What wants to happen in your life?

The Heroic Journey - Embody the Possibilities - Embrace the Expanse

Newtons' first law of physics states that a body at rest (inert, stuck or static) tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force, and a body in motion at a constant velocity wil remain in motion in a straight line (or in a fixed orbit) unless acted upon by an outside force. This law applies not just to the physical universe of energy and matter, but also to the spiritual.

What wants to happen in your life?
This inquiry opens the door to so many new and exciting possibilities. I couch this "happening" in terms of "movements" as in being moved from a state of stagnation... or moved out of a fixed orientation or habit.
In regards the healing of our personal lives, the first part applies to something in our energy or consciousness that is stuck in place and not moving, the second applies to something that is moving not in a fluid free way, but rather in a habitual pattern. In either case, an external energy guided by a higher intelligence needs to be applied to get you UNSTUCK.
Getting unstuck requires surrendering or allowing oneself to be acted upon by an external force or in this case, Higher Power. To take that step, trust makes it easier to open up and let go of the old fears attachments and resistances and moves you into a better orientation to the universal flow, creating a more harmonious inner alignment with your soul. This whole process (trusting, allowing, being moved) is very hard if not impossible to do on ones own, but through the support of this work and Guiding Spirit, it becomes quick, effortless and easy.

If you are desirous of becoming more clear, connected, open, aligned and present in your life...
this Healing Work is here to Support and Empower You Now

We all have free will in how we choose to live and be. We may choose to remain in a stuck stagnant position, feeling negative, limited, closed off, contracted, fearful and numbed out. Or, we may affirm the positive, open up and say "YES" to a more prosperous life and its mind blowing, heart opening opportunities. If YES, Spirit will meet and respond in proportion to the energy, sincerity and willingness expressed. The more you act on YES, the more Spirit will respond and support you in kind. Always, what you put out to the universe you get back - this is The Law of karma: you put nothing out, you get nothing back; you extend your energy out in faith and trust, you get that (and more) back.

"God demands nothing less than complete self-surrender as the price for the only real freedom that is worth having." - Mahatma Gandh

David R. Hawkins - The Final Door. Realization of the Self, The Final Moments

The Heroic Journey starts with the Intention to Be All of Who You Are.
The Heroic Journey takes one through many convoluted pathways of personal and collective illusion, isolation, resistance and trauma. Layer by layer, bit by bit, one discovers an inner landscape composed of multi-dimensional aspects and archetypes... all holding a full range of energies, emotions, belief systems, self directed independent sub personalities, genetic ancestral programming, elemental, plant, reptilian and animal natures, an ego, a shadow, and so much more ! By diving into, being present for, connecting with, unconditionally embracing, holding and standing in the awesome magnitude of All of this, one REALIZES the SELF and is FINALLY FREE to Return to ones True Spiritual Home.

Are you willing to take a leap of faith and become all of who you are?
If so, you are invited to experience this powerful healing work.
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Life is transitory and unknown. Embrace the opportunities presented today for they may be gone tomorrow.

Now is the Time to
Become All of Who You Are !



How does one put into words an inexplicable gift. To this day I do not know if I found David or David's work found me (probably both)...I was coming up on the year anniversary of tragedy that not only involved a major health crisis, which brought to me to death's door but also major emotional trauma that was the catalyst for the health issues. I had entered the darkest of nights and I felt like I could be swallowed whole, this darkness actually propelled me forward. I found David's website and immediately felt a connection to his work.  I began to email him and I remember typing fervently...as soon as I sent an email to him a shift began. He responded and I immediately felt hope. He spoke to the core of my being and all layers in between. He showed me I was not alone. I had found an earthly angel to guide me in my journey, a journey to remembering wholeness. 

I have worked with him for a little over 5 months now and although there is much more work to do, I have regained so much physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and strength and my intuition, dreams, and gifts have been magnified. 
He has guided me with wisdom, compassion, light and joy.
A million thanks to you David!!

What joy you have shared in your dance on the sand
What wholeness you have restored
You usher in a herald cry and
Many have headed your word
With a sword of truth and a hand of light
You set the earth aglow
The love of living burns through your being
Your heart is one of gold
The ascended masters are full in you
You share it with the world
All who follow your beautiful path
Will discover treasures unfurled
You drum with the seasons, beyond space and time
The universes' delight
The resonance reaches ad infinitum
Joining the day with the night
So much love and gratitude to you David! Love, Brittney


The last opportunity we have to be finally free of our lifetimes long burdens and limitations, occurs at the time of physical death. To be prepared for this inevitable and most profound opportunity and experience is one of the greatest things we can do while yet alive. Those engaged on the Spiritual Path understand this truth and make preparation to enter this "Final Door" by engaging in various spiritual works, much of it about releasing deep seated fears and attachments, any of which can distract or even block the souls free and unencumbered ascent to its True HOME.
Those not so prepared run the real risk of descending into any one the myriad lower paths or dimensions to reincarnate or cycle through into yet another life time that is physically bonded, emotionally traumatizing, mentally conditioning and soul ensnaring.

David IsaacsonAbout David
I started my formal healing practice as an Acupuncturist in the early '90's and soon discovered I could affect a healing on clients without touch. Since then, I have been expanding and evolving my abilities, sharing this work online since 1999. As a healer, teacher and guide on the journey of becoming, I am committed to empowering my clients to discover and fulfill their true potential in this life and beyond.

Peace & Blessings - Love & Light
David Raphael Isaacson
Merlin's Magical Mystery School and Healing Temple