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Spiritual Energetic Healing Treatments

You performed a free healing on me last night and I wanted to let you know how it went. I have to say first off that what happened was not what I expected. I have been experiencing some very disturbing energy sensations throughout my body for the last year and I thought the healing might temporarily intensify these feelings. To my surprise I felt a calm descend over my entire being - a feeling of wholeness, inner peace and contentment. My energy had become centered and focused, unlike the scattered feeling I usually experience. Earlier in the day I was having some very rough symptoms - becoming very dizzy and disoriented to the point where I couldn't leave my home. About an hour after my healing all those symptoms lessened significantly, though I feel there is still much more work to do. Thank you for all your help. Blaine Gorham

At promptly 8pm, I felt a strong energy surround me. Then it seemed to concentrate on my feet, the soles, for about 40 mins, as well the calves. During that time I had the overwhelming urge to cry, which I did, to release whatever was needing to be let go, about 4 times during the first hour. I could feel myself fighting the healing, and I kept repeating let go and let god, just let it go, release the control, and I started feeling more calm and relaxed as the energy moved over and through my entire body. At one point, my hands were raised, (not by my power mind you) elbows remained on the bed, and my hands were filled with the most wonderful energy. Being one who has the gift of psychometry, that was the most intense energy I have felt. And I might note here, I have blocked myself from letting that gift be what it is for many years after a very upsetting experience, but I felt after that "cleansing" I feel very good about using that again... No fear of what I may see with that gift again. During the next 30 mins I felt certain areas being attended to. I felt pressure,  almost a jabbing sensation on my back - right shoulder blade, a constant pressure above my left eyebrow, and still concentrated energy on my upper legs and calves.... During the last hour, I had something occur that was very unexpected and something I did experience many many years ago when I was in my early 20's. As I was laying there suddenly my chest area went down, like being gently pushed and suddenly I expelled air from the deepest part of my lungs and it went on for about 15-20 seconds, yet when I inhaled after each one, I didn't feel out of breath, like I wasn't gasping for air. I took a normal breath and the process would repeat. This went on about 6-8 times.... After that the last 20 mins of the session was concentrated on the center of my forehead, between my eyebrows, my 3rd eye. It felt like it was being wiped clean, like cleaning a window, very gentle and very soothing. At the very end I felt the energy flowing in and around me, gently and loving. I then laid there in a peaceful state and fell asleep shortly afterwards. I am psychic, an empath, and have been having troubles "seeing" lately and that had caused me to lose many nights sleep in the past 2 weeks, until last night. This morning I felt myself smiling for no reason. I felt wonderful all day, at peace, calm, not in a rush as usual, just happy and calm. I feel as if things have started to move in my life, though I cannot see them, I definately feel the shift, like my direction is finally pointed where I am supposed to be. I definately would like to do another session again, for I know I still have miles of healing to go, but am off to the most wonderful start. My main trouble spot with my ego is CONTROL - but I know after last night It's grip has loosened and that is a HUGE step for me! David I want to thank you for the work that you did for me last night, as well as all the work you do for others. You are blessed as are we who have your sessions. I have told quite a few people about this already, and hopefully they will be on their way to you soon. Love & Light to you, Catherine

Can't exactly say that anything has happened which I have noticed, but then I haven't really been looking for signs as such. However, I haven't felt this happy in.... I don't know how long, in fact I don't think I have ever felt this way, it's difficult to explain, but I'm sure you know what I'm trying to say, I feel so at ease with myself and others. When I wake in the morning I look forward to the day and at the end of the day I recall all the wonderfull things that have made me smile, and the people I have made laugh, I then look forward to tomorrow in order to feel the love within myself again for life and people. So even though I say I can't exactly explain that anything has happened, so much within has happened. And people have commented on how I light up their day and life. Simply put, I feel good, Life feels good. I never thought I would feel so alive. I am even meeting new people. How did I ever waste my life sleeping it away. Thank you thank you thank you. Let me know David when you feel the time is right to do more work. Thank you David, such a lot of love surrounds you. ‎Debbie Doyle

Update: Again it's difficult to explain how different life is for myself and people around me. There has been a gradual wake-up to self spiritual awareness, the power of Divine love. I never realised how simple the journey could have been if I had just looked within. But then I would not have learnt the life's skills that were needed for me to grow spiritually as one of Gods children. I have joined a voluntary organisation called 'Home Start', it's a befriending service for isolated mothers and mothers who are for what ever reason not coping with life.  I have met so many beautiful people with their own burdens keeping them weighed down in life, and like myself all they need is a gentle guiding hand and loving heart. Receiving healing from you David, has opened my eyes and heart in receiving Divine love and guidance. I now know my life's purpose, I now know my life's path, I know why I had the lessons I had in life, to love and receive love, to love more with empathy and compassion. I will require more healing with you, as I know I'm no where near where my full Divine potential is in life. This has been an experience that will never leave me, it gave me the strength to open my heart and know it's protected with Divine Power. How can I express my thanks to you David in words, for what I have found within myself with your Divine healing? I cant find any other words than simply Thank you, with your help I realised I didn't need to be perfect to accept Divine love, It's with Divine love that we heal ourselves and others. Divine love surrounds you, my love always Debbie Doyle

Very interesting healing, I thank you and the energies. It came in really gently and then I realized the space was "denser", "heavier". The color I saw working was turquoise from below the chest down. At one point the heat increased dramatically in the torso area. That dissipated & all was quiet and then boom ! A bolt of white energy ran straight through my ankles jerking my feet wildly. (It was a very strong shift). Then the focus shifted gently into the upper regions and the color lavender was being worked. Another much more gentle shaft of energy ran into the top of my head and down my tail bone and then a pencil thin shaft of energy like a laser ran through my ears for a moment (my ears are a little sensitive and there is a light ringing). I feel like I just visited the spiritual alignment center... Many thanks ! Debra (RV)

I have to give you some "back story" preceding the mini healing... I had read a book on soul retrieval and decided to research it on-line. I found your website and was quite impressed with the abundance of information and that it aligned with my work. I read all the testimonials and decided to email you for the healing. I went to bed and for about two hours the energy was coursing through me. There were light jolts of energy and I could feel sensations through my scalp and body. I woke the next morning knowing the space had been “prepared”. I was excited to see what would transpire in the mini healing. Although the recounting of the experience was "dramatic" it actually was a lot more subtle, except the bolt of energy through the ankles.... Reading the testimonials before bed was key to opening up for the work ahead of time.... I look forward to working with you and the energies again. Debra (RV)

the session: I didn't fall asleep. but almost. someone said "quite good" and i saw red. some burning and itching in the hands, then i kinda drifted off into space, but i was interupted. settled back down. a tapping or some pressure on my right ankle. the rest was just imagination... like pictures of houses and empty glass jars with cork tops and glass tops, all lined up on shelves. stirring in the chakras opening up type feeling... the way they feel when u just open up. i dont remember everything cuz i started to fall asleep again. DeeDee< Imagination is Spirits way of communicating to us through our subconscious mind.... we may not understand what these messages means, but we are still impacted and controled by it. People think that their dreams, visions and imagination are unreal, but little do they realize that the world and all in it was created from a dream... first the dream of God, and then, the dream of man. To not dream is the death of our creativity. "What dreams you follow, that shall you become">

In my personal journey and experience, relationships with family have healed and mended. Situations with work and money were transformed. Getting the job that I wanted at that time and leaving a job that I hated. Things that were unfit in work were slowly being removed and changed. Psychic abilities opening up-internal guidance...you just KNOW! I have dreams that "hint" at my next step, if not just literally tell me. Following through on my guidance, I had unbelievable romantic encounters, lasting friendships, and mentors. I've even met a long lost great uncle who lived quite a distance from me-just happened to be traveling. I'm currently learning Reiki, and will hopefully position myself to be able to better help others. I'm more able to remain calm in situations that used to annoy me and get under my skin. Having said all this, I still do the work, because I know that I still have quite a ways to go. Deedee

I was resting at 7 pm sharp today after a long day of intense work. I can not report any special sensations in my body. My mind started producing images of faces, that came and went, something unusual. I believe I might be channeling something because a close friend started to see good changes in her business after months without much income. Thank you for your efforts. Elsa <When a client reports that they do not feel much in a session, I later hear that their spouses miraculously get more spiritual, sich ones around them start to feel better, relationships open up... all sorts of things. Because we are energetically and spiritually interconnected, our healing (even if we are not aware of it), directly and indirectly affect all those around us... like a spiritual domino effect>

David, I've been in a little turmoil lately (last 10 days) so my mind is a bit confused. I forgot to mention to you that after a few days of the first mini session, some situations (knots) in my business have gotten more clear, I have seen the true colors of people that were deceiving (some masks have come off, if you know what I mean) and had to terminate an abusive working environment job. Also new business opportunities have come my way unexpectedly, which I intend to pursue for a better source of income. Someone gave me a great gift and I learned a lot about the law of attraction, so now I stay positive in mind and spoken words. I've been praying to Spirit to allow me to learn my lessons through love and not pain, had enough of the latter in my life already. So you see, I had more to report since the last 1st session... As things get better financially, we'll do more work. Thanks again, Elsa

thanks for your assistance. it was nice to take 30 minutes out of the day to be still. that in itself was very relaxing.
there were some nice sensations, and one in particular sticks out. your description of "a taste" is appropriate as it probably only lasted a minute at most in the total 30. i was laying in bed just being still and about ten minutes into the session a presence came over me in a subtle but noticable way. it was a male presence that ran through me like a cloud. that's the best way to describe it, as a cloud. it was a nice feeling, and i felt a lot of clarity about myself and emotionally through it. i appreciate the time you put into the session. thank you, ‎George Wilkinson <Australia>

I lay down about 10 minutes before the scheduled healing time, sometime after I saw in my mind's eye what I interpret as a wave of energy starting at my feet and travelling up my body. I didn't 'see' the wave till it was at my knees but knew that it had started at my feet and would continue right to the top of my head. I saw this twice. For a brief moment I felt as if a light had been shone in my face. I saw a rod or line extending from my right hip to the left side of my body at the waist. I felt a pulsing sensation in my mid back left hand side. My left hand, mainly the fingers and thumb began to tingle. A little later I had the same thing with my lips. At one stage I felt as if energy was drawn to my heart area. I let out a sob. I sighed a few times during the session. I felt like I was in a strong energy field and strong energy pulsed throughout my body. This is what it felt like for the first half of the session. The second half of the session the energy abated and became gentler. At one stage I felt as if my eyes were blank. I couldn't see my eyes in my mind's eye. This also happened with my arms, but not my hands... I am very grateful for the session David. Thank you. Irene
Wow!  I felt you immediately when you started. It seemed to go on forever. Last I knew it was 12:15am. I believe I felt everything. I felt the cords being cut, I felt heavy things like chains and armor? being removed from me. I experienced some pain, nausea, at times I felt like crying, at times there were sexual feelings going on. I didn't see much, except a blur once in a while. I felt a lot of things coming out of my nose, some of it quite painful. I also felt, what seemed to be, cleansing of my chakras. I know there was difficulty with the heart chakra, especially the back of it. David, I believe I know who is bringing me all this negativity. Ten years ago, out of bad judgment, I had a relationship with a guy who called himself a shaman from Equador. I broke off the relationship when I realized what was happening but then it was too late. Let's just say, I was totally numb to my body until just recently when I had some cranial sacral work done. After that, all Hell broke loose! I thought I could manage it on my own, but I think that made matters worse. I slept very well last night, but then again this morning, I'm feeling things in my body. I'm off balance, my 3rd eye feels full and the left side of my face is heavy and almost numb, my head feels heavy and there is pressure on the left side of my head and my thinking is fuzzy. My house is full of negativity, and I smudged it with sage. I feel he is not giving up so easily. I was told he meditates on me and thinks of ways to hurt me. I believe he is trying to destroy me in every which way, if not outright kill me. How do I handle this? What can stop him? Am I going crazy? I would appreciate your input. Thank you so much. You are a blessing! Kathy  

Wow! again. Another great session. When you started the healing process, I believe I was being "invaded" by that person. As soon as you came in, however, I felt he went out with a bang. Then the healing began. I believe I felt all of it. Alot of stuff was coming out of my nose. Some very large (whatever it is) and very painful. Also, the continuous work in and around my left breast was intense, and sometimes quite painful. There also was quite alot going on on my upper back and around the back of my left arm. When the stuff was removed, it was also quite painful. But I'm so glad it's gone.... I felt myself taking a deep breath (a sigh of relief?) after each removal. As some stuff (cords?) was being removed, I felt a pop and then a dropping sensation. It felt like a lot of work was being done on my face, mouth, jaw, third eye. There is a strong telepathic connection with this guy through my 3rd eye. It also feels like I channel (him?) through an entry point on my left cheek. So it felt like you picked up on that and cleared it. There also was a lot of work done on my lower body, particular in the area of my rectum  (very uncomfortable!)  But I also felt it in my bladder, colon and intestines. Some sexual stuff going on as well. I felt some work being done on my head (and brain?) and neck, but I feel there is more to do in that area. This morning, I feel some of the same sensations. Popping, dropping, a lot of pressure in my head and 3rd eye. Some pings on the windows or walls, as negativity leaves me. As I sit at my computer, I feel myself being lifted with a floating sensation. After a while, I feel pops and I drop again. There is also some activity around my solar plexus, left side, the back of my neck and legs. It seems like he is not ready to give up the fight! David, it amazes me that I was able to function (barely), with all this negativity in and around me. Again, thank you so much for your work.  I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found you. I feel like you've given me my life back. Thank you again, Kathy
Another intense session! This time, there was a lot of emotional stuff coming up. At times I felt anger, a lot of rage (I was sexually abused/sodomized by my father at a very young age), sadness, despair. At times I was crying. I heard the words "just kill me" and " I want to die", or "I'm going to go crazy", but I'm not sure if that was coming from me, or if they were projected thought forms (probably both). It feels like layers are coming off me. It also feels that there are nets (spider webs?) around the layers, and I can feel you pulling them off me. The real surprise was the boa constrictor. I very often felt a crushing sensation around my chest, so now I know the reason. I also saw snakes in and around my head. Now I know why I was feeling so much pressure in my head. At times I couldn't remember things, I couldn't think straight, words would not come to me, etc. When I was working, I couldn't think straight. I think he was trying to get me fired. I wonder if he was projecting Alzheimer's or dementia? I also wonder what other creatures were/are inside me. I always felt as though he wanted to kill me, and now I think there is proof of that. Would he have succeeded? Towards the end, I saw me going out on a stretcher. I think it was an ambulance, or was it a hearse? Am I feeling  or sounding like too much of a victim?  I know that like vibrations attract like, so it seems I played a substantial role in all of this... The more work we do, the more things come up for me. I suppose this is natural.  I don't feel as elated after this session....Just sadness.... Thank you again, for your wonderful work. I know there are many sessions ahead of me so please let me know when I'll be ready for the next one. You are a blessing! Kathy

I’m not sure what to say about this last session, except for the fact that I really know what the meaning of the phrase “uptight” is. I literally felt as though I was being stretched and pulled away from my body, and  my central nervous system felt like it was in overdrive. In fact, I’m still feeling that way today. My jaws are clenched, my shoulders are raised and electricity (tension) is running up and down my spine. At times I feel like I will explode from all the pressure. I still feel myself being  pulled upward, but then something pops and I fall back down again. Negativity is leaving as I hear the pinging on the walls and windows. I also feel very spacey and lethargic. I don’t think I can handle any mental or physical activity today. When I try to think, the right side of my face feels numb and I feel pressure on the sides of my head and back of my neck. I feel I am being pulled upward in these areas. It feels almost like being in a tug of war with myself!  The best thing was the absolute amazing feeling of being in a total free fall. I experienced that feeling twice in the session I believe that was myself “getting it together”. In addition to all this pulling  I also felt a lot of cutting.  I believe one time I saw someone with a pair of scissors cutting away.... At one point I was feeling anger and then impatience. I wanted this whole thing over and done with. I also was beginning to feel outrage at the situation I find myself in.  How could this be happening to me?  It is also beginning to hit me now as to just how messed up I really am. I feel shame, anger, embarrassment, stupid, blah, blah, blah. I’m just trying to deal with the reality of all of this.... Thanks, Kathy

As for this last session,  I felt a lot of cutting and some sawing. I saw someone in a green surgical outfit just shaking his head as he was about to cut (that bad, huh?). It felt like the cutting was taking place closer to my physical body, and not “out there”. I know a lot of work was done in and around my face…nose, jaws, mouth, teeth, neck, 3rd eye, etc.These are tough area for me. I know some work was also done in my lower body, as well. A lot of sexual stuff, etc., etc. There were also some significant dropping sensations, together with the cutting/sawing. All in all it felt like a good session. In fact, at the end, I asked if you were through, and I saw someone in the back seat of a truck waving goodbye! That was cool!.. The only disappointing thing was when we were through, I immediately felt a hard thump on the back of my neck, and I was connected again. The sensations are not as strong, but they are there. There is a lot of pressure on the left side of my chest, around the lymph nodes. I know my vitality is being sucked away. There is a lot of desperation to it, as though someone’s/something’s survival depended on it. I even have marks in that area. So it seems we are taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. As I write this, the sensations get stronger and more hurtful. It seems that this thing is with me now taking it all in. It wants me to know of its presence.... Kathy

from 9 to 9:20..I was feeling tingle all over my arms....kind a still do. and felt little warm too. and i do not know why...suddenly..I saw a animal looking girl's face...but her face was purple...in my head. I do not know it is something to do with anything. I think that is all I felt....close to the end of session..I felt tingle strongly. Kumi Davis

I think the spirits have been working on me this weekend, through several small visits. I have felt it. And I felt the same energies start working this afternoon, and a bit before 7 pm this sunday evening. The last session I felt it strong in throat-chakra. And in thymus-area. I got no visions this time. But have been feeling the energy through my body and head all weekend. I have a lot of sorrow in me. That became more activated now. So...here I am again, in the valley of tears, he he. But I am fine in the generally state of mind. ...
just want to say that I have had a change of heart since the healing sunday. My mood became uplifted, my thoughts more positive. I am more clear-minded, more focused. As if I see myself more clearly, what I create myself. So a big thanks to the Spirits!! :)). ‎Lena Straume <Norway >

Hi David, thank you for the healing. i felt the shakti going up my spine. A feeling of stillness and strength was in my body. My head fell back at one point as I remember used to happen when I was in meditation with Gurumayi. Also a tingling at the base of my head and along the sides of my spine. I've been dealing with lower back tension and tightness in my neck and i feel this healing helped to release some of that holding. My wish is to get back to meditating and chanting as i feel that my head is on overload with thoughts. this morning session was a support for me. As a good friend of mine used to say"more will be revealed" Thanks again
Peace Lisa Duhrssen

 Hi David, thank you for your work last night, I felt the energy coming in initially and then really just zoned out. By 9 i felt as if i had been washed clean, and very calm and peaceful. I slept well with no memory of dreams and today feel fine if a little tired. But without all the niggly aches and pains i am used to. I feel quite serene! Lovely. So, so far, so good. I'll be in touch if anything needs to be told but just now I am enjoying this feeling! Many many thanks, speak soon, mandy burton

Hi David, Blessings and love. I am so grateful for your healing work, for the time and love you give to this work. Tonight I decided to sit in a recliner so that I might be more alert to what was happening  during the healing . I had a bit of a headache, so I drank some juice, and waited . At 8:03, I felt light energy come into the right side of my head. The feeling was different than last time when my entire head got warm. This time, it was like light was flung to my head. Energy worked around my head for a long time. My thoughts were running, and though I tried to still my mind, the  thoughts  would run to worries. I would feel the energy trying to move down. I felt it in my throat and felt a constriction in my throat. It didn't stay there long. It moved down to my heart, but then quickly moved back to my head again. It worked some more on my head and I finally felt the pain diminishing and my thoughts stilling. I next noticed the energy working on my neck and shoulder, where there was tension. I realized I couldn't relax my head and shoulder as I wanted. At 8:33, I walked upstairs from the chair to the bed. I knew the process was working, but I felt I should lie down completely. Lying down, I could feel the energy more as last time. It moved down to my knees and then to my feet. After that, I was totally relaxed. As with last time, I went out of body. At 9:57, my eyes popped open. It was as though  the energy had been unplugged. I wasn't upset, I just knew my session was over but that I could stay in this state longer if I wanted. I slept 1 1/2 hours. I dreamed, and again family members who are gone were in the dream. Instead of the beautiful colors and the ocean of last time, I was walking across a great plain. Sometimes it was desert, sometimes it was fields of farmland. I interacted with a group of people walking a ways behind me  (I was "ahead" , but I was not part of the group except by association. One deceased uncle was in this group. We were expecting a car to come from the other direction and pick us up. The walking seemed endless. I questioned if the car could find us, and they said yes, this is the right road. One woman was wearing ugly rubber shoes over her feminine sandals. I asked her why. She said, because they will disapprove of my sandals. Some of the joking and playing around had a harsh tone to it, as though I might not be approved of by the people coming in the car. Eventually, the car pulled up. It looked like a very small bus from another country, painted in different colors, a pink door, a white panel, a black part, a red part. It looked too small for all of us, and very old-fashioned. The people behind me began to get onto the bus, and I finally got on and took a back seat  (back of the bus symbology) . An uncle of mine who used to tease and give me a bad time said, see I told you it would get here. I was uncomfortable riding in the bus, but knew I had to if I was going to get across the huge flatland I was crossing. I believe this dream relates to my plans to go back to Utah after my husband dies, where most of my family is seriously Mormon. I have taken a lot of judgment from the family and have dealt with it by avoiding the m. If I move to Utah, I fear I will not be able to get away from the their judgment and to be able to be myself because of the things my relatives will say. I fear their control, the control they had when I was a child and young person. The desert and flatland represent the distance I feel between the richness of my life here and the  "desert" out there.  This issue came up for me a few months ago  when, because I have few options, I decided I'd move closer to my son and his wife in Utah,  but I did not have a good feeling  it. My higher self is either guiding me to stand up for myself  and  not hide who I am,  to not be affected by others' judgments -- or not to go there. It will be interesting to see what comes up to further enlighten this question. At least I have pulled out one strand of the confusion I feel about my life. MR
Feedback on Session 1:
The day after my healing, John had an unusual experience. He went unconscious and his body jerked in different limbs. His mouth curled up in a strange fashion, and his eyes rolled back into his head. This went on for about 40 minutes. I asked that he be put to bed and that we'd see how he was in the morning. He was back to normal. It was not a seizure, stroke, or heart attack. I wondered about the connection, so close in time, to session 1. As for me, I began to wake up with a better feeling in the mornings. Two mornings (2!) I actually felt happy. I am more at peace, and I feel less remorse if I don't go over to visit John. I believe the main work done that time was to reassure me about reunion and happiness after physical death. I had been asking myself, How is it? How is it going to be? Will I ever be with John again? The dream/healing was reassuring. M R
The energy started with tingling in my toes, and then in my fingers and hands. The hands felt especially tingly. Suddenly, I felt a burning pain go up my left side - it was a hot pain and stronger than the residual pain I spoke of. This happened once more strongly, and then a third time less strong. My mind was still flipping all over the place at that moment, fascinated by the pain, then jumping to an external thought, that sort of thing. The next I knew ,  it was 2 hours later and I was awake (right at 10 p.m.). I came out smoothly, not a sense of a plug being pulled. For the first time, I had the sense I had been interacting with people, what I would normally call dreaming. There seemed to be two instances where I helped someone straighten out a situation so they weren't anxious about it any more. I remember saying to myself, I really like helping people get over their anxiety. When I awoke, a song about living a simple life was running through my head. I had heard this song on the radio a few days ago, a favorite from about 20 years ago. I went back to sleep and dreamed all night long that I was young and happy, out in the world doing things, helping others be happy. I awoke about 2 a.m., relaxed and enjoying this happy feeling. It took awhile to go back to sleep, and the rest of the night wasn't notable. I dreamed but can't remember  what. The song I awoke with was "Little by little, I'm falling out of love with you." I wonder if you think that means I am getting less corded to John ? Then as I was stretching to get out of bed, my lower back cracked - a self-adjustment. I have been seeing a chiropractor, and it felt like something had loosened on its own. I have a displaced hip we are trying to get back into place. After I was up and walking around, the song in my head shifted to "I want to dance with you, whirl with you around the floor, that's what they invented dancing for, I just wanna dance with you." I have been in constant pain since 2001, so this  desire to dance, to move, was coming from my higher self (as well as from my body). So, all in all, it was a good session. I feel happy today.... Thank you again. Blessings and peace in your work, Love, MR

Just before 9 I started to feel nauseous. The nausea was centered around the Solar Plexus chakra for the most part. At one point early on I saw a man sitting in a lotus position (was that you?). I definitely got the sense of a connection being made between us. The nausea continue for quite a while but in the mean time, my body kept readjusting itself - my head moved off to one side (later to the other and back), my hands came out from under the throw (later I could move them back in). I felt very heavy, as I have felt under hypnosis, the whole time. I moved into a fetal position at one point and again this was a time when I looked in the direction of the position and then opposite. Suddenly I felt like someone or something was pulling something out of me. My body (chest area mostly) started to rise up and I was actually shaking, my face constricted. Then it was like 'pop' and I fell back into the chair. I just lay there for a while longer but I felt such relief. I straightened out my legs like I was in control again. By 10:15 I knew the session was definitely over although I have a sense it was over earlier than that. I felt lighter and energized. Thank you for your guidance and help. Peg

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