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Water and Salt: Cure for Disease?

Water and Unprocessed Sea Salt to treat headaches, migraines, depression, skin problems, arthrities, chronic fatigue, dementia, diabetes, sclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer...

You're Not Demented, Just Dehydrated
By Peter Ragnar

You don't need to be stranded in a desert to feel the effects of dehydration. Almost all the people you see and meet on a daily basis are dehydrated. How many folks complain of a lack of energy? It's the number one complaint in America. Insufficient energy is the first sign that the blood, tissues, and organs are not getting enough water, and your liver and brain are the least tolerant of a lack of water. This has led some medical researchers to conclude that Alzheimer's disease is simply the result of long-term dehydration of the brain. The same loss of brain function that causes a lost and thirsty person to eat sand believing it to be water... causes your wife, husband, mother, or father not to recognize you any longer. They are not demented, only thirsty.
When you were born (depending on the drugs in your mother's body), you were ninety percent water. As you become an adult, the hydration level begins to drop; it can drop to as low as sixty-five percent in men and fifty-two percent in women. However, if hydration levels drop just five percent more, death occurs. Both water intake and thirst sensation decline with age, and so does mental function. When your pituitary gland begins to dry up, vasopressin, a hormone it secretes, is likewise handicapped. Vaso refers to the blood vessels, and pressin refers to constriction or pressing. Vasopressin regulates the flow of water to the cells and intracellular spaces in your body. When this hormone reaches a cell membrane, it presses water through a filtration receptor so that only water reaches and hydrates the cell. This is crucial because vital organs begin to fail without proper hydration. Consider this: when you take a coffee break, that ingested caffeine limits the secretion of vasopressin and keeps it from circulating. Thus, even though you are getting plenty of water with the coffee, your cells are dehydrating. Alcohol has the same effect, which is why drinkers are incredibly thirsty in the morning after a bout of heavy drinking. Bear in mind that the five quarts of blood coursing through your body are ninety percent water, and the rest of your body holds between fifty and eighty quarts of water. Your brain and nerve tissues are eighty percent water or more. Every time you move any body part, even a finger or toe, water is required. That's why dehydrated people have so many aches and pains. It's also why people look so old; their dehydrated organs steal the water from their skin in order to function. Remember, under ordinary circumstances, you expel up to a gallon of water every twenty-four hours. What do you think happens when you don't replenish that supply? Your body experiences a drought condition! *A mere two percent drop in hydration will make your short-term memory so fuzzy that you'll be unable to remember your friend's names, have trouble doing basic math, and forget where you put your keys. Since seventy-five percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated, it's no wonder people are losing their minds.* Yet, the solution is so simple: cool, clean water. Drink eight to ten eight-ounce glasses a day of pure water, and you'll be amazed at how many ailments disappear. Don't worry; you're not demented -- just dehydrated!

The Water Cure

Water & Salt - Are They The 2 Most Important Substances Needed By The Body For Excellent Health?

By: Crusador Interviews Bob Butts
Source: http://www.healthtruthreveaeled.com

CRUSADOR interviews water & salt enthusiast Bob Butts about two simple elements that are healing diseases that doctors have said were incurable

“For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring.” (Isaiah 44:3)

“Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.” (Mark 9:50)

Oxygen, water, and salt are the most crucial elements the human body requires for survival. Without adequate supplies in every cell, serious health problems will result, ultimately leading to death. Dehydration and salt deficiency are the two leading causes of virtually all the diseases afflicting mankind. Sadly, because of profit motives, medical doctors treat these symptoms with drugs that cause further problems, instead of giving patients what the body really needs – Water & Salt.

When it comes to maintaining your health or restoring lost health, water and salt are the least expensive, most beneficial elements you can put into your body. People spend thousands and thousands of dollars on expensive drugs and nutritional supplements that don’t do anything to hydrate the body, or supply salt containing vital trace minerals needed for survival. All living things utilize water and salt for life. The body is under a constant drive to retain salt to keep water inside the system. In the book, Water & Salt – The Essence of Life, it discusses the important role salt plays in the functioning of every cell:

“Transformability of salt is very important for our body because it is the foundation of our cell metabolism. The life-giving principle of metabolism in all living beings is osmosis, when liquids transfer from one cell to another. This process of osmosis is managed by the salt concentration in the cells. The liquid in a cell always moves from a cell with a lower salt concentration (potential) to a cell with a higher salt concentration (potential), because the cell membranes are permeable for water but not for salt and the body always strives to achieve a balance in concentration.” (1)

In our October/November 2006 edition of CRUSADOR, we ran an interview titled, “You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty” where we discussed the importance of getting enough water and salt into the body. The response and feedback we had from that interview was nothing short of phenomenal. Bob Butts stated that every time he did a radio interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj on the “Water Cure” and what it can do for your health, the switch board lit up. I can see why. Our phones rang almost non-stop for weeks with customers requesting extra copies of the interview. One health food store in Pennsylvania even ordered 10,000 extra copies. Since the response was so fantastic, and the information so life-changing, we decided to do another interview with Bob Butts, so our readers will have additional information on this subject.

Crusador: Bob, obviously this topic strikes a nerve with people. I’m thrilled to expound on this subject further with you. Explain how the “Water Cure” works for depression? I understand that you gave a lecture at a counseling center to people that had depression so bad that they couldn’t work, and in three weeks they were all better.

I was asked to give a lecture at this center as a result of a nurse who got rid of MS by using the water cure, and the center thought I could be of help to their patients. My first question to the group was, how much water do they drink, and what else do they drink. They hardly drank any water and lived on caffeine and/or alcohol. I then asked what other problems they have because by drinking that little water, they must have a whole lot more, which they did. I told them how Dr. Batmanghelid, who was slated to be shot as a political prisoner in Iran, had cured over 3,000 highly depressed inmates of ulcers just by correcting their dehydration.

What else astonished him was that not only did the ulcers vanish, but so did much of their depression. That was when he realized that the main cause of depression was dehydration. I spoke there on a Thursday and by Monday amazing things were happening. One woman who also had severe asthma and could not even be around people or drive a car, along with a few other problems, literally came bouncing in Monday depression free, and told of how in just two days she drove her mother from Wilkes-Barre to a shopping mall near Philadelphia. In less than three weeks every one of those people were discharged and I was never invited back.

Crusador: Millions of people suffer with migraine headaches. You made the statement that curing migraine headaches is a no-brainer. How can it be that simple?
Dr. Batmanghelidj’s research has proven that the main cause of migraine headaches is dehydration in the brain area. When two to four glasses of cool water are taken, the circulation to the brain improves and the pain goes away. There is a lot of great information in Dr. B.’s book, “Water for Health, For Healing, For Life” under Headaches and Migraine. Obviously, if the migraine goes away just by drinking water, then it is a no-brainier and so are countless other dehydration problems being treated with drugs and procedures. Before I found out about the water cure, I had plenty of migraines and once I drank more water, I never had another migraine.

Crusador: Chronic fatigue is a problem that millions of people suffer with. In most cases you say that it’s a lack of water and salt. Can it really be that simple to correct, and what kind of testimonials have you had?

Water and salt together create energy and according to Dr. B. they are the main sources of energy for the human body. Most people with chronic fatigue quickly get rid of it after going on the water cure. That’s because only water and salt can cure a problem that is caused by lack of water and salt. I’ve had countless testimonials on it. In fact, the first thing almost everyone notes is the increase in energy.

Crusador: How did Paul Harvey get a hold of the “Water Cure” information and what did he say about it in the three spots he dedicated to it on his radio program?

I believe it was from an outside source that suggested he take a look at it. I have copies of three of his commentaries which he read on his radio show heard nationally. They are available on our web site www.watercure2.org where he reads them as radio spots. If you go to the media links section on our website under WYOU TV, you can hear these spots. Basically, as Paul Harvey so eloquently does, he discussed different people who have been helped immensely by following the simple formula of drinking water and salt outlined by Dr. Batmanghelidj in his books. I’m sure the spots had a big impact. I know they add a lot of credibility to what I tell people.

Crusador: Woman’s World magazine also ran a great story about the “Water Cure”. What prompted them to cover this topic, what did they get into, and did you have a part in helping them with the story?

Actually, Woman’s World ran headlines across the front page called “The Slimming New Water Cure” four times from 9/01 to 10/10/06. The initial story was the result of an Associated Press feature story on my personal and financial commitment to Dr. B. and his water cure, where I would not accept one cent for anything that I did. The story was also carried on ABC news. I received many offers of interviews. Woman’s World contacted me from Chicago for an interview and I referred them to Dr. B. and also to Amy Biank, a Chicago talk show host who had previously contacted me for an interview, which more than doubled the all time record for listener calls. Amy dropped a few dress sizes in a short time and got rid of a number of problems. Amy was the featured guest in the initial article. The responses have been so great that Woman’s World continues to run articles. I spoke to them in October and they plan to do more from time to time.

Crusador: An article that ran in a Physician’s newspaper details how water helps prevent heart disease. What was the actual paper that ran this story, and what did the article have to say?

It was called “Family Practice News,” the leading newspaper for the family physician. The headline read, “Drinking a Lot of Water Sinks Fatal Heart Disease Risk.” No local paper would run the story, so I paid to have it run again myself. The highlight of the story reported:

“In a study of more than 34,000 Seventh Day Adventists followed for 6 years, drinking at least five glasses of water a day was associated with a significantly decreased risk of fatal coronary heart disease among those without CHD, stroke, diabetes or baseline, Jacqueline Chan, Ph.D., reported at the 20th Congress of the European Society of Cardiology.”

Crusador: You say that some of the quickest visible results with the “Water Cure” that can be seen are with pets. Can you elaborate on this since pets are such an important part of so many people’s lives?

I met a chiropractor friend, Dr. Gary Weissberger, who had a severe limp and nobody could figure out what was wrong with his foot. He was going to go for an MRI and told me not to tell him about the water cure because he warned all his patients to avoid salt. He said that he didn’t drink any caffeine or alcohol. I told him that his foot is hurting him because he’s salt deficient. He just laughed. I challenged him to prove me wrong. I told him to just take ¼ tsp. of sea salt in 16 ounces of water before bed and do the same thing in the morning before he goes for the MRI. He agreed. The next morning he called laughing and said, “I don’t believe it.” He told me that he took the salt water before getting in the shower and before he got out the pain was gone. He thought it was just a coincidence; that it’s not possible for salt to cure his problem, although he did cancel the MRI.

“Let me think”, I said, “There must be a simple way to prove it to you and it immediately hit me. Dogs and cats get cancer and arthritis and the only thing they drink is water. That means it must be lack of salt or junk salt in the pet food that is the cause. I asked him to try to find someone with a dog or a cat with terminal cancer or severe arthritis and just suggest that unprocessed sea salt be sprinkled on its food and water for three days. Put ¼ tsp. per quart of water. “I’ll do it,” he said.

Two weeks later he called saying, “I’ve got a testimonial from Pete the dog. Pete belongs to another skeptical doctor, Dr. P.J. Marciletti, a naturopath who also was telling his patients no salt. Pete had a big malignant tumor over his eye. He only had about 30 days to live. Within three days the tumor shrunk 50% and they were both astonished. Dr. Marciletti had Crohn’s Disease and decided to try the water cure. Within a few days, most of his symptoms were gone. Both doctors said they wanted to pass out all the water cure information to their patients and I told this story all over the media, in newspapers, radio and TV ads because the news media wasn’t interested in doing a story. These spots along with others are on our www.watercure2.org site along with the full story of how this discovery was made. It can be seen under the headline, “Sea Salt Cures Pet Arthritis & More.”

There are many pet testimonials for everyone to read. Thus far, I have never heard of a single failure in curing pet arthritis and asthma. A local pet radio show told the story and for about 8 weeks asked their audience if anyone knew of any failures. Not one was called in, but a great many positive testimonials were called in. While the results of pets with cancer were incredible, they were only about 65% successful. I think it would have been much higher if they were given more salt.

The bottom line is that when people saw the great results it had on their pets, many tried it on themselves. I challenge everyone out there to find one instance where it doesn’t cure pet arthritis or asthma. When you find out the truth, please tell everyone and ask your government officials at all levels to investigate why a free health solution is being deliberately withheld from people and pets.

Crusador: You have a story on your website that discusses a year 2000 report from the World Health Organization that ranks the USA as having the 72nd best health at the #1 cost. Can you elaborate on this report a little and tell our readers why drinking adequate water with salt could eliminate most of the health problems today?

Christopher Murray, M.D., Ph.D., Director of WHO’s Global Programme in Evidence for health Policy said, “Basically you die earlier and spend more time disabled if you’re an American rather than a member of most advanced countries.” (A condensed version of this report is on our www.watercure2.org site.)
I believe it is vital that every American adult read this report and ask their legislators why they have allowed this to happen. What does it say about our ethics if we have the 72nd best health at the #1 cost? And if that is irrefutably true and is being ignored, then what else is going on that we are unaware of?

Actually, the only things water and salt can cure are water and salt deficiency caused problems. Therefore, everything that disappears was never a disease in the first place. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, the common denominator in most of our worst health problems are chronic dehydration, and water and salt deficiency, and there is no drug or operation that can cure dehydration, except a saline IV, which is nothing more than
water and salt.

Crusador: You made the statement that you could get at least half the people out of nursing homes by curing arthritis with the “Water Cure”. Explain more about this?

Considering that cartilage is made up primarily of water and salt and we see just about everyone get rid of their arthritis when they start using water and salt, while avoiding caffeine and alcohol, then it is obvious that curing arthritis would keep most people from ever being there. Dr. B. also said that most dementia and Alzheimer's were caused by dehydration.

I wish everyone could hear what some nurses who work in nursing homes have told me. They said that most residents of nursing homes are severely dehydrated. They’ve seen amazing improvements when they’ve been given saline IV’s. Unfortunately, the IV’s aren’t continued. They concur that if most patients in nursing homes were given enough salt and water before they ever went to these homes, they never would be there today. We have no doubt that many would be discharged if they were given enough salt and water, while eliminating dehydrating caffeine.

Like every other business, there are no incentives for nursing homes to want to chase high profit customers out.

Crusador: You have a testimonial from a man that was dying from cancer who became cancer after free drinking adequate water and salt. A newspaper even ran an offer for $50,000 that you were willing to pay if the “Water Cure” couldn’t cure at least 50% of terminal cancer patients. That’s a very bold statement. Tell me why you felt so confident about doing this?

The Citizen’s Voice, a major newspaper in Wilkes-Barre, PA, ran a full page news story on my offer. I could not get any hospital willing to take me up on it. One prominent oncologist called my claim outrageous and he wouldn’t even comment on it, although he did say that the challenge is to find one patient that the water cure cured of cancer. “My guess is it doesn’t,” he said. I responded in an editorial published in the same paper and said: “Thanks to Geisinger Hospital (the biggest hospital chain in PA) it has already been done.”

Geisinger Hospital sent Drew Bauman of Old Forge, PA home in terminal condition with 26 malignant tumors which appeared one month after a single tumor was removed. Drew came into my auto parts store and I saw that he looked like road kill. I asked him about his health. He told me his story and I told him in automotive terms that he looked like he was a couple of quarts low, and that he drank little, if any water and most likely drank a lot of caffeine and/or alcohol and used little, if any salt. While he drank no alcohol, he was guilty of all the rest. I told him he needed to correct his drought and I think he’ll see some good improvements in four days. That’s exactly what happened and in less than six months he was 100% cancer free as confirmed by his astonished Geisinger doctors. I suggested that this oncologist contact Geisinger as I’m sure they’d be happy to provide him with Drew’s records.
Crusador: You have some interesting information regarding scleroses, which is a 100% fatal disease. Tell us more about this?

Carol Martin of Swoyersville, PA called me to see if I thought the water cure would help her get rid of scleroses. I asked if she minded if I recorded the conversation because I wanted to play it on our radio show that same day because I thought she was going to get well. Other than dehydration, what could cause her skin to get hard, dry out and have all of her hair fall out? Within a few days of going on the water cure, her hair started to grow back and her skin started to soften. In two months we did another tape and played it on our radio program and she was doing great, and still is. I honestly think that scleroses can be easily cured in most cases. If anyone tries the water cure for scleroses or any skin problem and isn’t getting results in four days, please send an email to watercure2@adelphia.net.

Crusador: Autism is a very serious problem and it’s getting worse every year. My research points to a number of factors that may be causing autism; one is the dangerous neurological toxins contained in the vaccines. You have said that it’s your belief that autism is caused by dehydration of the mother. Can you explain more about this?
There is no doubt that vaccines contribute to the problem, but Dr. Batmanghelidj believed it was the result of persistent dehydration of the body. While he did not do any research on it, I found that a few mothers of autistic children were dehydrated at the time of the birth of their children. One mother got her child to drink plenty of water and he did get cured.
Crusador: You sent out an e-mail recently that I read with great interest. In it, you discussed a very simple, cost-effective solution to determine whether or not your body is dehydrated. Can you explain this further since it could be one of the easiest ways to validate what you have been telling us?

You can do a simple test for hydration or dehydration with a hydrometer or salimeter purchased at a fish supply store, which is used to make certain the aquarium water has the proper salt to water ratio. It is used by every person who owns tropical fish and wants them healthy. It measures the salt/water ratio which ideally should have a specific gravity measurement of 1.023. For a person it should be between 1.004 and 1.008. This should enable even the most skeptical skeptic to determine if he is dehydrated or not without talking to anyone. Please do a search on the Internet for “specific gravity salt urine” or “specific gravity urinalysis salt urine” for more information. This alone should make the logic of the water cure far easier with less explaining, plus it could save countless lives.

Every urinalysis, in addition to other things, also measures specific gravity for the purpose of quantifying the level of hydration. Doctors often interpret a reading (over 1.010) as having too much salt in the diet. It is true that the salt is too high for the amount of water in the urine, but the problem is that there is too little water for the amount of salt, which is usually caused by the use of caffeine and alcohol, or just not drinking enough water. The bottom line is that the higher the specific gravity reading is over 1.010, the more dehydrated a person is.

Dr. Polancheck of Tucson, Arizona told me that he first tells every new patient that they must monitor their hydration level in their urine daily by using this device, as 80% of the patients he sees are dehydrated. According to Dr. Polancheck, the perfect specific gravity level is between 1.004 and 1.008. I checked mine a number of times and it was within those limits every time but one.

What could be simpler than this for a person to determine his hydration? It certainly beats having to explain all the symptoms of dehydration. There is a rule that what gets measured gets done, and this easy to use device should inspire any health conscious person to want to get one to measure theirs. The results are also irrefutable by medical science because they are already using it in every urinalysis.

Everyone should own one. The one Dr. Polancheck uses is from Aquarium Systems and is called SeaTest. He purchases them at Pet Smart. Any pet store that sells aquariums should have one or more versions of hydrometers. The brand is not relevant. He said it is almost as accurate as the one purchased in medical supply houses costing many times more.

(See info at end of interview on how to understand and interpret specific gravity measurements.)
Crusador: Tell me a little bit about your new weekly radio show and what you hope to accomplish by your work?

The radio show is called “Curing the Incurable and Solving the Unsolvable,” which are almost no-brainers when the financial and power agendas are eliminated. In fact, I cannot think of a single major problem that is very difficult to solve, other than natural disasters and I think most of those may not be too difficult either.

Consider this: There are absolutely no incentives for anyone to want to eliminate any problem whose existence is the source of their income. That means there are no incentives to eliminate crime or our drug problems when so many jobs depend upon crime not being eliminated, like our #1 construction business of prison building and the high paying jobs in our court and legal systems.

Then there’s the 2200 billion annual costs and hundreds of thousands of jobs associated with our having a medical system that delivers 72nd best health at the #1 price. Incidentally, on 9/11 about 2700 Americans were killed in the terrorist attack and according to Dr. Batmanghelidj, 2700 Americans die needlessly every day as a result of treating water and/or salt deficiency problems with drugs and procedures.

Suppose financial incentives were given to make people want to eliminate the reason for the existence of these jobs, and all jobs whose only reason for existence is because of so-called problems being labeled as incurable or unsolvable.
Yes, we are being threatened by terrorists, but they pale in significance when compared with the terrorism that money/power addiction is doing to our nation. 72nd best health at #1 cost is an act of terrorism and people are being terrorized economically to be quiet.

Corporate America has been terrorizing our nation for a long time. The Karen Silkwood story of what was done to silence her to prevent her from getting her story out on the hazards of nuclear power, the Erin Brockavich story, the deaths of thousands of people related to asbestos, and now the healthcare fiasco which makes all else that ever happened look insignificant. These could never have happened without campaign contributions from the violators to our politicians, and they never would have happened if we had term limits of no more than two non-consecutive terms in a lifetime. That’s because none of us can be trusted with having very much power. It is too addictive and dehumanizing.
It is obvious that there are no incentives, other than valuing human life more than money and power, to make people want to say anything about a free solution to the problem that is their source of income. If we had an honest economic system, one that inspires people to want to eliminate their jobs, we could easily solve virtually any high profit problem. Here is a way that just might work.

“In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:37-38)

“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” (Matthew 5:13)

1. Hendel, B. & Ferreira, P., Water & Salt – The Essence of Life, Natural Resources, 2003, page 105.

How To Tell If Your Body Is Dehydrated Using A Hydrometer Or Salimeter


Specific Gravity (sp gr)

Specific gravity (which is directly proportional to urine osmolality which measures solute concentration) measures urine density, or the ability of the kidneys to concentrate or dilute the urine over that of plasma. Dipsticks are available that also measure specific gravity in approximations. Most laboratories measure specific gravity with a

Specific gravity between 1.002 and 1.035 on a random sample should be considered normal if kidney function is normal. *Since the sp gr of the glomerular filtrate in Bowman's space ranges from 1.007 to 1.010, any measurement below this range indicates hydration and any measurement above it indicates relative dehydration.*

If sp gr is not > 1.022 after a 12 hour period without food or water, renal concentrating ability is impaired and the patient either has generalized renal impairment or nephrogenic diabetes insipidus. In end-stage renal disease, sp gr tends to become 1.007 to 1.010.

Any urine having a specific gravity over 1.035 is either contaminated; contains very high levels of glucose, or the patient may have recently received high density radiopaque dyes intravenously for radiographic studies or low molecular weight dextran solutions. Subtract 0.004 for every 1% glucose to determine non-glucose solute concentration.

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