Spiritual Energetic Healing

With David Isaacson

Last year I started to suffer from migraines that would last for days…..and also often had an ache around my forehead/3rd eye area. At first I thought it had something to do with my sinuses and that the congestion was causing the pain (I had something similar before and antihistamines and decongestants cleared up the headaches) but the medications did not work this time. (I was at the time just starting out on my spiritual journey and had been to a few spiritual retreats and there were parts of me that were awakening…. parts of me that had been sleeping for a long time… and the discomfort I was feeling was actually part of this awakening process…. I was not aware of this at that time). I had an inclination to Google "ache on the 3rd eye" and a particular page from David’s website came up… I started to read…..and the more I read the more I realized that I was reading a summary of my journey of the past 6 months !!
It was amazing and a wonderful reading and it gave me an insight. There was nothing “wrong” with me and that what I was experiencing was/is a part of the awakening process of my soul and spirit.

At that time I happened to be reading a book by Doreen Virtue.. Archangels and Ascended Masters.. and was learning about all the Masters and Angelic beings that we can work with. I happened to be very intrigued and fascinated with Merlin (yes from King Arthur) and was wanting to work with Merlin’s energies. It sent shivers up and down my spine when I realized that David’s email was in Fact mrln9@hotmail.com
mrln9 spelt MERLIN very clearly to me…. !
There started my journey with David…. on the 1st of July 2010.
I had a tune in (it was more like a tune UP) and have not looked back since then.
I have had a weekly 2 hour intensive…and sometimes even 2sessions in one week.
In the beginning it felt strange... to sit/lie down for 2 hours.. and to be acutely aware of what was happening.
ALL the sessions... Not ONE was ever the same..
The healings have worked on my chakras…. my heart…. my soul..my spirit…my everything…. and MORE !!!!
Sometimes during the healing I would feel nothing…. and then 2hours after the session I would feel the energies flow through my crown…….
Such wonderful heady experiences…. I get Goosebumps now even just thinking about it…. !!!
The best parts of all the healings are the releases…
All the sessions have resulted in so much accumulated hurts…pains and all sorts of “stuffs” being released to spirit…. most gracefully.. “stuff” that I had been carrying around for EONS…. !! and lifetimes… Beliefs…..attitudes……. that no longer served me…. ALL GONE !!!!

Working with David has been a ‘SPRING CLEANING ‘ of an energetic kind…
The healings have cleared a lot of energy blockages that have been with me…..
It’s like the plumbing in your home… When the pipes are old (like our Soul) they get clogged…..and the flow of water slows down and what finally comes out in the tap is very slow with no pressure.

So what the healing does is clear our connection to spirit…. and to the universe….
And with a clear connection to spirit..what it has translated into for me is…
- More guidance
- Synchronicity
- 6th sense awakening
- Physic abilities
- The biggest gift has been getting clearer on what I want to accomplish in this lifetime and most importantly…my life’s mission.

Working with David …its different…..
He does not work alone…. its HIM and HIS TEAM
(Spirit, Archangels, Angels…Divine masters…. and a host of others...who I have sensed during the healings).
Having so many beings “in the room” so to speak…..opens up such a huge dimension to the healings……it is just amazing….
Till today I have not been able to sense all the aspects of the healings…and I won’t even try to…
But I will enjoy and do ENJOY …IN JOY…the results of the healings..

Remember the pipes and spring cleaning… ?
Where the flow of water was a trickle…
NOW for me, after all the healings, it’s become a stream...and I can already sense it becoming a waterfall (I AM GETTING GOOSEBUMPS AS I WRITE THIS)
The healings take a momentum of their own and their effects become exponential..
The 1st few have the effect of 2+2+2+2 =8. Do enough with consistency…. it transforms to 2 to the power of 2 of 2 of 2 i.e. 2x2x2x2=16 which is huge LEVERAGE….
And that is what I have taken ‘advantage’ (more like I have been blessed with)
I have been put into a catapult and stretched way back (the earlier healings) and am about to be LET GO…….. WOW !!

The healings have opened my heart and eyes…
Many of us …me included…..live life looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….
I have started to realize that there is NO POT OF GOLD at the end of the rainbow (oh no !!!!!)
It’s the journey not the destination
With David’s kindest assistance and his huge team of healers and guides …I am making that transition…
And my life has changed to one of love beauty grace and ease……
My experience of life is richer and deeper…
The highs are higher and lows are shorter….
There is no magic pill to make life bliss..
Life is blissful…if only you take the glasses off to see it that way
The healings help take off the glasses (cleans the lens)
I am grateful and totally blessed to have David and his Team as a part of my life and I take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart with deep love and most of all GRATITUDE
Thank you
Sanjay Bhojwani
Well thanks again! Was an interesting experience and I definitely felt some release from some 'stuff'. It took me a while to get grounded last night but I also played with some new energies earlier on so in combo I am not so surprised. The main things I remember was a really huge feeling of warmth in my heart area and then the same in my stomach/navel region and throat (a bit) as things seem to progress. At the beginning I felt something like my chest opening and it was like my consciousness was escorted into a higher space in this sweet energy - sort of like going to a white waiting room but not in a disconnecting or 'trying to get me out of the way' way, more inclusive and in good flow. At the end of the time I felt your energy or stuff happening - I felt like I was guided out of this space and back down too. I felt like a cord of some kind was taken out of my stomach - I was having flashing images of my ex at this time too, thank-god that was gone! Earlier in the week my energy field opened up and unraveled in an interesting pattern on my left side - I had the image and feeling that the core of this - like a dark rod down the centre of my left side was taken out. I also felt tingles and like tacks were being removed from my left hip - I get mild sciatica here some times. I have sensed and felt in my own energy that my left and right sides some how aren't in good balance - not sure if this has anything to do with it.
<since everything is connected to everything else, it all is important
One major thing I felt/was have having images of was stuff around my throat. I was having images of having a huge metal cuff around my neck and throat attached to a chain restraint. Not sure if it was symbolic or something of another life. Wow... felt like stuff was done but I got the impression there is a *bunch* lot more to be dealt with. At first I could 'see' it as me in a dungeon type place in another female form - I have had this image before whilst on journey with a shaman a little while back also. It felt like layers of this were being removed and you were trying to loosen it too. I don't know if it was you, me or something else but I keep having the word "surrender" going through my head most of the time. Not a bad idea huh. ;-) Thank-you David very much - what I could feel of your energy was nice, you have great boundaries and make things very comfortable and loving in the midst of some not so pleasant stuff - I really appreciate your gift and help! I hope when the financial situation improves I can get some more help again! Sally Hunt

Well this is all quite an adventure isn't it! I've had a few sensations over the last week. Feeling very energized and excited about the future and what I am here for etc etc in between sleeping a lot and being rather tired and some moments of crankiness. Leading up to Friday I had a run of neat dreams - each different in a way but all giving me a cool experience of something that I usually 'struggle' with - would then wake up in the morning feeling mass of energy running through me. Some days I literally can feel my body vibrating. I also felt like some days when I woke up 'someone(s)' there holding a space around me so I could feel just myself - keeping me clear from the arguments and things going on with family members in the house. Been having some strong experiences and telepathic connections with other people on the planet - like we are all holding hands in connection in the background for some purpose - seems very cool.
At the start of the session time I had this odd but neat warm feeling in my heart centre - there was something purple/red about it. Very soon after it happened my young nephew (who usually turns up at these high energy times!) ran in and insisted on having a huge cuddle. I ended up lying down and listening to some music - I remember feeling like a lot of rope like things were getting pulled out of me - at one stage more so from my upper back.Then I had a bunch of feelings in my pelvis and an image of someone pulling out my intestines - after a while they emptied it out and pulled out this black round ball. My body has been doing some unusual stuff since but I am not so worried about it. I have been struggling a fair bit this year with dropping other peoples expectations or views of reality (esp within my family) - this seems to have dropped away a lot in the last week and I am feeling much freer and 'myself'. Anyhoo thanks again. I had a message to get another session done. I feel a fear of not knowing how much 'processing' I can handle at any time so I am feeling hesitant on one hand and ok on another. Will have a sit on it. Hope you are having a great day and thanks again, Sally Hunt, Canada

Having these sessions mostly with you and a few others here and there is like taking some sort of super fertilizer juice while getting your layers and closets cleaned out, it's awesome... and things just unfold and deepen as I go along. It's really quite beautiful even in the midst of some of the crap that comes up. Last thank you for the moment to you and Spirit in general - I have been practicing a type of light body meditation/energy flow thing for a little while now and have always felt really blocked and tight in and struggled with my throat centre. Since the lasts session I have for the first time been feeling it to be much easier in some ways and quite beautiful and much deeper in it's energy somehow instead of being just blah. This has been an important pivot for me I think and I am quite stoked about it too. Awesome. Anyway thanks again. Peace, Sally Hunt, Canada
Good Morning David. As promised some feed back from the Transmission.... Wow that was powerful. I rose at 8.50 am on Saturday, showered & cleaned the room that I "do" healings in , put down my mat,energetically cleared the room then grounded myself, small mediation, tried to make myself as open to you as I could. At 9.55 I put on a CD of Mother Ammachis Bahjans (it lasts 50 mins.), I had no sooner turned on the music when "you arrived", the very moment the music started I felt the transmission begin. Very strong energy coming in through my crown chakra, also felt like my crown was being pulled higher higher, at the same time my solar plexus started to pulsate like I've felt before, do you do a navel hookup ? Both these chakras experienced the energy flow for the full 50 minutes. Very conscious of the energy coursing through my entire system,especially my legs/feet - where a gold light almost pinned me to the ground. This lasted approx 30 minutes then the energy shifted began to work like an acupuncture/massage session up down my back, from the outside in. 3 minutes after Mother's CD ended I felt the energy drop off ebb away. I remained on the floor for 10 minutes, I was as weak as a kitten, when  I tried to stand up, I almost fainted, cold sweats, I thought that I was going to faint. I went straight to bed immediately feel asleep for 4.5 hours. I still felt very tired all Saturday night. You must have really moved something. Spent Sunday just resting, felt very spaced out. Over the past 2 years I have taken many transmissions of light/energy - this experience was the most powerful that I have every experienced. Thank you David I look forward to your psychic reading to working with you through the advanced healings, providing of course that you will work with me. This is Monday morning I'm in the office, still very "light" headed. In love light, Sean Og
Thanks for the mini healing. I did not feel a lot happening during the actual session but felt more that a lot happened before in the days proceeding. I felt a lot of gentle divine father energy around holding. A humming kind of energy. In the actual session I felt more of it around. But externally things have really moved on. A friend offered me a space... and I am now out of the cold and wet.... A job came through yesterday.... So yes things do seem to have got better....I had a big emotional release around my daughter....I feel my situation emotional and practical needs support of some nature and feel your support has helped to move things on positively....I suddenly realized that I am finally attracting people into my life who arn't hurting me. Thanks again. Sharon (England)

Many thanks for the healing. It seems that from the instant we set up the appointment I felt an input of energy. When Friday came I could feel a buzz around me all day and when the appointed time came it was like I was humming all day and especially powerfully so when the time came I felt very good and like I could handle things a bit better. I have had a lot of insights regarding my daughter and what has led me to this point. I think I am finally letting go of it all, the past, that is and accepting it all. Its almost like I need to die to it and I am and thats what I am feeling right now. A death. I realize that a lot of what has been coming to me is because I have carried an enormous guilt towards the situation....
yes, holding guilt does attract a lot of negative attention from the universe. Everyone is more than willing to throw blame for their woes upon your funeral pyre of self flagellation and self sabotage.... Time to stop beating yourself up about any real or perceived shortcomings or failings of the past
I am not here to fix her I am here to fix myself... I feel now I can finally walk away even though I am knackered and let go of this weight of guilt and shame because there is none... The years of agony of not hearing of not knowing of not understanding of feeling tortured and hurt and rejected are over... thank you for all your help David, this is a big one a big letting go and a necessary one I need to get my strength back and your healing helped me to realize a big insight I was giving away my power with so much focus on them all the time I was trapped, now I am reclaiming it all and owning myself my energy to be with me for now.... Much love and blessings to you David. Sharon Abbott, England

Wow, Wow.. The energy started to change around 3.30 my time. I had had a rough couple of days and in the morning felt very upset with a headache,... I didn't feel well at all.... feeling dizzy and disoriented I put some sacred Indian chakra sounds on but in the end I started making some Chinese sounds for the organs to release the difficult energy I was experiencing. It was like something in me just took over and knew what I needed.... Next minute I was in bliss and an energy came in totally all enveloping. I had been feeling quite claustrophobic and on edge.. like something had got a line on me but now this was all gone and I felt my energy clearing there were no boundaries any more. I carried on doing my sounds and finally laid down until 6.30 and I fell asleep deeply. By 7pm the energy was really rolling, like pulsing very subtle strong gentle and powerful. The whole evening was like being wrapped in silk. I slept lovely. This morning and even now I just want to rest feeling a bit delicate, I can't think very well and I can't seem to plan anything anymore. Just seem to be content about things accepting you know what I mean, no big plans to heal or fix myself or anyone else, life is a gift and from now on I really want to enjoy what time I have left... I feel as though I am not looking anymore for anything just accepting and reflecting on my life and how lost and confused I have been understanding but not knowing how to connect to a source a power that is calming and peaceful and just is all accepting. I guess my divinity will show me the way and that is the way of peace and peacefulness. I know I can't exist around people who are living in a toxic chaotic space.... it's hard opening up around everyone who doesn't accept any of these other alternatives and considers you weird if you wear a string of beads around your neck - hey ho - what a funny world we live in - and so I just accept and watch this space - no doubt when the time comes to do something I will know but for now I watch and wait and know that I am doing everything I can. Thank you David it was absolutely fantastic and I felt I really capitalized on your healing more so this time than before.... I think I would like to keep it going every couple of weeks if I can, I really feel it is helping de-link more and more from...those energies that seem to break me down... love and blessings, it was amazing really. Thanks very much. Sharon Abbott, England

I had a very interesting week what can I say. I had a couple of major energy shots during the week prior to our session so I feel I was being primed if you like for the session on Friday. there is just too much to tell but major breakthroughs regarding other support and that feels good and an insight into selling herbs. Everything else is falling apart me included but the herb enterprise feels good... feel like things are going to get a bit transitional over the next few weeks but there you go building up to something. the issue right now is anger and my anger at myself for not loving myself and how others have reflected that back to me and I have ended up blaming everyone else. How can one really totally be compassionate to anyone including family unless you first show it to yourself. David, it is truly powerful what comes through you and what your have lived through my thanks and gratitude even though its hard right now I feel something is at the end of the tunnel... Sharon Abbott
Last night was interesting - 'saw' so much I don't know that I 'remember' it all, although I did fall asleep for a while. Over all it was like watching a million short films - I was having a continual stream of flashing images of all sorts of random things. Also like I was having energetic acupuncture - like having holes poked in me all over where the gunk would stream out from.
This is why I gave up doing "traditional" Acupuncture - the healings I do now are not physically invasive, yet are deeper, more powerful and effective
At times I would feel very warm around the back of my heart centre and towards the end it was like I was being soaked into the core in an energetic raining down pour. At one stage I feel like I had time of finding a part of my soul and was playing and morphing into different aspects and perspectives of the universe.
<This is an experience of "Soul Retrieval". When ones personal space has cleared (even a little bit) this allows the Soul to drop down from the higher dimensions, and be experienced by your human self. When the constraints of the ego are released, the Soul can experience itself in many different forms, beside this physical one we embody here on earth
The image I had was of watching myself run over and jump off an endless cliff into the void. As I fell I continued to change from dark to light until I was falling into the eye of god and then fluidly shifting and changing within that. Was pretty cool. I had a bunch of other random things. At a few times I felt like I was pregnant and had a voice in my head saying I would give birth in 9 months. I also felt at times like I was in a white womb - this felt good. And then at one stage it was like I was pregnant again my stomach was cut open and a dark figure of a child fell out. I also have a fun connection with faeries and had a play session with a bunch - this was cool - I was flying on the back of a white figure mix between a unicorn and a Pegasus horse in this experience too. Last things I remember I felt I had a strong connection/at times was or was in observation of a young man - blond Californian, college football player. Then at one stage I felt like a lot of cord/rope type things were pulled out/disconnected from all over my back. This felt really good.
<This is "Implant" removal - considered part of the "Exorcism" work>
Wow, thanks David so very much! That felt like a pretty full experience for me. I think I have some opening to do on receiving - I am more used to the doing and the giving. Hope you have a beautiful day, Sally
I should clarify that when I refer to "this healing process" in the message below, I'm referring to the totality of all the healing I'm currently engaged in -- my own spiritual practices, the Reiki work I am doing, and the work I'm doing with you.
I have actually been consciously engaged in the battle I'm referring to since last summer, when I went to India to visit my family. My mother loves visiting temples (I am not a big temple goer, preferring my own private brand of spirituality), but on each of my trips, she makes me visit a very powerful temple there dedicated to who else? A form of Vishnu. So, I went to this temple (mostly to honor my mother's desire that I go there), and suddenly, when I was standing in front of the idol, this prayer flashed through my mind, "help me to heal! help me to heal!" and I remember feeling rather surprised at the prayer, and wondering what exactly I was asking for help with in terms of healing. And I also received this reassurance, "You will be guided in your healing." And it was all a very mysterious event for me, because at a conscious level, I was aware of a number of issues that needed" healing" from the ego perspective, but I was perhaps not thinking deeply about healing from the soul perspective. So, I was thinking about issues that I needed healing with at the superficial level of life, and I came back thinking that all those issues would now be"healed" because of my prayer. I was very surprised when following that visit, I almost immediately started getting into HUGE conflicts with my parents about deep-seated childhood issues that had not even been on the horizon of my conscious mind at the beginning of my visit. Literally, "poison" started coming out of my system -- all through the rest of the summer, last fall, and this spring, I've been oozing this" poison" --things I hate and detest about myself and my life -- and I found myself wondering -- if THIS is the healing that I was promised, then I wonder if I wouldn't have been much better off without it! And it was only slowly, gradually, that I started noticing that the poison that was coming out of me, was exactly, precisely, the issues that I needed to work on the most in terms of my growth (from the non-ego perspective), and the miracle of all of it started to strike me. It IS a miracle, isn't it, to have this kind of healing granted to one, in such a perfectly coordinated, wonderful fashion?
And so, slowly as I started noticing and recognizing deep wisdom in the healing process I am going through, I started cooperating with the process (not resisting it). So, I voluntarily started seeking out Reiki, your help, and started strengthening my own spiritual practices. And it has all helped me immensely, immensely. I feel very grateful for all these opportunities to heal.
I told you in my last message that I have not yet experienced the same level of discomfort as your other client. Yet, this has not been a perfectly comfortable process for me, either. I have always struggled with a deep core of anger within myself, and now, that anger is always around, and visible to me and to others, and finally, finally, it has begun yielding some of its secrets to me (what it means to me, why I am holding on to it, and how I can safely let it go). I still don't fully get it, I am still working to understand it better, so I can let it go; but, in the meantime, it is uncomfortable to walk around always feeling a little angry, and to constantly have to recognize that the source of conflict is often in my own self, not in others, or in random circumstances. I am being asked to face, confront, and understand my deep rooted anger, and it can get pretty uncomfortable at times. I have to consciously remember to stay humble, very humble, and to ask for "more grace than I thought I needed"(Rumi), to work through this. Thank you for your help with all this. Shailaja

I am not (yet) going through this level of pain and/or fear, but certainly some issues that have been "locked" away (in plain sight!) for me have started to make more sense to me. Actually, I've been working half-heartedly on some issues within myself for several years now, but it always seemed like I either lacked sufficient insight or sufficient will to deal with them in a complete manner (to process them out). I have been feeling a "karmic quickening" for several months now, and my contacting you for healing had something to do with my sense (intuition, not knowledge) that some of my very old and very strong foes and I were about to engage in battle again.
Have you read the Mahabharata or the Gita? I feel like Arjuna sitting on the field of Kurukshetra facing his enemies clearly for the first time - and when he looks into each face -- he recognizes them not as "the other", but as his very own. Beloved uncles, cousins, teachers -- each arrow that leaves his bow is one against his own. Does he have the heart, the strength, the courage to fight and/or win this battle? And yet, he must, he must win this battle, it's the only battle really worth fighting or winning. Five "good" people with god as the charioteer of the bravest, go to war with over a 100 bad "cousins" and their impressively vast number of allies. What could be more symbolic of the good war we all must wage within ourselves to process out the negative?
Anyway, so having you, having my Reiki teacher, and having my Guru by my side, gives me courage in this battle at present.
<Yes, its an impossible battle to do and win all by oneself
It is hard to look "enemies" in the eye and recognize oneself in each of them, but that is currently what I am engaged in, where I am at. Old and strong foes -- each of them my very own -- how can I win without lots of faith, trust, and a few strong allies of my own?
This healing process has been very helpful to me because I feel at peace with myself after a long time. I feel good about even the bad in me, because instead of hating and condemning it (like I always have), I feel more of a sense of acceptance, and more of a sense of purpose, like I feel like I can handle and surmount these problems, instead of just despairing of them.
When I was young, we girls would see one bird sitting on the grass,cross our fingers superstitiously and say, "one for sorrow"; and we'd see two birds and say, "two for joy". An old habit, every time I would see a lone bird, I would think "One for sorrow" and dread the approaching sorrow. Now (and this has been a slow, long drawn out process for me), I say, "Narayana, I know it is all you. The joy is you. And the sorrow is you. I long for the day when I can see past the joy and see past the sorrow and see only you." Sorrow is truly as deep (perhaps a deeper) blessing than joy, and it is only now that I am beginning to appreciate that (and then, only in patches, in flashes, not all the time). Thank you for sharing. - Shailaja
Hi David -Thank you for your visit last night. I wasn't quite sure what to expect last night. I was very tired and not sure I would be able to stay awake but in the end, I did and I was very aware of your presence. I felt quite a bit of tingling on my left side, especially in my lower body and a lot of heat (all over) was generated by your work. I also remember a buzzing in my ear and a feeling of being lighter and more serene before falling asleep. With gratitude and love. Shalamee
During my session I experienced the burning of a great deal of negative karma that I had been deeply holding on to and a confirmation of where my current path should lead me. I sensed both the "white" and the "blue" fires enveloping me, I have only experienced the red and the gold previously.  The light warriors are on the move!!!" Shannon
Hi David, Just finished the 20 minute session. I felt a hand on top of my head for awhile which was neat and near the end my hands throbbed and tingled. Very neat. I feel good. Thank you! Namaste, Sheila S, Sidney/Vancouver, BC
You and I had scheduled to do the healing together on last Sunday. I told you I would be in the sanctuary of our church from 11 to 12. What I can tell you of my experience that morning is during our meditation I had a feeling of tension in my third eye, on the verge of a headache of sorts. It just showed up at that time and then through that my inner vision revealed to me an eye in the aching space. The eye opened up and in place of an actual eyeball was a big, crystal clear, white, radiant diamond! I was able to see through this big diamond. It was my source of vision and the tension was gone and no headache came about. It was peaceful and still. I smiled and remembered what was taking place at a distance and thought to myself "this must be it"... Thanks for the healing White Fire. I will be sure and pass along your website to others. Peace and Blessings. Shelly
David, Thank you for your gift and your time. I wanted to write you quickly to let you know what I experienced. If, I can put it into words. At first, I suppose I was apprehensive and it took me a moment or two to relax into the experience. I tried focusing on my heart, but my brain kept getting in the way, so I just let it happen, and let my mind float from one thought to the next. I felt as if I was in a trace like state. I "felt" where I was, more than "knew" where I was. I felt vibrations throughout my body, primarily in my chest and solar plexus. When it ended, it did with a start. First, I felt my heart open up and then a feeling of energy, warmth and excitement. Thank you again. Sherry M
I don't really know what to say, except perhaps thank you? ...I started meditating at 8:55, and as far as meditation goes, it was one of my best sessions ever. I tried my best to be receptive to ethereal energies, and even tried to talk to you, although I have no idea how. Basically I just concentrated on my different chakras as I thought fit.... I had a whole lot more energy than I have ever had before. I realized that I had been thinking about the heart chakra in completely the wrong spot! I thought it was lower down on the breast plate, but I found more energy a bit higher up. It seemed to have a bit of a reddish tinge to it, but only in fleeting moments.... Anyway, after about 35 minutes my legs started to go numb, so I had to stop. When I lay down where I was, I got the usual symptoms of pins and needles, but I decided to concentrate on it fully, and my legs started to feel like they were on fire, with a white light.... interesting. It could have been merely physical, or perhaps my energy had grown stronger so as when it flowed once again through my legs it was white hot or something.... I hope you didn't mind that I stopped then, but I felt it was enough. Anyways, thanks for the help. Stephen
At about 4pm my time I wondered..... Is this healing going to be EST or PST? Well, I sat down, got still and about 15 minutes later I had to lay down. I did, and after a while I felt a tapping on my sacrum. It was an unusual, never before experienced sensation. Fell asleep a while later,woke up at 5:30, well rested. Felt like being quiet for a while. I feel good right now too. Ahhhhhhh...... What's next? Stephanie
I sat down about 7PM and began to feel a bit of warmth, as if my face was flushed and also some warmth in the upper part of my body and arms. I was a bit nervous at first but eventually settled down into a deeper type of meditation (when my mind wasn't passing thoughts through my head).... After, I felt a bit groggy but now I'm feeling pretty peaceful...Thanks, Steve
Well what I experienced. I laid on the bed in a restful state. I did not experience any certain feelings but i did see colors muted purple, a goldish color, white and yellow. Thank you...Regards, Sue S
Hi David, How am I? Wow! High as a kite at the moment.
Highlights I can retrieve just now. Initial feeling of warmth and well-being in heart area gradually spread to my head and my solar plexus. Delicious (and I wonder about connections lower down). At some point I heard the words‘ Couldn’t make it any better,’ not in the sense that something couldn’t be repaired, but that it was just fine already. Later an interesting image came – like a shower-head or sprinkler on the end of a hose, low in the image with water pouring from it freely – with a sense that something had been opened up and was flowing freely (but not with force). Later my wandering mind had thoughts about the utilities business (gas electricity) my husband and I are involved with. This opened into me receiving energy directly from the sun.
Spirit communicates to us in those concepts or symbols our conscious mind knows and thus can relate to.. the "utility business" as a metaphor of "solar energy" is a good example"
Opening at the other end... Found myself immersed in the traumatic memory of my younger son’s father’s terrifying schizophrenic breakdown – running across the road to use a neighbor’s phone to call the police with him in pursuit. About the same time I realized what I was thinking about my whole body relaxed and I began to breathe deeply and evenly.
When in the course of a healing, the stuck energies of past traumas (from this life time or another) are released, and you are then free to access a deeper level of peace and relaxation Thoughts wandered to my MPD client and the word Reality came up– feels important also to include this in my thesis, as well. The two hours of stillness, in the embrace of Spirit was nourishing in its own right – the work is quite amazing ! I thank you deeply David. Blessings, Susan

Dear David. As usual – WOW!
This time there was an overall sensation of warmth throughout my body, but mostly concentrated in the heart and throat areas. Also physically a sensation it’s hard to describe of regular fluttering, a rhythmic internal beat of some kind, quite fast.
Most memorable was a dream/vision:
I’m walking alone along a paved and walled (waist-high) curving walk beyond which (to the right) is a bay. Also to the right I see a large poster/billboard title ‘Helpful Animals’ which shows a sort of tropical turquoise background with hammerhead sharks frolicking like dolphins. Sections of this are actually animated, and I look behind me to an overhead walkway to see if there are projectors beneath (there aren’t) trying to figure out how the effect is achieved. Now the billboard seems to be on the outside wall of a large building into which I walk, absorbing more explanations as I go along: The billboard illustrates what some people, who have grown special little cross-like cells in their eyes, are now enable to see –another dimension of reality. Inside the building there are lots of people who are preparing for the experience of growing these special cells themselves. Some evidently don’t like what they see because they turn and walk out – one such is a man dressed as a Greek Orthodox Patriarch, who looks stern and disapproving. Inside I meet a friend, a very handsome black man, possibly gay. We spread a blanket on the floor and drop our stuff on it, including some fairly valuable things – purse, cellphones, i pods,etc. He’s trying to convince me it’s OK to leave them there while we go have a look around. I’m at the same time trying to get him to loosen up physically – embracing him and massaging his back, shaking him a bit to loosen him up. I’ve no idea what that’s about but will work with it later. Very interesting.. Right now I feel high and happy and positive and generally good. Thank you, thank you. Blessings, Susan
Our healing session on Tuesday evening went well enough I believe. It seemed to have begun earlier that morning. I was working on the computer and suddenly became spacey and overwhelmed in my solar plexus with a sense of 'fear of failure'. I was under pressure to get to work, but knowing it could be a healing, I gave in and laid down for Spirit to complete the work. It took about 15 minutes I think, and when I got up, I was clear headed and felt a rare sense of self confidence. The session that evening from 7-9pm was a less dramatic, though I had shooting pain/tingling sensations in various places, warmth in my spine (felt like another spinal column to the right of mine actually) and energy in my feet. Thank you, Susan
The 1 to 1:30 est event was a little odd but I felt results. My husband picked me up at 11 for lunch I could not get back home, so at 12:58 to 1:08 I was closed eyed and meditative in a bathroom stall in the restaurant (very quiet and not busy) then i sat at the table with 3 people with my head down on my arms for a few minutes and at 1:18 I was in my vehicle alone meditative again.... During the first part in the bathroom I felt light and airy and heard odd whirring sounds with tinkling bell sounds  that were a light handed royal welcome. Next I felt like I personally entered the whirring area and was being spun like a clay pot on a wheel. 15 minutes into this I felt pain in my solar plexus area - an open unhealed wound. This got gradually more painful and I felt nauseous and then it all quickly evaporated and I felt light and calm and feel like napping. Thank you. Susan Eddy

The world has different time(slower) and smaller space now. There is an odd smell - chemical metallic. I feel odd and optimistic. I am ready to let go of the old beliefs and LIVE Thanks. Susan Eddy

 Life has definitely improved in mood and emotional fulfillment.... Cheers! Susan Eddy
Dear David, I want to thank you for the healing I received on Sunday. When the healing session started, I first felt like a whirlwind was in my body, searching throughout it. After that settled down, the bottom of my feet started tingling. I also felt that tingling in my solar plexus.
Monday after the healing I felt good, but when I got home from work, I was extremely tired, and basically just rested and went to bed early.
Tuesday, I felt very good at work and very energetic when I got home. I slept very well, and woke this morning from a very deep sleep. My alarm clock sounded like it was in the next house - it sounded so far away.
Today, I am wonderful. I am full of energy and full of love. Everyone I run into can feel that from me. I can tell this from their response and the flow of their love. I have been going through a very hard time emotionally and spiritually lately. Your healing has helped me to break through this barrier and free my energy and love so that I can spread it around the world. Also, I wanted to tell you that I have a special connection to Merlin, and that is why I was drawn to your website and asked for the healing. Thank you again. Love and light. Sylvia

David, I want to Thank You for your inspiration. While I was having my quite hour, I felt a peace that was wonderful. It was as if I had stepped out of a cocoon into fresh air and I was looking around for my new life. I kind of felt drained and sleepy, and need of rest. I want to Thank You again and my God Bless you for the lives you touch. Sylvia

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