Spirit Contracts and Karma

We all have free will to choose. However, once our soul decides to follow a particular path, the rest of our being must go along for the ride. And even if our human self later finds out that it does not like that path, our soul is committed, and like it or not, it will drag us down that path wherever it takes us - to hell and back if need be.

When we were still incoporeal spirits making plans to incarnate into a body, we made a "Soul Agenda” - binding energetic commitments, agreements or contracts which involved not just our self and Spirit, but many other souls who we would have interaction with (future parents, partners, children, teachers, etc). All those who agree to involve themselves with us, then signed their names upon an etheric document (held in a special place). When the agreed upon moment comes, these contracts are activated.

There are many different sorts of “Agreements” or “Contracts”.

The first to be established are our "Worldly Contracts". These form the basic material structure of our outer life... such as where and when you are going to be born, who your parents are to be, what schools you are to attend and teachers you are to learn from, who you are to marry, who is to be your children, what work you are going to do, when you are to die, and so on.

However, the essential or most important are our “God Contracts”, “Karmic Contracts” and “Karmic Agreements”.

God Contracts
Each one of us holds within our being... reflected as the unique light of our soul - the varied expressions of our love - our very Selves. This “Love” is essentially our reason for being - our "Higher Purpose" (and if we could not give or “serve” this to others, that light and loving part of us would feel as good as dead). The soul’s heart felt desire to serve this "Higher Purpose" in life is formalized in Spirit as ones "Spiritual" or "God Contracts" - which is to say that you are wanting to partake of the opportunity to be a “Lover” or "Co-Creator" with God. These are the "Star Seeded Souls" - incarnate upon the earth to fulfill or manifest a certain divine duty and sacred purpose for the greater good. These beings are here to be of service to the Spiritual Hierarchy - selflessly helping their fellow humans be free from the shackles of soul slavery. As I have seen, these are the souls who are even remotely motivated or interested in following the healing path. However, this begs the question...
Why are we not able to know, express, or manifest our “Higher Purpose”?

The answer is twofold and very simple...
we are blocked up with karma, and we are in ego-resistance.

Unfortunately (over many lifetimes) most of us Star Seeded Souls – that is, if this describes you - have accumulated our own “karmic” junk stored layer upon layer within our consciousness and energy fields, that our very being is not only hidden from the world, but even from our own selves.

All this must be cleared first (through much purification and healing) before we can ever go about manifesting all of our spiritual gifts.

One can’t really speak of contracts without the topic of “Karma” coming up – they really go hand in hand. "Karma" is sometimes considered life's "hard knocks" - the many unpleasant experiences a soul goes through here on planet earth. Some others would interpret "Karma" to be "divine retribution" or a punishment from God against those who sin. But by definition, "Karma" simply means the forces of action and reaction - the law of cause and effect.  "Karma" is like one of Newton's laws of physics - every action has its equal and opposite reaction ("you reap what you sow"). All things you have ever done in the past, returns to bite or bless you in the future. In other words, "Karma" is a cyclic energy – “what goes around comes around” (harming or praising you). "Karma" is the universal law of justice that balances the energetic forces of your life - there is no escaping it - everyone is personally responsibility for all that they have ever done. Karma also has no time limits - if in one moment in one life you set in motion a particular act, you may not reap the fruit of it until many years... or many lives later. If one plants a seed in the ground, that seed will eventually grown into a tree - this is "Karma".

Good Karma
I would say that it is the “good energy” we perform acts with that counts as “Good Karma” - not the acts themselves. What is determined as “good” by our ego-minds (and its collective form as societies “norms” and “morals”) is usually a mental judgment, and rarely of the highest truth - as it is said “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. It is also said that we don’t get to Heaven by good deeds (alone). Heaven is an internal place of consciousness - not a material place which we work our way up to by worldly acts. However, if our actions come from the pure energies of our inner hearts (that place in us that is of Heaven) naturally, that’s another matter – then we strengthen such energies in the world, and in ourselves - this is “good” karma.
“Good karma” is when you send a positive energy out into the world - a positive energy will eventually come back to you. If a man praises his wife... who praises her son... who pets the dog... who fetches dad’s newspaper - this is good karma (even if the dog chews up the paper before delivering it). On the deeper levels, it’s the “positive energy” behind the feelings that really counts as good karma, not the outward appearance of the act.

The only problem we can have with good karma is when our limited ego-minds get attached to it and wants to have it for ourselves. When it does this, we get in trouble and the flow can shut down. Just like love, good karma is an intangible we can allow to flow out of us, and receive it back with open arms. We cannot put it on our mantle place as a trophy, we cannot possesses it like a thing. When we start to do this, we turn a good thing into a bad – instead of expanding and freeing up our soul, it contracts and limits us further into our ego-mind. This is what “bad karma” does to us.

Bad Karma
“Bad karma” is when you send a “negative” (contracting and limiting) energy out into the world - a negative energy will eventually come back to you. It’s the man who yells at his wife... who yells at her son... who kicks the dog... who bites the dad - a classic example of bad karma. Each time you negatively react to the smallest events... you are adding a little bit more to the emotional and energetic "spin"... a little here... a little there... gathering energy... building steam... escalating the whole mess till the reactions get way out of hand. This is the cascading affects of karma, and it is quite powerful and dangerous... and may last a very long time (lifetimes in fact). To break bad karma takes a powerful act of spiritual grace – the healing “higher power” of love and forgiveness.

Considered ones "bad karma" are all the disharmonious thoughts, words and deeds you have ever done - contradictory to the universal laws of harmony and love. These exist within ones dimensional energy bodies as negatively charged "vortices" or "spins"  of energy - also known as "samscaras" - which distort and block the life flow. As mentioned elsewhere, these "samscaras" can also be likened to scratches (scars) in a record - some are superficial and some are deep. The more one repeats (reinforces) a negative behavior (habit), the deeper this groove gets... till it becomes a seemingly natural act and compulsion (like most addictions). It takes much inner processing and healing to remove this groove from ones energy fields, consciousness and ego-mind.

We are always in choice to react or not react to someone’s actions towards us. If the mom did not react to dads yelling at her, and she did not yell at her son, then the son would not have kicked the dog and dear old dad would not have gotten bitten. However, karma is tricky... one must ask - why did the dad yell in the first place? What were the events that created that to happen? Then of course, we have to look at what happens within the mom if she just takes such “abuse” and doesn’t outwardly react. There still may be an internal reaction going on in her body-mind-emotions, and if so, that would build up and eventually explode (on some level) within her, or be projected out (either physically, mentally or emotionally) towards someone else at some later time. On the other hand, if dear old mom was able to transform and purify that negative (contracting and limiting) karmic energy (with love and forgiveness) then the cycle would be broken. By the way, this is what Jesus did - by taking on (forgiving, i.e. transforming) the negative karma (or “sins”) of his tormentors, he broke a long chain of karma (action and reaction).

In every moment of our life, we are (also and always) in choice to originate and create new karmas (as in new actions) but we must still answer and be responsible for the old energies that we have sent out from us in the past - it must come back to its originator, its creator... eventually. And when it does, we must again choose... do we react and add to it, or do we forgive and transform it? (This process of inner transformation is something the healing work can assist us in being able to more effectively do).

Karmic Relationships
Karma that is shared in relationships can be very individual specific, linked to that particular soul you have done the "Karmic Dance" with - ones that you have (so to speak) "energy with" or where there is a "negative" charge (as in "bad” karma). In other words, anyone whom you have ever been engaged with in a negative cycle of action and reaction (bad karma) that energy must be neutralized - often by its opposite (quite like an antidote). The biblical quote that epitomizes this teaching is "turn the other cheek", and in the Lords Prayer "forgive us our trespass as we forgive those who would trespass against us."

As an extreme example... if you were killed by a particular person in one life, the "human" thing to do would be to kill that person back the next time you had the chance - thus escalating (building on) and perpetuating this negative (bad karmic) energy. The "divine antidote" is to neutralize this energy within the spirit of love and forgiveness, directed not only to the other person, but most especially to ourselves... for one never really knows if (at some distant time in the past) you started this cascading bad karma with your own negative action... and now your karma is catching up to you. Does it now stop with you, or will it be added onto and perpetuated unto the next life?

And if you have some "good” karma with another person with whom you may have a "positive" charge with - if your ego-mind was attached to or is holding on to them in any way, Spirit will bring you together to work out your attachments so you may complete the relationship and let these attachments go. In many circumstances (no matter how much love you share) this may (eventually) involve letting the other person move on in their life path (without you).

Similarly, if you have any “bad” karma with another person with whom you may have a "negative" charge with, your souls will eventually be brought together again to "finish the dance" before you may be allowed to move forward on your path. However, in some situations when that other individual (who you were involved with) is not available (or have since resolved their karma in another manner) spirit may put in a substitute (who has similar issues) to take their place.

Relationship karma could also be seen as the mixed up, unresolved, co-dependant energies and issues that you are sharing with, holding on to, and projecting towards another being. As long as there are these sorts of unresolved energies in any relationship, no one is ever really going to be free or fully happy.

This vicious cycle must be broken, but someone must make the first move.

However, the energy dynamics of this sort of situation may set up the belief that "I am not the problem - it’s the other person who needs fixing not me!” When you place the problem on the other person, you are disempowering your own self – but when you take on the responsibility, you also assume the mantle of its power. Besides, the healing has got to start somewhere... you might as well make the first move - this is called "leading by example". However you put it, in order to help someone else, you must focus on healing yourself (considering that you are both sharing in the same karmic energies - when you heal, they heal). Most relationships between parents and children, and dating or married couples... have to do with either relationship karma or karmic agreements.

Karmic Agreements – Karmic Lessons
"Karmic Agreements" on the other hand, are situations specifically designed by Spirit so that you may gain ALL perspectives in life. These are the specific life "lessons" that you have chosen to learn for the sake of expanding or broadening your experience of and compassion for the human condition (especially if you are a new soul to this contracted, limited, dense and dualistic dimension).

Where our Worldly Contracts form the basic structure of our lives, Karmic Agreements fill in the details. Some of these experiences may involve pleasant activities and creative endeavors... some may be painful and traumatic - going to war, being killed, raped or maimed. Over lifetimes, if you were the persecutor (abuser) in one life you may be the victim (abused) in the next; if were wealthy in one life you may be poor in the next; if you were healthy in one life you may be sickly in the next; if you were a student in one life you may be the teacher in the next; if you were a man in one life you may be a woman in the next... and so on, and on, and on.... Karmic agreements do not have to be difficult or hard in the painful way you may think – as the soul evolves and learns to readily respond to the “hard knocks”, spirit will begin to softly and subtly “tap” on your “door” with lessons having more nuance and flair. The balance of karma is like the swing of a pendulum... when it swings wide and fast, you are very out of balance, and your lessons may be hard... when it swings slowly and slight, your lessons may be more subtle and fine.

Karmic Contracts
"Karmic Contracts" are predominantly entered into in order to clear negative actions (karma) accumulated in past lives. If you didn't enter into the binding energies of these contracts, you would try to avoid all the "unpleasant" experiences - thus missing the important lessons and greater purposes in them. Contracts are your way of compelling yourself to do something you as a spirit wanted to experience or accomplish in the physical form - and not back down later because it may seem too hard. The Contract is your way of ensuring that no matter how clouded over with illusion and forgetfulness your human consciousness and resistant your will may become (once you are embodied) you will tend to fulfill your contractual duties. For the soul knows (deep down) that if one does not complete its mission - fulfilling all these karmic contracts in one life time - than the soul must reincarnate until it does (and for the soul that loves its freedom, that may not be a very desirable option).

One cannot be absolved of nor escape fulfilling ones Karmic Contracts or Agreements. However, spirit may provide us with many alternative opportunities to work it out... either the "hard way" - through life's' hard knocks, or the "easy way" - through the grace found within the healing experience. (This work can help you quickly expedite and resolve many karmic “entanglements" you may have with other souls).

Personal Responsibility
Each individual soul is personally responsible for all their deeds, from the beginning of creation to the ends of the earth. No matter how far out into space we go... no matter how fast we run down the ages of time, eventually, our past deeds will always catch up to us. No one can escape from karma, just as no one can escape from themselves (wherever you go, there you are). Some may say karma is a cruel joke, but it is actually a brilliant way the universe teaches us to learn and evolve into higher functioning creatures. Karma is a sort of built in feedback mechanism, epitomized in the biblical saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is the personal, universal, and eternal lesson of karma.

The physical and energetic laws of the universe demand balance - one side of the equation must equal the other. No matter how awful certain dramatic events may look from a human standpoint, the laws of Karma are actually quite impersonal and unforgiving. However, there is a way out (or should I say through)... and that is with the help of the healing work.

The Inner Dream
Before a soul can move on or “Evolve” onto its higher potential... onto the more outrageous possibilities that lie beyond the limits of human imagination... one must fulfill ones "God Contracts" and "Karmic Agreements". These contracts and agreements were both made on your behalf (probably before you even came into this life) by your Higher Soul Self, under the guidance and approval of the "Spiritual Hierarchy".

These contracts and agreements are ever beckoning to us through our subconscious as: nudges, images, messages, feelings and dreams....

Clues on what your own "inner dream" is may be found scattered throughout your childhood. Try to remember those moments (as a child) when you were happy. What were you doing? Write down anything you can remember no matter how silly or stupid you might think it to be – that thinking would be your adult "judgmental mind" stepping in here now (Just put that aside for this exercise). When you have found or remembered something from this time, meditate on it...  a lot. This may be your greatest treasure, your greatest clue on what your life is all about. Following the crumbs of these memories, and working to make them come true may be one of the greatest things you can honestly do in this life.

One must eventually complete all contracts, "Spiritual" and otherwise (if not in one life time than in another), but due to the power of the ego on this dimension, one can be in a great deal of resistance, rejecting guidance from the higher self and refusing to follow ones spiritual destiny/path. (I think this has occurred with just about everybody incarnated on this planet today). Fortunately, the Great Spirit constantly reminds us of why we are really here by first sending us subtle clues and signs – as nudges, images, messages, feelings and dreams. They may come through the form of other humans whose designated purpose is to be our spiritual healers and teachers (The Great Spirit works through all people and events on this earth, if not directly than indirectly). If the subtle approach doesn't get our attention (if we are asleep or in rebellion) Spirit will send us some very rude wake up calls (not to be confused with karma) often in the form of near fatal accidents, health problems, financial difficulties, failing relationships, or other dramatic events....

"Why would spirit wish us harm?"  I hear you ask.....

"Spirit" (our own "Higher Self" as well as our "Spirit Guides") only wants what is in our highest and best interests. What is the greater harm - "to gain the world or lose our soul?"

Balance of Karma and the Ascension of Consciousness
When one is free of all these karmic entanglements and energies, the forces of creation become balanced - inside and out – which allows us to be truly free to ascend to a higher level of creation. This karmic or energetic balance point is where we feel the inner and outer become as “One” (“If thy eye be single thy whole body is full of light”). This creates feelings of well being, even bliss. Technically speaking, when we reach this balance point, our energies naturally start to move inward towards the core of our being (found within the spinal channel) and then - if that channel is clear and unimpeded - these creative energies (also known as the “Kundalini”) along with our human mind-consciousness... can flow upward... through the core (also known as the “Shushumna”). This raising of the "Kundalini" energies is a prerequisite to the "Ascension" of the “Christ”. Since the Kundalini energies are of the created ego-mind (i.e. the creative psychic powers) they can only go up so far into the higher dimensions...  beyond which, the ascension is not so much of the energies as they are the descent of the higher consciousness into... and it’s merging with... the lower consciousness. Generally speaking, work with the kundalini is the “Red Tantra” work, and work with the higher and lower consciousness is the “White Tantra” work.

20 Primary Universal Laws by Dick Sutphen

This topic, broadcast on October 2nd 1987, examines twenty primary Universal laws that when applied, assists us in maintaining the balance in our lives. This is an extract from Dick Sutphen's book "Lighting the Light Within".

The Universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws with regulatory vibrations to maintain order. When you work within the laws you can be assured of an eventual positive outcome. When the laws are transgressed you can be assured of suffering. The only purpose of this is to teach you a better way.

1. The Law of Harmony. This law supersedes even the fundamental law of Karma, for harmony is the supreme potential of balance. The purpose of Karma is to attain harmony. If you throw a rock into a pond you disturb the harmony of the pond. You are the cause, and the effect is the splash and the ripples that flow out and back until harmony is restored. Similarly, your disharmonious actions flow out into the Universe and back upon you, lifetime after lifetime, until eventually your own harmony is restored.

2. The Law of Reincarnation and Karma. Until you have resolved your Karma and fulfilled your Dharma, which are the deeds you must do, you will continue to reincarnate into sequential lifetime upon the earth. Neither God nor the Lords of Karma bestow suffering upon you during these lives. You and you alone decide what you most need to learn in your earthly sojourns. Thus for each life experience you seek out other Souls, often with shared histories, with Karmic configurations that match your needs. Whenever you act with intention you create Karma. Actions are considered to be thoughts, emotions, words and deeds, and the motive, desire and intent behind each. Disharmonious acts must be balanced in the future in this life or in a future lifetime, to have Soul growth.

3. The Law of Wisdom. Wisdom erases Karma. If you have the wisdom to learn your lessons through love and wisdom you can mitigate your suffering. Sadly, we seem to learn the fastest through pain, through directly experiencing the consequences of our actions. As an example, you greedily take from others, and instead of learning through wisdom and love that this is wrong, you have to experience from others someone greedily taking from you, whether later in this life or in a future lifetime.

 Example 1: In your last life you were married to a Soul who is your mate today, and whom you cruelly left for another in that previous lifetime. Before you were born into your current life, you agreed to be left by your mate, under similar circumstances—this will allow you to balance your Karma—and directly experience the pain of abandonment. If through the wisdom of Master-Life-Awareness it is easier to detach consciously from the relationship with love, you will ease the pain of parting while also passing your own test, and thus absolving Karma and evolving from within.
 Example 2. Assume that you have Astrologically destined a severe relationship test for May of your 35th year. If you have learned through past life awareness, as well as present life learning, to be positive, non-judgmental and without expectations in your relationship you may only experience an argument with your mate on that fateful day in May, but if you haven't learned your past lessons, and have intensified your disharmony during your relationship you might experience a divorce in May of your 35th year.

4. The Law of Grace. Karma can be experienced to the letter of the law or in mercy and grace. In other words if you give love, mercy and grace to others, you will receive the same in return.

5. The Law of Soul Evolution. Everyone on Earth shares the goal of Soul evolution whether they realize it or not. We have reincarnated because we desire to evolve spiritually. By rising above all of our fear based emotions and in so doing learning how to express unconditional love we raise our vibrational rate, and move closer to a state of harmony. Even where it appears that we are not evolving we are in reality making progress. We learn through the pain of our disharmonious acts, which can be viewed as our mistakes or failures. This is the law of Soul evolution.

6. The Law of Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit term commonly accepted by most Metaphysical adepts today. It means one who has transcended the need of Earthly incarnations but who has chosen to return to the earth to support others in achieving enlightenment. A Bodhisattva knows he will never really be free until all Souls are free. Most serious students of metaphysics have entered the Bodhisattva Development Stage of their evolution.

7. The Law of Vibrational Attainment. The entire Universe operates on the same principle of vibrational energy. When Einstein discovered that "matter is energy," he opened the door to merging science and metaphysics. Scientists have proven that energy cannot die, it can only transform (reincarnate), and, by its very nature, energy must go forward or backwards; it cannot stand still, for to do so is stagnation, resulting in transformation. You are energy. Your skin, which appears solid, is actually trillions of swiftly moving molecules orbiting each other at a specific vibrational rate; a physical life rate you have earned in the past as a result of how harmoniously—or disharmoniously you have lived your past lives and your current life up until this moment in time. When you are harmonious for a lifetime, you will have attained the highest vibrational rate—the God level.

8. The Law of Free Will. The law of free will operates in three ways.

1. Although many of the major events in your life are Astrologically predestined, you always have free will to mitigate the impact of the event, or to transcend it entirely. This will result from how you live your life up to the situation you have destined for yourself to experience. If you give grace and mercy to others, are positive, loving, compassionate, and demonstrate by your action that you have learned past lessons, you can minimize disharmonious experiences!
2. As you obtain Master of Life awareness and develop conscious detachment, you will be far less affected by worldly events than in the past. A Master of Life enjoys all the warmth and joy that life has to offer, but detaches from the negativity by allowing it to flow through him without affecting him.
3. You always have free will in how you respond to any situation. If you respond with positive emotions, compassion and integrity, you have probably learned your karmic lessons and will not have to experience a similar situation in the future.

9. The Law of One. Every Soul, living and discarnate, is connected at the level of the collective unconscious, deep within the Higher-Self. We are all part of a great energy gestalt called God, and because we are part of God, we are God. It is the goal of the gestalt to move the energy forward, creating more energy. So, in living harmoniously, we each increase our vibrational rate and intensify the vibration of the entire gestalt. When we are disharmonious, we decrease the vibration of the entire gestalt, because we are one. Everything you think, say and do, affects every other Soul.

10. The Law of Manifestation. Everything manifest begins as a thought, an idea. Ideas and experiences create beliefs which in turn, create your reality. If you are unhappy with your current reality, you must change your beliefs and your behavior. Beliefs can be changed when you recognize those that are not working for you, and begin programming what will create success and harmony in your life. The unlimited creative power of your mind, through dedication, awareness and training, can be the wisdom to rise above your Karma. Within physical and spiritual laws, you can manifest any reality you desire to experience. In regard to changing your behavior, you must decide which disharmonious behavior you want to eliminate. Then be aware that you don't have to change how you feel about something to affect it, if you are willing to change what you are doing.

11. The Law of Conscious Detachment. Buddha's earthly teachings are best summarized with one of his statements, "It is your resistance to what is that causes your suffering." and by suffering, he meant everything that doesn't work in your life; relationship problems, loss of loved ones, loneliness, sickness, accidents, guilt, monetary hardship, unfulfilled desires, and so on. When you accept what is, you accept the unalterable realities in your life without resisting them. Some things are facts. They exist, and no matter how much you resist them, there is nothing you are going to be able to do about them. Change what you can change, but have the wisdom to accept unalterable situations as they are, without wasting mental or physical energy attempting to change what you cannot change. Out of acceptance comes involved detachment, which is the ability to enjoy all the positive aspects of life, but to allow the negative to flow through you with out resistance and without affecting you.

12. The Law of Gratitude. From the perspective of Karma and the Law of One, the more you give, the more you will receive. The more you assist others, the more you will assist yourself. The power of this Law also works in your day-to-day life.

13. The Law of Fellowship. When two or more people of similar vibration are gathered for a shared purpose, their combined energy directed to the attainment of that purpose is doubled, tripled, quadrupled or more. This esoteric awareness has been used by covens, esoteric religions, healing groups, and recently, worldwide meditations for world peace.

14. The Law of Resistance. That which you resist you draw to you, and you will perpetuate its influence upon your life. Resistance is fear, so it is something you need to Karmically resolve. The Law of Resistance assures that you let go of the fear by encountering it until you are forced to deal with it by learning conscious detachment.

Example: You may have a strong resistance toward people of the Asian race; Black race, Jewish race, your mother-in-law. Your resistance is fear. The quickest way to overcome that which you fear is through direct experience, thus you will reincarnate as an Asian, Black, Jew, or mother in-law in a future lifetime. When you attain Master of Life awareness and stop resisting [your fear] by consciously detaching from the negativity, the problem will be resolved. Most disharmonious situations are solved through a change in your viewpoint. By changing your perspective, you can usually eliminate the effects of a problem, and if you are no longer affected by a problem, you no longer have a problem, although nothing about the problem situation may have changed. Another aspect of the Law of Resistance states, "That which you resist, you become, if not in this lifetime, then in a future incarnation."

15. The Law of Attraction. "Where your attention goes, your energy flows." You attract what you are and that which you concentrate upon. If you are negative, you draw in and experience negativity. If you are loving, you draw in and experience love. You can attract to you only those qualities you possess. So, if you want peace and harmony in your life, you must become peaceful and harmonious.

16. The Law of Reflection. This Law says that the traits you respond to in others, you recognize in yourself, both positive and negative. It has four primary manifestations:

1. That which you admire in others, you recognize as existing within yourself;
2. That which you resist and react to strongly in others is sure to be found within yourself;
3. That which you resist and react to in others is something which you are afraid exists within you; and,
4. That which you resist in yourself, you will dislike in others.

In other words, you have chosen to incarnate upon the manifest plane to learn to rise above the effect of fear. Those fears will always be reflected in your reactions to others. Thus your goals are very obvious once you recognize how to perceive them. As you let go of the fear, you automatically open to expressing more unconditional love.

17. The Law of Unconditional Love. The expression of unconditional love will eventually result in harmony. Unconditional love is not romantic love. It is the acceptance of others as they are without judgment or expectations. It is total acceptance of others without attempting to change them, except by our own positive example. The Law of Unconditional love says, "If you go out of your way to express unconditional love, you automatically rise above fear, and, as you transcend your fears, you automatically open to the expression of unconditional love.

18. The Law of Magnetic Affinities. By Astrologically choosing the time and place of your birth, you determine the nature or the effects you will experience in your life. On the other side, before we are born, we make decisions about the lifetime we will be entering into. You chose your parents, other souls to interact with you, and the Astrological configurations of your birth which determine your character, personality, abilities, restrictions, and timing for strengths and weaknesses. If all of this seems too complicated to be real, be aware that you are only using five to ten percent of the capacity of your brain. And the brain-mind researchers say the human brain has 200,000 times the capacity of the greatest computer ever built. Such calculations as I've just described would be no problem for such a computer.

19. The Law of Abundance. You have within yourself everything required to make your earthly incarnation a paradise if you choose to accept that which is your divine birth-right. We live in a Universe of abundance, although the majority of those populating our planet appear to view it as a Universe of scarcity.

20. The Law of Divine Order. If you seek to understand the Law of Divine Order, study the natural balance of nature, for it works very much the same way. Everything is as it should be, although mankind (our energy gestalt) is far from experiencing its potential of total harmony. There are no accidents. Your energy, translated into thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds, causes all your experiences. This assures that you always have the learning opportunities you require to resolve your Karma, and, as with you, the collective thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds of mankind create the environment for us all. If enough souls focus their energy upon peace, we will have peace. If the majority of souls are filled with anger, we may all have to experience war. We are all one, and like the many sub-personalities within you, the dominant traits of mankind (the entire gestalt) will emerge to resolve our group Karma.

At this moment, a born-again Christian evangelist preaches fear from a pulpit in West Virginia while a yoga instructor directs a loving group meditation in Oregon. One is directing the energy of the gestalt into disharmony, the other into harmony. Hopefully, at least one can cancel out the other. If we can't attain harmony, maybe we can balance the disharmony. Certainly, as New Ager's, we must not give up, individually or collective. As always, fear is the problem and love is the answer. Your resistance to what is causes your suffering. That's it. It's very simple. There are no exemptions.

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