The Transmission - Receiving the Healing

Spirits intent is to keep your end of the healing process very simple. By keeping it simple, this allows the work to happen without our intellects or egos getting in the way and trying to run the show.

It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat How many books or classes you have filled into your head... How many degrees, licenses or titles you have after your name... How many holy people or places you have visited in your life... How many mantras, mudras, poses, prayers, prostrations or pranayamas you do every day...

All these things are good in their own way, but the most profound inner healing comes to us from beyond our reach or doing. It is way beyond our limited human ability to understand, let alone control. The last thing Spirit is going to do is allow our limited ego-mind-will to be in charge of our own healing process. In fact, the more we are “inwardly” surrendered and open – powerless and helpless like a little child - the more we can possibly receive. We must come to that place where we have reached the end of our abilities and can do no more from out of our own power. These are the people who find me – those who have tried everything else and are at the end of their rope. This work is the end of that line.

What do you need to do? Send your payment for however many segments you wish to do. As soon as I receive this, I will send you an email to suggest a day and time for your session (or sessions). You email me back to confirm if this day and time will work for you. If not, send me an email telling me when you would be available, and if appropriate, we shall accommodate your schedule. I will then email you back and give the “Thumbs Up”, “So Be It”, “Ok”, “We are On” or “It’s a Go”. At the designated day and time for your session - when you are to be receiving this healing work - the ONLY thing you need do is sit or lay comfortably, quietly, with eyes closed, drawing your attention and awareness inwardly. That’s it. Spirit will do the rest. It’s all quite very simple. Just relax, trust, and leave the driving to us. In other words "Let go and let God".

“Let go and let God” Sounds easy, but doing nothing can be difficult. If we are not doing something we are thinking of doing something... like thinking “What are we going to do after the session?” “Is this going to work? “Is this a waste of time and money?” “Are we doing this right?” “What is happening?”... and so on and on.... But it’s really ok. Thinking and asking questions is ok. Spirit knows most if not all of us are control freaks who spend most of our lives in our heads - its part of our make up, part of our ego minds, part of our truth. That doesn’t make it righteous, just that it is “what is”. Yet our ego minds have been running our lives for a very long time (but most of us don’t realize it). Sitting still and simply receiving these healings brings up all sorts of old patterns and behaviors and energies and thoughts and feelings. Consider (or imagine) those feelings of powerlessness and helplessness - doesn’t that just make you cringe with fear? And that’s ok too – Spirit knows what to do with all of it. This is something we work with in the healings – to still the constant stirrings of the ego mind that constantly controls and manipulates everything in our lives just so we don’t feel “powerless” and “helpless”. So we create a healing space where this is confronted - where you are face to face with your powerlessness and helplessness. And yet it still squirms around, trying to look for something to do, some way to exert its power and maintain its dominance and control over your life. Watch it sometimes. This is that part of us that likes to be in control and run the show. To even think about letting that go pushes all our trust buttons. This is what we are doing here – pushing your buttons, stretching your limitations, expanding your horizons – all part of the healing process (and I commended you for going this far).

In many ways it all seems too easy, and it is... but it’s also very difficult. On this dimension, we are not used to allowing or receiving... we always want things to go a different way - our way. In this work, this position will be challenged by Spirit, for in challenging you that’s when you will grow. Besides, that’s what you are paying the big bucks for - that you may surrender and let go and be free - finally.

So what do you need to do? Relax. Sit back and allow Spirit to do its work. Ok? Ok.

Feedback After the healing, I would more than appreciate feedback on how your session went and what you experienced. I need this information to determine how open you are to sensing and receiving the energies, as well as to consciously keep track of your overall progress. If you have any problems or questions about your session, please keep in touch with me and I will try to help you through them. Again, I cannot tell you what Spirit did in your session (for I am not privy to that information), but I can and do respond and dialogue with you in respond to your comments about your session.