Spiritual Energetic Healing

With David Isaacson

Well, I have definitely had an interesting week. It seems that as soon as I sent the money it was "go time".
your payment communicates to spirit your serious intent, and if appropriate and timely, we may do some healing work ahead of time.
It felt like some sort of preparation was going on inside me. And some strange and surreal events happened between then and Saturday. So Saturday night I just tried to experience whatever it was and to keep my expectations out of the way. Felt some odd things that I kept wondering if I was imagining them, ie. a sort of (contraction? release?) of my middle section, odd buzzing, etc.
That's the higher vibrational energies working on you
After the intensive I allowed myself to sleep. I spent the next couple days, of course, trying to figure out what was different. I couldn't say exactly but did I noticed four things specifically. First, oddly enough, there was a consistent contraction of my midsection which is now gone and, unexpected as it is to say, it is easier for me to stand up straight. "Contraction" may be anger energies.. which can distort ones posture
Second, it seems easier to look people in the eyes.
According to Chinese Medicine, "Anger" is expressed through the eyes ("The Windows of the Soul"). Holding less anger, it would be easier for you to look people in the eyes
Thirdly, that odd buzzing keeps popping up in various places, solar plexus, top of my head, forehead, etc. And the biggest of all, my mind is quieter. I can hear myself over the incessant past voice.
And perhaps I am imagining all of it, but the facts speak for themselves. Though I must say, I don't know what exactly I expected (as I tried terribly hard not to expect anything specific)
Good not to have any expectations.. one never knows what is going to happen from one session to the next. Just know that whatever does happen is appropriate, timely and needed
but I am amusedly surprised at these changes.
The healings work... and from first hand experience, now you know
Steps forward don't necessarily get easier but they are steps forward nonetheless. I feel more like a whole person and I will always be thankful to you for your part in that. Thank You, Jack
I found that I have had more energy since Sunday.  It has been noticeable...This is wonderful since this is an high stress week at work for me. I thought you might like some feed-back on Sunday morning. Jan:)
WOW!!! I went into a trance and immediately I was in such bliss. The energy that was pulsating through me was incredible. It was as if heaven and earth had met up inside me and merged and rolled up through all that I am and then it traveled deep into the center of the earth herself and my awareness was right there experiencing and being a part of this powerful perfection. Janet

Unbelievable! I have been doing so much work on myself and have been getting so much direct divine guidance over the past three weeks or so. I am vibrating so high now I just can't keep up with myself. I am love. Janice
Received your healing last night. First thing: There was a communication about money. A question was asked," Did I trust you?" I said yes and then I was asked it again and I said I trusted and felt love for you. I felt love and loved and it was happy and peaceful. Then I was told that I would receive the money I need for healing. That it could come in a large amount and to use it for healing from you. "Do not use it to get presents for your kids, use it on yourself to send to you for healing." OK. I was then welcomed into something and saw space or the universe. I felt I was needed. It was very exciting and felt real. I also felt my metabolism had something done to it. The usual powerful sensation that I had felt in other healings wasn't there. I was thinking it was because I took 4 Motrin at around 4pm because of a headache that wouldn't go away that I had since that morning. I also thought the whole healing might of been about receiving the message.... Jeanine

Received the healing on Sunday. Was a little confused with the feelings I felt, mainly the pain. My left side felt very strange almost painful and then my hip had sharp shooting pains in it. Then it felt like I had a hundred hands massaging my leg towards the end. The next morning and later on during the day I was still feeling a little vibrated from the experience.... Jeaninie

The last healing I received from you left me with feelings of being smart (?) It was a good feeling and one I wasn't use to experiencing. I am an art teacher and didn't think I considered myself as stupid but apparently I need a little help in that area.... Jeaninie

Received the healing last night. At first I could feel it in my legs. I felt gently paralyzed and then where I had surgery started to hurt, well not really hurt, but made itself noticed. I have just recently had half a thyroid removed. Then my whole neck area in the front and back felt funny. All noises I heard sounded like they were very far away. The palms of my hands felt very full also (I am a Reiki master).... Thank you for the attention. Jeanine
David~ It felt like a lot of work was being done on my chest/ heart area (not too surprising) and then I had some really sharp pain at the back of my head, where my spine attaches to my skull. After that subsided, then I felt a rush of energy from my root all the way up my body (and probably out my crown). I got restless about 2/3rd the way in and opened my eyes to see what time it was... I heard "lay back down" 'cause you were not done yet (and I was quite dizzy). Closer to 10pm(it was about 9:53) I heard "Namaste"... and then your energy left me. I also felt a deep love connection from you....I knew the healing was at the perfect timing, and it has probably helped me stabilize (I was able to breeze through the boxes of dreaded un-filed paperwork yesterday without any emotional issues) Love and Light~ Jeannine Dygert
I enjoyed my session very much....I experienced green and pink around me, hot and tingly hands, hot and tingly lips tingles at the back of my head and down the right hand side of my back. I was also nauseous for about an hour afterwards, though alert and peaceful. In the last two days I have experienced great clarity in thought and less emotional pull in assessing stuff and making decisions. Jennifer
So much to say, so little ability to get it out! I know you understand that. The intensive itself I thought was rather uneventful compared to the first round. Silly me. It wasn’t until the next day that things started to become clearer and more profound.
I have had clients who said they felt nothing or very little in a session, and think even that was a figment of their imagination... and then later, when something shifts in their lives,attribute it to something else they did. This work is so much more powerful than you know - even when its so subtle as to not be felt by the human senses,it is still having an effect. This work catalyzes shifts on a causal level of reality, which sets up a chain of internal and external events that will change your life. We (our ego minds) like to think we have the ability to change and control our fates, but nothing we do as humans can shift our lives as much as spirit can, nothing
I do believe my session is actually still in progress.
The "formal" healing session may be over, but the processing and integration of the work continues. It takes time for the changes to trickle down into your lower dimensional vibrational bodies
I really want to share but need a little more time to process. I’m hoping I don’t forget parts as I really want to acknowledge every step. I wrote that two days after the intensive. I’m still processing even now 5 days later. It has been intriguing to say the least. As I write this I am all a buzz and quite dizzy. I have had some pretty ravenous moments which made me laugh. I went to the grocery store and promptly ate half a pack of cookies and half a can of Pringles! Not like me at all. I felt so shaky.
There has been a change in your core... so everything on the periphery of your being is shifting and adjusting. Your being is transforming from the inside out so you may be able to embody or "manifest" more and more of your true soul essence on this earthly dimension. This process can be a shaky experience (rocking the boat of all your old perceptions and belief systems), but on the other side, you will be so much stronger. The "ultimate purpose" of incarnation is to eventually experience the fullness of our unlimited spirit within the limitations of the flesh.. that's the Divine Experiment that is human life
Last night I was awakened by a very bright light in my peripheral vision and a pain on my left side of my chest or breast. I got the distinct feeling I was having some kind of physic surgery done. I wanted to open my eyes but I couldn’t. The bright light was comforting. Prior to this I could not fall asleep for hours.
Because of the catalytic (causal) shifts made in our session, this made it possible for you to move forward on your path... which allowed for other spiritual events to come into play (in this case, that is this psychic surgery). By doing this healing work, this laid the ground work in the core of your being to prepare you for this other work. By breaking the stagnation on a higher level of spirit, we opened the doorway to a chain of inner events to occur...on and on... down and down... By making such shifts on the higher causal planes, this may (in time) even manifest as outer earthly changes such as positive shifts in ones relationships, work, prosperity, physical health, and so on.... and that's not even considering all the shifts in ones awareness and consciousness. The shifts in ones ability to discriminate between right and wrong,... the heightened clarity and perception of reality... the expansion of joy and peace one feels in everyday life.... the higher wisdom, knowledge, intuition and guidance one is able to access from within... the healthy new choices one makes from a place of divine desire...the positive people and events you now magnetize into your life... And when you hit another place on your path where you are stuck and stagnating (and there are many of these places in us all) we can do more healing work, and this will shift, and the process occurs again. Its like dominoes - the healing tips over the first block, and things start to fall into place
As for the session it was unremarkable compared to the first session.
Don't compare - each session is different.. and also, don't judge a session by what you feel or don't feel. Our limited human awareness cannot know what i s happening, but that doesn't mean something is not happening, only that we are not aware of it. This is where trust and faith in the work (and in spirit) comes in. No matter what you feel or don't feel of the session, you must trust that something is always happening. If a clients does enough work with me, in time, they all come to know this. Anytime you are doing this level of work, its going to be hard to tell whats going on (its par for the course). You are stuck somewhere in the forest between tall trees and cannot see the path beyond your immediate foot steps, Spirit designed it this way for a good reason - most likely, so that we may develop faith and trust. If you are going to move forward on your path (at this stage of it, that is), faith and trust in the healing work, the healing process, and the healer... is an important requirement... in a deep way, it is an exercise in being able to eventually, have faith and trust in your own Higher Self, in Life, and in God
I almost wondered if it happened at all. I saw a few flashes of images like Easter Island heads, a whole lot of martial arts people and an Asian looking woman in platinum/goldish and red dress (Chinese or Japanese perhaps?) I can see the fabric very clearly and the unusual folds on the dress.
<In each one of us, there are major universal themes that run like threads throughout one lifetime after another.. and this one theme may take on just one or any number of different energies and vibrations. In a healing session, when one issue, with the same energy and vibration,runs through different lifetimes, images of these lives may flash by, often too fast to be aware of them all. The few your mind remembered, you wrote about here ("Easter Island heads", "martial arts people", "Asian woman")
I woke several times during the hour and a half and felt unsettled.
As these past lives and their issues were unfolding, the old emotions associated with these lives (stuck in your energy field and soul) were being felt and processed out
I had the thought that there was resistance on some level
No one likes to feel these old unpleasant emotions, which is why we stuff them inside our beings so tightly... yet to be clear, we may have to feel them again (up to a point) while they are coming up and out of our being
and I kept trying to relax and let go.
and that's about all we can do here - let go and let Go
One image that was very clear was my daughter standing in her school uniform looking at me and saying ‘Mummy I’m so tired’. I didn’t know what to make of that other than to acknowledge that she has been tired all her life with sleep issues and a disinterest in reality. She is 13. This would prove to be very important. I also saw myself trying to break through a bubble of gunk. Perhaps it was body fat – I don’t really know. Kind of like a bubble of putty. I don’t think I did.
In the case of body far, when we have energetic and subconscious resistances, the body reflects them within our physical structure (consciousness rules energy, energy rules matter). So when we have a physical condition, symptom, illness, or disease, these things invariably are caused by factors that originate on the higher dimensions of our being. So, we can spend all our efforts on trying to cure a disease (by treating the symptoms) but if we don't treat the cause, the symptoms will crop up in our lives in other ways (like the multi-headed hydra that Heracles fought - cut off one head, and another takes its place). Any healing requires patience and trust, especially when the physical symptoms remain, ones faith can be shaken... but this is when faith is most called for - when it is put to the test. Yet, our ego minds want tangible, demonstrative proven results, and most times, life is a faith walk through a dark tunnel with nothing but our intuition and feelings to lead us (the Apostle Thomas didn't believe until he put his hand in Jesus' s side - would you ?)
After the hour and a half I had no understanding of any of it and decided never mind– this one was not for my head to get involved.
We will rarely understand what happens in a healing. Its better that way, otherwise as you said, we don't want the head (our ego minds) to get involved (it already runs a good part of our lives... the last thing we want it to do is control the healings). The deepest healings we will never understand, but if by some chance you have figured it out, then chances are that such a healing is not happening on the deeper levels, but is actually a mind exercise rather than Divine Grace stepping in
The fascination came the next day. My daughter was dragging her feet as she always does. She was dressed and ready to go but she just couldn’t get out the door. Then she stood in front of me and said ‘Mommy I’m so tired’, just as I had seen and heard in the meditation. I decided to let her stay home. I had had a major gastric purge the day before the meditation and convinced myself that she was having a bout of the same. Still not connecting the dots. That morning we sat on the couch talking and I felt compelled to do a body balance on her. (I use kinesiology among other techniques). What came from the balance was that she needed to clear an event that happened when she was 1 or 2 years old. Long story short, it was an entity that we had identified in the past as ‘a bear’. She had seen this bear many times and it had frightened her. She often said it was looking in her window at night even when the curtains were closed. One time we went on holiday and she said the bear jumped on the back of the car and came with us. I thought we had cleared this entity many years ago as we did a session and sent it to the light. So again I began to try and help rid her of this bear when it was told to me that I had to take this entity back as it was never hers.
Interesting that you thought you had already cleared this Bear Entity, yet it was still there after all these years. This is often the case when one works on oneself... there is still part of the limited mind involved when working from the self verse allowing the Higher Self and God to do the work. There may of course be a clearing on some level of the mental body, but on the higher more causal levels, the main issue remains and will recreate itself at some point in the future. I find this a lot with people who do their own healing... For ex, someone may cut an energy cord, and then think the situation is resolved, but fail to ask why the cord is there in the first place, only to later find that it has later been recreated. It is the deeper causes that are harder to clear up simply by cutting off and energy... or simply by using ones mind though affirmations - using ones own mind and its limited resources, you are using limitation in order to clear limitation... this is why a successful treatment is one that works from the highest dimensions of the causal (then when one resolves the causes at the root, then the weeds will eventually die off). But in all fairness, we also hold many similar issues on many different layers of our energy field. So when one level is cleared, we may find the same issue crops up again and again... And then one wonders Hey, i thought this was already cleared ?" Yes, it may have been cleared up - one that one level... but now its emerging from another place on another level of ones energy field. There are many layers (like a tree and its rings)and each layer has a slightly different energy and vibration... they may all look and feel the same, but there is a slight difference. A healing may clear up a particular issue as it manifests in one past life time, but it may still be present in another life time, or even a life time spent on a totally different dimension. What I am trying to convey here is that a particular issue cannot simply be cleared up by working on one level, but must be peeled away, layer after layer. What you report about this bear entity may be one of those cases.. so don't be too surprised if this same issue comes up again.. esp if it exists on another level we have not yet worked on
She had been holding it for me for many years and this was the source of her fatigue. It was a choice she made and her gift to me but that I had to take it back now. Perhaps on a spiritual level she knew that I would not be able to handle this entity or whatever it was until I reached this point in my own healing journey. I was incredibly humbled by her gift and immediately acknowledged the bear and took it from her.
Though you initially asked about healing for your daughter, I see that it is most often the parents that must first be healed, as they are often the causative influences in why their children are ill. Our children (and pets) often take on their parents issues, being as they are not strong enough to resist our energetic projections (the Bible speaks of this saying that "the sins of the parents are passed down to their children"). The work needed here is considered "Ancestral Healing". Anyway, now you can see that when you received the healing work, your daughter benefited from it. Just goes to show that when we take responsibility for our own healing, it can affect all our relationships, our children, our ancestors, our pets, our friends, our environment, our nation, our world, and so on
I then made peace with it in my mind and out of what seemed to be a Karmic debt, I helped this bear return to the light. This definitely seemed like a Karmic debt. I was then made aware that I also had karmic debt with my daughter and that I needed to ask for her forgiveness. I did that and she more than willing forgave me. I think this links back to something she said when she was about 2 or 3 and I never understood it. She said, Mommy, why did you leave me on that beach in that cave alone. I’m now wondering if that’s not when the bear showed up. I can’t remember. So wow! What an unexpected but powerful event. Oh yes and the rain…. it kept on coming and coming and coming. So much rain that we had flooding all over the north island. People are calling it the 150 year floods.. I wish now I had gone out in it and danced!!
I have had my share of clients say that nothing happened to them in a healing, yet they happened to notice the birds were singing, and the wind was blowing... and now you say - rain. But you see, its all connected - everything that happens in a healing is connected to everything else, inside and out. Sure, in some session, you might not feel a big blast of energy, or see some inner light show, or feel blissful, or whatever your expectations of what a healing "should" be....but know that whether you are aware, understand, comprehend, or know of it or not, something is always happening in a healing. The healing event may not be occurring on an energetic level but on a higher etheric causal level of consciousness. And in this case, just noticing the rain in a way you were not aware of it before, (no matter how insignificant your ego mind may interpret that to be) may mean that your consciousness has expanded that much more than it was before (and when it comes to consciousness shifts, even a little bit is a big deal). Each healing session you receive creates a bit more clarity that will in time makes a Huge difference. But keep in mind that in the beginning of your healing journey, these changes all happen in increments and is very hard to perceive (except in retrospect). But if you don't do the work, it will not happen at all. .. When you first do the healing work, the outer circumstances of your life may not dramatically change, but if your perception of it does, this means that the quality of your life - your capacity to experience the subtle nuances of a flower, a sunset, a smile, a hug, a joke, the taste of food, a smell, your children's laughter, or ones feelings of love... all these subjective experiences are enhanced. We may always be poor, get old, be single, or have humble positions in life, but if we can experience life with an enhanced awareness, we are rich beyond compare. Life is here for us to enjoy the fullness of it with all our senses, yet we all have burdened our senses with so much stuff... so even if we get that perfect job, or perfect partner, or have all the money in the world... if we cannot be fully present and enjoy it with clarity and depths of our whole being, we are really losing out. This healing work is here to help you reclaim and experience a heightened quality of awareness of life
So since that happened, I got the feeling my healing session was not finished. Once I tried to turn on the tv for about 15 minutes it would not work. Miffed I gave up. I then sat down to write this and simply could not. So I thought maybe I need to go lay down. I did and very definitely felt more energy work took place. I felt like the left side of my head was gone then the right and then the top. I looked at my dog on the bed and his head seemed to disappear. In fact the whole duvet seemed to go all watery like it wasn’t solid.
According to Quantum Physics, most of physical reality is made up of empty space.I think you experienced this
  I felt like I had a peaceful drift before coming back to my body and getting up refreshed. I went to the tv and turned it on, no problemo! So today I am finally able to write it all down. I hope it wasn’t too wordy or weird and you find it interesting. Jennifer
About a half hour before session... I could feel Spirit was preparing me... and I felt sick, weepy, like my head was too heavy. I laid down on my bed to prepare... and I felt that this was going to be a time of letting go of something huge. In particular... my ingrained belief that I don't deserve what God wants for me. Its almost like I knew someone, in Spirit, was right there... leading me to a little place in my mind and telling me.... "you don't need this anymore".... "let it go". I cried and felt love in my heart that I hadn't felt in a long time.
We are all masterful escape artists. Its out nature to avoid resist and deny the contradictory uncomfortable, dark and painful feelings thoughts and memories we hold within. Yet it is in these hidden suppressed areas that lie our greatest gifts. In this healing work, through the power of our combined spirits, these areas are pointed out to your souls awareness, allowing for a more grace filled, easy and rapid healing.
THEN... as soon as 2:00 rolled around I could feel energy pooling through my body... out my feet... aches in my hands... and then I could actually feel things in my body MOVING... like blood and bubbles streaming and letting loose. Then.. I felt horrible discomfort... like my head was sooo heavy and I couldn't hold it... even though I was laying down. ... at this time... I had a glimpse of (now... this may be due to the fact that I LOVE Lord of the Rings, and, also... maybe you in Spirit have some connection/ symbolism with Wizard) of a Gandoff figure using his staff and saying powerfully.... "you shall not pass". Cords and chains and strings that were attached to me... for a good 30 minutes.... I kept seeing this great figure fight them off. And then there was calm. And this is when I would sense and image a "David" Spirit comforting me and telling me (not even in words but in communication that was beyond that)... that it is over... its okay.

I had a vision of the energy I was dealing with.. and certain "chance happenings" that happened over the past year popped into my mind... and although I wanted to know exactly why/who/how.... inside I knew it wasn't as important as me knowing just this: YES.. those intuitions and synchronicities do matter... but I don't have to know exactly why... just that I need to pay attention and be aware. And things will work out, etc.

I also could see why ... much better than before... why we need another (YOU!) for healing... who has gone much further on the path and has more of a "love space" to work these things out... As I have awakened... yes... I have the desire in me to be filled with Spirit completely... yes... I want to be a vessel for God.. yes... I can see that I need to accept what I have "started".... but I "got it" that "me" is attached to MANY others who are not as open to leaving everything behind. And when one pulls "up"... all that I was attached to... pulls to remain what it was.

I first was drawn to question all my former teachings of the Christian church (although now... I can see they were very good in and of themselves... but when they take over... they become a prison).... then... I was lead to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.... read his books over and over... practicing "being in the moment" and "accepting the moment at hand". I think that I misunderstood some of his teachings... thinking that asking for healing wasn't accepting the moment. But I get it now... if we want to be free of the shackles that held us... and we are one of the only ones pulling "up"... we are going to need another person to come from above and help lift.

There are soooo many other things that happened... like the fact that the person (that may be attached to the entity I was dealing with)... I was meeting with just an hour after the session. And instead of feeling fear.... I pictured I was Kung Fu Panda... when he realizes the "bad guy" is only an illusion, and bounces off his big fat belly. AND... I knew that I had the help of angels around me.. that your Spirit had set me up for success. While meeting with her (and now... I understand it... as not really "her" I have a trouble with... but the illusions she is connected to).... I could feel me getting nervous... and THEN... I felt strength in my stomach... like my stomach muscles were getting strengthened... (which this is the "power house" I was having the most trouble with... giving myself away).

Also... I forgot to add one thing about later that night.... creative thoughts were flowing again! It's like I could look at the earth and appreciate it so, and also see how my life was like a tapestry woven with all these specks of grace and people leading to "MORE" ... and words and phrases and creativity would just "pop" there! And I had a knowing-ness I would write this life down one day... and that in fact we are ALL creators! And there is a joy that was coming back to me... of CREATING and living life!! And even though part of me winces at the fact that I may have to keep up with more of the work and look at MORE tough stuff in myself... experiences like this build on my faith that YES... I can get through it (and have a joy that is almost unspeakable)... and I don't have to do it alone (nor COULD I). love, Jenny

Last Thursday I really *REALLY* enjoyed myself - went deep and floated as if receiving a massage.
My session was great - felt a deepening/expansiveness of being. Jerrold
Well, I put everything aside and rested quietly during the half hour. With that said, my experience during this time was also quite intense - beginning with a sense of having a flash light probing, searching...and a moment of tears as I felt I was missing something!(?). Thank You, Jesse

I thought I had a great team in place guiding me down the path through this stuff!.... You're the icing on the cake!!! I'm pretty fortunate. Jesse
Around 6:50 I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes, grounding and centering myself. A little later, I started feeling very light and felt something from my hands, although I can't exactly remember what. I can't quite remember what else happened, but I remember falling asleep after that and dreaming something that involved 3 of the beetles, young, in a walmart-like place, talking to a friend of mine and one teaching me a riff. Afterwards, the same one (John, methinks? Had long hair..) lectured me on breath control/usage when one sings. Generally, I feel a bit lighter, a bunch cleaner, and a whole lot more joyful and passionate. Thank you~ Sincerely, Jessica L
Just to let you know that the session was powerful! I could feel a vibration up and down my spine, and,sometimes a band of pressure in my head, and sometimes, a nice warmth in my chest, and then I fell asleep about 4 times for short periods,and when the session was over I felt cleansed. Thank you so much. Joe
THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! first, i felt very relaxed - i felt as physically tired but my mind was very clear i felt i have to lay just on my side.. suddenly i felt my closed eyes moving very rapidly.. funny feeling. and something in my neck, i had to straightly move my neck suddenly - and all the time i felt so warm ! even my usually so cold feet felt warm -amazing.. afterwards i fell asleep very deep asleep - and after that session i have become more and more as myself ! i have got more new self confidence, as i had lost myself...i totally lost my own force. now, this healing has started something inside me. i want to be me, myself. i think that this is the only way to heal myself. start to love myself. otherwise, nobody can help me. now,i am open to brand new me, welcome, it is just me, sorry i lost the connection.. as i said that saying before, nothing else you can change but yourself.. i am, interested in when i can stand still in my own feet.
I think I am getting the hang of it working with you. What I did this last session that felt so right, was to just be in meditation with the breath. letting the thoughts come and go and returning to the breath,nothing to do but be aware of the breath. Their was a lot of energy once again running through my body in the form of kria's, usually a lot of shaking of the head, but also this time it moved down to the base of my spine. I had a very powerful experience with the palms of my hands, I feel that the energy centers in them opened to a new level, they became very hot for sometime. I am grateful for our work together.... I also spoke with my friend ___, I had a good laugh when she told me about her session with you, no two sessions area like and no two people are alike.... I am grateful to be me, and I am grateful that you are you, and that we are both so much more.....Blessings. John Ananda

Again just focusing on my breath, pulling back my attention each time the mind takes it away, experienced some body kria's, and then in about the last half hour, I raised my hands up over my head and then they started to move towards the prayer mudra, as my hands slowly started to come together, the closer they got it was like they were holding a ball of energy between then and they couldn't come all the way together, my hands started to have a tingling sensation running through them and then finally I brought them all the way together, and just sat in a very deep space of stillness. As I remember in the last session I experienced an opening in my hands as well. I also had the experience this time that after the body Krya's stopped that it felt like they were continuing on the inside with no physical movement on the outside, something was moving around and shifting beneath the skin. Don't know what it all means, but it feels right. Thanks so much. John Ananda
Thank you Great Spirit which flows through David Was a powerful session. I was laying down at six thirty,and woke about seven twenty could rally feel the energy moving in my heart center, experienced a lot of shaking in my body which I am familiar with. The words " I Am light now manifesting " ran through for a while, then "I Am receiving the Light, I Am receiving the healing "ran through me for a while, then I enter into a very deep place of no thought, had never experienced it like that before. Then some much more intense body movements, in the end a very strong Grandmother Presence came over me and I acknowledged myself as a Wisdom Keeper. The last half hour I laid back down and gave thanks. It was a very profound experience for me, and I look forward to climbing to the top of this Mountain. Om Shanti Om. John Namaste David, For me the process is to surrender, no expectations . Every session is different. Lots of energy running through my body, drifted a little in and out of sleep. Blessings. John
I just felt like a lot of energy in my body to the point were it almost felt like the process of getting my body 'numb' or 'goosebumps' (I can't find the exact word in English, sorry) but not to that extent...first were my arms, and then the chest area, legs, head... it was noticeable but quite subtle. I've no idea if that makes any sense, or if it actually was something I made up during the session.
You can't make this stuff up. This experience happened as a result of the healing work.
If I did this session correctly, please let me know. Thank You! Jose
Because you are not doing anything but receiving, you cannot do the session incorrectly... Spirit does all the work - you do nothing, and that's what makes this form of healing so easy and effortless - there is no doing - there is no complicated practices or forms or rituals or anything... its all about "Grace". My task as a healer is to help you open up so that you may receive more of this Grace from Spirit than you normally would on your own. As Jesus said, "when two or more are gathered, there am I".
I sat outside in a chair.... A few mosquitoes bit at me at first. I really did not feel any physical sensations,
I am sure things were happening on other levels. Often our physical beings are the last to notice the shifts. If you receive more work,your awareness will open up and you will be able to notice more. But these changes take time, and we can only do so much in a free mini session. Many people get the notion that they need to feel the healings in a big way (in each and every session) for the work to be effective, but that's not true. It all depends on where you are at in your process. Everyone gets what they need in that moment, or at least, what they allow and empower Spirit to do with them - ie. what they are open and ready to receive.
but was thinking thoughts of the unity of everything, including my unity with the mosquitoes and then it really seemed as if they were not biting me anymore. I know that whatever happened was for my good. Joy
Dear Merlin(David), Thanks for the Healing. I felt it enter my inner core and vibrate, like an earthquake inside, but pleasurable. I had a knowing about healing any dis-ease and burning karma so that I can be a clear vessel for God's healing. I thank you for being my teacher. Namaste. Judith
David does a great job working with spirit to transmit healing energies to people. I have seen first hand how powerful this work is. Don't let the illusion that it comes from "remote" fool you. When I did sessions, I usually had my deepest meditations and could really feel my light body. In addition to the healing energies, David has been a constant friend and guide on my path. Even when your going through hard times on your healing journey (believe me it does happen a lot), he is there to help and support you to the best of his knowledge through it. His counsel in the past in and of itself has been worth it. If your serious about cleaning up the shadow aspects of yourself, then this healing work will help you. I've worked with quite a few healing modalities in the past, including Reiki, and this is by far the most powerful healing work I have come across. Peace on your journey. Justin
Hi David. It's taken me quite a while to continue our communication, but my shift was deep, powerful and I wanted to completely honor it. Now, I feel terrific and ready to continue my exhilarating journey. Thanks for your help. Kari
I waited a few days for my feedback following my Sunday evening session to get a feel for the overall effect: Didn't notice anything during session (Not unusual.) Definite Healing begun in Important Relationship (Greatest Blessing of all, and integral to other advances. I am Truly Grateful!) Slight improvement in several physical problems. Have been going through some pretty wild times and handling it quite well. Find myself more comfortably trusting and surrendering into what Spirit sets before me. Slight improvement in emotions and general attitude. Thanks and Gratitude to your Spiritual Healing Team! Keep Shining! Karl Mohr
Dear Merlin, Thank you for the healing. I didn't feel anything, as you explained, but later that evening broke down in tears with my mentor, regarding whether to continue my business without operating capital. I was in a place of fear, and don't feel well today. I think I'm going through my dark night of the soul, and your healing may have accelerated it, which is good, cuz the sooner it's over and I can move on, the better!! Anyway, thanks again! Kathleen
Wow! I felt you immediately when you started. It seemed to go on forever. Last I knew it was 12:15am. I believe I felt everything. I felt the cords being cut, I felt heavy things like chains and armor? being removed from me. I experienced some pain, nausea, at times I felt like crying, at times there were sexual feelings going on. I didn't see much, except a blur once in a while. I felt a lot of things coming out of my nose, some of it quite painful. I also felt, what seemed to be, cleansing of my chakras. I know there was difficulty with the heart chakra, especially the back of it. David, I believe I know who is bringing me all this negativity. Ten years ago, out of bad judgment, I had a relationship with a guy who called himself a shaman from Ecuador. I broke off the relationship when I realized what was happening but then it was too late. Let's just say, I was totally numb to my body until just recently when I had some cranial sacral work done. After that, all Hell broke loose! I thought I could manage it on my own, but I think that made matters worse. I slept very well last night, but then again this morning, I'm feeling things in my body. I'm off balance, my 3rd eye feels full and the left side of my face is heavy and almost numb, my head feels heavy and there is pressure on the left side of my head and my thinking is fuzzy. My house is full of negativity, and I smudged it with sage. I feel he is not giving up so easily. I was told he meditates on me and thinks of ways to hurt me. I believe he is trying to destroy me in every which way, if not outright kill me. How do I handle this? What can stop him? Am I going crazy? I would appreciate your input. Thank you so much. You are a blessing! Kathy

Wow! again. Another great session. When you started the healing process, I believe I was being "invaded" by that person. As soon as you came in, however, I felt he went out with a bang. Then the healing began. I believe I felt all of it. A lot of stuff was coming out of my nose. Some very large (whatever it is) and very painful. the continuous work in and around my left breast was intense, and sometimes quite painful. There also was quite a lot going on on my upper back and around the back of my left arm. When the stuff was removed, it was also quite painful. But I'm so glad it's gone.... I felt myself taking a deep breath (a sigh of relief?) after each removal. As some stuff (cords?) was being removed, I felt a pop and then a dropping sensation. It felt like a lot of work was being done on my face, mouth, jaw, third eye. There is a strong telepathic connection with this guy through my 3rd eye. It also feels like I channel (him?)through an entry point on my left cheek. So it felt like you picked up on that and cleared it. There also was a lot of work done on my lower body, particular in the area of my rectum (very uncomfortable!) But I also felt it in my bladder, colon and intestines. Some sexual stuff going on as well. I felt some work being done on my head (and brain?) and neck, but I feel there is more to do in that area. This morning, I feel some of the same sensations. Popping, dropping, a lot of pressure in my head and 3rd eye. Some pings on the windows or walls, as negativity leaves me. As I sit at my computer, I feel myself being lifted with a floating sensation. After a while, I feel pops and I drop again. There is also some activity around my solar plexus, left side, the back of my neck and legs. It seems like he is not ready to give up the fight! David, it amazes me that I was able to function (barely),with all this negativity in and around me. Again, thank you so much for your work. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found you. I feel like you've given me my life back. Thank you again, Kathy
Another intense session! This time, there was a lot of emotional stuff coming up. At times I felt anger, alto of rage (I was sexually abused/sodomized by my father at a very young age), sadness, despair. At times I was crying. I heard the words "just kill me" and " I want to die", or "I'm going to go crazy", but I'm not sure if that was coming from me, or if they were projected thought forms (probably both). It feels like layers are coming off me. It also feels that there are nets (spider webs?) around the layers, and I can feel you pulling them off me. The real surprise was the boa constrictor. I very often felt a crushing sensation around my chest, so now I know the reason. I also saw snakes in and around my head. Now I know why I was feeling so much pressure in my head. At times I couldn't remember things, I couldn't think straight, words would not come to me, etc. When I was working, I couldn't think straight. I think he was trying to get me fired. I wonder if he was projecting Alzheimer's or dementia?I also wonder what other creatures were/are inside me. I always felt as though he wanted to kill me, and now I think there is proof of that. Would he have succeeded? Towards the end, I saw me going out on a stretcher. I think it was an ambulance, or was it a hearse? Am I feeling or sounding like too much of a victim? I know that like vibrations attract like, so it seems I played a substantial role in all of this... The more work we do, the more things come up for me. I suppose this is natural. I don't feel as elated after this session....Just sadness.... Thank you again, for your wonderful work. I know there are many sessions ahead of me so please let me know when I'll be ready for the next one. You are a blessing! Kathy

I’m not sure what to say about this last session, except for the fact that I really know what the meaning of the phrase “uptight” is. I literally felt as though I was being stretched and pulled away from my body, and my central nervous system felt like it was in overdrive. In fact, I’m still feeling that way today. My jaws are clenched, my shoulders are raised and electricity (tension) is running up and down my spine. At times I feel like I will explode from all the pressure. I still feel myself being pulled upward, but then something pops and I fall back down again. Negativity is leaving as I hear the pinging on the walls and windows. I also feel very spacey and lethargic. I don’t think I can handle any mental or physical activity today. When I try to think, the right side of my face feels numb and I feel pressure on the sides of my head and back of my neck. I feel I am being pulled upward in these areas. It feels almost like being in a tug of war with myself! The best thing was the absolute amazing feeling of being in a total free fall. I experienced that feeling twice in the session I believe that was myself “getting it together”. In addition to all this pulling. I also felt a lot of cutting. I believe one time I saw someone with a pair of scissors cutting away.... At one point I was feeling anger and then impatience. I wanted this whole thing over and done with. I also was beginning to feel outrage at the situation I find myself in.  How could this be happening tome? It is also beginning to hit me now as to just how messed up I really am. I feel shame, anger, embarrassment, stupid, blah, blah, blah. I’m just trying to deal with the reality of all of this. Thanks, Kathy

As for this last session, I felt a lot of cutting and some sawing. I saw someone in a green surgical outfit just shaking his head as he was about to cut (that bad, huh?). It felt like the cutting was taking place closer to my physical body, and not “out there”. I know a lot of work was done in and around my face… nose, jaws, mouth, teeth, neck, 3rd eye, etc. These are tough area for me. I know some work was also done in my lower body, as well. A lot of sexual stuff, etc.,etc. There were also some significant dropping sensations, together with the cutting/sawing. All in all it felt like a good session. In fact, at the end, I asked if you were through, and I saw someone in the back seat of a truck waving goodbye! That was cool!.. The only disappointing thing was when we were through, I immediately felt a hard thump on the back of my neck, and I was connected again. The sensations are not as strong, but they are there. There is a lot of pressure on the left side of my chest, around the lymph nodes. I know my vitality is being sucked away. There is a lot of desperation to it, as though someone’s/something’s survival depended on it. I even have marks in that area. So it seems we are taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. As I write this, the sensations get stronger and more hurtful. It seems that this thing is with me now taking it all in. It wants me to know of its presence.... Kathy
Well that was very subtle and I feel not fully impacted yet. It felt like I was being purged, especially in the energetic bodies, difficult to verbalize actually. I could feel energy moving around in the physical as well but also in a very subtle way. Felt things going on around the heart area and sometimes it felt like I was floating or rocking. I drifted off at one point only to be awoken by a kind of pulsing in the body....There seemed to be a change of 'pace' in whatever was going on, every fifteen minutes for the first hour and half. My stomach was gurgling, and at the end I was burping and yawning which for me is always a sign of things happening energetically.... I just want to add that before the session started I was feeling a bit apprehensive with the idea that there was no turning back now. I had this same feeling on the way to getting transmissions in a class some six years ago, as if I knew then, on a higher level, that my life wouldn't be the same again, which in fact it wasn't, but in a good way though. Keith M.

Hello David, I'd been thinking I should contact you but didn't know what to tell you about what has happened since that session. But I'll try. Firstly you should issue a health warning with the healing. <I do. See: Signs-Symptoms, Healing Crisis, Processing Stuff Ok, since the healing I firstly went into a loss situation which after a few days dropped down briefly into a hopeless depression where I as good as broke down, that was on the Saturday. That night I dream t that my apartment was on fire (cleansing?) and woke the next morning full of life and with the urge to cleanse the rooms of negative energies and bring fresh energies into all the rooms, which I did. Since then have been through some difficult emotions, have left my job, which I'd been thinking about for a while, they didn't pay me which has made me look at how I use my finances. I've also realized that I need to change my direction and stop avoiding my purpose. Have started writing a book about life, a self help book aimed at helping men to let go their masks and free up their emotions, this I'd been planning to do for a while but hadn't actually started it.
Today was another 'release' point though I'm not sure what happened but it seems something 'let go'. However, things still don't seem, 'as they were' was what I was going to write but I obviously don't want them to be 'as they were'. I still feel a bit unsettled is what I meant. Keith M. from Hereford, UK

Info on healing. Felt influx of energy throughout body and stronger concentration at base chakra/spinal column. Energy built up and slowly move up spine/core area up to the head. Then energy extended out from core area into chakras and finally enveloped whole body. Energy, light, consciousness continued to expand and heart chakra ballooned out until whole body was inside a large ball of light. Very blissful, and still feel cleansed and energetically enhanced and more conscious. Ken
David, Thank you so much for the healing last night! Without question you have enlightened methods and cooperation from great higher powers! Will be in touch regarding the advanced healing session...Sincerely, Ken
I could definitely feel some energy work going on during the session....I can report that I have been sleeping better and more regularly. I continue to strengthen my connection to spirit. My lifestyle continues to become healthier, including more exercise. And I have more motivation and faith in my ability to keep fine tuning and making adjustments. Well, as motioned I am deepening my meditation/connection to spirit. I am also expanding relationships within my family.... That's all for now. Kent
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know a few things that are happening. Sometimes (when there is a deep issue or truth coming to me)I feel this very subtle and deep activity going on deep inside me. It may take days or weeks till this "whatever" comes all the way up to the surface. I have been feeling this way for two weeks. I'm not sure what it is about but I'm sure it will reveal itself eventually.

When I was a child my mother would say something to me that was part "true" and part "something not so right about it". This would create confusion for me. I would even suspect that the truth had something odd about it also... But since I have been doing this tithing, I find myself relying more on my intuition and my dreams tend to be very clear at times.
This brings up an issue that has plagued me since I was a child. I have felt that if I let anyone know how I think -- I will be criticized and made fun of. It feels like being put in prison or being hunted down to be killed. It makes me feel like hiding myself and making sure I only talk to people of like mind. When I do speak my mind it comes out with too much force -- as if to say "I will be totally crushed if you don't understand what I mean and I may go back into my shell and not tell anybody anything for a very long time or at least till it feels safe or I am brave enough to overcome my fear."

I have found myself twice in my life asking Jesus to help me. Once, long ago I asked him to show me the way. Very soon after I learned a special technique of meditation that really changed my life. Lately I find myself asking him for the truth. Many truths have come to me over my lifetime. Truths that cleared up beliefs and ideas that did not fit me any longer. I'm wondering if I will be asking him for life. I want to be passionate about something. I'm not sure what -- but something. I know all this may seem vague or a little "off", but it is hard to explain. I have been so depressed for most of my life. I feel like sleeping beauty waking up after a hundred years -- what a shock! I basically want to grow -- move forward --go to the next level --advance. This sleepiness, sleep walking, numbness needs to move. I've got to grow or my roots will break the walls that close me in. It is a slow process but I truly feel like it is moving quite fast in some respects.
I am very appreciative of your help. I just keep watching what goes on each day and somehow I understand some of the issues that come up. Thanks again. I'm really glad I did this!!!!!!! Kora

David, The night before I started I had a dream that I was going on a journey.The first part of the journey I was aware of where to go. Then this man came in who was going to the same area. He gave me numbers of routes to take. I saw the area like a map below me. The numbers 2,11,8 were the numbers of the highways. Then I got a brief picture of the man's face.I saw his eyes, hair and forehead. He had very dark, curly hair and large brown eyes. I think the area was around New Orleans. I felt like I was going to go to the destitute parts of my life. Interesting! I felt like I have been working on fear. Walking through it. I also find myself more clear about matters that come up in my life. It seems like I'm relying on my instincts more. I feel very guided. Like someone is looking at my decisions and directing me away from things that would not be helpful. Sometimes when I get to a glitch it is like the inside of me is rearranging things. I wish this were more clear. I really want to get my life in order so to speak. I think that other lives are coming up to me in a present day situation. I am being asked to work it differently. I see where my life has been so ruled by fear -- not so freeing or flowing. Thank you so much. I really am glad I am doing this. Also money has been coming very fast. Things that would take a longer time are coming faster. This money order will show that. Thanks again. Kora

Hi David. I need to ask you some questions about what's been going on in my life. I've had some interesting experiences that are unusual, and I'm getting a strong feeling that everything to you is pretty familiar and not as exciting for you, but I need to ask you anyway... do we create our reality by our desires, our very true desires?
 Yes. Our desires move us (subconsciously for the most part) to where we believe they will be fulfilled. We say "Yes" and "No" constantly to our inner impulses, and act from those choices, which then mold our inner - and then outer reality
We experience as we wish?
We attract to us the reality we like, and are repelled by the reality we dislike, so in that way, we are pushed and pulled by our programing (our inner desires and fears)... our inner being is molded (and programed) by our past. Just like if you wear dark shades over your eyes to protect yourself from the glare of the sun, so too will our stuff filter our objective and subjective perception of reality. Much  of the healing work involves clearing up there old filters and past programs hidden deep within, for as long as they are present, they continue to hold sway over our perceptions of reality, coloring our experience accordingly. In other words, as long as we have such stuff inside, we can never see-feel-know life as it is, but rather, it is always bent by our clouded perceptions. You say you want to wake up, be aware... this requires removing these filters, these past programs... and in your case, they are (apparently) felt as confusion, fear, and so on. It is a good sign that these things are coming up in you (even though you may not feel or think it is so). It means that what was hidden inside, running your life, clouding your judgment, distorting your perceptions of reality, is moving from the subconscious to the conscious, being loosened from its fast hooks inside, rising up and releasing. As this stuff comes up in your being, you may have these weird - so called "bad feelings" (for a short time) but by feeling this, it means that they are processing out of you - this is a good thing. Its important that you not freak out but trust that what is happening is for your highest and best good. Its all part of your particular healing process, part of your soul agenda that you go through these experiences. Trust. You are becoming what and who your higher self truly desires for you to be - to be more awake and aware and alive. So just relax. You are ok. Things are happening in an intense way, but this is unavoidable. You may find yourself going more and more into your stuff in such intense ways, but there will always be times of release. Its like a roller coaster... in and out.Spirit is controlling the process, but you - by commissioning this work with me - control the speed with which you go through. The more work you do with us, the faster you will get to the other side of your stuff (through the dark tunnel) and "See the Light"
  Today I had the weirdest feeling I was in another land? For a moment I thought I was God and everything out there is an illusion and I'm the only one in the whole entire galaxy and I wrote out everything and I decided everything. I thought my mom wasn't real, nor my sister, nor anyone else in the world and I'm the only real thing. I thought about it.... so we're all the same and we create our own realities?
You opened up to one dimension or level of reality (and there are many). We as spirit beings have the potential to journey beyond this limited physical dimension, but when we try to hold on to one dimension or reality as "the end all be all", we easily get stuck (attached is the word). Spirituality is not about getting to anyone place, but flowing with what is in any given moment... and spiritual healing is about removing all attachments we have to any one person place or thing (even attachments to so called "good" experiences), all in order to empower our soul to fully flow in the moment and be free to easily journey through all the dimensions and levels of reality, without getting stuck in any one
Okay one experience I had at first that creeped me out was I was thinking and really believing in the light and darkness. I went to the extreme and thought myself as the light and I'm the good one... I thought life was about good and bad. Once I did that the creepiest thing happened!!!! I was on the bus and then a whole load of "evil" looking people with evil vibes suddenly appeared!!!! I was so creeped out and I kept calling out to the light and asking it to protect me and then more "evil" people came around me.The more I decided I was the light the more evil there was!!!!!!!!!! It was so utterly terrifying I thought about God and how there are both good and bad and they are both part of creation. Once I settled myself and neither believed in the good or bad all these normal people came around, or better I felt calm. It was the weirdest experience ever!!!! The "evil" people in the bus and around me were truly scary... I was wondering if you had experience something like that???? I am not making this up at all, the "evil" was truly EVIL EVIL EVIL feeling... very heart pounding. Once I let loose everything went back to normal. So really we create our experiences by our deep desires... not exactly thoughts, but our heart desires?
Our experiences are not always in our control, but programed by our past.When one is going through the healing process, one is working through particular issues and energies, and when this happens, those issues and energies manifest in our outer reality for us to see (its called "mirroring"). When one is totally free inside, then one is nonplussed by anything outside, but sees-feels-thinks as God sees-feels-thinks. It is a wonderful life goal to strive for - to be in such a neutral space,that life is exactly what it is, not something we (our ego minds) create or "overlay" on top of. Most people make life into something other than what it is... all to make things more manageable and understandable, yet this distorts ones experience of reality, and at some point, we must dismantle our creations, or they shall continue to rule over us
Looking back at my life, I've really think that I did create all the things that happened to me.
We have all created many of these "Overlays" on top of our perceptions, esp when life is painful, we try to make it something else. You have (apparently) have had many painful experiences in your past lives, and so you have many overlays that need to be removed (they are still there now as your fears and confusions)
I really do think I've lived a pretty decent life.... quite happy in a way.....
Spirit may may allow a person to coast for years without them having to confront these inner Overlays (stuff), but they are still there (like seeds, just waiting to pop up). I suspect that you (like most people) have subconsciously chosen to avoid those life experiences that would confront your stuff. But life (as directed by the Higher Power)has a tendency to sneak some monkey wrench into your well planed life, and bring you to those experiences that mirror - confront - rattle your comfort zones (those areas where you are stagnating). When one does serious spiritual work (like what I offer here), you are consciously giving spirit permission to accelerate this process (in a safe way I might add)...all so that you may be free of your stuff. So no matter if now, you are living a decent life and are happy, you are still (in some hidden ways) being run by your programing, A rich person in a mansion may live a decent life, but never have the opportunity to confront his (or her) inner issues, and thus as a soul, be stagnating within. If one always gets what one wants, then one doesn't have the opportunity to confront ones internal limitations, and thus spiritually, one doesn't grow. This is why the Buddha, as young Prince Bodhidharma, left the comforts of his palace... to experience life as it is. The message here is that we should look upon conflict (or other discomforts) as blessings from spirit that help us on our life path, to free us from our stuckness. Compared to life, this healing work moves us through our stuckness in a more accelerated, easy, direct and compete way
My first healing session: (Intense and Beautiful)
...As I waited patiently for the arrival of a presence, I felt my egoic mind rattling on in resistance, playing a chorus reel of "Free As A Bird", by John Lennon. I tried to relax by breathing in and could see your human face. I felt an enormous presence surround me and shuddered-not in fear-in awe. I knew I was resisting, and could hear your voice (as I imagine it sounding), talking with other Masters and Guides. The presence relaxed (or I surrendered, I'm not sure-but I felt more a tease). I heard a lot of ringing and buzzing next to my ears. My hands opened and I lay with my arms open wide, as though I was on across. I felt that I did not do this, again it felt as though I was "led". I guess that is why they call it Surrender. And so it began.

I saw a violet blue ray, which looked more like a smoldering flame with my inner eye, and I saw my feet inside my body, folded, and they extended far away from my center, as though I was growing taller, like a tree. I also saw above me a smoky brown sky with a brilliant sun. I focused on the sun breaking through the clouds. I felt a lot of cool energy around my heart chakra and at my feet. I felt a huge shot of Kundalini from my feet to my throat, and shook, my legs and feet elevated and shook. It was as though my body was being lifted but not of my will or accord. This happened 3 or 4 times.

My forehead and head felt dull and "head achy" all the while. I heard what sounded like a motorized rickshaw, I smelled a hint of burning garbage (something I remember from India) and I heard a steady, meditative rhythm of train tracks. Then I heard a wailing, red faced baby in my solar plexus. I knew somehow that what was being revealed to me had to do with my inner child. Then I felt my body (I don't know which one, rise up, about 8 inches above my body). This happened a few times. This was followed by a distressing feeling in my heart, as though my inner eye saw and felt the unhealed parts amongst the parts being cleared. My unprocessed grief. This was followed by a deep, heavy peaceful, cool feeling from my feet to my neck. I feel into a deep relaxation and saw images of a pink lotus flower and then a deep pink rose.....

The healing continued this morning.
When I awoke, I had immense pain in my left ovary. It was worrisome to me but I accepted it and cried and was introspective about healing and rediscovering my feminine divinity. I have been wearing pearls today (led by a guide) and drinking more water...the pain has subsided.
I have heard messages from Jesus about healing from being raped and abused, about forgiving myself for feeling "forsaken by God"...that my lesson is to "beware wolves in sheep's clothing who pretend to be lovers". I was told to embrace my petite body and not to fear it, or my beauty or grace. I may open my heart, be myself and continue towards Christ Consciousness in safety and protection.
Spirit led me to dance...I was a ballet dancer for a decade....and as I spun in pirouette, I HEARD a message in my heart, and filling with rapture, I gained momentum and embraced it:
"Ah yea, but ye came from ME...ye came from ME." I felt a certainty and calm come over me as I spun and agreed in my heart, "Yes, I AM." I danced with divinity for a moment. It was wonderful.
THANK YOU for sharing your life-affirming gift. Kris M
I felt so grounded and calm - even while interacting with customers all day! I have not had this experience of feeling so safe and whole before. I felt unable to think of a negative thought - even if a had wanted to- it was as if there was a buffer or a screen protecting me from any form of negativity or fear. I know it was a miracle! Love, Kristina Eisenhower

from 9 to 9:20..I was feeling tingle all over my arms....kind a still do. and felt little warm too. and i do not know why... suddenly..I saw a animal looking girl's face... but her face was purple... in my head. I do not know it is something to do with anything. I think that is all I felt....close to the end of session..I felt tingle strongly. Kumi Davis
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