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David Raphael Isaacson

Greetings. My name is David Raphael Isaacson.

In order to support your spiritual growth and healing,
I present to you here 2 basic offerings categorized as:
 Information and Preparation.

The first offering is the massive amount of metaphysical information considered the "Revealed Teachings" of my Mystery School. Here we will try to fill in the gaps of your "mental understanding" about Spirituality and Healing.

The next and I feel most important offering is the healing work itself. This Healing Work will help prepare your body, mind and spirit to open up and reveal your own personal "Hidden Teachings". Considered the "meat and potatoes" of spiritual knowledge, these "Hidden Teachings" are not to be found in any book or taught in any class room but are located within your very own body heart and soul. The "Revealed Teachings" are mere shadows, meaningless compared to these deeper "Inner Truths".

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I look forward to building and deepening a spiritual relationship with you, that we may weave together the light of our combined humanity. I pray that through this work, your sufferings shall be diminished and your joys be magnified.

Peace and Blessings
Love and Light

David Isaacson

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The End of Suffering ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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The Gifts of this Healing Work

you with the knowledge of your true purpose in being here.

your clarity to discriminate and make healthy responsible choices.

you to the realization and inspiration of your Divine Self. 

your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. 

you with a more youthful appearance and zest for life.

you through the labyrinth of life towards your transcendental eternal self.

you within the energy, consciousness, light and love that is your true self.

you to know that there are many others on a similar path
who share similar experiences. 

you from the hidden burdens of the past that keep you from living in the present and dreaming of the future.

your egos' resistance to change... those doubts, fears, worldly distractions
that prevent you from moving forward and manifesting your destiny.

your subtler senses of perception

so that you may experience a higher quality of life.

secret powers and abilities that lie dormant under the surface of your being. 

your dreams, imagination and senses with mystic visions and holy visitations.

you with expansive and ecstatic feelings of love and union with all life. 

suppressed issues and stressful emotions that have been running your life.

your acceptance, understanding, faith and trust in the perfection of what IS. 

your heart to creating sacred, empathic loving relationships with others.

your minds' limited concepts, identity and framework of reality.

your conscious awareness to include the whole universe and all who inhabit it.

you with a new sense of health, strength, lightness and activity.

your being that you may attract positive people and events into your life.

your personal will power and spiritual mastery over the material world.

you to synchronistic events within the flow of the universe...

to be "at the right place at the right time"

material and spiritual gateways that can lead you into the most
unlimited possibilities for the future, in this lifetime and beyond.....

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Though I constantly pray that this healing work may bring you great blessings, I cannot make any guarantees, promises or claims to cure you of any disease (no matter how much I believe in the possibility).

The information offered in this web site may be fact or fiction, science or fantasy, real or imagined, history or myth... you be the judge. If any ring as truth to you, then it is so.

Please be advised that this web site - like my life - is a work in progress...
I periodically make revisions to both.

This information is by no means complete (it might not even be accurate) so feel free to agree or disagree with anything you read here. Otherwise, I hope you are amused, tickled, your curiosity piqued, or on the outside chance enlightened, perhaps even motivated to do some healing work... so be it.

Copyright 1999 - 2014. David Isaacson. No portion of this website may be reproduced or distributed in any form without prior permission from the author. All rights reserved.