeared differently than in the first session. This time I saw him more in a Merlin type appearance, more like something out of a Harry Potter movie. He didn't say much at all. The first thing I noticed was this pulling sensation on my toes. They pulled down at a hard angle, first the left foot and then the right one. Then all of a sudden my toes were pulled up, way up. I felt a definite connection between my toes and my lower back and hip (both of which have bothered me for years). Afterwards, David said that was probably a re balancing.

Next, he began sewing up different areas of my body with what appeared to be white light. There had obviously been holes in my auric field and light body that needed repairing. This took quite some time. At different points during the session, I would see David use crystals...placing them in certain areas. Also, from time to time I saw something that looked like a tuning fork applied to certain chakras.

After this session, my arthritis improved dramatically. My lower back was injured many years ago in a horseback riding accident. There are many times the pain is so bad tha tI cannot stand up straight. Now there is little to no pain. My allergies have also improved.

I had no idea what to expect during my next session. It was more like the first session. David was more in his angelic appearance and we once again were in the golden temple and once again he was writing in the golden book I had seen during my first session. This was an extremely long, drawn out session.There was more re-writing what I assume were karmic agreements and karmic records. David had very long affirmations for me to recite which addressed issues with different individuals. I had to absolve each individual of all karmic debt owed to me and release them, after which I would sign my name in the golden book that I agreed to this. Then we started on contracts on what I intended to do and vowed to do as a new life path. All agreements were signed and I had to repeat "I so intend. So be it."

I also remember David telling me I needed to release Earth too because I was trying to take on too much of the healing for the planet. He said I needed to trust that she was a wise enough entity in her own right and that she could learn her own lessons. After the session, David said many of his women clients have this same issue...that we take too much of the healing on for planet Earth.

After each session, I had felt differently in some way. The physical differences are the most obvious, but other levels are often more subtle and harder to detect. But usually there is an inner knowing-ness that something is different. I do know from past experience that it usually takes some time for things that change on the higher or inner levels to manifest on the physical levels.

I remember David having said after my first session that he was going to have to do some deep work one of these times and would probably have to knock me out. Well, from my experiences so far, I didn't want to miss anything. So the next session should not have come as a surprise. David would place his hand on top of my head like he was scanning me somehow and then he would start making adjustments to my chakras and other areas. Then I felt this definite cutting sensation going through my left breast and into my heart. After I let out a loud "ouch" for the third time, the next thing I remember is waking up and wondering what time it was.

By the next session, I was wondering what was next. The session started out like most, a little physical tuning her and there and then off to other lifetimes and planets. David took me to this tube looking thing that was clear and we stepped on a pad of some sort. There was this huge rush of energy and David told me to hold on tight. I suppose it was some sort of wormhole or dimensional shift. David said I needed to integrate my past lives,that I had fragments scattered all over the universe.We went to temples on other levels, in other time zones, on other planets. There were some incredible places we went to.  We spent a lot of time in ancient Egypt, especially in one lifetime. We went to the Andromeda galaxy (one of my favorites). We would go through whatever situation was keeping part of me tied to that space and time. David would tell me it was okay to integrate these lifetimes but to release them because they would always be a part of me. He said that I left a lot of my power in other time zones and that I needed to reclaim it.

There was a lifetime, some time ago, where I was on this beautiful planet (looked a lot like this one). I was there and the animals were there. It had intelligent vegetation where the plants would move out of your way as you walked. Talk about paradise. Then the guardian or god of whoever came and told me that people were coming there because they had destroyed their planet and needed somewhere to go. I threw a fit. I told him that they would destroy the planet just like they had destroyed theirs. When he allowed them to come anyway, I got my feelings hurt and left. I turned away from him and just kept traveling and incarnating. Evidently this being has been trying to get me to come back to him for some time. So David took me to him and helped me to heal all of that. It was very touching and very cool. Kind of a prodigal daughter type thing. It was a very emotional experience and a very healing one. Thank you Master David.

My last session was another amazing experience. It started off with David doing some fine tuning and adjusting. Then he said he really needed to do a lot more work on my left shoulder and my right hip and back. I remember David using a mass of white light and infusing it into my lower back. He referred to the book of light to see where these shoulder and back injuries originated. All of this took quite some time.

Then after about 45 minutes,David said we had an appointment with the karmic board. Then we were on this level that was all light and there were these beings there waiting for us. This lady stepped forward and told me that all the karmic contracts that I had taken on that were limiting me through this lifetime were canceled. She also said that my karmic debt had been erased. She said I had taken on and been through a lot but that I had done very well. She told me I was advancing now to the next level. Supposedly the difficult tests and limitations were over. I remember turning around and giving David a big hug and thanking him for helping me to get "here". Then the session was over.

So much of the healing I have experienced has been subjective. Like everyone else, I love tangible results, but I have those too. My allergies and arthritis are so much better. I no longer have the constant pain I have lived with for years. The biggest things to me are the spiritual healings. To have someone who can actually rewrite karmic contracts and erase karmic debt, that's incredible. There are a lot of people in my life that I have obviously created karma with in past lives and they are back in my life this time so we can try to work through our issues. Most of the people who are the most difficult for me to deal with are the ones where things are just not getting resolved. These are usually the individuals I would most like to avoid on other levels and in other lifetimes, so if there's a way for me to get it right and move on without them, then count me blessed. Most of it is just letting it go according to David. He said when we hold on to old injuries and past offenses, we create or bond to that individual or situation. That keeps us coming back over and over again to resolve the issue.

Just like our bodies need food and rest and other things to nurture them, so too do our souls or spirits have needs. Anytime one meditates or fasts, you are feeding spirit. Most people figure if they spend  one hour a week in a religious ceremony, then that's all that God or spirit needs. And maybe for the mass collective that's enough. But if you are looking into energy healing and have found David's website, then you have awakened enough consciously that you know there is more out there on the spiritual levels than the status quo. This is part of the search to reconnect with our higher selves and with God.

For me, the last month since I have been working with David has been amazing, and the time and money I have invested in this experience has been worth it. Will I eventually have all the things I want in life and be able too make the changes I am seeking? Hopefully. But I do know that being as "together" and whole as I can be will make me happier with myself. If I am able to remove blocks and imbalances, then my chances of manifesting my hopes and dreams increases dramatically.

Keeping a balance between the physical and spiritual is a constant dance. It's so easy to put too much emphasis on one area or another in our lives. Thanks to David, I now have the help and the guidance I need to achieve this balance. This is one of the few things I do exclusively for myself, but it is so important. Being the best I can be will allow me to take care of the many others in my life to the best of my ability.

Thank you so much David. You are amazing.
Linda Michell

The Disclaimer:
As every soul is at different stages of their spiritual process - with different issues to work on at different levels of "consciousness"... everything experienced will be different from session to session, and from one person to another. With that said, I believe every session with every one of my clients is amazing and miraculous. That Linda's sessions seem more than most is simply a matter of her being more sensitive and aware of what was happening, that's all. I believe that with enough work, everyone can experience such a peak level of awareness... and awakening.
David Isaacson

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