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Spiritual Energetic Healing Treatments

Hello David. During the session I felt a vibration in my forehead at times. Also felt very warm and comfortable, as if I were covered by a soft warm, tingly blanket. Very warm and very relaxed. and at one point I felt as if my entire body were melded together. As if I were encased in a "shell" of warmth. At one point I felt very free and saw myself with arms outstretched, doing backflips. Also, I had a vision of a woman with glasses, and a very warm smile... who looked like a cross between my mother and my Aunt Rose. Which I felt was bizarre becuase Aunt Rose is probably the relative I share the least closeness with. Maybe she is unhappy or something. Anyway, that is what I experienced. God bless! and thank you very much. Mary Wood

Could you explain to me a bit about what happened during our first session??
 < I cant break down the minute meanings of your experience - this is not what i do here. I am here to help facilitate your "inner journey" - to help move you forward on your life path, not interpret your life "story". I dont want to discourage you from trying to make sense of all this (if thats what you want to do) but its never going to be possible, esp since we are working beyond the ego mind (consider that the ego-mind is limited,. it will never have the tools to comprehend the unlimited nature of Spirit - i can try of course, as all my writings can testify to that. but it shall always fall short)>

What were your findings, or lack thereof?
<Making sense is not what the spiritual path is about... rather, its about walking in faith. This means that we are not (usually) going to be informed about whats going on or why - thats Spirits job to know. Our job is to keep trusting and walking in faith. In other words, would you rather "know" about life, or "live" life ?>

And what is it that I need to concentrate on?
<Do as much of the work as you can... thats what will catapult you through this inner process as fast and as easy as possible>

Where do I need to exert my focus?
<Just be present with what you are feeling, and what is happening in the moment>

What do I need to work on?
<All we can do is surrender any sense of doing - we dont do - we are moved... it is Spirit that does the doing>

And how can I recognize or chart my progression?
<Progress is hard to tell as long as you are in your stuff. In other words, in this stage of your process, you may not be able to "see the forest from the trees" but later, in retrospect, your progress will be made apparent to you>

Yesterday was a horrible day for me...I felt more disconnected from the spirit than I have in all of my life...yet today, I seem to have the motivation that I have been lacking for months.
<While you are going through the healing process, you may not always feel very "perky" or happy (often, quite the contrary). But as things process out and release, you will feel a shift into a greater and greater degree of  lightness and connectedness. At first, this can be felt like a roller coaster ride, but over time, you will see and feel your highs and lows ballance out, and you will live more in present time>

...your guidance and healing is very much appreciated. i can't believe the changes I am seeing already!!! My mood is elevated, I have more energy...still lacking in direction in some areas but the gray areas are beginning to disperse. I know that clarity will come with time. and I look forward to continuing my work with you. thanks again for all your help. God bless, xxoo Mary Wood

David, The night before I started I had a dream that I was going on a journey. The first part of the journey I was aware of where to go. Then this man came in who was going to the same area. He gave me numbers of routes to take. I saw the area like a map below me. The numbers 2,11,8 were the numbers of the highways. Then I got a brief picture of the man's face. I saw his eyes, hair and forehead. He had very dark, curly hair and large brown eyes. I think the area was around New Orleans. I felt like I was going to go to the destitute parts of my life. Interesting!  I felt like I have been working on fear. Walking through it. I also find myself more clear about matters that come up in my life. It seems like I'm relying on my instincts more. I feel very guided. Like someone is looking at my decisions and directing me away from things that would not be helpful. Sometimes when I get to a glitch it is like the inside of me is rearranging things. I wish this were more clear. I really want to get my life in order so to speak. I think that other lives are coming up to me in a present day situation. I am being asked to work it differently. I see where my life has been so ruled by fear -- not so freeing or flowing.  Thank you so much. I really am glad I am doing this. Also money has been coming very fast. Things that would take a longer time are coming faster. This money order will show that. Thanks again. Kora
Hi David. I need to ask you some questions about what's been going on in my life. I've had some interesting experiences that are unusual, and I'm getting a strong feeling that everything to you is pretty familiar and not as exciting for you, but I need to ask you anyway. Anyway my question is that we do create our reality by our desires, our very true desires?
 <Yes. Our desires move us (subconsciously for the most part) to where we believe they will be fullfilled. We say "Yes" and "No" constantly to our inner impulses, and act from those choices, which then mold our inner - and then outer reality>
We experience as we wish? 
<We attract to us the reality we like, and are repelled by the reality we dislike, so in that way, we are pushed and pulled by our programing (our inner desires and fears)... our inner being is molded (and programed) by our past. Just like if you wear dark shades over your eyes to protect yourself from the glare of the sun, so too will our stuff filter our objective and subjective perception of reality. Much  of the healing work involves clearing up there old filters and past programs hidden deep within, for as long as they are present, they continue to hold sway over our perceptions of reality, coloring our experience accordingly. In othher words, as long as we have such stuff inside, we can never see-feel-know life as it is, but rather, it is always bent by our clouded perceptions. You say you want to wake up, be aware... this requires removing these filters, these past programs... and in your case, they are (apparently) felt as confusion, fear, and so on. It is a good sign that these things are coming up in you (even though you may not feel or think it is so). It means that what was hidden inside, running your life, clouding your judgement, distorting your perceptions of reality, is moving from the subconscious to the conscious, being loosened from its fast hooks inside, rising up and releasing. As this stuff comes up in your being, you may have these weird - so called "bad feelings" (for a short time) but by feeling this, it means that they are processing out of you - this is a good thing. Its important  that you not freak out but trust that what is happening is for your highest and best good. Its all part of your particular healing process, part of your soul agenda that you go through these experiences. Trust. You are becoming what and who your higher self  truly desires for you to be - to be more awake and aware and alive. So just relax. You are ok. Things are happening in an intense way, but this is unavoidable. You may find yourself going more and more into your stuff in such intense ways, but there will always be times of release. Its like a roller coaster... in and out. Spirit is controling the process, but you - by commissioning this work with me - control the speed with which you go through. The more work you do with us, the faster you will get to the other side of your stuff (through the dark tunnel) and "See the Light">
Today I had the weirdest feeling I was in another land? For a moment I thought I was God and everything out there is an illusion and I'm the only one in the whole entire galaxy and I wrote out everything and I decided everything. I thought my mom wasn't real, nor my sister, nor anyone else in the world and I'm the only real thing. I thought about it.... so we're all the same and we create our own realities?
<You opened up to one dimension or level of reality (and there are many). We as spirit beings have the potential to journey beyond this limited physical dimension, but when we try to hold on to one dimension or reality as "the end all be all", we easily get stuck (attached is the word). Spirituality is not about getting to any one place, but flowing with what is in any given moment... and spiritual healing is about removing all attachments we have to any one person place or thing (even attachments to so called "good" experiences), all in order to empower our soul to fully flow in the moment and be free to easily journey through all the dimensions and levels of reality, without getting stuck in any one>
Okay one experience I had at first that creeped me out was I was thinking and really believing in the light and darkness. I went to the extreme and thought myself as the light and I'm the good one... I thought life was about good and bad. Once I did that the creepiest thing happened!!!! I was on the bus and then a whole load of "evil" looking people with evil vibes suddenly appeared!!!! I was so creeped out and I kept calling out to the light and asking it to protect me and then more "evil" people came around me. The more I decided I was the light the more evil there was!!!!!!!!!! It was so utterly terrifying I thought about God and how there are both good and bad and they are both part of creation. Once I settled myself and neither believed in the good or bad all these normal people came around, or better I felt calm. It was the weirdest experience ever!!!! The "evil" people in the bus and around me were truly scary... I was wondering if you had experience something like that????  I am not making this up at all, the "evil" was truly EVIL EVIL EVIL feeling... very heart pounding. Once I let loose everything went back to normal. So really we create our experiences by our deep desires... not exactly thoughts, but our heart desires?
 <Our experiences are not always in our control, but programed by our past. When one is going through the healing process, one is working through particular issues and energies, and when this happens, those issues and energies manifest in our outer reality for us to see (its called "mirroring"). When one is totally free inside, then one is non-plussed by anything outside, but sees-feels-thinks as God sees-feels-thinks. It is a wonderful life goal to strive for - to be in such a neutral space, that life is exactly what it is, not something we (our ego minds) create or "overlay" on top of. Most people make life into something other than what it is... all to make things more manageable and understandable, yet this distorts ones experience of reality, and at some point, we must dismantle our creations, or they shall continue to rule over us>
 Looking back at my life, I've really think that I did create all the things that happened to me.
 <We have all created many of these "Overlays" on top of our perceptions, esp when life is painful, we try to make it something else. You have (apparently) have had many painful experiences in your past lives, and so you have many overlays that need to be removed (they are still there now as your fears and confusions)>
I really do think I've lived a pretty decent life.... quite happy in a way.....
 <Spirit may may allow a person to coast for years without them having to confront these inner Overlays (stuff), but they are still there (like seeds, just waiting to pop up). I suspect that you (like most people) have subconsciously chosen to avoid those life experiences that would confront your stuff. But life (as directed by the Higher Power) has a tendency to sneak some monkey wrench into your well planed life, and bring you to those experiences that mirror - confront - rattle your comfort zones (those areas where you are stagnating). When one does serious spiritual work (like what I offer here), you are consciously giving spirit permission to accelerate this process (in a safe way I might add)...all so that you may be free of your stuff. So no matter if now, you are living a decent life and are happy, you are still (in some hidden ways) being runned by your programing, A rich person in a mansion may live a decent life, but never have the opportunity to confront his (or her) inner issues, and thus as a soul, be stagnationg within. If one always gets what one wants, then one doesnt have the opportunity to confront ones internal limitations, and thus spiritually, one doesnt grow. This is why the Buddha, as young Prince Siddharta, left the comforts of his palace... to experience life as it is. The message here is that we should look upon conflict (or other discomforts) as blessings from spirit that help us on our life path, to free us from our stuckness. Compared to life, this healing work moves us through our stuckness  in a more accelerated, easy, direct and compete way>

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