Spiritual Energetic Healing

With David Isaacson

Hi David... It's only taken me a month to get this email to you. Thankfully I took copious notes. This is a recap of the introductory session you honored me with on May 25th, 7:00 pm. Per your instructions, I found a quiet place to rest: the deck lounger. As I closed my eyes and went into a deep meditational state, within those first five minutes my entire body became engulfed in heat which was not the air around me. It felt quite safe. I was aware of an energetic presence. Between 7:00 - 7:10, I saw, in my mind's eye, the Star of David very dim and small in the distance. As it slowly moved toward me, it became bigger and brighter... until it was quite large... and suddenly, poof... it was gone. About that time I fell into a sleep state, waking at 7:30 to chills rolling repeated throughout my body, from head to toe... for at least ten minutes. I could feel a tremendous amount of energy or chi/qi movement (familiar activity experienced during those old acupuncture days of hundreds of treatments). Also during that time there was some noticeable pain in the lower abdomen, left side, as well as pain through and behind the left eye. There was also pain under the breast bone. Amusingly, there was also an excessive amount of burping. By 7:40, I was becoming distracted and agitated. I was not able to stay focused mentally, meditationally. Nor was I able to continue being still physically. There were still a few chills rolling across my body but the frequency had slowed considerably. By 7:55, I was not longer able to remain on the deck lounger. The bottoms of my feet itched seriously for the next 2-3 hours. The reflexology points seemed to be lungs, heart and eyes. That itching would come and go for the next 3-5 days. That night I slept soundly for twelve hours. Hooray! I'd been sleeping only every other night for at least two months. That Friday night would have, according to pattern, been a non-sleep night. I also slept the following two nights before returning to the let's-skip-a-night routine. The erratic sleep is still a challenge a month later... but I've not done any further work with you either. On Saturday, I experienced extreme dizziness,which decreased steadily over the next 3-4 days. I also had an excessively strong craving for sugar, which I did my best to avoid until it calmed down... again over the next few days. As you and I talked that Friday night, after your wonderful Gift, I was very aware of your presence as you were scanning my body.   You saw and asked about a significant number of cords/chords being attached. I'm not sure what else was/is going on energetically. You recommended 41 segments treatment. It would be very much appreciated if you could give me a clearer idea of what those 41 segments are actually addressing, resolving or treating. I'm one of these people who really likes to understand what is going on. And, as you have probably already surmised, I'm very sensitive to and aware of energy. We can save that for another conversation. David, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your Amazing and Honoring Gift. I can tell you that once everything calmed down, I did and do feel lighter.  Thank you. Annalea


Notes re: Spiritual and/or Energetic Healing
Guided and/or Performed by: David Isaacson
Sedona, Arizona
July 16, 2001 – 1:00 PM

That beautiful and life-changing Monday morning - July 16th, 2001 - began with the most amazing and exciting phone call. It was obviously a direct response to some prayerful meditation and requests for guidance during the previous day spent atop Rachel’s Knoll, here in Sedona. I had been ready for some significant changes in my life for some time… mind, body, spirit, and emotion. I’d experienced some miraculous physical healing during the previous 2.5 years, but I knew it was time for that next step and I knew it would be profound… to take me to a place where healing overall could be completed. It was imperative that a way be found to let go of the past, truly live in the present, and prepare to move forward. I have much yet to do which relates to some significant goals and promises made to God when He called me, or guided me, to Sedona, literally saving my life after several years of looking up at a ceiling. I don’t think the desire for change had ever been as intense as it was on that Sunday.

At 8:05 am on Monday morning, David called me. As I answered the phone, he said, “Hi, Annalea, this is David Isaacson. I’ve been ‘instructed’ to work with you… and it has to be today.” I didn’t even question the reason for his call, the coincidence, or the urgency. It was obviously an answer to my prayers of Sunday. I was ready… so very ready. I asked to take care of some tasks in the morning and meet him at 1:00 that afternoon.

Brief History:
It might be insightful to make some comments about why I needed help. I had experienced health challenges all of my life. During the early 1990’s, my immune system collapsed. From May 1992 to February 1998, I lived in an environmental safe room, similar to the boy in the bubble. I’d been told many times during those years that I was going to die, soon. It was beyond bizarre.

During the summer of 1997, when I was about ready to just ‘cash it in’, a voice – not my inner voice – spoke one morning and told me to go to Sedona. I asked, “What is Sedona? person, place, or thing?” It was six months before I determined it was a small town in Northern Arizona, therefore it should have clean air and very little rain.

When I arrived in Sedona for the month of June 1998, it was the first time in years I’d slept more than two hours a night, or was able to experience enough energy to get out of bed for as much as three hours a day for two consecutive days, being bedridden the third, with that pattern being repeated throughout the entire month. It was the most significant and positive health impact I’d seen in years.

Upon returning to the damp, moldy climate of Oregon, my doctors told me they were out of ideas to reclaim my health. They told me that if I didn’t find some way to move to Sedona, or a dry climate, I would most likely be dead within six months. Moving to Sedona was a last effort to literally save my life. It worked.

In Sedona, with the assistance of a local Lac - Medical Intuitive, I was able to gain strength, very slowly, over the next eighteen months, primarily through the use of supplements. I was able to walk without the use of my cane after fifteen months, but was still pretty weak, still not able to be physically active for more than 0-4 hours per day… and still dealing with a tremendous amount of brain fog. Additionally, the phenomenal ‘weight’ that had seemed to be with me during my entire life did not seem to lift. I had hit a plateau. I was functioning, but certainly not living a full life.

That day on Rachel’s Knoll was a request to move from that ‘plateau’ to a healthy and productive life. David’s phone call that morning of July 16th was not a coincidence.

When David arrived, we went to the great room, where I rested on the chaise lounge and he sat on an overstuffed chair positioned to the other side of the corner table. We discussed the objectives for that day:
~ Cut all cords to past relationships where I had given away my energy and/or others were still tapping into my energy.
~ Reclaim my energy.
~ Heal the Inner Child.
~ Take back my heart and seal it so that I no longer ‘give’ it away.
~ Heal all 650-plus light bodies.
~ Take back my ‘Signature’.

The Experience:
As David closed his eyes in preparation for the healing, I closed my eyes and quickly relaxed into a meditational state, not knowing what to expect, but certainly open-minded and excited. I knew, with every cell of my being, that this was going to be a profound experience. After so many years of challenges, I was ready to embrace positive and productive life changes.

Very quickly I began to feel heavy, strong vibrations surrounding and moving through my energetic and physical body, similar to what happens when a washer is off center during a spin cycle. It was an odd sensation but not uncomfortable.

As the vibrations increased, an energetic spiral began to form, like the energy of a vortex, moving faster and faster.

Somewhere in the middle of this energetic movement, there was a raspy feeling, which began in the chest and stomach area. It slowly moved through the body to also encompass all of the back. The feeling was similar to metal scraping metal. I had almost the sense of a rusty ‘vest’ covering my upper body, where cables with rusty metal probes were plugged into it. The raspy feeling was like somebody was pulling forcefully to disconnect those strongly embedded, nearly melded, cables… or cords.



I was racing through time and space. It was black with occasional lights speeding by in a blur. And then I began to see flashes, pictures of people and places. I realized later those flashes of pictures were taking me backwards in time. Few of the pictures were visible long enough to recall much detail. Sometimes they were places… not all of them well known, or known to me at all. There were individual pictures of many men and women as well as places: the Eiffel Tower, Europe, forests, green rolling hills, water….


Racing further through time and space... more people, a room, more men and women, a field, a city... a soldier from very early centuries wearing mail: armor of chain links.


More blackness, more movement through time and space…

Suddenly it’s as though one is moving so fast, it can’t be a plane…can it?  It feels almost as though one is on the back of a huge bird flying over the desert, nearly moving at the speed of light. It’s all happening rapidly.


The flight course races up the side of a pyramid where there is a HUGE crystal ball perched on the top, about 25% the size of the structure below it. We (who is we?) fly up INTO the crystal, as it becomes a flash of brilliant white light, absorbing it, as well as being absorbed by it.


Total blackness. Quiet. It’s not frightening. It just IS.

Brief Pause, Then Deeper:

I was conscious of severe pain in my left leg. I began to feel chilled, physically, in body. Not from the experience. I said, out loud, “Cold.” David asked, “Do you want to take a break and get a blanket?” I rose from the chaise lounge, without words, got a blanket, and reclined again, instantly going into an even deeper state of meditation.

From the blackness, after rising to get a cover, I moved into the most brilliant, vivid, peaceful colors I’ve ever seen in my life. I love kaleidoscopes. This was similar, but really not at all the same. Those brilliant colors of green, gold, blue and magenta are truly beyond description. They swirled slowly, constantly moving and changing. There seemed to be no rhythm or reason for the way the colors moved in, through, and around each other.  They were so incredibly beautiful.

I relaxed completely and totally into the colors.

At that time, apparently I went so deeply into a meditational state that there is no conscious memory of what took place next. When I awoke, there was David, sitting with his legs crossed in meditation, his hands relaxed and simply waiting for me to return.

I was disoriented. We talked briefly. David told me that I would continue to experience results of the Healing for at least a week.  He reminded me, “There might be a healing crisis, so go with it and don’t be alarmed.” I gave him a Hug, a “Thank You,” and he went on his way.

The Next 48 Hours:
For the next hour or two, I didn’t want to leave that experience at all. I just rested and remained in a semi-conscious state. Finally, I realized there was a time-line errand that needed to be handled. As I walked to my car and sat down, I suddenly realized I felt LIGHTER. I felt Lighter!! I shook my head and shook my body, just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Yes! Lighter. That Weight that was Soooo heavy all of my life… was Gone!! I haven’t felt that light since birthing into this world. Not ever.

I was Giddy! I was euphoric. There was nothing that could distract me. I felt on top of the world. Anything and Everything suddenly seemed possible. No doubt. None. It had been YEARS since I’d felt this good, this hopeful. Suddenly I KNEW that total healing was possible. I even believed it just might have happened that afternoon. What I can tell you this day, as I’m recording this experience, is that I’m a different person. So many things have changed, as you will see.

As a note of some importance: My hands and feet were itching like crazy. I knew it was imperative to drink a lot of water, to flush toxins out of my body as quickly as possible.

That evening I went to bed, hoping I could finally sleep. I’d just been through at least four months where sleep had been elusive. The pattern during those months seemed to be one night of sleep, the next with none. A night of sleep might be two hours or six, but rarely more. I was exhausted and knew sleep was critical to regaining health.

I slept for a couple of hours, waking about 1:00 am. I was violently ill. The pain level in my body was as high as it had ever been in the environmental safe room during those years in the 90’s. Every cell, every muscle and nerve was on fire. I was no longer accustomed to that level of pain. Tears were streaming down my face. I was sobbing. My head was trying to blast off the neck. I was so nauseous it was all I could do to keep from vomiting. I couldn’t walk, get to the bathroom, or do anything to help myself. I knew I needed help.

Thankfully, I had a guest staying in the house. His room was on the other side of my bedroom. I pounded on the wall until he came to see why he was beckoned. I’m truly grateful he was there to help. He massaged, fetched and calmed me down over the next hour until I could go back to sleep. It’s important for you, the reader, to understand: I was not alarmed at the physical reaction because I knew, like an onion being peeled, this crisis had to take place in order to continue healing. But, on the other hand, it wasn’t what I would call a fun experience. I slept erratically throughout the rest of the night.

I would advise anybody going through this type of intense mind-body-spirit-emotion ‘healing’ to have somebody on call for a day or two.

It took about three days for the body to calm down. The itching was probably the worst of the reactions as toxins were leaving the body. I took Epsom salt and mineral baths… and tried not to scratch. grin. Lotsa luck. The pain levels decreased rapidly, the headaches went away in a couple of days and the nausea came and went but wasn’t too severe. One of the most exciting physical changes, for me, was the lifting of the brain fog, which had been debilitatingly present for the last nine months, and most of the last several years.

Other things began to become noticeable, beyond the physical. I was CALMER, more Focused, and Happier. My confidence level and self-esteem soared.

One of the most noticeable changes has been with relationships. I am feeling more empowered than I’ve felt in years. The one thing which has been extremely interesting to me is this feeling of detachment. David hit it on the nose when he said I had almost literally given away my heart to people. I would give up myself to make others happy. It was not healthy. Since this healing,there have been significant changes in relationships with others, men and women.

I’ve known my former significant other for twenty-one years. We’ve had a stormy relationship since I became ill in 1991. He watched Super Woman collapse before his eyes. His reaction was fear, which turned to anger. We are connected financially, and he’s surrogate father to my children, so this is not a man who can be dismissed easily from my life. We have contact regularly. That relationship has changed considerably since July 16th,in part because I’ve been calm, which has allowed him to be calmer. I don’t feel the attachment or connection with him that I did previously. We are now communicating more effectively to resolve some financial issues and are moving forward, being more supportive of one another than we’ve been in years. It’s been extremely positive, and productive.

There was a guest in my home who had over-stayed his welcome. I’m thankful for his assistance during the healing crisis. However, bottom line, he was being disrespectful in a number of ways. Normally I would simply have weathered it out, waiting for him to leave, and being unhappy in the meantime. I realized it was not necessary to remain in a dishonorable or disrespectful environment and invited him to leave, permanently.

A female acquaintance has had a habit of only calling when she wants something, either related to money or emotional support. This has been a one-way relationship for nearly 2.5 years. That relationship has since changed.

A dear friend of mine has some serious health problems and is not expected to live much longer. I’ve been extremely distressed about that for a year. That feeling of “I must be there to rescue him and take care of him” is no longer present. I’m not feeling panic over that situation any longer. Again, there is that sense of detachment. I still love him, but I have to let him do whatever he chooses to do with his life. IF he wants me to be part of it, he will let me know. I am feeling free to move on with my own life in the meantime and do those things I have been ‘called’ upon to do.

A similar situation has occurred regarding my son who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. At this time, the cancer is in remission, although the doctors will not confirm that. As a mother, there has been such a sense of pain and grieving. I finally got up enough courage to ask him to go with me to the Galapagos Islands next year so that we can reconnect in ways that have been special bonds, but ones that somehow had been forgotten during many years of chaos.

There is more, but… bottom line: I’m in control of my life. I don’t need to give myself away any longer. There is no doubt in my mind that I will not continue to create or bring unhealthy relationships into my life.

I am free to do those things that will “make a difference” to the world.

Work and Creativity:
The clarity of purpose has and is becoming clearer and stronger. Since the 16th of July, I’ve been able to see my projects and goals far more clearly. Daily, new ideas and focus rise to the surface. Each day I’m becoming more and more excited about what I am doing and where I’m going. I see the journey ahead of me as an incredible Adventure. I’ve always believed that by the time one turns fifty, it is one’s responsibility to give back to others those gifts, talents and skills which have been developed over several decades. It seems so selfish to hoard those for oneself. It’s my time to give back. It’s going to be So much FUN. My guides and angels are being such a tremendous help. I know they will continue to do so, for I have been ‘called’ to do certain things that will make a difference in the world, as we know it.

Physically and Emotionally:
I’m sleeping every night. For the first time in my life, I’m able to identify physical fatigue versus emotional or spiritual fatigue. I’m working diligently on diet, exercise, attitude, meditation, reducing stress and getting proper rest. I feel more complete than I have felt in years.  I’m ready to Embrace Life again with a Zest.  I don’t feel frantic, but rather, focused and empowered. I’m not feeling mired in fear or doubt any longer. I’m feeling stronger physically each day. My friends are all telling me I look Younger… and healthier. I have a glow about me again. Wow! I feel Renewed!!!

What can I say here? I don’t think there has ever been a minute in my life when I didn’t know that God, or whatever we wish to call a higher power, is with me. I’ve been extraordinarily blessed and protected in my lifetime. The challenges along my path have always been those times when I decided not to ‘listen’ to my inner voice but, rather, chose to rationalize. I feel very, very fortunate to be guided and asked to do certain things. I am never alone because God and my angels and/or guides are with me.

David was ‘directed’, in response to my plea, to help clear those obstacles that have held me back. I am so incredibly blessed for his presence in my life. He’s a beautiful, glorious angel here on earth. He has a phenomenal Gift.

The one thing I know, however, is that David, as a facilitator and link between spirit and body, may only be able to achieve as much healing as the person with whom he is working will allow. However, even if a person feels skeptical and confused, it would be unusual not to experience some change. And… the seeds ARE planted, with David’s help. One never knows what beautiful blossoms will result tomorrow from the seeds planted today. Miracles take place daily.

I believe we are truly here to be happy, healthy, heart full, and spiritual beings. We just get caught up in societal dogma and we create self-imposed limitations. We forget how to embrace life with heart and spirit, with laughter,love, and life.

There is not a day when I don’t think of David and offer up a prayer of Gratitude. My sincerest Thanks and Prayers are always with this truly gifted and blessed man who touched my life.


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